I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 499


Chapter 499 Earth People Unyielding Service

Earth people are not stupid, at least not all stupid.

After the Krypton invasion, the Pentagon came up with the idea of establishing a pan-solar system surveillance system.

Later, the Wayne Group took over the project and built a set of ‘Deep Space Monitoring Network’.

Harry returns to Earth from the Wall of Origin and greets the Deep Space Station to stare at the green meteor-like alien invaders.

The monitoring station agreed.

Abinsu then disguised himself as an Earth person, and I don’t know how long he was watching Harry.

At this time, the monitoring station still did not issue any warning, and thousands of green lights had already surrounded Earth.

Waiting for the green light to surround Earth, the monitoring station still did not sound the alarm because the signal was blocked.

Excluding the bug-level genetic technology of the Kryptonians, the overall technology of Krypton is actually far less than the billion-year-old Ouah. What the Kryptonian survivors can do, the green light is easier.

“Demoness Harley, there are all Green Lanterns outside, you have nowhere to escape, obediently surrender.” The little blue man Gunther coldly said.

Betterman stood up suddenly and said solemnly: “Article 3 of the Ten Commandments of the Green Light, do not interfere with the collective will of the people of any planet.

Article 4, within a reasonable range. Obey local laws and obey the orders of local authorities.

Your actions at this time have broken them all.”

The little blue man said indifferently: “The premise of Article 3 , is that your wishes do not harm the interests of other civilizations.

Article 4 makes it clearer that within a reasonable range, the green light should be obeyed by the local government-government or other authority.”

Bateman’s voice is still low and hoarse, but the volume has increased a lot: “Are the Earth people arrogant and unreasonable? Aren’t we just trying to reason with the manager of the 2814 sector about Harley Quinn?”

“Abinsu said it very clearly.” Little Blue Man indifferently said: “Earth people do not have the ability and willingness to speak ‘the great truth of the universe’.

A very simple example , a primordial person on a closed island in Earth, went to the United States, and roasted an American because of hunger.

In his mind, there are 10,000 reasons for doing so, and his companions fully recognize it. U.S. judges will certainly listen to his reasons and use them as reference for judgment, but will never use his reasons as the basis for judgment.

You are the primordial people who came out of the desert island, What you think in your heart is only what you think is right.

You don’t consider that the justice of the Americans who are being roasted also needs to be done.

And you won’t think about it either, The interests of more Americans need to be protected.

On a cosmic scale, the Green Lantern Legion does not explicitly enact a law against destroying the wall of origin, but all interstellar civilizations understand a customary rule – do not damage us The universe in which you live.

Whether you intentionally or not, as long as you do it, you have to be responsible for your actions.”

Betterman was stunned, the little blue man There seems to be some truth to it.

Even Bateman fell into contemplation, and the others were very quiet and didn’t say a word.

Harley, lightly coughed, finally officially appeared, “Destroying the Origin Wall is equivalent to destroying the universe, who said that?”

“Demoness Harley, I won’t be with you Speaking,” the little blue man’s expression was unprecedentedly serious, “I know who you are, and know your treacherous skills of inverting black and white, confusing right and wrong, burying holes in your words, provoking conflicts, and diverting conflicts.

I will. Explaining the justice and necessity of Legion’s actions to an ordinary Earth person, without answering any questions or saying a word to you.

Unless you are captured and taken to Oastar Judgment Hall.”

“Little Blue Man is right, as long as you talk to Demonness, she can always lead her into a trap.” The mage audience nodded in agreement.

“It has been a month and a half since Demoness returned from the Origin Wall. The little blue man got the news immediately when she fled, so it can be seen that they have not been idle since this time and have been investigating her deeds. .

There are so many lessons in front of you, you should be vigilant now.” His companion sighed.

The mages feel that the little blue man ignores Demoness as it should be by rights.

But the Earth hero, and the general audience in the audience, were shocked by the fierce reaction of the little blue man.

“Can’t even talk,” the clown Jerome murmured in a low voice, his eyes gradually showing a little fanatical admiration – the dignified cosmic magistrate, he didn’t even dare to talk to Demoness, the name ‘Demoness’ doesn’t mean anything. enough.

I dare not speak to her, which shows how viral her language is.

Using language to ‘infect’ others has always been the ultimate art he pursues!

How come she was the first to achieve it?

The clown was full of jealousy.

“I don’t know if Old Camel watched live TV.” Cobble wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, turned to Edward the riddleman and said with emotion, “She was fourteen years old, living on Bali Street. Killing more than 100 GCPDs, the old Karmai was shocked and fearful.

How many years this time?

She has already rushed out of Gotham, out of the United States, and even out of Earth, out of the country. Out of the solar system, out of the galaxy, at the border of the universe, and rushing back and forth among hundreds of cosmic police officers.

The battle situation is even more tragic than before, the green light lost more than 70%, Fake, and a ‘director’ died .”

“Ai, Harley Quinn is always Harley Quinn, even if she grows up and puts on a hero’s coat, she is still the ‘god of crime’ that Gotham characters forever worship. ‘.” the Riddler sighed.

“We gangsters have been hanging out in Canterlot all the time. The layout seems to be smaller. Gotham doesn’t even know our name, and it’s not comparable to Harley Quinn.” The back row of the audience In the corner, several super criminals from Canterlot had complicated expressions, and when they looked at the woman on the stage, their eyes were imperceptibly filled with awe.

“Ai, we’re viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, and when we listened to Bateman about Harley Quinn’s control over Gotham, we laughed loudly at ‘There’s no one in Gotham , actually made a woman king’.

I even walked up to the clown deliberately, laughing at him for being incompetent, and being scared by a woman to help an old grandma cross the road”

The Mirror Master sighed deeply With a sigh, said with a bitter smile: “The ignorant clown turned out to be myself.

