I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 490


Chapter 490 Justice League Second Congress

Harry’s fifth day away from Canterlot, the night before the Heroes Congress.

The Gotham Batcave.

A video wall the size of a movie screen displays a map of the United States. Above more than 20 cities, a small eight-inch screen is opened, and the small screen plays the mayor, now ” Netizens” (Shui Jun) affectionately called her “Member Man” — the screen of the councillor man meeting the city hero scrolled.

Above the small video, there are also the avatars of the heroes, as well as the analysis of his abilities, potentials and characters on the side of the avatars.

Betterman propped up his fleshy chin, and focused on scanning back and forth on the huge video wall, his expression became more and more serious.

He made a few keystrokes on the keyboard, and two other video pop-ups appeared on the screen.

“Beep beep” videos are all shady screens waiting to answer the phone.

“Hello?” The black screen on the left lights up, and Wonder Woman’s handsome, full of heroic spirit face appears in the video.

“Wait for Superman.” Bateman’s voice was hoarse and low.

“Hello, Bateman?” Half a minute later, the screen on the right also lit up, and a bunch of Superman with curly hair hanging on his forehead appeared on it.

“Is your phone in Paradise Mountain turned off?” Bateman asked.

“I didn’t carry it on my body at all,” said the heroine.

“I also only use the Paradise Mountain phone for my daily work,” Superhuman said.

The female hero hesitantly said: “The guardian dog is very powerful, is your watch okay?”

“The signal of the watch does not pass through the servers of any telecommunications company, but directly through the The independent satellite is connected to my host. Without the Internet, naturally it will not be detected by the ‘network virus’.” Bateman said.

Superhuman said: “As long as it’s not the Paradise Mountain phone, it’s not a big problem.

It’s not that Richie can’t hack other phones, but that leaves traces.

If anyone finds out, the reputation of the guardian dog will be completely stinky, and Harley will not lose the big because of the small.”

The female hero nodded, asked: “You ask us to do it at this time. What?”

Battman sent the ‘Congressman’ tour map to the two, saying solemnly: “B-Rank and above heroes in the United States have been entered into the ‘Heavenly Eye Club Database’ by her.

Judging from the scene where she communicated with the heroes on the news, the heroes seem to respect her very much.”

“What’s the problem? Aside from prejudice, I also respect her in Krypton. Star Invasion Crisis, and even befriended her,” Superhuman said.

β€œShe deserves the prestige of the Admiral of the Fifth Ring. But she is now the director of the Heavenly Eye Society, representing the government and the government.

Can’t let the government- The government controls the superheroes and prevents the current heroes from repeating the mistakes of the watchmen, which is the current number one goal of Zhenglian.” Bateman said solemnly.

Superman said rationally: “We have no right to prevent Harley from meeting the heroes, and there is no reason why she should not hold a hero convention.

She has the authority of the President and Congress, GCPD We have to help her maintain order.

On the contrary, if we interfere with her actions, or learn from her, just and honourable to form gangs, meet heroes, and hold rallies, we will definitely be punished by the government. Stop or even arrest in the name of threatening social security.

This is the political advantage of the government over folk heroes.

It is conceivable that tomorrow’s hero meeting will be a magnificent one The ‘Harry Solo Show’.

Her popularity among superheroes will reach a new peak.”

“Ai, I’m so embarrassed, I’d rather she be like Zoe De is so vicious and direct, she does bad things, I stop her, and the two sides fight a battle, just neatly.” Wonder Woman sighed.

β€œHarry will never bring her guilt to the surface.

A lot of times, she is more righteous and righteous than we are.

So , she is the enemy we need to unite to deal with.” Bateman said solemnly.

“Can’t find her fault, how to deal with it?” Wonder Woman asked.

Betterman said: “We are not trying to deal with her, we don’t need to catch her fault.

We target her because she is the director of the Heavenly Eye Society, the government-government The identity of the representative.

At this time, the enemy of the Justice League is not someone, but the government-government’s ambition and evil desire for superheroes.

Our purpose is to protect superheroes , to create a social environment in which the hero can freely display his will and ability, so that the hero can only bring beauty to the world, not war and evil.”

Superman agreed with nodded, and asked: “What plan do you have?”

“I asked Harley, there are three parts to the hero meeting tomorrow, first of all, Harley talks about the theme of the meeting – I don’t know what she wants to say, but the Pharaoh crisis will definitely be discussed openly .

The theme is over, enter the second session, the hero speaks – self-introduction, and expounds his philosophy as a superhero.

Third, learn from each other’s skills, learn from each other, and communicate Experience.”

When the two people on the opposite side finished digesting the information in the words, Bateman added: “In the first session, any direct or implicit interference in the hero’s freedom by Harley, we will all Clearly oppose.

Of course, heroes need to be limited, but we must oppose it with a 100-point standpoint in order to achieve a 50-point result.

Then the second and third links, Superman you Play an important role.

It’s best if you can get Harley out and defeat her in public, breaking her ‘invincibility myth’.”

“Halle still has Defeat the myth? Why don’t I know?” Superman wondered.

“Among the Earth powers, the name of Demoness Harley is not very loud. But if you go to the magic world and shout ‘who has defeated Demoness’, it will ensure absolute silence in the audience and no one will emerge. , even Satan was sitting in the crowd.” Bateman sighed.

