I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 485


Chapter 485 exposed

In addition to the condemnation of Superman by the news media of various countries, Superman has been questioned more on the Internet.

For example, there is a video on Youtu Turtle. On the U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. police put a group of South American stowaways in a cage.

It is clearly seen in the video that several eight- and nine-year-old children have chapped lips, yellow faces and thin skin, and hoarse voices cry “Superman, Superman save me”.

“Superman is from the United States, and won’t come to save you a XXXlittle bastard.” The American policeman laughed heartily.

The video was recorded with a camera, and there is still time on it, and in the comparison picture in the video, it happened to show what happened to Superman at the same time: he was in the Metropolis, with a gentle face to help an American. Little Guliang rescued the cat on the tree. Little Guliang looked innocent and clapped her hands and cheered “Superman, I love you, you are my guardian angel”.

This video has been widely circulated, not only in the oily turtle and puppy videos in the United States, but also on major foreign video networks.

“I remember that Superman could hear the cry for help on the other side of Earth, right? Could it be that in his heart, a dog in the United States is more precious than these children?” road.

“I never thought that the gentle smile of Superman when he helps others can be so disgusting.” A netizen from Metropolis in the United States left a message.

“It’s chilling, Superman also helped the North Koreans who fled south the night before yesterday, and he responded in an interview yesterday afternoon-the people’s free choice should be respected.

Damn, hypocritical double-standard dog!” Gotham netizens also left a disappointed emoji behind.

“As I said earlier, Kryptonian devils and mules (Cristiano Ronaldo) are just as packaged rubbish!” said ‘Harry Potter who found the broom’ sarcastically on a wave in the heaven.

This kind of video comparing time and events has come out one after another.

For example, Superman rescued an Afghan girl who was violated by American soldiers, but when a girl in India had sex on a bus, she didn’t hear her cry for help.

And at that time, Superman was helping firefighters put out fires in the Metropolis, and it didn’t matter too much.

For example, Superman rescued an Afghan girl, the news spread, many Afghans also regarded him as a hero and called his name when they were in danger, but he never appeared again.

More and more foreign netizens are posting videos of themselves calling Superman for help, but Superman ignores them, causing more and more controversy.

These videos also seem to affect Superman. In the past few days, he has obviously increased the frequency of foreign rescue operations, but the more he goes abroad, the lower the foreign official or private evaluation of him.

β€œArabs don’t like Superman touching our women! We have our own culture and customs here, don’t try to turn this independent country into a province of America!”

“Russia welcomes Superman’s good deeds, but before taking action, it is best to report to the relevant departments to prevent similar international disputes from happening again.”

“Superman interfered in Ukraine to suppress the rebellion, please ask the League of Nations to sanction! Oh, he’s just an alien, a kryptonian devil with ulterior motives, please put the five-ring admiral down on him!”

A week later, Superman finally disappeared, no longer answering anyone’s call.

The media’s criticism of him has increased rather than decreased. The ordinary people in the United States think that he is not doing a proper job and that he has eaten too much to support him, so he went to a country that was ‘saved (invaded) saved (omitted)’ by the United States to do good deeds.

The U.S. government is extremely dissatisfied with his behavior that disrupted the international situation and caused many diplomatic protests.

Foreign governments have bluntly stated that if they encounter large-scale natural and man-made disasters, Superman is very welcome to lend a helping hand. Interfere, he is not the justice of the world.

Foreign netizens also said that Superman is not as famous as meeting him. Although most of the time, his speed, power, efficiency, and invincibility are shocking and admiring, but Superman sometimes expresses admiration for those who need him more. The indifference shown by people is chilling.

Mid-Range Apartments Three Streets Away From Metropolis, Planet Daily.

Clark was lying on the floor, shirtless, staring straight at the ceiling, dazed and lost.

“Louise, what’s wrong with me? I’m just trying to save people.” He muttered.

Louis, wearing hot pants and a vest, sits in front of the computer and reads the news.

Hearing the confusion in her boyfriend’s words, she closed the lid of Paradise Mountain notebook and frowned: “It seems that someone is targeting you. The situation has deteriorated in just one week, which is obviously abnormal.”

“Who is targeting me? Those comments and news, from all over the world, who can control so many people?” Superman sighed.

There was a knock on the door of the apartment “dong dong dong”.

Louis put her face in the cat’s eye, just in time to see a big blue eye blinking.

“Whoops,” she jumped, “who?”

“Hehe, it’s me.”

“Ah, Haley! ‘ cried both Louise and Clark.

“Why are you here?” Clark was wearing a pair of boxer pants, sitting on the yoga blanket, and his body was very impactful.

“You’re in great shape.” Harry complimented.

Clark’s pectoral muscles naked eye twitched a few times, quietly reaching for the sofa, picking up the T-shirt and putting it on.

“Why didn’t you respond when I called you for a long time?” Harry asked.

“How do I shout?”

“Shout with my mouth at ‘Quinn Apartment’.”

Clark said: “I’ve blocked Super Hearing for the past two days. , what do you want to do?”

“I’m touring every city in the U.S. with a B-Rank hero to prepare for the Hero Convention in June.”

