I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 504


Chapter 504 The green light is over.

Sinestro clutched his bleeding ass drum, with a bit of grief and anger in his expression, and limped. turned away.

He is a tough guy, he has different ideas in his heart, and he will bluntly contradict Guardian.

Even the Guardian can’t force him to do something against his will.

But this time the Guardian didn’t force him, just told him that Legion had a big problem and needed him to cooperate with them in their experiments.

As a Corps Head, Sinesto of course knew that more than 90% of Legion’s comrades suffered from indigestion.

Although he is stubborn and tough, he is also a very responsible leader, and immediately agreed to cooperate with the Guardian to conduct experiments.

Anyway, the Guardian’s request is not too much, just eat all kinds of special food they provide.

Organic food, which can be digested and absorbed without any obstacles, even if it comes from the outer planet and is not on the physiological diet of the Kluga star.

But after swallowing the stone, Sinestro clutched his stomach and looked uncomfortable.

Totally indigestible.

This is not surprising.

Although the commander Meng-Men said before – he felt that he could eat stones, but stones are inorganic substances and do not have the nutrients needed by the human body.

The Guardian later provided him with a piece of magic metal.

Sinestro swallowed the metal with extreme difficulty, and then pulled it out with the force of his milk, and the metal slice cut the soft large intestine

“It seems that he only Can absorb organic food,” concluded Naves.

“Demoness Harley’s limits must be more than that.” Gunther said.

“Demoness’ ability, we will have unlimited time to study it slowly in the future. Now we have to solve the ‘digestion defect’ of the green light Legion.” Take the ring off first.”

“I’m afraid it’s not enough to just take it off. The ring is already bound to the host and can echo with the Lantern from a distance. At least keep the ring out of sight and within the range of telepathy. “Gunther said.

“Then it will be difficult for the Lantern to summon his own ring in the air, which will cause great inconvenience to Legion’s daily activities.” You Xiaolan said humanely.

“No way, that’s the nature of the central energy battery.

No matter what power the higher beings locked in the battery have, the green light energy from the wall of origin can attack with a spear. Spear, use the way of the other to return to the body.

At the cost of sacrificing their corresponding characteristics, seal the same Rule Power.

What kind of rule power is sealed, the green light energy will be There are corresponding defects.” Scarface sighed.

“Defects are only appearances, in essence, green light energy simulates and learns more deeply the Rule Power of the sealed person through the conflict of giving tit for tat.

The opposite of defects, That is the new evolutionary direction of Green Lantern.

As long as the Lantern can overcome his shortcomings with courage and will, he can make himself more perfect, such as Sinestro.” Ganser said.

Navis indifferently said: “Then urge the Legion warriors to strengthen their training and tell them that only courage and willpower can overcome the defects of the lamp ring.

As long as you cultivate a person to overcome A flawed perfect green light, even if the rest of the green light is destroyed, it is worthwhile.

A perfect green light with both wisdom and courage can beat the small half of the green light team.

In general, Legion’s strength is still growing.

Senistor himself said that he can now beat the first ten of him.”

“He doesn’t necessarily feel right, like eating rocks Diarrhea.” Ganther said.

“Even if the strength is only doubled, it is very impressive. Sinesto must now surpass the ordinary Guardian.” Navis said.

Ganther turned to the direction of the energy chamber, and there was a little worry in his indifferent eyes, “I suddenly remembered one thing, Demoness Harley once chewed the green light ring.

At first I thought that She’s venting her grievance about not being able to use the ring.

Now it looks like she’s trying to draw power from the ring.”

“She’s stealing green light energy?” After a moment, she quickly regained her calm, “Whether she succeeded in stealing or not, it doesn’t mean anything in the end.

When we built the lamp ring, we deliberately left it behind.

Centre All the green light energy other than the energy battery can only be consumed or dissipated naturally, and can never be used as an energy seed to automatically generate new energy.”

Ganse nodded and said: “Indeed, there is not a trace of green light energy in her body. .”

“Don’t say that she only draws green light energy, even if the greatest Green Lantern Abinsu enters the central energy battery, she still can’t make a splash.” Navis coldly said.

The Green Lantern Legion has existed for more than one billion years. There are countless Green Lanterns from countless planets and countless races in the universe. There are thousands of them absolutely innumerable. Almost every Corps Head or Commander-level Lantern has more strength than Guardian. .

For example, ‘The Greatest Lantern’ Abinsu and Commander Sinisto can single out most Guardians.

There will definitely be the extreme, the wild ambition, and the unruly among them.

But the little blue man’s dominance over Legion has never wavered.

Because the final interpretation of the Green Lantern Ring is always in their hands, the Lantern is just the host of the ring.

The protagonist who gets the system is never the real protagonist, but the one who builds and spreads the system in batches.

Two days later, the Guardian had almost figured out the general information about the ‘digestive defect’, which is the primary level of Harley’s first food defense feat.

They announced to all Legion members the solution to the ‘light ring system bug’ – take off the ring to eat.

“Some time ago, we made an upgrade to the green light system. But don’t worry, this is not a real bug, as long as you grasp the essence of green light — the will of invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable — The new ring can only make you stronger.”

