I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 489


Chapter 489 The Flash ‘To Dream’

Harley once again intuitively felt that there was an indestructible bug, half of the spine inch by inch broke apart, but it did not affect her “tidying up” her whole body skeleton.

In the legend, the Demon King was dismantled by warriors, and the corpses were scattered and sealed all over the world. After countless years, the corpses were found by the bad guys, and finally put together, the Demon King was resurrected.

Harry feels that her presence is inexhaustible, probably giving her the five-success power of the Demon King in the story.

Future defense exceeds 100, she is the Great Demon King in fairy tales.

With such serious physical injuries, Harry didn’t realize the fatal crisis.

Her spiritual sense is telling her: Don’t be afraid, it’s like cutting a finger, it’s a minor injury.

In addition to being indestructible, 68 defense is also crucial.

60+ defense, Iron Body Small Accomplishment, will not die if you fall from outer space.

The impact of falling from outer space. Well, The Flash’s speed should exceed the extreme speed of free fall under air resistance, so she broke the defense.

In addition, she also has Holy Mother Hui Yin.

“Omβ€”β€”” The dirty halo emitting pure and holy radiance rose from the back of Harry’s head, the cells grew and changed rapidly, the broken skeleton healed together, and the dark red skin with congested pores flowed out little by little. Stained blood, regained white and smooth.

She straightened up with a carp, stood up again, and took out a silk scarf to wipe off the stains on her cheeks, neck, and arms.

Harry is almost restored.

all directions Looking around, she found herself standing under a desolate hill, and the tall buildings in the city could only see dim shadows in the distance.

“Goodong!” Barry swallowed hard, “What happened just now?”

Harry checked the Sea of Consciousness seventh defense feat energy tank, it was full , wait for level 70, you can use it to open the seventh defense feat.

“I still want to ask you.” She looked puzzled, “Why did you have a car accident all of a sudden? Your strength is too unstable, too dangerous?”

Recalling her “superhero proctor” status, Barry hurriedly explained, “My Speed Force is not dangerous at all.

On the contrary, it protects us from the physical and temporal damage of high-speed movement. .

The accident just happened, not because of the rapid force riot.

It is precisely because it disappears that the laws of physics affect you.”

“Give it to you again. I look at ‘Lightning Power’.” Harry said.

Barry extends the hand palm, and the gold red fine arc covers the palm.

“Is it called Speed Force?” She first sensed it carefully with spirit strength, then extended the hand and touched it.

Crispy and numb, no harm.

No owner either!

Harry’s expression is weird, the speed force comes out of the Flash, but there is no owner, can be absorbed by her immediately, this.

“Flash, what the hell are you? ?” she asked, staring at him.

“Why scold me?” Barry said aggrieved.

“I didn’t scold you,” Harry waved, “I’ll put it another way, you seem to be only a conductor between The Flash and the Speed Force.

If There are a lot of speed forces in a certain dimension of the universe, and you are the conductor connecting reality and the speed force space, and the speed force memory.

At least now, you are using the speed force, but the speed force is not exclusive to you.

Why is this happening? How did you get your power?”

When these words came out, not only Barry was stunned, but also the cutting-edge laboratory where the communication has been open, the three Flash logistics team members, All looked suspicious.

Especially Harris Academician, who couldn’t hide his shock, “How come she almost clearly understood its secrets when she first came into contact with the Speed Force?”

“There is still a Speed Force space in the universe. I don’t know.” Barry digs the back of his head, “The quantum accelerator in the new city of the cutting-edge laboratory exploded half a year ago, and the violent energy swept through the central city, and many people inspired supernatural powers. I was hit by lightning at the same time and became one of them. One.”


Harry didn’t know the inevitable connection between Lightning and the Speed Force, but wanted to understand the reason for her unlucky situation.

The reason why The Flash can step on Newton and punch Einstein is all because of the speed force.

Speed Force is like a set of battle clothes that break the rules of physics.

