I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 498


Chapter 498 Defense and Capture

“Which green light are you?” And panic, only looked at him indifferently and asked: “You seem to use a mental shield to add a camouflage skin to yourself?” Skin aliens.”

He and younger brother Bai Ge, are both Spiritual God spokespersons, similar to Shazam, calling “War Eagle” or “White Dove” to change into a uniform and get Spiritual God God’s Divine Force indoctrination.

The green light saw that his identity was exposed, so he simply revoke his mental camouflage and revealed his true colors.

Except for the reddish-brown skin, appearance and shape are almost the same as humans.

“I am Abinsu, the Kruger star, the manager of sector 2814, and Earth is within my jurisdiction.”

He looked around, facing the fear of human beings. Repulsive look, said solemnly: “The hero you worship is actually a hypocritical criminal.

She provokes Earth hero into conflict with Green Lantern Legion with lies to escape what we’re going to bring her. Justice.”

“How long have you been lurking in Earth?” Bateman’s eyes were sharp.

Abinsu frowned: “Earth is in sector 2814, my jurisdiction!”

“You mean, Earth is your territory? Where did you get the green light Legion from? The power of the Earth, without the Earth’s own knowledge, arbitrarily designated Earth as the territory of aliens?” Green Arrow said unhappily.

“Where does your legal basis come from?” Superman asked.

As soon as Abinsu raised his hand, he stopped the questioning from the other heroes and the audience, and said solemnly: “Everyone, you are focusing on the wrong direction. The focus is on Demoness Harley, she is deceiving you.”

Aquaman loudly said: “Alien, you got the point wrong, of course we care about what Senator Quinn did, which led you to think she was a sinner.

But now, You sneaked into the Earth illegally, and you even pretended to be the Earth manager.

This is what needs to be explained most clearly.”

β€œEven if Admiral Five Rings violates your laws, she It’s not aliens, why use alien laws to punish Earth people?” Animal Man said angrily.

Abinsu has seen too many similar situations, where the ‘uncivilized’ natives are more dissatisfied with being governed by the green light than they think they need the green light.

He has experience in such scenarios.

took a deep breath, the ‘greatest in history’ Green Lantern said loudly: “The headquarters of the Green Lantern Legion is in the center of the universe – Ou Axing.

There is a book on Ou Axing. The Book of Ohah is to Green Lantern what the Bible is to ordinary Christians.

The Book of Ohah records ten basic laws that members of the Green Lantern Legion must abide by.

Also known as the laws of the Green Light Legion.

The ones that concern you are:

Article 1, protects life and liberty within the jurisdiction.


Article 3, do not interfere with the culture, political system and collective will of the people of any planet.

Article 4, obey local laws within a reasonable range, and obey the orders of local authorities .

Article 5, when the enemy does not threaten the life and freedom of others, no negative measures shall be taken against it.

Article 6, the equipment, Resources and status are used for the personal benefit of Green Lantern members.

Article 8, Respect for life, and never give precedence to violence unless there is no other choice.”

With Abinsu’s Reciting aloud, the noisy swearing and scolding in the conference hall gradually disappeared, and finally the audience was quiet.

The dissatisfaction and indignation on Earth’s faces were gradually replaced by surprise and thinking.

– The green light even obeys the local laws, seems to be righteous at least not the colonists as previously guessed.

The White House representative had a grim expression: didn’t expect the green light to pack his own justice, even more perfect than what the United States did in Earth, too terrifying.

Well, it’s easier for politicians to “see through appearances”.

No matter how good the green light’s slogan is, the fact that Earth is ‘managed’ remains the same.

After all, shouting beautiful slogans is the main job and stunt of politicians, and their understanding of ‘slogans’ is also more essential.

“Earth is my jurisdiction, but it is definitely not my Fiefdom.” Abinsu’s eyes were bright, and he did not shy away from any Earth person who looked towards him, “It’s not that Earth belongs to Green Lantern, but Green Lantern belongs to Earth!

As a Green Lantern member of Sector 2814, I serve you Earth!”

A presidential adviser wanted to ask loudly: When the Kryptonites invaded, Where are you?

But politicians are not heroes, they don’t act on their own volition. The green light is a whole Legion that manages the entire universe. The strength is on Earth.

Now, the green light is “Cosmic Milician,” Earth Milician isn’t even a ‘Cosmic Iraqi’.

Besides, they haven’t given the green light to take the washing powder yet.

Abinsu’s righteous and awe-inspiring speech continues: “From the moment you put on the Green Lantern Ring, the interests of the people of the universe will always be higher than our Green Lanterns themselves.

Legion used violence against Earth Human Demon female Harley just because she committed a heinous crime and resisted arrest.

She did not offend Legion, but destroyed the overall interests of life in the universe. “

“What did she do?” Superman asked.

This time, there was no overbearing bias in his tone.

“She broke the Wall of Origin.” Abinsu seriously said.

“Uh, that’s all?”

The Earth people, who had already been intrigued, showed disapproval and a hint of disappointment.

“I thought she was doing a large black magic sacrifice on the outer planet” Cobble whispered.

“I thought she was ‘playing games’ with the President of the Galaxy or some Great Emperor of the Universe.” The Riddler beside him was so happy.

“I thought she was experimenting with the entire alien race for magical creatures.” The clown cut with a dull expression.

“I thought she stole the Supreme Treasure from the Green Lantern Legion or other high civilizations.” The White House representative said disappointedly.

“I thought she was.”

