I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 507


Chapter 507 Harley is right, Uncle Da is in action

“Demoness Harley, you create disasters and spread fear, you are born to The spokesperson of yellow fear energy is the most suitable host for me.

And we have the same enemy and the same ideal.

When you and I meet, it is like a disaster for both sides. Gan Lin.

We seem to be the other half of our destiny. The combination of you and me will inevitably become a story of Universe Starry Sky, a Legendary.

Let’s fit together, don’t hesitate.” Parallax Strange excitedly said.

“Harry, don’t listen to it.” The voice of the ion shark came from far away, and at the same time, the will probe inserted into the parallax monster suddenly burst into a green light, sending all the objects in this space. Cancan golden light is suppressed.

The parallax monster wanted to scream in pain, but the willpower of the ion shark universe level almost locked its consciousness.

Like Harley earlier, most of her thoughts were pinned by the green light will probe, and the remaining weak consciousness also became cloudy and dull.

Like pressing the pause button, the giant Insect maintains an action and expression, and does not move.

“Ion. Shark!” A slow but firm voice of resentment came from the only wisp of consciousness left in Insect, “I must tear you up, I swear.”

” In the past billions of years, I have sealed you, and in the infinite years in the future, as long as I am still here, you will still not be able to make a splash.” Ion Shark coldly said.

“Li, Zi, Shark” The parallax monster chews through the blood of the gums and hates the sky.

“Fatty, you’re so awesome!” Harley exclaimed: “With your willpower at the universe level, the central energy battery has become the most terrifying place in the universe as the little blue man has boasted. “

“You are not afraid.” Ion Shark said.

“Demoness Harley, why are you able to move freely?” Parallax asked after a long time, barely calming down.

Haley, like it, is full of green light probes.

The parallax monster has adapted for billions of years, studied for billions of years, and struggled for billions of years before breaking free of some seals. Weak consciousness.

And Harley was able to move freely not long after she came in.

“I have a strong innate talent, and there are people above me. It is also because the innate talent is too strong that the little blue people coveted me, so I was locked in the central energy battery-“

Speaking of this , Harry suddenly remembered something, and suddenly said: “Parallax, Green Lantern’s ‘yellow defect’ is because of you, right?”

“That’s right, it’s me!” Parallax laughed coldly, “The central energy cell is really powerful, but if it wants to seal my strongest point, the green light energy will inevitably create a corresponding weakness.”

“These billions of years, because of the yellow defect I brought them. , Green Light Legion ruined thousands of absolutely elites.” It said proudly, and then asked arrogantly: “Demoness, what flaws have you brought to Green Light?”

“not quite clear.” Halle obediently and honestly said.

“What is not quite clear? Do you have regular-level innate talent? What is innate talent, don’t you know it yourself? The flaws of the green light correspond to your specialties.” Parallax said strangely.

“I have a lot of specialties.”

“You can really brag.” The Parallax sneered, and urged: “Since you can move, come close to me, Absorb me into you.

We become one, break the central battery, and kill all the little blue men.”

“How?” Harry asked.

“Harry, don’t be deceived by it.” Ion Shark hurriedly advised: “The parallax monster does not want to coexist with you, but to parasitize in your body and treat you as a fleshy body puppet.”

“Don’t listen to the stinky shark, it’s a jailer, and of course it doesn’t want us to escape.

Demoness Harley, you can’t break the seal of the lamp mirror by yourself.

Even if I break it, I’m no match for Little Blue and the Green Lantern Legion.

I can’t break free for billions of years on my own.

But we Once teamed up, My Endless Divine Force plus your Innate Divine Strength, Universe Starry Sky will be dyed golden under your feet.” Parallax excitedly said.

“Harry, you already know the origin of the lamp beast, then think about it carefully, with your strength of oneself, can you fight against the fear of the entire universe?

The parallax monster represents Fear happens to have the most powerful infectious power.

As long as it wants to, it can quietly distort your thoughts and assimilate your will with no difficulty.” Ion Shark sincerely said.

“Let me think about it.” Halle sat cross-legged in front of the Parallax, looking tangled.

Well, on the surface, it’s tangled, but it’s quietly absorbing the power of the yellow light’s fear.

Harry believes in the ion shark, the lamp beast can affect the host’s thinking. If the host’s will is not firm enough and the mind is not strong enough, it is not uncommon to become a parasitic flesh shell of the lamp beast.

Secondly, the parallax monster is definitely not a good thing. If she fits with it, it will definitely shoot at her.

However, as long as the defense expertise rises, no matter what the parallax monster’s thoughts and abilities are, she is no longer afraid.

While Harley was quietly upgrading, the Green Lantern Legion suffered its biggest setback in the last few thousand years.

“The new green light system has three more defects, namely digestive defect, magic resistance defect, and will defect.” The little blue man Gunther said to Sinestro, who had tears and snot on his face. Explains: “The digestive defect is very terrifying, causing Legion to have non-combat attrition.

Magic resistance defect is the main reason why Legion is currently losing members in front of magic transcenders.

But Compared with the defect of will, the first two defects are nothing.

The root of the Green Lantern is willpower.

We can overcome all difficulties with willpower, including the yellow light defect. , digestive defect and magic resistance defect.

These defects can only make the strong-willed Lantern stronger, you must know it yourself.

The only willpower defect, specifically for willpower , is a debuff that cannot be overcome by willpower alone.

This is also the reason why Abinsu died in battle.”