She used the energy jar to absorb the speed force, which was equivalent to taking off the battle clothes. Newton and Einstein immediately came over and beat and kicked her.

“Did you absorb the disappearing speed force?” Barry asked Harris Academician on the other end of the headset.

“I sucked, but I didn’t. Think about it, if I had the speed force in my body, would my bones and tendons be broken in the air resistance?” Harry said confidently.

Even if you dissect her now, you won’t find a drop of Speed Force in her body.

“What are you doing with my energy?” Barry said with an ugly face.

“I came to test your ability today. When I come across the super speed force that can be absorbed, of course I have to study it. Who knows that you are so vain, and I only absorbed a little bit”

Harry pinched the belly of her pinky finger and gestured with a natural disgust on her face, “Just a little bit, you’ll be useless, and you almost killed me.”

She is true. dislike.

Enable the Defense Specialty, which is only a Level 0 Specialty. That point of energy is not enough to increase to 1/10,000 of the high level (Level 6), and one billionth of the Great Accomplishment (Level 9).

Don’t expect The Flash to be the same as Manhattan Academician, a trifling Avatar, not only makes her Level 9 Great Accomplishment, but even has a balance of about 30%.

A ‘miscellaneous brand’ Lantern ring, the raw chewing efficiency is so low, and only one, let her rise to Level 1 and a half.

The Flash reluctantly helped her unlock the specialization, level 0, but couldn’t hold on anymore.

“I feel like I’ve lost a lot of power,” Barry said.

“This is not contradictory, you are not strong enough, so a little energy is a lot for you.” Harry said.

“No matter how little is energy, where is my speed force?” Barry asked, staring at her.

“It’s lost in my body, just like lotus leaves don’t absorb water, a pot of water is thrown on the lotus leaves, and the water flows away.

Well, I guess, Speed Force I’m back in the Speed Force space again.”

Harry said with a thoughtful look, and the innocent Xiaoshan immediately believed it.

After a while, Barry, reminded by the Flash’s logistics squad, asked, “Now that we’ve come to the suburbs, what do you want to say?”

“First tell me my right Assess your ability, the speed force is very powerful, if one day you can freely enter the speed force space, you will definitely become an ‘Epic Grade hero’ at that level of Superman.”

“Really? A hero like Broman”

Barry’s face was red light, his eyes and mouth smirked together.

Even the anger of having just stolen a ‘massive’ amount of Speed Force and the due vigilance of the perpetrators have all been forgotten.

“Potential doesn’t equal strength, you still need training and growth.” Harley stretched out her hand to dig into the air above her head, and the dirty and mottled aperture of “weng” reappeared and quickly disappeared. Her hand was thicker. Thick stacks of sub-copies.

The magician of the dc universe, without the space rings and pockets of the rotten street, but with magic skills with similar functions – the magic Grandmaster who comprehends the rules, can project magic power and rules into the Lingbo prison, creating a portable small space.

Not big, from a few tenths to a few cubic meters.

If the Grandmaster imprints his own rules into the universe’s ‘magic book’, he can expand the small space where the rules are skeletons and the magic power is masonry into a Divine Kingdom.

Well, now the small space equivalent to Divine Domain seeds.

Generally speaking, Spiritual God has limited magic.

They will only replace magic with ‘inexhaustible’ faith to build the Divine Kingdom brick walls, the old gods.

The Divine Kingdom was placed in the heaven, and it became one of the gods of the heaven.

Holy Mother surpasses the ordinary Spiritual God and can also open up the Divine Domain, but she is compiled by the City of Silver and cannot create a Divine Kingdom privately, nor can she become a god – under Christianity, God is the only God.

Therefore, Holy Mother Huiyin is only a dormitory-sized area similar to Divine Kingdom, which can store physical items, and can also hold illusory souls-Harry pretends to be dead, and helps Dachao to pretend to be dead, It is to store the soul in a small space.