“What if she uses kryptonite against me?” Superman hesitantly said.

The heroine said, “If she uses kryptonite, we’ll boo her.”

Superman’s face twitched, “It’s better for you to beat her.”

“I have no problem with that.” The heroine is eager to have a try.

Betterman said: “It’s still better for Superman, Harley’s God is too strong against magic.

The scene is full of righteous, brave, just and honorable heroes. Shi’s defeat to you can only prove her weakness, and she will definitely be despised by heroes and lose her prestige, which is better than defeating you directly.”

“Would you like to take this opportunity to recruit some heroes? ?” Superman asked.

“Superman, what do you think of The Flash?” Bateman asked.

On the night of the establishment of Zhenglian, the plan to recruit more members was confirmed.

These days they haven’t stopped investigating new heroes.

Not long after The Flash debuted, Bateman confirmed his potential as at least an SS-Rank hero.

B-Rank becomes a symbol of the city.

A-Rank can protect the city independently.

Betterman is now a B+ and has not been recognized by Gotham’s ‘City Guardian’.

The S-class crosses the city and has spare strength to support other heroes. It is a national hero.

Wonder Woman is an S-class hero.

SS-Rank can fight against natural disasters, cross borders, and is an Earth-level hero.

Superman’s daily routine is the standard for SS-Rank heroes.

SSS-Rank, saved Earth more than once as the main force.

At present, there is only one general in the superhero forum, and he is considered to be a well-deserved SSS-Rank hero.

But she is no longer a superhero, and there is no forum for her.

Superman is also qualified, but the Kryptonian invasion crisis is too exciting for Earth people, and his Kryptonian bloodline has been controversial.

Therefore, Bateman’s assessment of the Flash SS-Rank hero is already the ceiling of Super Hero at this stage, and it is worthy of Dachao’s personal run.

“I ran with him once, evenly matched. At the limit, we all entered the sub-light speed realm, which is one thousandth of the speed of light.” Da Chaodao.

“Sub-light speed on the surface.” Wonder Woman was speechless.

Betterman’s expression was calm, only the corners of his eyes flickered a few times, “Have you ever invited him to join Zhenglian?”

Superman said: “No, at the moment it’s just to test the hero’s ability And character, establish friendship, and then we will talk about it when we meet the right opportunity in the future.

To rush people to join the team, but there is no valid reason, it may be counterproductive and arouse the resentment of heroes.”

The three of them again After discussing the details for more than an hour, the meeting against the ‘Zhenglian’s number one enemy’ ended.

Batterman turned off the monitor, leaned back wearily on the recliner, closed his eyes and pressed his temples.

“Bruce, Bruce”

A vague and empty call, like a hallucination, suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was a young man with a hoarse and anxious voice, with a strong sense of exhaustion and panic.

Betterman opened his eyes alertly, and immediately caught a glimpse of a circle of brilliant Space-Time Tunnel, a fuzzy red silhouette, running fast in the streamer.

Furious air gushes out from the tunnel mouth, ruffles his hair, and immediately wakes him up.

– Ou Mai Karma, this is not a dream!

The red silhouette sensed his gaze, looked up, and stretched out his right hand to pull, “Bruce, Harry’s right, she’s always right, don’t–ahh tomorrow. , he’s after him, noβ€””

He screamed in pain, the silhouette gradually turning into energy.

Betterman subconsciously extend the hand and wants to give him a hand.

At the same time, at Quinn Manor, dozens of kilometers away, Harley woke up from her sleep, wearing a light blue pocket and pink shorts, she jumped up like a zombie, facing the empty space. Just one foot.

“Ah Da!” Bai Nen’s feet not only tore through the air, kicked out a sonic boom, but also shattered the void, and a multi-colored energy light wave exploded in the room.

Waves swept across Earth in an instant.

“Boom!” The wave swept across the bat cave, and the time gate suddenly disappeared. Bateman was rushed seven or eight meters away by the bursting energy of the time gate. He groaned and groaned and got up. Holding a red suit with a lightning bolt logo on the chest.

The people in the suits disappeared.

“What’s the matter?” Harley and Bateman said in unison.

“This is.” In the Batcave, Bateman frowned and spread out the red suit in his hand, “Is this the Flash’s uniform?

That person was the Flash just now, he thought Tell me what. Hey, no, this uniform is a little different in terms of material and style.”

He immediately opened the Flash’s video and watched it carefully to make sure it wasn’t an illusion.

The Flash’s clothes are now made of aviation fire-resistant material, which is a bit bulky.

But this set was as smooth and thin as silk in his hands.

“Is that The Flash from the future? He still calls me by my name, not ‘Batman’, and I’ll be teammates with him in the future, and we’re still very close.

He thought Say what?

Halle is right?

What says she’s always right to The Flash”

Batman’s expression twists slightly, “Either Was it just Harley doing tricks, hallucinations, magic? Or in the future, she forces The Flash to say that, because she’s impossible always right.”

“If it’s Harley who forces the Flash, that’s going to hurt. 80% of the people who died in the Flash are also her. Omai, could it be that in the future, Harley has finally fallen completely?” Bateman’s expression was solemn.

(end of this chapter)

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