I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 506


Chapter 506 Demoness Halle, accept me, we are a natural couple

“It turns out that the green light energy is related to the wall of origin.” Harry was startled, “I thought the Origin Wall was an eel, and I couldn’t get in.

didn’t expect the little blue man to be so stupid that he could steal energy from the Origin Wall.

By the way, how old are you?”

“Billions of years, Guardian is almost the oldest super civilization in the universe, they have existed for many billion years, but” There was a hint of uncertainty in the ion shark’s eyes, “Guardian may not be the first person to discover the emotional spectrum.” to hunt her down.

“Did the watchers teach them?”

“I don’t know, I’m not sure whether I was born before the green light, or after.” Ion Shark said blankly: ” I am the entity of the green willpower in the emotional spectrum, which must have appeared after the emotional spectrum was discovered.

The emotional spectrum is a big pool, and the green wave frequency willpower is a liquid in it, I come from the pool, It’s not the pool itself, the Green Lantern’s central energy battery is connected to the pool just like me.

Therefore, even without me, Green Lantern can use the light ring normally.”

Ha Li suddenly said, “You were born from the Emotional Spectrum, an entity of the Green Willpower, representing the Green Willpower, but not the entirety of the Green Willpower.

The central energy cell of the Green Lantern can be derived from the Emotional Spectrum. Directly extracting power from the Emotional Spectrum, isn’t it?”


Harry frowned: “Since the central energy cell can extract energy from the emotional spectrum, the green light ring theoretically You can also”

“Hehe.” She sneered at the corners of her mouth, “Of course the little blue man won’t let the Lantern Ring become an independent energy source, otherwise how can they control the Green Lantern Legion?”

The fat-headed ion shark blinked and asked, “Harry, what crime did you commit to get locked in?”

“I have a mentor, I respect her and love her, I swear To save her from the wall of origin.”

First showing her extremely Revered Master character, Harley used simple scene descriptions and extremely detailed inner feelings to destroy her The origin wall, and the conflict with the Green Lantern Legion have been said again.

“Although you have made a big mistake, you are not guilty of this, and the Guardian should not shut you up.” Ion Shark sighed.

“Ai, they are tyrannical and tyrannical. They threaten me with billions of Earth’s lives. For the sake of my compatriots, I can only compromise.”

Harry pointed to the plug Green energy probes all over the body, “Is this your energy? No wonder willpower is so powerful, you are the representative of the willpower of all beings in the universe.”

“Well, the green tentacles on your body, They’re all willpower in substance, but they’re not all my power.

The Guardian’s central power cell turns my willpower into an all-purpose weapon against the enemy’s regular-level innate talent. “

“Did you feel anything strange?” Ion Shark asked.

“Yes, they’re working on my innate talent skills.”

The ion shark stretches forward its brilliant lights and vibrant colors, its tiny wing-like fins, and touches Halle “Let go of your heart and feel it with your soul.”

Harry did what she said.

The next moment, like a streamer of green fireworks, exploded in her Sea of Consciousness.

Among the exploding fireworks, a blurry picture flashed by.

It’s probably a Green Lantern. She can’t see clearly, but strangely perceives that there seems to be a line of ‘Green Lantern – Lantern Ring – Central Energy Battery – Lantern Beast Ion Shark – –willpower probe –Harry’s hookup line.

Gradually, a clear comprehension arose in Harry’s heart, and she screamed out in shock, “Ogmaika, the evil green light battery, it’s stealing my power!”

Then, her expression became odd again, “However, Green Lantern pays a lot of money”

She didn’t understand the principle of ‘stealing’ power, but the process probably did.

The green light energy is like a flat three-dimensional needle-carved wall. Imprint it on Harley to complete the 3D humanoid printing. The protruding part of Harley’s body, the strength, is the deepest depression behind the humanoid wall. — Weakness.

At this point, she has been in the green light central energy battery for two months, the first month is muddleheaded, and the first food defense feat is “stolen”, and the next month she starts to upgrade the sixth green light defense feat, green light The probe is gradually failing.

The second willpower defense feat and the third god defense feat, part of it leaked.

When the Specialty reaches Level 8, the probe will be completely unable to detect her skill information.

“I have a feeling that you seem to be able to live with me.” Harry asked tentatively, staring at the ion shark.

She is actually connecting the central battery through the consciousness of the ion shark, and then observing the various Green Lanterns. The whole process is a bit difficult, but the main difficulty lies in connecting the central battery.

When her spirit strength and ion shark consciousness resonate, there is no stagnation, like water and milk, blending.

That’s why Halle had such a guess.

Well, the human pillar power in Hokage is also a reason.

“I am an energy entity, and I can indeed coexist with the lifeform of the universe.”

Harry was overjoyed, “Ion Shark, youβ€””

She suddenly paused. live.

Harry thinks of the connection between the human and the tailed beast, which is bound to death.

Using green light energy must pay a price, 80% of which is very, very large.

Because the creditor is the wall of origin, or, the being within the wall of origin, or the other being?

In short, the creditor must be a giant, and all the lanterns must be old in unknown.

Harry is not too afraid of ‘old age unknown’, she has the green light defense feat, and has the level 10 bond defense feat.

But Harley looked down on the potential of the lantern beast.

