I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 502


Chapter 502 Central Energy Battery

The little blue man said coldly: “Sorry, Earth people. We didn’t humiliate you. I mean, if our actions have caused you to be humiliated and uncomfortable, on behalf of all Legion, I green light and apologize to you.”

After completing the first condition, the little blue man stepped aside, and the Legion led Senesto and Abin Su stood in front of the camera and solemnly swore: “The day is bright, the night is vast. Demons and monsters, there is nowhere to hide. The heretics are chaotic, fear me divide light. The green light is always bright, and the eternal rays of light!

This is the green light oath, and we will keep the oath, no matter what interstellar disaster Earth encounters, we will do our best to protect it until we die.”

In the complicated eyes of Earth people, in the eyes of the gods in the sky Under the gaze of both joy and doubt, the ball-guarding hero with a determined expression, held his head high, and entered the space door of the little blue man with the Stranger and the Academician of Destiny.

“Ai, I didn’t expect such an ending. My heart is empty and uncomfortable.”

Countless Earth people who watched the live broadcast had the same feeling.

“She is not a coward, on the contrary, she is the greatest hero,” Atomic Captain revealed most of the content of the spiritual meeting when interviewed by reporters, “We can all see the five-ring admiral’s Struggling and unwilling, but just like her honorary titleโ€”ball protection hero, five-ring admiralโ€”she canโ€™t just think about herself.

At the most critical moment, she chose to sacrifice herself to fulfill the people of Earth. Tranquility and peace.”

When Superman was asked the same question, he also said with a gloomy expression, “Today’s ‘Earth’s First Heroes Conference’ was interrupted, but it did not fail.

Admiral of the Five Rings regards himself as a living example, a benchmark worthy of all heroes to look up to and learn from, and shows all heroes and people all the noble character of a true hero – unyielding indomitable, but willing to serve The people bow their heads high.”

“I feel very uncomfortable right now, and I don’t want to be interviewed,” Green Arrow waved his hand, rejecting the reporters surrounding him, “but one thing is certain, I absolutely don’t want to be interviewed. Something like this happened again in Earth.”

“I don’t think I’m a super criminal, and the superhero forums are making a big mistake in classifying me as a ‘super criminal’.”

Death Knell wanted to sneak away, but was stopped by reporters outside the Martial Arts venue, and he could only stop to express his own views, but he first corrected the “prejudice” of outsiders against him.

“I’m a mercenary who takes money to do things, and I don’t have a clear inclination of good and evil, but today” he wore a mask and couldn’t see his expression clearly, but his tone became obviously indignant, “After today, Anyone who wants to deal with the green light can leave a message to me in the forum mailbox.

I don’t accept money.

Drying and dying that group of alien bastards is more pleasing to me than receiving money! “

“Ai, today I saw the big world.” The rogue gang waited outside the door for a long time, but they didn’t see a reporter, so they took the initiative to pull two local Gotham TV stations to show themselves. The identity of the entire group ‘super villains’, requested to be interviewed.

“You don’t know the upper limit of crime until Gotham! Boss Harry is a good example for all of us. He is ruthless and responsible. He is a great super criminal. Don’t be angry. Yeah, we didn’t slander her, she did destroy the wall of origin, smashed in and out of hundreds of cosmic police, and wiped out most of the others.”

The hero meeting was held in the morning, and Mr. President was in the White House at noon. A press conference was held to express views on the matter.

“This will be a moment remembered by history. What did Congressman Quinn do? I don’t know much about the Origin Wall, so I don’t have a good opinion.

But she has the ability to escape. , can even lead a group of heroes to resolutely resist the power, because the battlefield is in Earth, because the green light Legion surrounds Earth, and even wraps Earth into the green light energy shield

According to the Red Room Laboratory Stone Academician, the green light energy Intensity detection, at that time just green light single thought head, Earth can be cut all split up and in pieces.

Terrible, terrifying, hateful!

For Earth not Destroyed, for the people of Earth not to be harmed, Senator Quinn, such a proud person, a holy angel who came to the mortal world, chose to bow his head and surrender.”

Lord Ma Gang wiped the moisture from the corners of his eyes , with a choked voice in his voice, “Never compromise is the mark of a great hero.

For the sake of the people, an uncompromising person has compromised, she has gone beyond the category of a hero.

She is a great person who deserves to be remembered by us and history forever.

At the same time, the experience of ‘Hero Harley’ also sounded the alarm for all of us Earth people – the universe is not just Earth civilization, In the interstellar civilization, weak are prey to the strong, and the weak do not have the right to speak, nor are they even qualified to reason.

The gap in technology cannot be caught up overnight, and everyone is here We can see the role of superheroes in this incident.

Perhaps, we can help Earth achieve corner overtaking in hard power by cultivating superpowers.

Therefore, I am in It is solemnly announced that the Presidential Palace will set up a superhero special team to recruit all patriotic superpowers who are interested in protecting the United States and Earth.

Next time, I hope that there will be aliens who use power to oppress the Earth people. When the time comes, the President of the United States can have the confidence to roarโ€”who dares to attack my people, I want it to pay the price in blood!

In view of the establishment of the ‘Presidential Special Forces’, the defense military spending in the second half of the year.”

On the second day, representatives from various countries held an emergency meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in the League of Nations. There were two main points of the meeting: first, build a memorial hall for the hero Halle, especially prepare a statue of her with her head held high and her face revealed. Great fearless sacrificial spirit, with hands bound behind him by green light energy chains, surrounded by glare like a tiger watching his Statue of prey, a little blue man with gloomy eyes.

“This is not only a commemoration of ‘Martyr Halle’, but also a love ball education base. Children are the future of Earth, I hope all children who come to visit the martyr statues will remember the ball shame, work hard, and build a better new Earth learns hard!” explained the UN spokesman at a news conference.

