I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 503


Chapter 503 The Starvation and the Dead Man

The Justice League has a saying of the Big Three, the Big Five and the Big Seven.

There is no controversy about the Big Three, Dachao, Bateman, and Wonder Woman.

Among the Big Five, except for three of the Big Three, the remaining two seats should belong to The Flash and Green Lantern unless the movie of Green Lantern blows up, and the other heroes just explode.

In terms of strength and potential, only the green light has a chance to surpass Dachao and become a ‘Zhenglian First Brother’.

However, such a powerful green light also has a disadvantage that is rare in other heroes – his green light energy cannot be self-sufficient, but like a mobile phone, it needs daily charging.

As a result, Green Lantern often encounters the same dilemma as Bumpman: the battle with the enemy is in full swing, and suddenly the energy of the lamp ring is insufficient

The energy that the lamp ring can store is limited, just like a mobile phone.

So, each Lantern carries a power bank with himβ€”a lantern that holds a lot of green light energy.

A portable lamp cannot create energy out of thin air, just like a power bank with a large capacity, it is not a power source.

Every once in a while, the Lantern must carry his own rechargeable lamp back to Ou Axing to replenish energy in front of the central energy battery.

The Green Lantern Central Energy Battery is the foundation of the Green Lantern Legion.

It was a giant two-story lantern.

The majestic green light energy through the light mirror only makes people think they are approaching the core of the star.

Harry did not have her hands bound, the Stranger and Fate Academician accompanied her left and right, and came to the central energy room together. The light was a little weird.

The little blue man pointed at the lamp mirror, “You go in by yourself, or should I push you?”

“Don’t you need to open the door?” Harry asked.

“You walk directly into the lamp mirror, and there will be no obstacles when you enter.” Xiaolan said humanely.

“Detected the green light energy that can be upgraded for the sixth specialty, do you draw the upgrade?”

Only the green light from the giant light mirror hit her face, which touched Harry The Evolution Supreme Treasure of Sea of Consciousness.

She was completely relieved, no matter what conspiracy the little blue man had, he was a scum in front of the ‘Green Light Defense Specialty’.

“I am so overwhelmed with emotion in this situation, I want to sing a poem.”

In this situation, the third Level 9 Defense Specialty is in sight, and personal safety is in danger. Yu, Harry couldn’t help being excited and proud, and wanted to show off.

The Stranger twitched a few times and said nothing.

The little blue man nodded, “Hurry up.”

Not only did everyone in the energy room look at her, but even the alien audience outside, the Heavenly God demon, also stick one’s head around to look for , full of curiosity, want to see what kind of emotion she can express in this situation.

Harry raised her head, squinted her eyes, and pondered for a long time, but finally waved her hand and sighed bitterly, “I’m confused, full of emotions, but I can’t think of a suitable verse.”

“You can go in and think slowly, there is time.” The little blue man said with a sullen face.

“It also makes sense.”Harry turned to the Stranger and Fate Academician, “It’s been so many years, I don’t know when we will meet again, please take care!”

After finishing speaking, she strode forward Rush to the bright green light.

It’s like going through the air, going over the mirror without hindrance.

Like a drop of water melting into the sea, without causing any fluctuations, Harry disappeared into a green light.

For a long time, the energy room was silent.

“Ai, didn’t expect dignified Demoness, and ended up with such a bleak ending.” Demon God sighed with emotion.

“The Green Lantern Legion is really awesome. It is worthy of being a cosmic policeman. It has been in the material world for hundreds of millions of years, and no one force can shake their status.” His companion said with a complicated expression.

“Let’s go, let’s go, the demoness era is over, go back to drink the celebration wine!”

“I can’t leave Earth for too long, I have to go back.” Destiny Academician to Mo Guest Road.

The Stranger sighed then said , and turned away after him.

Soon, only a group of little blue people remained in the energy chamber.

“How’s the internal condition of the battery?” After a long silence, Gunther suddenly asked.

Scarface turned on his light ring, just like operating a personal computer, connecting the light ring to the central energy battery, and a series of messages appeared on the green light screen.

“The energy is functioning normally. Like countless times before, the high concentration and high pressure of green light energy suppressed Demoness to the death. The green light enveloped her like an insect in amber.”

While speaking, he also projected a 3D simulation image in mid-air with a ring, a rough figure drawn with a green dotted line, Harley shrunk into a ball, like a fetus returning to its mother’s body, wrapped in a thick layer of dark green rays of light.

“Activate the suppression mode and completely lock the vitality and soul fluctuation of her fleshy body.” Ganser said.

“She seems to have lost Spiritual Fluctuation.” Scarface Blue said humanely.

“She has God descended to earth and a big cross that communicates the voice of the sky. Every lively thought of her must be blocked, and any connection between her and the outside world must be cut off.” Ganser said solemnly.

“Just do as Ganther said.” Apas, the little blue man who tried Harley before, said: “We need to find out why Demoness destroyed the Origin Wall, and we need to dig out her secrets. ”

As he spoke, the little blue man turned to the central energy battery, and in his indifferent eyes, the humanized greed was fleeting.

His tone was still as indifferent as water, “The reason why the green light energy is powerful is not only that its source is in the Origin Wall, but the more important reason is that the green light energy has been evolving.

Central energy battery It can seal all conscious beings in the universe, and can also ‘learn’ the innate talent of the sealed higher beings.

