I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 494


Chapter 494 is a mixed bag of fish and dragons, and the mud and sand are all down

“Aiya, what’s going on with Bateman? hehehe, take a photo and post it on your Moments first. .”

Laughed out of Heaven Mountain mobile phone, facing the two pictures of Bateman “crack crack” on stage.

Not only her, but more than half of the audience who came in were holding cellphones and filming the bats crouching in a horse.

The order of admission is the hero first, then the audience. By the time Mrs. Du brought ‘Dead Man’ Boston into the venue, Bateman was already sullen, squatting on the pony for a long time.

A seat is not assigned without a registered name, which may also be a work error.

You can give him a pony, which is definitely Ha Li Chi Guoguo’s revenge.

Batterman wanted to cloak, turn around and leave.

But he can’t.

Today’s Heroes Conference, there is an unspecified, but very important part: issuing law enforcement licenses to heroes.

Except for Superman who signed the “Friday Agreement” with the White House early last year with the help of Harley, and obtained superhero law enforcement power, other superheroes are actually breaking the law.

Even if the “Kean Act” requiring real-name heroes is revoked, heroic actions such as hunting down criminals, breaking into private homes, and beating suspects are all against U.S. law.

The power of law enforcement belongs to the police and judges, and heroes are just ordinary people in uniform in the final analysis.

If Bateman doesn’t want to be hunted down by GCPD as a criminal in the future, he must enter the venue today, sit down, wait for the meeting to end, complete the registration, and get the ‘every B-Rank hero promised by Councilman Xia. All have ‘Hero licenses.

“I heard that Bateman forgot to ask Demoness Harley for an invitation.” Boston floated in the air, walked around, and came back to the city.

“Nonsense, it must be Harley’s revenge, her heart is smaller than the pores on my face, how can I allow Bateman to ‘open rebellion’ without reacting at all?” With a white face, he disapproved.

“At least the reasons she gave are not wrong.” A familiar male voice sounded from the side.

“Omg, Kent, you’re here too?” Shang Du was surprised.

Fate Academician glanced at the dead man hanging in the air, “No matter what the cause, the process, the result, this is the first superhero gathering of mankind, and it is destined to be remembered by history.”

“Several decades ago, our Watchmen held a grander hero meeting,” said a young man in the back row.

The two looked back at the handsome blond and blue-eyed guy.

Red cloak, red underwear, pants, blue uniform, huge $ on the chest, not hope, but a knife.

One hundred dollar bills!

The corners of the mouth twitched and the expression was weird, “What generation are you from?”

“I understand what you think, but I’m not the same as the previous ones.” New The banknote raised his chin slightly and said proudly, “I am a brand-new hundred-yuan banknote, even surpassing the first generation, because I have the ability to make money!”

“What ability?”

“Miss, and this gentleman, you are all magicians, right?” The banknote ability bills glanced back and forth on the faces of Shangdu and Fate Academician, and with a flip of his hand, a checkbook appeared in the palm of his hand. , “Can you describe your abilities and level to me? Let me estimate your commission.”

“You want to hire me” all looked down at themselves with distorted expressions, and then turned to the side. On the golden helmet, golden cloak’s fate Academician, “with him?”

“As long as you are strong enough, the price is not a problem.” The big banknote believes.

He resisted the absurdity in his heart and asked, “What are you hiring us for?”

“Let your abilities be mine.”

“I don’t quite understand.”

The big money pointed to the two brawny men beside him and explained: “This is Tom and Jackson, they both won the runner-up in the King of Fighters, that is, they were narrowly defeated by our watch. The leader of the fighter – King of Fighters Harley.

Tom is good at boxing, Jackson has amazing legs, and the two have received professional training in Martial Arts for more than five years.

But now, Their fists and iron legs have become my strength and work under my will.”

“I still don’t understand.” Shangdu said obediently and honestly.

“For example, when I meet a bank robber, I move Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail,” Big Bill stood up from his seat, kicked back in place, and Jackson immediately tore him on the side. Air kick.

“I knocked down the robbers,” said Big Money.

All of them suddenly said: “Your banknote ability is the ability to buy us with banknotes.”

“Not only that, the banknote ability is omnipotent, and it can even buy the enemy’s weakness. ‘ and ‘unable to withstand a single blow ‘.” Bill said.

“You already have Unparalleled skills, what else do you need magic for?” asked Shangdu.

“Ai, in addition to Tom and Jackson, I actually have dive spear, Aegis, Divine Rider, Detective. More than ten ‘hero skills’.

But they have to show up in front of them , which will affect my appearance before others.

How can I get a superhero rating without anyone appearing before me?

Without a hero rating of C-Rank and above, how can I get a superhero rating on Puppy Video.com Open up a special area for superheroes?”

Without a special area for superheroes, how to shoot advertisements and sell traffic to make money back?

The big money sighed for a while, and then looked at Shangdu and Destiny’s Academician’s eyes gleaming, “Magic is different, you can hide your tracks, cast spells from a distance, and leave the scene to me to play freely. Uninhibited.”

“Ai, the big money was also a generation of heroes back then, but I can’t imagine that his successor is not as good as the previous generation, and now he has become a liar.” Destiny Academician sighed with emotion.