“Wow, is this black magic? It looks so evil.” Barry exclaimed, staring at the circle of light.

Zed’s Holy Splendor has been thoroughly ‘stained’ by Harley’s mind, like a circle of rusted tinplate – the glowing circle is the embodiment of Holy Mother’s devout thoughts, which were Li denies or violates, and immediately becomes a stain.

“Evil? You really are a rookie.”

Harry’s heart moved, lies replaced truth, hypocrisy replaced sincerity, the halo reappeared above her head, and all smudges were covered up. The morning sun is brighter and more brilliant, emitting holy and holy rays of light.

“Ah, I saw the merciful Holy Mother Maria.”

Barry bathed in holy light, his whole body relaxed, and his inexplicable emotion made him burst into tears.

Harry accepted the Divine Ability, and after a while, when he recovered, he said with a smile: “The same thing, you are surprised by sight and feeling, which should you believe?”

“Vision deceives people, and it feels more real. So, your halo looks dirty, but it’s actually holy.” Barry said.

“student that can be taught!” Harley praised, rubbed the notebook in her hand and handed it to The Flash, saying, “Before your body mutated, you were just a person who didn’t know how to fight. Ordinary person, can crush ordinary criminals with strength, and face equally powerful power users, I am afraid you will suffer a big loss.

Here are a few kung fu cheats, you can pick one and take it back to cultivation. ”

The Flash looked down at the line-shaped handwritten book with blue skin and white border, bilingual in Chinese and English, including “Kui’s Taijiquan”, “Kui’s Iron Wire Boxing”, “Kui’s Leg Exercise” “, “The King of Fighters Basic Fist Technique Explained”.

“I don’t understand.” He said blankly.

Harry suggested: “Do you know Gotham’s ‘First Martial Arts Field in the Universe’? There’s the most complete and formal Martial Arts training program in the galaxy.

Anyway You are fast, and you can attend training classes in your spare time without affecting your daily life.”

“Oh, I often watch ‘First Fist of the Universe’, and the first Martial Arts field is the training of fighters. Base?” Barry said.

Harley said: “The first Martial Arts field is also divided into several departments, helping boxers to exercise, which is just one of the businesses.

For example, many Gotham white-collar elites don’t go there anymore. In the gym, go to the Martial Arts field to practice Chinese Kung Fu in spare time.

For example, because superheroes are popular, many boys and girls also dream of becoming heroes admired by thousands of people, we can provide corresponding training services .”

Barry has also seen commercials for the superhero Rising Star.

He wasn’t interested, the black girl he had a crush on, Iris, was eager to save money to sign up.

Well, unless you show physical or innate talent, the registration fee for an ordinary person is very expensive, and the Junior Class is $50,000 per semester.

“I also have my own training team,” Barry declined politely.

“Then do you want to learn kung fu?” Harry shook the secret book in his hand.

“I don’t know which one to choose.”

Harry simply shoved all seventeen or eight cheats into his hands, “I’ll give you all, you can choose slowly after you go back.

Don’t underestimate these cheats, Bateman and Green Arrow are about to be promoted to A-Rank heroes of ‘City Guardian’, all relying on good martial arts.”

Little Sheen just debuted, and is now barely a ‘city symbol’, a B-Rank hero.

Harry only told the ‘Pharaoh Crisis’ once Xiao Shan stumbled and accepted a set of “Quay’s Complete Book of Martial Arts”.

β€œAs long as you keep growing, your speed will get faster and faster. In the future, you will definitely be able to travel through time.

You can make a decision at this momentβ€”wait If the speed breaks the speed limit of light, we will return from the future to the present, and tell us the truth of the Pharaoh crisis.” Halle seriously said.

Five days later, the day before the hero convention, late at night, Gotham, Batcave.

Batterman leaned wearily back on the recliner, pressing his temples with his eyes closed.

“Bruce, Bruce” a faint and empty panic call, like a hallucination, rang in his ears.

(end of this chapter)

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