Clark briefly recalled , just remembered the announcement that appeared on the superhero forum earlier.

In recent days, there have been news that the Fifth Ring General will meet all kinds of superheroes, and it has appeared in major media.

Louis lifted the lid of the notebook and opened the dog headline.

The five-ring admiral in the light blue professional dress stands side by side with the archer man in the green battle uniform.

“For this?” she asked.

Harry glanced at the monitor and said with a smile: “Yes, I just met Green Arrow, a very motivated young man.

This is not , Now that I’m in the Metropolis, I naturally want to see the city Guardian tearing up Man.”

“What do you do with me? It’s not that you don’t know me.” Clark said.

“You don’t know the purpose of the Heroes Convention?” Harry asked.

Clark’s heart moved, “For the Pharaoh?”

The last time Harry came to the Metropolis, in addition to meeting the president, he also asked him about the pharaoh being kidnapped by the Supreme. , and let him pretend not to know that Pharaoh was poisoned to death by Harley, so that when he encounters Pharaoh in the future, he can deceive him once.

Harry nodded, “Preparing for the Hero Convention is the real reason I tour the country.”

She said as she took out a small leather bag under her shoulders document and handed it to Clark.

“This is the appointment letter of Mr. President, and the government-government’s attitude towards the ‘Pharaoh’ crisis.”

Clark flipped through the appointment letter of the Guardian of Heavenly Eye. Not directly related to the Pharaoh crisis.

The government-government’s approach to the crisis is simple: the government-government provides manpower and material resources to cooperate with the hero, but every activity of the hero must be supervised.

“I don’t even know the identity and ability of the enemy, what’s the point of meeting now?”

“This meeting is called ‘Hero Conference’, not just ‘Crisis’ “Consultation”, let’s get to know each other and have a preliminary understanding and prevention of the Pharaoh crisis.

Well, there are other crises to discuss.

No matter how simple a rainy day is, Better than rushing to deal with it,” Harry said.

Clark returned the document to her, hesitantly said: “I may not be able to go, you should know about the latest news about me?”

“Why, you gave up being a hero. Ideal?” Harley said with a smile.

“You seem very happy?”

Clark found her heartbeat, pulse, expression, all open and frank with pleasure and smugness.

“It’s Lex Luthor who’s messing with you.” Halle said with a smile.

“Sure enough, there is a conspiracy, and it’s Luther again.” Louise said angrily, “Why does that guy, soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, keep staring at Clark?”

Harry glanced at her: in Luthor’s eyes, you’re the third party intruding.

“How did Luther do it? He could control so many leaders of the country, and even more impossible control what I do.” Clark wondered.

“He doesn’t control anyone, he just seizes on your human weakness and specialises in a little bit.”

“Superman is almost perfect, how can there be any weakness?” Louise doubted. .

Harry looked towards Clark, “What do you think?”

“I’m definitely not perfect, but I don’t know what the flaws are.”

“Arrogant and stubbornness,” said Harry.

“I’m never arrogant.”

Clark frowned, and Louise looked unhappy.

“Your arrogance is in the bones, no matter how approachable you appear, your heart is always standing higher and looking down at the world.”

“I don’t.” Clark excitedly said.

Harry said: “You know that human nature has its despicableness, but you don’t care about the attitude of the rescued people towards you, because your purpose is to protect life and bring hope to the world.

What an arrogant declaration!

Only Spiritual God doesn’t care about human attitudes and looks at a higher angle.”

“You are misinterpreting what I mean, I care about every life, so I try to ignore their negative impact on my psychology.

Just like a professional player who cares about winning or losing, he will focus on every attack and defense in front of him, instead of thinking about losing. What to do, how to celebrate if you win,” Clark said.

“Well, that’s a beautiful saying, but the reality is that Luthor used your arrogance to defeat you.

You are arrogant, so you impose your own values on North Koreans, You even put your own three views above the laws, customs, and traditions of other countries.

You are arrogant, so you will not consider international and domestic relations, and act according to your view of good and evil.”


“Is there something wrong with my three views?” Superman muttered.

“Unfortunately, your view of good and evil is very correct, but the three views are too consistent with the universal values of the United States.

A lot of things are indistinguishable between good and evil.

In more cases, the three views of the United States are not suitable for other countries and nations.

In fact, Luthor did not buy anyone, he just launched a superman advertisement in an area where it is easy to cause international conflicts and it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil .

The ‘victim’ will call your name and drag you into a conflict that is hard to understand.

Since it’s not black and white, no matter what What you do, you will get mixed reviews.

And you are a superman, and the character set up by superman represents the high demands of the public for you that are far beyond the ordinary person.

So, 50% of the negative comments will immediately turn into a one-sided crusade.”

Louis looked thoughtful, “Miss Jessica, Superman’s agent, made a career plan for Superman very early– Only do good things that are not controversial.”

Looking at the bright-faced Harry, Clark also looked thoughtful, “Don’t meddle in your own business, it’s your warning to me.

It’s your idea now that Luthor uses my ‘nosy’ to deal with me!

Harry, you fuck me, you’re Luthor’s military advisor!”

Harry’s expression stiffened.

(end of this chapter)

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