I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 496


Chapter 496 Spoilers

“Supreme Right to Do Good” is fully in line with the values and vital interests of the heroes, who are high, The tide was falling, but Harry had to continue answering Aquaman’s questions with a ridiculous mood.

“The right to do good is higher than ordinary law, so superheroes who are not registered, do not hold a government-issued law enforcement license, can still punish evil and promote good, and be a hero.

However, This goes back to the previous topic – law enforcement without law enforcement power is a huge harm to the law.

I don’t mention the impact on the society and the ordinary person after the law is harmed.

Isn’t the original intention of the hero to be a superhero to defend the dignity of the law?”

Bateman couldn’t agree more with this.

He wanted to applaud Harley, but he couldn’t.

He didn’t forget Harley’s ‘evil nature’ – the Heavenly Eye that would control the hero.

“I totally agree with Senator Quinn.” Superman said solemnly: “Superheroes have the right to do good, they are free to do good deeds without any restriction, but as heroes, we cannot do that.


We can’t hurt the law!

A hero’s actions need to be monitored.

The question is, why can’t the monitor be the hero himself?”

Ha Li Mou light flashed, “Oh, Superman, do you mean to set up a group of heroes to supervise other heroes as a group, and supervise each other internally?” Said it would definitely make Harley alert.

“Will it work?” Superman asked.

Harry shook his head firmly, “If you regulate yourself, there will be big problems. Countless history and reality have proved this. So now any civilized government-government will not concentrate power in one department. .”

Superhuman said: “The noble sentiments of heroes should be more trustworthy than government officials.

As you said, Heavenly Eye will be just one eye, judicial power It is still in the court-court, in the people.

If a heroic organization replaces the authority of the Heavenly Eye Association, it will not affect the justice and justice, and the people will still have the jurisdiction.”

This is With Harley’s ‘pretence’, she was turned against the army.

Haley asked, “There’s a new group of heroes now?”

“Not yet.”

Haley didn’t see anything on Superman’s face Unusual expression.

“Let’s talk about it later, anyway, it’s just a supervisor, the supervisor is naturally the more the better, there is no one to replace the other.”

Superman choked.

“Aquaman, do you have any questions about heroic right to do good and law enforcement?” Harry asked.

Aquaman said: “I often travel in the open sea, which is no longer the territory of the United States. Do I need a ‘hero certificate’ granted by the US government?”

Harley Said: “You have passed my initial test, accepted my invitation, and participated in today’s meeting, and you have already obtained a hero certificate.

A hero certificate is not a license to be a hero, and a hero does not require a license.

The hero card is just a ceremony, a symbol.

It symbolizes that you swear to obey the law and uphold justice, and it symbolizes that you are willing to accept the supervision of the people on your behavior.

Of course, this rule only applies to the United States, and certain parts of the United States. Well, like Canada, Neon, Australia, the United Kingdom, you know.

If you go to other countries, you better They all learn from Superman and strictly abide by the laws and traditions of other countries.”

β€œHow does an ordinary person get a hero certificate? Or, only B-Rank and above heroes are eligible to get a hero certificate?” Superman asked.

Harry said: “It’s very simple, anyone can get a hero certificate as long as they prove their abilities and ideas as a hero.

You can send an email to Heavenly Eye, yes Like me before, there are specialized personnel who go to the city where the hero is located and communicate directly with the hero.

You can also find a famous hero – a hero who has obtained a hero certificate and is not lower than B-Rank β€”β€”With his approval, Heavenly Eye will immediately send a hero certificate.

You can also ask the public for assessment. As long as the hero is active in the neighborhood, more than 60% of the public thinks he is a good hero, and he can Get a hero certificate.”

Ending the discussion on the enforcement rights of heroes, Harley began to talk about the second purpose of convening this hero meeting: “Heroes need to be supervised, but heroes need sincere cooperation.

The dangers of the Kryptonian invasion, I don’t need to say more, everyone knows it.

If half of the heroes who participated in the meeting today appeared in the Metropolis of the day, I believe that victory will come Easier, with less risk and damage.

I would very much hope that the Kryptonian invasion would be the last major crisis to endanger all of humanity.

But the reality is that a new crisis could be imminent It’s coming.”

“Ah, another alien invasion of Earth?”

The heroes participating in the convention on stage had heard about the ‘Pharaoh Crisis’ in advance, and reacted at this time It’s still bland, but when the audience heard about the large-scale crisis, they all complexion greatly changed, and they screamed out loud.

“What’s the latest crisis?” Dead Boston wondered.

All shook their heads, “I’m not quite clear, does Kent know?”

Fate Academician nodded, “It has something to do with the sixth dimension.”

” Senator Quinn, what is the new crisis, can you reveal it so that the public can be psychologically prepared?” A woman shouted loudly with a clear and loud voice.

At table number one, Superman wanted to cover his face.

“Miss Ryan, this is a hero meeting, not a press conference. It’s not yet the reporter’s question-and-answer session.” Harry said.

Without waiting for Louise to say anything, she changed her tone, and said: “However, I didn’t intend to hide the truth, and I will tell everyone about the crisis.”