The name of Harley Quinn’s Demoness, even the universe knows it.

The universe police even Don’t dare to talk to her, how fierce is this?

The heroes of Gotham are afraid of her, and it’s justified!”

“I don’t know if it is difficult to destroy the Origin Wall. , I also want to feel the honor of being treated seriously by the Cosmic Police.” The weather wizard touched the chin, his face full of longing.

“The wall of origin is too far, at the border of the universe, we can’t reach it, but a green light” Captain Frigid raised his head and looked at the green stars in the sky, the excitement in his eyes and be eager to have a try, like under the ice gun The roses withered quickly.

“Fake, it’s too exaggerated. In order to deal with a cosmic criminal, the entire Legion was actually dispatched. When the central city police surrounded us, they blocked half of the street at most, and the green light was good, and the entire Earth was blocked. ‘ he scolds.

“A group of unseen country bumpkins.” At this moment, a sarcastic voice came from not far away.

The rogue gang turned their heads to look, only to see a hooded loner, sitting alone and without company.

“What did you say?” A miniature tornado appeared in the palm of the weather wizard.

“trifling green light Legion, right here make a fuss about nothing, not what is country bumpkin?” the hooded man said with a sneer.

“trifling. Green light?” Cold Captain looked up at the green star in the sky again and swallowed, “What a big breath, there’s something for you to kill a green light and let us see.”

“trifling. Green light?” p>

The hooded man’s tone was hesitant, “You see the world with eyes, not hands. Compared to the other enemies of Demonness, the green light is really nothing.”

“What more could she do? A powerful enemy?” The rogue gang asked in surprise.

“There are more.”

The audience under the stage had a heated discussion about the fierce reaction of the little blue man. On stage, Harley was silent for a moment, and a wisp of consciousness communicated through the big cross’ After the Quinn Squad’, he sighed: “The Guardian said some great-sounding truths, and in fact, it can be summed up in one sentence – Earth people are uncivilized, and they are not qualified to reason with them.”

All the Earth people were silent.

“The question is, is the advanced level of civilization really proportional to the quality of thinking?” Harry looked around the crowd, “Earth people have not yet left the star system, compared with the interstellar civilization, they are very backward , but it is not that we have not seen advanced civilizations.

For example, Krypton.

I guess, the peak period of Kryptonian civilization, at least halfway through the green light.

After all, the green light is just a Legion with 3,600 people, while Krypton has billions of Iron Body.

So, if the Kryptonian civilization is so advanced, is Earth not qualified to discuss personal morality with them? What about the responsibility of the universe?”

“Bullshit!” Harry coldly smiled, “Superman is far greater than his compatriots, but Superman was raised by the Earth couple.

Zod and The others want to exterminate Earth species and rebuild Krypton’s ecological environment, which is extremely vicious.

But after we Earth people captured them, they respected human rights. Not a single prisoner of war was killed, and all of them were sent back to Phantom Space. “

“No matter what you say, it’s useless. Today’s end is doomed.” A dozen or so little blue men appeared beside Gunther, glancing indifferently at Harry and the Earth people below, “You guys You can not understand, you can complain, get angry, or resist, we don’t care, the evil must be punished, and no one can stop it.”

β€œHowever, your current domineering attitude is completely incompatible with the Green Lantern Ten The Commandments don’t fit.” The Flash couldn’t help but said.

“Don’t be silly, you haven’t heard the entire contents of the Ten Laws of Green Lantern,” Harry said.

“Those laws are perfectly clear, the truth is greater than the fist!” The Flash said puzzled.

Harley said: “The second green light law – the green light Legion unconditionally obeys any order of the Guardian of the universe.

The Guardian can never go wrong, their word is the law, that’s what It’s the essence of “The Ten Commandments of the Green Lantern”.”

“Uh” The expressions of the heroes were twisted.

“Fake, you are more shameless than our Earth politicians,” the White House representative scolded, but his face was full of envy, “Politicians make the constitution, but politicians have to abide by the constitution.


We can leave a back door in the constitution at most. It is better for these little blue people to directly legislate – their own words are the law.

The key is that they can still rule the Legion for tens of millions of years, and never have members Rebellion, fuck, so jealous!”

“Demoness Harley, I said, what you said today is useless.” The ring in the little blue man’s hand began to melt into a weapon form, and the cold murderous intention Lock Harry firmly.

Harry sighed: “This is what I call Earth’s third crisis.

A great War General happened in Earth, but didn’t expect it to be today , at this moment.”

She slowly got up and said in a slow but loud voice: “I am an American and have been educated in freedom, democracy and equality for more than 20 years since I was a child.

My values do not allow my human rights to be trampled on by others, but I am like a slave without resistance.

The legal right to bear a gun in the US Constitution is for this moment, to resist tyranny I’m ready.

I’m very grateful to the heroes who are willing to help me uphold justice.

If you don’t want to go into the muddy water, please stand aside, please listen to me to this group of fist sized The alien devils roar whether there is reason or not – Earth people, not cowards, Earth people, hard-backed, never surrender to power!”

The expressions of the heroes are slightly distorted: you all shout this slogan Come out, if we stand on the side and watch the play, wouldn’t we become cowards and soft backs?

“Cosmic Guardians, all Green Lanterns!” Superman secretly sighed, standing next to Harry, loudly said: “Please listen to our Earth people’s wishes!”

Bateman continued: “Just in Earth, give Harley Quinn an open and fair trial that will convince the people of Earth.”

“Just, open, fair!” Atomic Captain shouted.

“Just, open, fair! Earth people, unyielding from power!”

No matter what the other heroes thought, they all shouted.

(end of this chapter)

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