I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 497


Chapter 497 The Green Light Arrives

Among the eight Divine Domains, Heaven, Hell, Heaven, Hades, Dreams, and Nightmares are all Existing in the form of a plane, the remaining Genesis and Apocalypse are a huge planet.

A planet in the Divine Domain is completely different from a planet in the physical universe.

Throwing Earth into Apocalypse is like a drop in a lake.

It stands to reason that such a large planet, let alone the surface gravity, would have already collapsed into a black hole due to its huge mass.

But its gravity and stability are all right, because it is the Divine Domain, the domain of the new god.

The area of Apocalypse is so vast that in addition to the Darkseid Legion, there are also a large number of aborigines and slaves that have been captured. The revolutionary uprising against Darkseid’s brutal rule on Apocalypse has always existed.

Relying on the basic information provided by a revolutionary fighter who came to the Forgotten Bar for entertainment, Harley directly made Uncle Da an Earth celebrity.

“Hey, what a brutal look, looks like a bully.” The Flash exclaimed.

“I see endless destruction in his eyes.” Superman said solemnly.

“Is he a silicon-based being? His skin is like cracked grey rock.” The Atom asked.

Harry then showed the other members of Darkseid’s Legion one after another.

For example, the chief scientific advisor Diesad, eldest son Kalibaka, assassin Kanter, who is proficient in hundreds of millions of fighting techniques, kind grandma who specializes in training Martial Goddess. Even the Vengeance Goddess team, and cannon fodder magic There is an introduction.

Seeing everyone turn pale and scared witless.

According to the strength and record of the characters, it seems that none of Darkseid’s dark elites lost to Superman.

Every elite has destroyed thousands of worlds, captured the aborigines of the world to Apocalypse as slaves, transformed them into demons, drained the lava of the world’s core, and used them as Dak Seid Legion’s daily energy. Cruel to the extreme.

“Apocalypse is so powerful, why is it eyeing the little Earth?” Louise really regarded the hero meeting as a press conference, and even asked aloud again.

Harry shook his head and said, “I’m not quite clear about the specific reasons, but the Apocalypse itself represents destruction, destruction and slaughter, and launching a war of conquest is just a daily activity, just like we eat and sleep.


For example, at this moment, the dark elites are scattered all over the universe, creating massacres and mass extinctions on some outer planet.”

“Earth is like a grain of sand on the beach to the vast universe. , how did it happen to happen?” Superman frowned.

“Wasteland Wolf is a war lord among the dark elite, and he has been lurking in Earth for more than seven years by his name!

This is 100% It’s a hundred proofs of Apocalypse’s ambitions for Earth.

Most recently, my mother box has changed frequently, and it means that the war is not far away from us.” Harley sighed.

“Are you sure about the exact time of the Apocalypse invasion?” Bateman asked.

“No.” Harry shook his head, “I’m making this public so that all heroes and ordinary persons with superpowers will be alerted.

No matter when and where found If there is any trace of a demon or a dark elite, please call the Heavenly Eye community hotline immediately.

Or leave a message in the superhero forum of Puppy Video.

If there is a hero who has a special Monitoring skills, can monitor the movements of Apocalypse, you can contact me at any time.

At the same time, all power users should be prepared to fight at any time. ‘, issued a ‘Hero Summoning Order’.

My belief in being a hero is that with great power comes great responsibility.

Now I am retiring from the position of hero , I normally serve the people as a congressman and a nun, but as long as the horn of war sounds, I will always be on the front line.

I also hope that everyone can respond to the call in time and become me My close comrades-in-arms, united closely around me, guarding Earth’s homeland togetherβ€””

Harry suddenly widened his eyes and paused.

Before the bragging words were finished, a vast force crossed the void and gathered inside her. It passed through the body and soul like nothing, and when it was about to slip away, it touched the sea of Consciousness. Holy Mother Shine.

Huiyin is full of vigor, shining brightly, and absorbing the gurgling energy.

Seems to be Power of Faith?

It’s not so pure, it’s more like a mixture of “belief” and “worship”, not enough faith, let alone piety.

After being filtered, compressed and transformed by Holy Mother Huiyin ‘engine’, it does become a continuous Power of Faith.

Harry quickly calmed down, and as long as people are famous, they have faith. Because she was so famous, Ni Lei Shen planned to bring her into the company and become a god of faith.

It’s just that an ordinary person who is not a Spiritual God can’t use it, and can’t retain that kind of power.

Now that there is a Holy Mother ‘priesthood’, Harley finally doesn’t have to waste her power.

Well, the added Power of Faith can at least be used to perform low-level lay on hands and ‘playing dead magic’.

She continued: “The last time Krypton invaded, the result was perfect, but the process was actually full of embarrassment. Earth had so many heroes, butβ€””

“oh!” Harry sighed deliberately and shook his head silently.

It is not her who is embarrassed, but the heroes who failed to appear on the battlefield.

Many heroes blushed and hesitated.

For example, Wonder Woman.

She really wanted to argue a few words, but she immediately remembered her arrogant Goddess character who ‘disdain to defend’, her chest was ups and downs, and she could only use the corner of her eyes as a congressman who picked things up.

“Long live the five-ring admiral, resolutely resist the wicked hero who fears the enemy!”

Suddenly, the audience under the stage stood up and shouted excitedly.

Harry swears that the guy was wearing a Martial Arts training suit, but it really wasn’t her plan.

A group of people responded immediately.

“Don’t be a hero if you’re afraid of death.”

“The wind knows the grass, and the catastrophe sees a hero.”

