I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 501


Chapter 501 The Generous Ball-Guarding Hero

“Why is the Green Lantern Central Power Cell the most terrifying place in the universe?” Harry wondered .

โ€œThe specific reason, I am not quite clear, but in the history of green light, the creatures sealed into the battery, no matter the entity or the energy body, no matter what attribute, no matter how powerful, have never escaped the precedent.


The comment ‘the most terrifying place in the universe’ comes from Gunther.

When I was chatting in my early years, he said to me – the central energy battery almost restrains all transcenders in the world.” The Stranger Seriously.

“Bragging, no matter how strong the green light is, its energy level will not exceed the power of God.” Harry said.

“You say that because you don’t understand the nature of green light energy. Believe me, even Gabriel may be sealed by the central energy battery.” The Stranger said seriously.

“Hey, didn’t expect the little blue man to be so ruthless, I would rather die than live!” Harry sighed.

“There’s no other way, only a fight. When the green light understands that nothing can be done, maybe I’ll change my mind.” The stranger said.

โ€”โ€”The Stranger is really a good friend, much stronger than Fate Academician, but.

Harry’s heart moved and said, “Kent, put on your helmet.”

“Can Naboo Heโ€”โ€””

“You can’t help much without Naboo’s Divine Force.”

โ€”โ€”No Naboo forced her to focus on the overall situation, how could she logically put the overall situation first?

Kent looked embarrassed, put on his helmet, and once again transformed into the Fate Academician of golden cloak, golden gloves, golden briefs, blue clothes.

“Fate Academician, please use magic to create a mental space to pull me, the Stranger, and all the heroes in.” Harry said.

One of the great benefits of mental sound transmission is that it saves time.

For example, Harley first chatted with Fate Academician, Stranger chatted with Little Blue Man, and Harley chatted with Stranger again. It seemed to take a long time, but in fact it only took two or three breaths. In the eyes of the ordinary audience in the hall, they just hesitated for a moment.

“. This is the bottom line of the Green Light Legion.” Harley explained the details of the Green Light’s bottom line inquired by the Stranger before saying: “It can be seen that the little blue man is determined and would rather smash Earth. , break the solar system, and bring me to justice.”

In the dark and empty spiritual space, only a beam of light is cast in the center, and a round table is just enough for everyone to sit on.

Hearing Harry’s words, both the Stranger and Bateman cast a surprised look at her: she should say ‘the little blue man is very ruthless, completely ignoring the will of the Earth people, looking down on the Earth people, They want to be arrogant to the end, and we can’t submit to the power.’ That’s right!

And, she absolutely shouldn’t say anything about battle losses like ‘fight together, Earth loss of life, solar system loss’.

She wants to provoke the wrath of Earth’s heroes, share her foes, and completely forget the aftermath of the war.

When the consequences are mentioned, the heroes will only hesitate.

No, Superman hesitated, “Legion seems to have a green light, thousands of people have come and surrounded Earth, if there is a war, Earth”

The other heroes didn’t speak, their faces The hesitant expression showed no doubt.

Fate Academician simply turned into Naboo Divine King again, looked at Harry sternly, “Is this what you can do as a hero?

In order to survive for a while, you actually pull. Take the whole Earth to accompany you on an adventure?

Even if the green light Legion is defeated, how many casualties will the heroes here take? How many innocents will Gotham and Earth die?”

โ€”โ€” Bastard , will kill you sooner or later!

Although he knew that he would say so, and he deliberately gave him the opportunity to say so, but listening to him say so, Harry was still furious.

She was ruthless and wrote down Naboo’s name in “Harry’s Little Book”.

Under the gazes of the heroes, Harry’s face showed grief, excitement, shame, unwillingness, pain and struggle.

The expression is very layered and very touching.

At least in the mental space, everyone was infected by her emotions, not even Nabo and the Stranger had the slightest suspicionโ€”in the material world, you could still use expressions to perform, but in the mental space, the face Any of his expressions are inner projections, and they have the strongest and most direct appeal.

Well, the highest acting Master is all about acting with heart.

“That’s why I asked you to hold a mind meeting.” Harley was still struggling, not giving up her desire to survive. It can’t be too fast, too fast to be suspicious.

“Fate Academician, you are the Earth Divine King and have the ability to open up a world. As long as you activate the Tower of Destiny and fully display the Divine King’s domain, you should be able to protect the ordinary person from the spread of war.”

This is a somewhat excessive request.

Harry’s relationship with Naboo isn’t that deep.

Sure enough, Naboo coldly said: “The Tower of Destiny is the center of Earth’s magic net, monitoring attacks from other dimensions at all times.

I won’t let Earth be in no state for you. In the early warning crisis.”

The Stranger pondered: “At least not today, knowing that the Green Light Legion is coming to catch you, too many Spiritual God cast their gazes.

If there is hope to see your unfortunate Demon God, resenting that you were saved by fate Academician, and desperately throwing a forbidden spell to a certain city in Earth, or opening a different space and attracting otherworldly creatures to invade Earth, the loss will be too great.โ€

“Why is Spiritual God watching here?” The Flash wondered.

Seeing the curious expressions of many heroes, the Stranger quickly recounted how Harley accidentally injured hundreds of gods and demons.

“Omg, this is incredible.” The Flash exclaimed.

“didn’t expect the myth to be so close to us.” The Atom man muttered.

Wonder Woman looked at Harley, but hesitated.