Senisto was stunned, excitedly said: “Abinsu How did he die? You announced to the public that he was brave and fearless. He fought more than a dozen magic Grandmasters alone, and he only lost one move and retreated calmly.

It was only because the injury was too heavy that there was no time for treatment. Die in Earth. Are you lying?”

Ganther was silent for a long time before he said: “There are not more than ten Grandmasters, only a few hooligans in the central city of Earth.

There is no heroism either. fearless, fighting with blood.

They were in a place where there were no urban heroes, disguised as the victims who were calling for help heroes, Abinsu rescued them in the past, and was accidentally smeared on his face by an apprentice magician with black magic, The energy shield was broken on the spot.

Abinsu was already in the deficiencies of willpower and magic resistance. When escaping, the energy of the lamp ring was out of control, and the head fell from the sky in high-speed flight, and half of his body fell into flesh.”

“This is not true, Abinsu is the greatest Lantern in history, he It is impossible to lose the mind, not to break down, let alone flee in a hurry, to die so aggrieved.”

Sinesto was unacceptable, and he denied it aloud. In the open mouth.

“Senistor, cheer up, didn’t you notice? You’re also under the influence of a will-deficit, and you’re crying again.” The little blue man scolded.

“Wu wu wu, why is this happening, why am I crying, how can I cry?!”

The more indignant Sinesto was, the more fierce the tears flowed.

“Good terrifying defect of will” Gunther muttered: “It seems that it is not just simply subtracting part of the will, it is destroying people’s beliefs.”

Not specifically to destroy Faith!

The second defense feat, also known as the ‘cheeky’ feat, is mentally immune to mind control, physically resists stun attacks, and mentally defends against mental loss and will shake.

In turn, it becomes a defect of will, and it becomes easy to lose the mind and shake the will.

The core selection criterion of Green Lantern is willpower, using its own willpower to control the green willpower in the emotional spectrum.

“Faith is shaken, and other defects that were originally suppressed by willpower also appeared again.” The little blue man on the side frowned and sighed.

Abinsu originally overcame the yellow defect and added endless courage to himself; overcame the digestive defect, evolved a super stomach bag, as long as he eats, he will never get tired; overcome the magic resistance defect, he almost became a Little Demoness, able to Fight with Spiritual God’s forbidden spell.

But once the defect of will is added to the body and the mind collapses, the yellow defect, digestion defect, and magic resistance defect that are defeated by faith and will will all come.

“Why do you need to update the green light system so often? What the hell are you thinking?” Sinisto angrily roared.

“You also boasted that the new system is very good, and also said that Green Lanterns should have the highest standards, and only those who overcome defects are qualified Green Lanterns.” Xiaolan said humanely.

“I said that because I was able to overcome those flaws. Now that even I can’t overcome the flaws of will, it means that the system has a big bug.” Sinisto said.

“As a Green Lantern, you must have a firm belief that there are no difficulties and defects that Green Lantern can’t overcome.” Ganser said indifferently.

“How can I overcome a defect of will?” Sinestro asked.

“Strengthen your beliefs, hone your will, strengthen your training, and improve your skills.”

Ganser gave a seemingly panacea answer.

“Can we revoke the system update about the will-deficiency first, and then consider upgrading the green light system after we get through this tough time of being targeted by magical transcenders?” Sinestro suggested.

“We’ll consider it.” The little blue man didn’t answer immediately.

“The greatest green light dignified died like this.” Sinesto covered his face and wanted to cry again, “The green light Legion’s billion-year reputation will be destroyed in one day, and both Abinsu and Legion will become Earth guy, a joke from the universe.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, those little hooligans have been dealt with, at least their memory has been erased.

Abinsu was indeed caught by ten Eight magical Grandmasters besieged, suspected of plotting against two Spiritual Gods, sacrificed heroically, and died great.” Xiaolan said humanely.

“You kill a witness to silence them?” Sinisto was stunned, “Is it too late, can you hide it?”

“It wasn’t us, it was Fate Academician who did it. “

“Why did he help us?”

Ganser sighed softly: “Because of Demoness Halle ‘choose honor over life’, in recent months, Earth’s national mood has been high, The Green Lantern Legion has been almost transformed by the official and civil collectives.

In order to eliminate the misunderstanding of the Legion by the Earth people, Abinsu began to shift the focus of his work to Earth, and as a ‘Green Lantern’, he did super work in Earth. Hero, and Superman, Wonder Woman, Destiny Academician and they became close friends.

And because of this.”

“It’s definitely not all because of friendship.” The little blue man Apas indifferently said: “The greatest hero died in Earth, and Fate Academician is both worried about Legion’s revenge, but also afraid of losing Legion’s protection in the next ‘Apocalypse Crisis’.

In order to take care of the overall situation, he immediately killed the soul , modify the memory, and preserve Legion’s reputation.”

“Apocalypse is going to invade Earth, are you sure?” Sinesto was shocked.

“Since half a month ago, there have been demons roaming Earth, not knowing what they are looking for.

But for sure, Demonness is right, Apocalypse Star is really interested in Earth,” Gunther said.

“We.” Sinestro’s expression changed back and forth several times, “What should Legion do?”

His voice was light, with an inexplicable meaning, and his eyes wandered. There are complex emotions flickering and dodging.

No one else knows, but as Corps Head, Sinestro knows that Legion has a no-makes rule: ignoring all of Apocalypse’s actions in the physical universe.

But when Legion took Demoness Harry away, he swore to the Earth people: If Darkseid invaded, Legion would do everything in his power to help the Earth guys keep their homes.

(end of this chapter)

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