“A list of bad heroes should be established and completely banned. They.”

“Support the five-ring admiral, don’t do bad heroes.”

Harry was proud, with a smile in her eyes, but her pretty face was very serious, her hands pressed down, Let the venue quiet down, said solemnly: “Don’t get excited, the Krypton invasion incident came suddenly and ended quickly.

Many heroes didn’t see the ‘Hero Summoning Order’ at all, and they didn’t have the ability to fly. Arrived in time.

For example, the animal man in Los Angeles, he was not financially well-off, he did not buy a guard dog service at that time, and it had been seven or eight hours when he knew my call order.

He couldn’t fly at the speed of light, so hurry up and get to Dallas, the war is over.

But even if he didn’t get to fight, he was still a great patriotic hero, and I had nothing to do with it. The difference!”

Animal Man’s chest was raised, his heart was excited, and Harry’s eyes were full of gratitude – he thanked his manager, Jessica, for helping to bridge the gap, so that the five-ring admiral knew that he was not cowardly.

But Bateman twitched hard: there is no essential difference with Harley, isn’t this a curse?

“Besides, before the Kryptonian invasion and defense, there was no system or legal regulation, heroes must unite and respond to whose call to do what.

The incident happened suddenly, everyone I can understand the hesitation in my heart.” Harry said thoughtfully.

After a pause, she changed to another set of slides and said: “In addition to the Pharaoh crisis and the Apocalypse crisis, there is a special crisis – the Green Light Legion crisis.”

A group of little blue people ‘face looks sinister’ appear on the screen.

Well, not a raw image.

A layer of Yin Sector filter was added, and the image was slightly retouched to make the little blue man, who was originally expressionless and indifferent in his eyes, look more ruthless, and looked like a real villain.

The background lighting of Uncle Da and his dark elite troupe just now played is exactly the same as that of the little blue man.

If you don’t explain it, many viewers and heroes will subconsciously think that the little blue man is also a member of the dark elite.

“First of all, I want to apologize to everyone, it’s not the Earth people who provoked them, but me.” Hallie sighed regretfully, and the insiders, such as Fate Academician and Mrs. Shangdu, looked at each other, brows frowned: Harley is going to kidnap the Earth hero and fight with the Green Lantern Legion?

“The Green Lantern Legion is the Cosmic Police, they divide the universe into 3600 sectors, each Green Lantern is responsible for a sector, and the Lantern is equivalent to the sum of the Patrolmen, Prosecutors, and Judges within the sector.

Earth is in sector 2814 and has been under the jurisdiction of the green light for tens of millions of years.

Perhaps Earth is too remote, maybe Earth is too peaceful?

So far, No green light has ever been shown in front of human beings.

Although I am well-informed, have traveled extensively, and know many heavenly Gods, this is the first time I have encountered a green light.

So , I, like you, have absolutely no idea what the laws and taboos of a green light are.”

Harry glanced at the heroes around and the audience below, and asked, “Any of you know the laws of a green light Legion?”


“For the first time I know the universe has cops too.” Superman frowned.

“What is their legislative basis?” All the heroes showed disgust.

Harry’s mouth curled into a smile, which quickly disappeared, “Ai, I’m also at a loss.

That day I was pleasantly surprised to find the boundary of the universe. Well, it’s amazing, the universe’s The end is not nothingness, but a wall.”

“Unscientific, the universe has been expanding outward. If there is a wall, wouldn’t the universe be locked in a finite box? How can it expand?” The scientist-turned-atom man immediately cry out in surprise.

“How magnificent is that wall? At least bigger than the solar system, right?” The Flash’s eyes were blurred.

“didn’t expect the universe is so mysterious, I really want to go to the universe wall to see. If possible, I also want to know what I can see after cutting through the wall.” Green Arrow muttered.

The heroes and the audience all showed interest.

Harry sighed: “I’m just like you, very curious about the cosmic wall, so I leaned on it and studied it.”

“What did you study?” The heroes watched eagerly. She was full of curiosity.

“We have researched a catastrophic and unpredictable disaster,” Harley sighed, “The green light Legion suddenly hit, brutal and tyrannical, without saying a word, directly captured.”

Said, She also opened a fight scene where she was surrounded by green lights and the little blue man locked her.

“It’s too barbaric, it’s too outrageous, I don’t report my identity, and I don’t give any reason, but only on the charge of an unfathomable mystery of ‘threat the security of the universe’, I treat people as terrorists and directly download them. Dead hand.”

The heroes felt the same way, their expressions were ugly, and there was a feeling of discomfort in their hearts saying they were willing. This kind of thing should only be done to others, how could it be reversed? After the reverse, I felt really uncomfortable and unbearable.

“Why do you think the little blue man looks familiar?” In the audience below, more than one person murmured.

“Ah, I remembered, this is not our US – I’m too terrifying, there is actually a ‘US’ in the universe!” Several politicians from Washington turned pale and were shocked. Fear of yelling.

“Really” people with quick minds also reacted: self-confessed world police, regarded their own will as world law, in the name of terrorism, beat them with a stick, and beat others to the point of confusion. they themselves?

Halle said with a bitter smile: “This is the third crisis I mentioned, my personal safety is nothing, but in such a cruel cosmic living environment, we Earth must notβ€” β€””

“Enough, Demoness Harley, stop your slander and dirty water!” Suddenly, a thunderous roar erupted from the audience below, and a white man was seen floating in green light. In the air, he said sternly: “Why don’t you tell everyone, what have you done?”

(end of this chapter)

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