“Member Quinn, the public has the right to know, but unresolved crises will definitely bring great panic and chaos to the society.” Bateman once again grabbed the Flash’s microphone and said in a serious tone.

Superman also said: “Your guess may not be true, what if you guess wrong?”

“Ordinary person knows it’s useless, if your guess is true .” Wonder Woman said.

Harley asked, “I’m telling the truth to you heroes, is it right or wrong?”

“Of course, heroes have the ability to solve crises, take precautions early, Good for resolving crises.” Superhuman.

Other heroes nodded their approval.

Harry looked around the audience: “Heroes come from the people, and the heroes on stage are only a part of the current and future superheroes.

The audience offstage, and those watching the news of the Hero Conference, There must be more heroes with great potential hidden in the crowd.

Large Earth crises can only be solved by superheroes, and people are more powerful.

I will solve the crisis The truth is widely disseminated in the hope of discovering the true potential of Earth human beings, so that every future hero who is already a hero, is about to become a hero, and has not yet awakened his abilities knows, and begins to think about and investigate the truth of the crisis, and jointly find a solution to the crisis

As for the panic and confusion”

Harry’s expression became a little weird, “Everyone should change their minds! The superhero Grand Era, the citizens should be used to seeing things.

After listening to my next crisis predictions, you will understand that no matter what Earth people think, Earth people will have to adapt to the ‘new era of vitality’ in waves of crises.”

“Is there more than one crisis?” Superman asked in surprise.

“At this stage, Earth is facing at least three crises.” Halle raised three fingers and repeated the Pharaoh crisis first, causing the audience to exclaim.

Before they could take a breath, Harry opened the giant curtain behind him again, and a metal cube that collapsed, bulged, spread out, and assembled, appeared on the screen.

“This thing is called ‘Mother Box’, it comes from Apocalypse and belongs to the war lord wasteland wolf.”

A man with a hood covered his face under the stage body trembled, touched subconsciously The cheeks in the shadow of the brim and the skin still belong to human beings, but the brain behind the skin.

The heroes on stage and the audience were all attentively, without asking any questions, Harry continued to speak: “Mother box, yes It is simply understood as a personal computer, which is one of the ultimate forms of mobile phones.

However, it is much more advanced than Earth people’s mobile phones, and can communicate across dimensions and universes without a network base station.

What a mobile phone can do, it can do it countless times.

For example, in the recent news, there have been many cases of non-Tiangshan mobile phone users being monitored by their own mobile phones. Even the camera is turned on inexplicably, monitoring the owner like a ghost.

The master box can also monitor the surrounding sound, images, and even any form of signal waves.

If a master box appears In Earth, all the information with backward encryption technology on Earth will be seen by the owner of the mother box.”

The audience under the stage exclaimed, and the heroes on stage also had a complexion slightly changed.

“But don’t worry, my mother box, which was captured from the wasteland wolf, is not in Earth.” Speaking of which, Harry straightened his back and sighed: “I wanted to keep the identity of the ordinary person forever. I want to communicate with everyone, but with the advent of the superhero era, some secret information has become more and more public, and there is no need for me to hide my true self.

I have a showdown, in fact, I am an angel. “

“β€”β€”” There was absolute silence in the venue, and more than half of the audience opened their mouths and their expressions were slightly distorted.

“weng!” A milk-white halo rose from the back of Harry’s head, and holy golden brilliance spread throughout the hall.

All those who bathe in holy light are wrapped in a soft breath, which is so kind, compassionate, benevolent, and generous. It is like Holy Mother’s gentle gaze.

“What is this?” Bateman also saw the Holy Mother halo for the first time.

“Holy Mother and I are good friends and have redeemed her. In order to express her gratitude, she gave me the position of Holy Mother.” Harry ‘humbly’ accepted the Holy Mother Huiyin He got up and continued: “In addition to the status of ‘Holy Mother Angel’, I am also a direct vassal of the heavenly Father Jehovah.

Well, I am the Duke of Paradise Mountain, with a radius of 100 miles in Fiefdom.

I know many of the angels recorded in the Bible and known to everyone, such as Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.”

“It’s too exaggerated, I think she’s bragging.” The overwhelming majority, including the heroes on stage, looked suspicious.

Harry didn’t care about their reactions, and continued: “Of course, I am revealing my identity, not to separate myself from everyone.

I just want to reassure everyone that the The captured mother box is safe because it is sealed in my Fiefdom – Paradise Mountain.”

The faces of the heroes are contorted and deformed: You said so much for the safety of the trifling mother box ?

“However, Earth has more than one mother box. My mother box is well preserved, but Earth has another mother box long ago.”

– Fake, then you What did you talk about heaven and angels earlier?

Everyone did not hide their thoughts, and directly complained to the people around them in a low voice.

“What’s more serious is that the wolfeland wolf came to Earth, representing the terrifying Demon King behind him – Darkseid, who has been eyeing Earth.” Harry opened the slideshow, the wolf of wasteland and Uncle Da’s The image appears in front of the crowd.

Wasteland Wolf was recorded in Salta City.

The beautiful photo of Uncle Da was exchanged by Harry for a glass of beer from a certain Apocalypse revolutionary in Forgotten Bar.

(end of this chapter)

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