After listening to the little blue man’s explanation, the Green Lanterns only complained that the new system was not easy to use, and wanted to switch back to the old one.

They didn’t suspect that the little blue man was lying.

It’s not that the Lantern is stupid.

The green light ring was originally an intelligent technological product, a personal terminal in the ‘green light energy utilization system’.

Without operating the system, how to charge the lamp ring and how to release energy?

The green light ring enables common functions such as wormhole, long-distance communication, intelligent translation, data query, etc., all from the reduced instruction set in the operating system.

If the Lantern has insufficient knowledge, even if space-time jumps 10,000 times, he will still not understand the scientific principles of space distortion and space-time wormholes.

“After a period of time, the lamp ring system may be upgraded again. You should always be aware of your own status. If you encounter problems, report to the Book of Ou immediately.

Remember, The purpose of the system update is always one, to make the Lantern stronger and more perfect.

As long as you master the core emotion of Green Lanternβ€”will, the new system will make you stronger.”

Two months later, the green light fell like rain.

On the cliff of Guardian, Sinesto shouted excitedly: “Guardian, what’s going on? Most recently, at least four hundred lanterns Sacrifice, Legion lost more than one tenth of the battle, even Abinsu.”

The four-browed savage-man had red eyes and a trembling voice, “The greatest lantern also sacrificed, why is this happening? ?”

The little blue man was silent.

For a long time, Ganser said indifferently: “Isn’t the reason announced to Legion very early? The gods and demons, mages, and power users in and outside the universe are all hunting for the green light.”

“Why? What did we do wrong?” Sinesto roared angrily.

“It’s not doing anything wrong, it’s doing a great multiverse sensation – we have successfully sanctioned the first Demon girl of the multiverse, Demonness Halle!

This It is a record that many Supreme Existences in the multiverse are also in awe of.


Because our Green Lantern Legion is strong enough to shake the old illuminating the new and shake all directions!”


The little blue man lost his indifference, his expression was excited, his face was full of glory, and he was impassioned, “The name of the green light, shining the starry sky!”

Sinestro looked stunned, and was worshipped by the Heavenly God demon, also The reason all Green Lanterns are proud of lately.

Since the arrest of Demoness, numerous compliments and compliments have poured in from all over the universe.

The Lantern Man walked on the road with his head held high and his nostrils up.

The little blue man said indignantly: “After a period of fermentation, the news that Demoness was suppressed by us is completely As word spread, more and more transcenders, even the great Spiritual God Demon King, began to covet the green light energy.

Mage is a group of thieves without shame and morality.

Stealing and borrowing magic power is their survival instinct.

I should have imagined that, seeing the green light energy to restrain and suppress Demoness, it would be strange for them not to move or act.”

“We’ve been coveted before. The green light ring has dominated the black market acquisition price list for many years, but before the transcender faced the Lantern, it was completely at a disadvantage.

Their magical attacks are against the defensive. The green light is almost ineffective,” Sinisto said.

It’s the truth, a green light for a skilled, adept at fighting against any mage, dominating the battle.

First of all, the energy level of green light energy is higher than ninety-nine percent of magical elemental power.

Over billions of years, Green Lantern has also developed techniques for dealing with all kinds of magic.

Secondly, the mage only has the thin magic power in his body, and the gold is very expensive, but the green light is recharged by the battery, and the ‘magic power’ is endless, and most Spiritual Gods can’t consume the Lantern.

In the end, ordinary mages are only ‘planet-level warriors’, but the green light is a proper star warrior. The level and strength are like the gap between the planet civilization and the interstellar civilization.

Moreover, the Green Lantern Legion is a huge military organization that can communicate in real time, and if one party is in trouble, all parties will support it. How can a normal ‘loose cultivator’ do it?

Sinisto excitedly said: “Now the situation is reversed. In the face of magical power, the green light shield is as fragile as paper.

Many lanterns clearly have enough energy in their rings. , but the unfathomable mystery defense was broken, and the tragic death was on the spot.

I even think that the green light energy’s defense against magic did not drop to zero, but became a negative number, negative magic resistance.

In the face of the same magic, throw away the ring, use the body to resist, and say that you won’t be killed by one move.”

Speaking of the end, the four-eyebrow tough guy finally couldn’t hold back his tears. Orbit, crying.

The little blue man’s expression didn’t change.

They expected this.

Demoness Harley’s high magic resistance innate talent, who doesn’t know?

She has high magic resistance, and after being locked into the central energy battery, the green light may have a ‘magic resistance defect’.

Ganther said slowly: “Under the new lamp ring system, in addition to the magic resistance defect, there is actually a will defect.”

“What?” Sinesto cried out. Clearing his nose, he shrank back in shock.

The essence of Green Lantern is to use his own willpower to control the power of will in the emotional spectrum.

To put it bluntly, the lively willpower is the most crucial factor in determining the strength of the Green Lantern, and it is also the greatest advantage of the Lantern.

But now the green light that should rely on will to eat has a will defect? !

The little blue man pointed at the almost collapsed Legion Commander, “Didn’t you find out? You’re crying because you’ve been willed.”

(End of this chapter)


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