“Miss Quinn herself is a myth, and she has done things that myth heroes can’t even imagine.” Atomic Captain was full of admiration.

Seeing that all the heroes showed more respect for Harley because of her great feat, Neb was not very happy, and reminded in a deep voice: “Demoness Harley, unless you immediately come up with a Don’t have a cunning plan to cause a war, otherwise, I won’t accompany you crazy, and I also recommend that you don’t mess around with her.”

“But the Green Lantern Legion is also insulting the Earth people, they look down on us, and also Shame us with contempt and arrogant language.

I want to fight them even if it’s not for Senator Quinn.

Like Green Lantern Legion Commander Senesto said Yes, respect can only be won by strength.” War Eagle clenched his fists and looked excited.

“As long as we work with a common purpose, there is not necessarily no hope of victory.” Wonder Woman said slowly.

Superman is distressed: “The key now is not whether to win, but how to avoid large-scale battle losses.

A Green Lantern can manage a sector of the universe, it can be seen that Their battle strength will not lose to the highest interstellar battleship in the universe.

What is the concept of thousands of interstellar battleships fighting in Earth?โ€

โ€œGreen Lanterns are not super criminals, they are We will not attack or kill indiscriminately, we should be able to limit the battle to a harmless airspace.” Stranger said.

“What if the battle goes out of control with True Fire?” said Naboo.

The Stranger gave him a deep look, “It’s up to us to work hard to avoid the worst.”

Nab was silent for a moment, and said, “Anyway, Guardian It won’t kill her either, why not accept their verdict?”

“Harry wouldn’t like it.” The Stranger simply and succinctly.

“I’m willing to bet once.” Harley took everyone’s attitude in her heart, and felt that her emotions were almost brewing at this time, so she ended her struggle and her eyes became determined.

“What are you betting on?” The stranger asked in confusion.

โ€œTodayโ€™s hero meeting, I talked about three crises in total, in addition to my battle with the Green Lantern Legion, which may cause harm to Earth, and the Pharaoh and Apocalypse crises.

At first I swore that I would never bow to power.

But now when it comes to war, I hesitate again.

I fear the battle will cause Earth wounds that I regret. .”

The bitterness in Harley’s eyes almost turned into real tears, and all the male heroes couldn’t help feeling pity.

Bateman remains unmoved, frowning in thoughtโ€”she wants to be tried by Ouah? Why?

“For the safety of the people of Earth, I’m willing to bet once that Ou Axing can’t survive the Apocalypse crisis and the Pharaoh crisis.” Harley restrained the complex expression on her face and said firmly.

“What do you mean?” Everyone asked in surprise.

Harry said with a sneer: “Apocalypse invades Earth, the cosmic police will not care?

I bet the Green Lantern Legion, including the little blue man, will be destroyed by Darkseid.

Can Oua hold on to the Pharaoh crisis?

I bet it was a catastrophe at the multi-universe level, Oua couldn’t handle it.

When Ouah is destroyed, I will be free.”

“Uh, that doesn’t sound right.” The Flash said strangely.

“Harry, you.”

The Stranger frowned, did you have crafty plots and machinations for Oa?

โ€œAre you sure?โ€ he asked.

As long as Harry was sure, he believed that nothing would happen to her.

“For Earth, I’m willing to bet once.” Halle devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

At times like this, I’m still in the mood to pretend, and the stranger is relieved.

But just after he was relieved, his heart was raised again – Ganse old friend, is there any danger?

Betterman looked calmly nodded and said nothing.

“Harley.” Superman looked worried.

“Demoness, youโ€”” Neb was surprised.

“I’ve made up my mind, so I don’t need to persuade.” Harry waved his hand, “Fate Academician, end the mind meeting.”

“What? Are you willing to surrender?” The blue man was stunned.

“What? Isn’t Senator Quinn never bowing to power? What happened that we don’t know about?” the audience exclaimed.

“What crafty plots and machinations does Demoness Harley have?”

The transcender on the magic side, and even the Spiritual God on Earth, was more suspicious than shocked and shocked in joy.

“I am willing to surrender, as long as the green light Legion promises me three conditions.”

Harry’s pretty face was serious, raised three fingers, and said loudly: “First, the green light Legion must Apologize to all Earth people, for your arrogance and arrogance;

Second, swear by the honor of Green Lantern Legion, if Apocalypse invades Earth, you will spare no effort, just like I did today, all If the Pharaoh crisis breaks out, you must have the courage to take responsibility, and you must not put Earth in front as a shield.โ€

โ€œWe Why should you agree to your conditions? You are already surrounded.” Sinisto said with a sneer.

“Your life is in my hands!” An indifferent voice sounded in his ear.


In the next instant, the green light energy battle clothes on Sinestro’s body shattered, and his thick red neck fell into a big iron-like hand.

“Youโ€”” Looking at Da Chao’s indifferent face, Sinesto was both shocked and angry, “You sneak attack!”

“Sneak attack from the front? Dachao threw him aside like throwing garbage, glanced at the little blue man, and said solemnly, “Agree to her terms, or fight with all of us Earth transcenders?”

Little Lan People chatted and discussed for a while, and finally decided not to make extravagants, and quickly started Demoness.

Before leaving, Halle faced the audience and the camera with a decidedly like a generous martyr, “Power can’t crush my spine, but I’m still a ball-protecting hero and a five-ring admiral. I am willing to bend over for you.

My fellow Earth folks, donโ€™t Don’t forget your family shame, work hard!โ€

(end of this chapter)

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