At this stage, her strength is still weak, and the lamp beast is a help to her, but what about ten years and a hundred years from now?

At that time, the lamp beast is likely to become her burden, even big and troublesome.

Simply put, in the world of “Naruto”, the upper limit of strength is placed there, and the nine tails are barely a treasure.

If you switch to the world of “Covering the Sky” or “Devouring the Starry Sky”, the nine tails connected to the host’s soul will not only be garbage, but will seriously drag down and even pollute the host’s Dao’.

Harry has the great ambition to transcend the omnipotent universe, and naturally does not want to be bound by the lamp beast at the single universe level.

“Little Li, how did you live with human beings?”

“Little Li.” Ion Shark shouted: “I’m much bigger than you.”

“What about Da Li?”

“Da Li, it’s a bit strange.”

Harry rolled her eyes and said, “You are very fat and have a big head, why don’t you call me ‘Fat head’?”

“I have a name.” Ion Shark wasn’t satisfied.

“There should be a more cordial and exclusive title among friends.”

“Okay.” Ion Shark was confused about being a friend.

After that, it said the process of symbiosis again.

Harry was very happy to hear that, the symbiosis process of the ion shark is not like a tailed beast, but similar to the venom of Marvel next door.

The kind that is easy to put on and take off.

“Fat head, why don’t we fit together, let’s brave the universe and see the prosperity of the world.” Harley said directly.

“This” Ion Shark hesitantly said: “It’s nice to be friends with you, but you don’t seem to be a good person, and I don’t want to be a cosmic supervillain.”

Harry smiled stiffly , his face darkened slightly, “Fat head, maybe I didn’t make it clear, I am the hero of protecting the ball, the five-ring general, who has saved Earth and the multiverse, and is a proper hero of justice.”

Ion Shark said: “After I live with you, your first step is to break the central energy battery, and then take revenge on the Guardian and Green Lantern who made you suffer, right?”

Harry sighed: ” Don’t you hate them for keeping you locked in a battery for billions of years by the Guardian?”

“Of course it doesn’t, its will is forged by the spirit of Green Lantern, and it is the representative of Green Lantern spirit.” Suddenly, an extremely weak Spiritual Fluctuation came from the deepest part of the battery, “Demoness Harley, we are a natural couple! If it doesn’t want to, forget it, I’m happy to create glory with you!”

The sound is shrill and harsh, like sharp teeth chewing glass shards.

It also has an air of extreme evil.

Only touching its Spiritual Fluctuation, Harley’s mind is shrouded in endless fear, and all kinds of terrifying visions are like mushrooms in the rain mountainside, and clusters are drilled from the depths of her mind.

Harry shook his head, the sixth Green Light Defense Specialty subconsciously blocked the invasion of that consciousness.

The sixth defense feat is effective, but only blocks 60%.

Harry was stunned for a while, then reacted and exclaimed in surprise: “shit, there is a second lamp beast in the battery!”

Only another lamp beast can The sixth green light defense feat is triggered, but it is not completely immune.

“Yes, yes, to get rid of the fear so quickly, Demoness Halle, you are such a good host!” the shrill voice praised.

“Harry, don’t listen to it, it’s not a good thing.” Ion Shark said quickly.

“Well, I’ll take a look, I won’t be deceived by it.”

Harry agreed, but her body sank quickly.

At the beginning, the deeper the battery sinks, the richer the green becomes. I don’t know when it started, the green is stained with a touch of yellow, and the yellow becomes more and more prosperous. In the end, Harry falls into a golden-bright and dazzling world.

She saw the lamp beast, a multi-legged Insect that looked like it was made of gold.

Well, like a grasshopper with a scorpion tail.

golden-bright and dazzling, yellow-orange-orange, ignoring its sharp teeth, sinister eyes, and hideous-looking head, it still looks very noble.

“Discovering the emotional power of the second can make the sixth speciality evolve, is it possible to start the evolution?”

After approaching the grasshopper, Harry obviously sensed yellow energy beyond the green light energy.

The yellow energy is far more aggressive than the green light energy, and it drilled directly into her body.

And then the evolutionary Supreme Treasure in Sea of Consciousness, unsurprisingly, was touched.


“Gudonggudong.” The specialty experience jar bubbling frantically.

“The Yellow Light Defense Specialty is enabled, level 0.

The Yellow Light Defense Specialty and the Green Light Defense Specialty are merged to evolve into the Visible Light Spectrum Defense Specialtyβ€”Green Eight, Yellow Zero.”

“Xiao Huang, what’s your name?” Harry asked.

“Don’t call me Xiao Huang, I’m the god of fear, the parallax!” The Golden Insect hissed.

“What is the origin of that name?” Harry said curiously.

“The ghost knows what the bastard that named me was originally, but since it has been used for billions of years, I don’t plan to modify it casually.” Parallax said strangely.

“Uh, you’ve been sealed away for billions of years?” Harry asked curiously.

“Since I was born, I have been sealed in this small space.” The malice in the eyes of the parallax almost condensed into ice, “I will overthrow the central energy battery, I will slaughter the Guardian, I will In the starry sky, there is no green light to live.

Demoness Harley, accept my strength and fuse with me!”

(End of this chapter)

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