In addition to the Martyrs’ Memorial Hall, the League of Nations also discussed the Earth under the ‘Green Lantern Legion’, where countries should go, and how to get rid of the Lantern’s ‘regional jurisdiction’ in the future.

As for the other two Earth crises raised by Martyr Harley.

They didn’t even think about it and didn’t discuss it.

The Green Lantern Ring is very powerful. It only opens a miniature wormhole once, and brings Harley, Destiny Academician, and Stranger to Ou Axing.

Harry notices that Oa is the red sun.

In other words, the Kryptonians will lose their Iron Body when they come to Ouar.

And, in the entire galaxy, there is only one planet Oua, which looks very unnatural.

O’Axing’s natural scenery and residential cities, she didn’t have the opportunity to watch.

Two minutes ago she was still in the solar system, and two minutes later, she was taken to the Guardian Hall – a sharp and isolated peak with a thousand meters on the wall. The cross-sectional area will not exceed one thousand square meters.

Like a nail between the peaks.

On the outer ring of the platform, three-story-high rock seats are evenly erected, and the little blue people sit high on them, overlooking the green light for reporting work in the center of the stone platform, or the criminals being tried.

If there is no vision above 2.0, the person standing in the center of the platform can hardly see the expressions on the faces of the little blue people all around.

At the behest of the Academician of Fate, the trial took place immediately.

Well, there are three public conditions for Harley to agree to surrender. She said it in public, but she also put forward two conditions in private: first, that the green light could not sentence her to death or imprisonment; second, the stranger and Fate Academician escorted her until she was thrown into prison.

At this time, Destiny Academician and Stranger stood on both sides of Harley, accompanied by thousands of green lights and tens of thousands of spectators.

That’s right, in addition to the Green Lantern Legion and the little blue man, there were other witnesses at the scene.

In addition to the gods of the heavenly realm who are on the green light platform, more are the aliens of higher civilization who came to hear the news.

“Demoness Harley, from the Earth in sector 2814, holds the title of heaven, you are in.”

A little blue man named ‘Apas’ flew out of the ‘Guardian Throne’ , floating in the air, dryly recited Harley’s origin and crime, and then asked, “Is the above information correct?”

“No.” Harley looked curiously at the aliens nearby, and seemed Somewhat casually.

“Why destroy the wall of origin?” The official trial begins.

“Because my teacher Asar Goddess was stuck in the wall, I swore to him when I was a teacher, as long as I have the ability, I must rescue him from trouble” Halle again researched the origin for the savior. The reason for the wall is said again.

“In what way did you destroy the wall of origin?” asked the little blue man again.

Everyone at the scene pricked up their ears and looked forward to her answer.

Harry shrugged, “This is my secret, it has nothing to do with my guilt or not, so I refuse to answer.”

The alien audience and the gods and demons onlookers thought it was too small. The blue man would yell loudly, didn’t expect the little blue man acquiesced to her words and went straight to the next question: “Did you kill Guardian Remy during the resisting arrest process, green light Romon and Rodney, a total of 75 green lights Xia?”

“That’s right.”

The little blue man went back to discuss with his companions for less than 3 minutes, and then came to Harley’s head again and pronounced the sentence: “Harley Quinn, you have breached the Wall of Origin, threatened the security of the multiverse, and killed the Guardian and Green Lantern members of justice and law enforcement. It is a heinous crime.

The Guardian Council has decided to sentence you to life imprisonment, Yongzhen Green Lantern Central Energy Battery.

Do you have any objection to this sentence?”

Harry was stunned for a while, and the little blue man seemed to be impatient to put her in the battery, why?

Stranger also browsed slightly wrinkle, sound transmission said: “Ganser told me before that sending the central energy battery is the bottom line, the bottom line is obviously not the result they are most looking forward to, but now. Halle, do you want it? Running away?”

“Don’t think too much of people, the little blue man must have heard you ask the bottom line and reached a tacit agreement with us.” Harry said.

โ€”โ€”Don’t think too bad about people? This is normal for you, can you say something?

The corners of the stranger’s mouth twitched, and he was 100% sure. Little Blue had ulterior motives. She was not a good bird, and she was also planning something.

Harry’s face turned pale, her expression was bleak, her eyes were blank, muttered: “I have no objection, I just hope that you will keep your promise.” rise.

He also vaguely sensed something was wrong.

“tsk tsk, Demoness Harley has such a pitiful time, I can’t think of it! hahaha.”

“It’s so heartwarming, hurry up and take a picture of her tragic state and get the origin Demon King Your Majesty enjoys the wall.”

“hahaha, Yongzhen Demoness, what a delightful picture!”

“The Green Light Legion really beats the Demoness!”

The Heavenly God demon simply stopped hiding his tracks, floating in the air and shouting excitedly: “To eliminate evil for the people, punish evil and promote good, purify the universe, long live the green light!”

The green light Legion was shocked at first. , when they figured out their identities and heard their boundless praise and gratitude, they were excited.

In the call of the gods and demons, all the green lights give birth to a kind of glory and satisfaction of defeating the greatest evil in the universe.

“The day is bright, the night is vast. Demons and monsters, there is nowhere to hide. The heretics are chaotic, fear me, divide light. The green light is always bright, and the rays of light are eternal!”

They shouted the oath, and the lantern rings in their hands shot out bright green beams of light, which went straight through the sky, through the atmosphere, and into the universe. Thousands of green lampposts, imposing in a magnificent manner, illuminated the dark starry sky.

In the green light beam jungle, Harry was thrown into the green light central energy battery with a terrified look.

(end of this chapter)

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