Seeing that Earth people, including Superman and other heroes, were full of disapproval, Abinsu said anxiously: “The origin wall is cosmic. Protect the barrier, destroy the wall, and the universe will also be destroyed.”

“The wall collapsed?” Batman asked in a low, hoarse voice, neither fast nor slow.


“Wall coming down?”


“Any signs of collapse?”

“For now, not yet” Abinsu said harshly.

Then, he added: “But the demoness caused irreparable damage to the wall, you see.”

The ring on his hand projected in mid-air the size of an IMAX curtain The picture, the green frame, the color image: a person stands on a huge wall like an ant on the edge, there is a ‘shallow pit’ with a radius of several kilometers, one after another, dozens of pictures flashed one after another.

“What is this?” Everyone was even more disapproving. “Isn’t it just digging a hole? Why did you kill her when you met, without even explaining it.”

100 Terman touched the fleshy chin, “Well, the first pit is the largest and the deepest, and the back ones are shallower and smaller. It is obvious that she is very restrained. This shows that Harley Quinn does not want the wall to be damaged by subjective will. Destruction.”

“Then why did she dig so many holes?”

“Because of curiosity, she is studying the origin wall.” Bateman said.

“No matter what she thinks, she’s essentially destroying the wall, and the lifespan of the wall is the lifespan of the universe.”

“But for the first time she encountered Origin The wall, I don’t know what the wall represents, and I don’t know the law of the Green Light Legion prohibiting the destruction of the wall – by the way, have you announced this law to the public?” Bateman asked.

Abinsu shook his head, “No one has ever destroyed the wall of origin before.”

Betterman coldly said: “That is to say, you haven’t legislated, let alone in Earth. The rule of not destroying the wall has been advertised.

But when Harley Quinn makes a mistake unknowingly, you will re-enact a law to sentence her to death and imprisonment?”

“This is not legal.”

“The civilization level of the Green Light Legion should be very high, how come the judicial system is not even as good as the United States. Oh, even Africa.”

The people of Earth are clamoring again.

Abinsu’s expression remained unchanged, and he raised his voice: “Green Light Legion is not Barbarian! We just wanted to bring her to Oua for trial that day, and the final verdict has not yet been determined.

She Killing people and resisting arrest is what led to the series of tragic battles that followed.”

“Could it be that the video she showed us just now was fake? Or has it been modified? Your attitude is arrogant. Move your hand.” Bateman said.

Abinsu faced everyone’s suspicious eyes with a slightly embarrassed expression, “I have to explain the difference between the Guardian and the Green Lantern Legion first.

The video you just saw, the person in charge. Two cosmic Guardians.

It’s the two little blue-skinned old men.

They’re the leaders of the Green Lantern Legion, who normally never leave Oa for missions.

They are proud because the Guardian is one of the oldest intelligent beings in the universe; they are indifferent because their emotions have faded over billions of years.

I admit , the Guardian’s attitude was not friendly that day.

But that’s the Guardian, even in the face of the Green Lantern members, they have the same attitude.”

Little Blue’s attitude towards emotions is more than He was even more exaggerated.

They even cut off the lobes of the emotion-producing clansman.

Betterman said: “But Harley Quinn doesn’t know the Guardian’s character and doesn’t know them.

It’s the Guardian’s ruthlessness and indifference that makes her fair to the Green Lantern Legion. Doubt arises.

In self-defense, she chooses to go all out.

Under Earth’s law, she’s practically innocent.

If the green light Legion’s decree isn’t a hoax , you should reflect on your actions instead of chasing her.”

Abinsu frowned: “Battman, are you defending Demoness out of a complete understanding of the situation, or is it Just object to the green light Legion’s judicial interference with Earth people?”

“I stand on the side of reason, and you can convince me with reason.” Bateman said.

β€œDemoness Halle, why have you been silent?” Abinsu turned to Halle with a faint smile.

Harry shrugged, “What I thought, didn’t expect, was told by Bateman, what else do you want me to say?”

Abinsu said to Bateman said: “Prisoners have the right to defend themselves, but the basis of defense is the law.”

After a moment of silence, he sighed: “It is clear that this trial of Demoness Harley cannot be Earth’s laws.

First of all, Earth has no laws that ‘threaten the security of the universe’ at all.

Secondly, what she committed involves the safety of the entire universe, Earth’s unilateral attitude For reference only.”

“If Earth doesn’t let go, are you going to force her away?” Bateman frowned.

Abinsu frowned and looked at him.

Superman proposes, “Will you send a representative to Earth to try her in public at the Earth International Court of Justice?”


Conference Hall A little green light exploded in the sky, and the little blue man Ganther teleported to the scene, coldly said: “Earth is just a savage civilization in a remote corner of the universe.

The human race has not even stepped into the universe, naturally It has not established a sense of responsibility to protect the universe.

At least for now, you can only accept guidance, and you have no ability or qualification to interfere in the actions of the Green Lantern Legion.”

Then, don’t give it to others When he had the opportunity to ask questions, he directly aimed cold and severe’s eyes on Harry, waved his hand, “Thorn!”

A circle of green halo, cutting the floor like tofu, a big green hand The roof was taken away, and everyone in the Conference Hall was exposed to the sky.

At this time, the Earth sky was full of densely packed green stars.

The energy flow between the stars and the stars forms a giant net, including the entire Earth.

It’s like a basketball in a net pocket.

β€œDemoness Harley, you have nowhere to run!”

(end of chapter)

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