Why does God favor Demoness Halle, what secrets does she have, and why can she destroy the wall of origin?

I think it won’t take many years for us to get the answer from the central energy battery.

If she really has a special innate talent, it can also bring it up to the energy level of green light energy. a level.”

“Would you like to remind Legion? If Demoness really has Universe Rule-level innate talent, the green light energy will have corresponding defects.” Ganser asked.

“How to remind? We don’t know what the secret of Demoness is.” Scarface said.

Apas pondered: “From the performance of Legion members, we can also infer the ability of Demoness, remind them, and let them record any abnormality when using the lamp ring.”

The news spread quickly, and the Green Lanterns didn’t know why, but they obeyed the little blue man’s orders.

Half a month later, the Green Lantern Legion experienced non-combat attrition, and the two Lanterns in sectors 173 and 181 starved to death.

“What, starve to death?” With the weak emotion of the little blue man, he also widened his eyes, showing obvious stunned, “Rilock and Kady’s lamp rings have never lost energy, and they have not fallen into In any crisis, why do you suddenly starve to death?”

“It wasn’t a sudden death of starvation, it was indigestion, and we slowly died of weakness. Except for Rylock and Kady, we all had similar symptoms.” Lovorg pointed to his dry and thin cheeks, “Guardians, please look, have I lost a lot of weight?”

Recruit Instructor Kirovog is a brawny man who looks like a pig, with a huge body Very thick.

He was indeed slimmer by now.

“You’re not thin,” Gunther said after sizing him up.

“It is true that I am in the best condition compared to other colleagues, but it does not mean that I am not sick.” Kirovog worriedly said: “Is it unknown whether Ou Axing has an effect on the digestive system? Virus?

But we have all tested the blood in the body, and there is nothing abnormal.”

The little blue man looked at each other, and immediately had a guess in his heart, but he didn’t tell the pig-headed human base. Lovorg.

“Take us to the Legion station,” Gunther said.

The little blue man’s residence is far away from the Green Light Legion, and the little blue man does not need food, so they didn’t notice the new “digestion defect” added by the green light before.

“Oh, Guardian, why are you all dispatched together today?”

A few kilometers away from the station, a thunderous voice came from afar.

The tall silhouette of 2.5 meters, like the muscle pimple of the Terminator Schwarzenegger, is a peerless fierce-male.

The little blue man took a closer look, his eyes widened again, and his face was full of astonishment.

“You, are you Sinestro?”

If it wasn’t for the red skin and four eyebrows, they almost didn’t recognize their Legion commander.

“Hahaha, I seem to have a second growth recently, with a big appetite, eating a lot, and growing stronger.” Meng-male Senisto said with a big smile.

As the little blue man approached, he felt the changes in Sinesto more and more clearly.

He was originally a tall and thin man with no flesh in his body. His temperament was sharp but tended to be weak. At this time, Zhuge Liang turned into a fierce Zhang Fei. From the inside to the outside, from the temperament to the body, have changed.

Even the sound was as loud as thunder.

“You don’t have indigestion, but you have a very good appetite and can easily absorb nutrients from food?” Although Ganser said a question sentence, his tone was more like a declarative sentence.

“That’s right, I feel like I can pull out loose shit after eating a hard rock.” The fierce-male Senesto squeezed his fist, his knuckles ka beng ka beng, “I’m all over my body now. Filled with inexhaustible strength, I can beat me ten times one by one.”

The pig’s head green light digs the back of his head, and asked blankly: “Why is he different from us?”

“Look at it and talk about it.” The little blue man said calmly.

Afterwards, they entered the Legion site and scrutinized every Green Lantern member.

The most powerful Green Lantern is almost the same as Sinestro. Not only does he not suffer from indigestion, but he grows taller and stronger.

Although they eat more and exercise less, they are in better shape than the gym.

The key is to stay motivated and not seem tired.

In other words, after exhaustion, you can quickly recover your spirit and physical strength by eating.

Others haven’t noticed, but all the little blue people have a mirror in their hearts: all the strong green lights have overcome the yellow defect of the green lights at the same time.

They are the strongest Lanterns.

And ordinary Lanterns are very miserable.

“I ate bread, and I pulled it out. I didn’t digest it at all,” said a skinny Green Lantern weakly.

Beside the sickbed, another green light, who was almost dying, said desperately: “Me too, I drink tomato and egg soup, and the soup is thin and has the fragrance of chopped green onion. Bring it to the table.”

Ganser found that none of them had hanging needles, and asked in confusion, “Can I inject nutrients directly into the body through injections?”

“I tried it, but it didn’t work. The whole digestive system has a problem.”

Little Blue Man said goodbye and left, and returned to the Guardian cliff, only to say strangely: “It turns out that Demoness Harley has a multi-dimensional Universe Rule level. The gluttonous innate talent!”

“This ability doesn’t seem to be of much use?” Scarface wondered.

“What if she could not only eat food, but devour everything?” Gunther said.

“Senistor can really eat rocks and skewers?” asked a little blue man.

“Would you like him to try it?”

A normal person would not think so at all.

But the little blue man who pursued absolute rationality not only thought about it, but actually called Sinesto and asked him to test the limit of his digestive ability.

“What, let me eat a stone and shit?” The red-skinned man with four eyebrows turned green.

“It’s okay to eat iron,” Gunther said.

The man’s face turned white again, what did these perverts want to do to him?

(end of this chapter)

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