“What kind of liar, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand,” Big Money Jun said with a sullen face, “This is set by the five-ring admiral, the ball-guarding hero, Senator Quinn, and Director Quinn personally for Big Money. New attribute.

The big money in the new era must have banknote ability.

Without extraordinary ability, how to stand out from a group of superpower heroes?”

“Harry’s brain has a problem, so I messed with you.” Said with a sneer.

“That’s true.” A woman with a wide forehead in the front row knelt on the seat, facing the back row, with a pleasing smile on her face, handed out two business cards with both hands, “Hello Madam, Academician, Hello, I’m Jessica from ‘Shining Star Superhero Agency’, and it’s an honor to meet two Grandmasters here.”

“What Grandmaster?”

He doesn’t know the Grandmaster of magic, and he doesn’t even know the first brother of Earth’s magic world – Fate Academician.

But Jessica has also become a great character now.

The mage that even she treats respectfully can only be a bigger guy.

The banknotes were shocked and surprised.

β€”β€”If you can turn the two big guys into skills in your own skill bar.

“. It’s been almost ten years, didn’t expect the National Bank to actually follow Harley’s suggestion, I got a ‘capacity banknote’.”

Jessica recounted the story of taking Harley to apply for the banknote, with a very complicated tone and expression.

“The idea of the ability to use money is good, but it depends on who uses it.” Mr. Yu frowned and looked at the large banknotes, shaking his head and said, “He lacks the temperament to use the banknotes.”

“My father is the chairman of the bank. Since I was a child, I was dressed in fine clothes and food, made servants and hired servants, spent money like land, and was extravagant. I was unscrupulous in my words and deeds on the Internet. Pointing to his nose angrily, “I’m born with the ability to make money!”

Indifferently said: “Have you seen Bruce Wayne?”

The imposing manner of the banknotes was stagnant. , his expression stiff and silent.

Everyone sighed: “Child, let’s make your debut in another city.

In Gotham, in the eyes of those who know Mr. Wayne, you are a clown.”


Big Money Jun blushed, embarrassed.

Laughed at the top, not doing anything for himself, he turned to the front row and found a group of men and women wearing uniforms beside Jessica, all looking at him curiously.

Jessica is very good at observing words and expressions. Seeing Shangdu’s eyes, she immediately explained: “These heroes are all reserve heroes in the ‘Rising Stars’ training class.

This For several months, they have been attending Martial Arts and exorcism training at the Martial Arts field.

Today’s hero meeting is a grand event of the times, and I personally brought them here to recognize people and see the world I’m done.”

Speaking, she also enthusiastically introduced each student to the two Grandmasters.

At the beginning, Shangdu and Destiny Academician also regarded ‘rising star’ as a joke, how could there be any heroes from the training class?

After listening to Jessica’s introduction to the abilities of the nine apprentices, their expressions became solemn.

Mind power, imaginative manifestation, invisible man, Cyclops, God’s patron. The only ordinary person, also at the age of 14, won the “Quinn Martial Arts Grandmaster Scholarship for Teenagers Under 20”.

These apprentices are well trained. As long as the mind and will can keep up, it is not an extravagant hope to become a B-Rank hero in the future.

“Ah, Admiral Five Rings!”

Suddenly, a wave of cheers erupted from the spacious conference hall.

“Oh, she’s so pretty today!” Dead Boston whistled.

This is a hero meeting, not a cocktail party. Harry didn’t dress up specially today, with blue-red golden hair highlighted in a single ponytail, blood-red Gabriel’s tear chain on the neck, dark gray high Tech Battle Armor, bright golden cloak.

valiant and formidable looking are definitely there, but they are not alternative and special.

This is a superhero convention.

Every hero invited is wearing a uniform, and Harley’s simple sci-fi style of Battle Armor is already considered the most normal dress.

“I already know about the ‘Batterman speech’ that happened in the side hall before.” Harry glanced at Bateman on the pony, and went straight to the topic: “But I invite everyone At the time, it has been clearly explained that the Hero Conference is not a government-government superhero recruitment fair, and will not force you to join.

The purpose of Heavenly Eye will be to provide logistics for heroes in special events. service, and supervising the hero’s daily behavior.”

She did not get a table for herself, but shared the table with the S-rank and SS-rank heroes, sitting in the middle, with Superman on the left, right hand Wonder Woman.

Battman tried to reduce his presence as much as possible and moved Pony to the end of table three, next to The Flash.

“Do you know this thing?” He quietly handed over a lightning bolt ring.

“Like my logo,” Barry whispered.

Batman discreetly typed a line on the Bat watch: “There is a Flash uniform inside, it seems to be from the future, what are you trying to warn me about.”

Barry looked bewildered, not knowing what to do; Bateman got sick again?

“I didn’t want to talk to you about this at this time and in this situation, but you said last night ‘let me not tomorrow'”

He paused.

“Don’t what?”

“I didn’t know, so I asked you.”

Barry frowned, his fingers so fast that only the afterimage could be seen, for a split second Type a line of words on the watch screen: “Last night, tomorrow, that is, today, there are only two major events you can do, the rebellion against Harley Quinn and the participation in the conference, have already happened, or are happening. .”

Betterman was stunned.

(end of this chapter)

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