I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 508


Chapter 508 Bateman, why?

O’A Star’s Green Light Legion has existed for hundreds of millions of years.

Apocalypse’s Darkseid Legion is not the first day to invade the physical universe, either.

The Green Lantern Legion, known as the ‘Green Light of Cosmic Justice’, and the Apocalypse, who washes the planet with blood and does all evil, have never met for thousands of years?

Of course not.

In the early days of the Green Lantern Legion, there was a major conflict between the two sides.

At that time, the little blue man, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, sent a lantern named ‘Corell’ to Apocalypse, announcing that the Star Domain was protected by the Green Lantern Legion, asking Darkseid immediately stepped down from the throne, ending his brutal rule on Apocalypse.

Uncle Da didn’t kill the Green Lantern Corell, but only defeated him with absolute strength, and then deliberately gave him the opportunity to escape and let him go back to report to the Green Lantern Legion.

It was also at that time that the Green Lantern Legion was afraid of the power of Uncle Da, and expanded the Legion with only a few dozen people to 3,600 people, which is the Legion system that has continued to this day.

The 3,600-member Green Lantern Legion, shortly after its establishment, dispatched the entire army for the first time to conquer Apocalypse with the solemn attitude of going to Earth to deal with Harley that day.

The Legion then dies, leaving only Corps Head Corell struggling on whilst at death’s door.

The first expedition, the first group to destroy.

Guardian immediately froze and went to Apocalypse to negotiate with Darkseid in person.

It was also during that negotiation that the Guardian promised that from now on, he would not interfere with Uncle Da’s rule on Apocalypse.

There is no express rule that the Guardian allows Apocalypse to invade the physical universe.

But the Guardian actually acquiesced in Apocalypse’s ‘right to atrocity’.

In the countless years that followed, all the invasions of Apocalypse, even if the Green Lantern Legion found it, it would turn a blind eye and would not stop it.

During the negotiation process, there was also a small episode where Uncle Da asked for the green light to Legion to keep Corell in Apocalypse.

Guardian sold his Corps Head without hesitation.

Back to Ou Axing, they also revised the “Book of Ou A” to delete all this past. people who exist.

For this reason, Sinisto only knew the unwritten rules of Legion not to interfere casually with the Apocalypse operation, but did not know the reason.

“Why can’t we interfere with Apocalypse’s invasion?” he couldn’t help asking.

“Sinisto, what’s the second rule of ‘the ten laws of green light’?” said the little blue man indifferently.

“Unconditionally obey the orders of the Guardian of the Universe.” Sinestro sighed and asked, “Then tell me, the Earth people’s crisis, should the Green Lantern Legion intervene?

At that time, we made a promise to all Earth people in front of the live broadcast camera. If we blatantly violated our oath, unless Apocalypse directly blew Earth up and completely wiped out the sufferers, Earth people would definitely speak ill of Legion everywhere afterwards.”

“The Green Lantern Legion certainly won’t break its promise. When the time comes, there will be a Lantern to rescue Earth.” The little blue man said indifferently.

β€”β€”You’re right, the planets invaded by Apocalypse have always been barren, leaving no room for survival. Even the life star drains its energy and becomes a withered rock, a bitter master with a fart.

“Who’s going?” Sinestro asked.

“Earth is in sector 2814, naturally let the Lantern who manages sector 2814 go.”

“Abinsu? He’s dead.”

“Before he died, he chose a successor, an Earth man.” Little Lan said humanely.

“That Jordan Hal?” Sinestro frowned: “He’s just a freshman recruit and has never had an Earth man Green Lantern before.

I’m suspicious of people What kind of inferior they are, are they qualified and capable to become a glorious Green Lantern.”

Little Blue Man indifferently said: “He willpower qualified, can use the Green Lantern Ring to fly across interstellar, and deal with the Apocalypse crisis. , enough.”

β€”Enough to be cannon fodder?

Sinestro’s face twisted.

Seeing his expression, Gunther guessed his thoughts and explained: “Jordan Hall is not the first Earth Lantern, as early as more than a thousand years ago, a Guardian traveled to Earth, A green light ring is given to Li Zhong, a native of the middle school of Tang Dynasty.

That is a great lantern who is as strong as you.

Well, with you, and Ah Like Binsu, he is also one of the ‘greatest green lights of all time’.

Since Jordan Hall was chosen for the ring of the greatest Lantern of all time, Abinsu may have the same powerful innate talent as his predecessors. , have the opportunity to become the greatest Lantern?”

“I didn’t find any information about Li Zhong in the Book of Oa.” Sinisto said.

“Li Zhong’s ring is a gift from the Guardian, not in the Legion system.”

“I’m going to see that Jordan Hall.” Before leaving, Sinesto once again Solemnly suggested: “Your Excellency Guardians, the green light system upgrade is for the pursuit of strength and perfection. I have no objection in principle.

But the current cosmic situation is extremely unfavorable for Legion, and the suppression of Demoness Harley is too much. tall trees attract the wind, we have too many magic transcenders to deal with, this is really not the best time to upgrade the system.”

“We will seriously consider it.” Gunther seriously said.

They really didn’t perfunctory Senesto this time.

When the Corps Head left, the little blue man discussed the possibility of closing the ‘targeted seal’.

“It can’t be closed. If we let Demoness regain consciousness, we will be at great risk. Who knows what she can do next?”

“But Legion is indeed in crisis right now.”

“At worst, Legion can suspend the mission of the universe, train in Oua for two or three years, or even several decades. As long as they get used to the new flaws, they can easily regain the lost honor and turf. “

“Actually, we can also accept the current loss rate.” Anas pondered: “It’s not that the Green Lantern Legion has not suffered setbacks, and the group has been destroyed countless times.

” p>

But are we at a loss?


Even if the most tragic annihilation, it will only take a year or two of recuperation, and the green light Legion will be full again. The blood is resurrected.

In fact, even though we are seriously damaged now, Legion is still in a full state.”

The little blue people fell into contemplation.

Anas is telling the truth.

In Ou Axing, or the Green Lantern Legion, the least valuable is actually Green Lantern himself.

Don’t look at the entire universe, there are only 3600 lanterns trifling, each lantern manages hundreds of thousands, millions of civilization planets, it seems as noble as the Milky Way Great Emperor. Well, the power of the Green Lantern, Really not lost to the Galaxy Great Emperor.

But Green Lantern doesn’t watch bloodline, it’s not because of inheritance and race Lantern’s ring is very good, very high-tech, the threshold for becoming a Lantern is very low.

As long as it is intelligent life, willpower can meet the standard.

A lantern manages hundreds of thousands, millions, or even more star civilizations, which means that if he sacrifices, he only needs to find one among these hundreds of thousands and millions of civilizations. successor .

One in a trillion.

This is too simple.

So, in the last month, hundreds of Green Lanterns have died in battle, but immediately after that, the ring will pick the Reserve Green Lantern.

Well, the lamp ring can actively choose the next host after the host dies. It is very intelligent and very ‘dedicated’.

Even if the ring is stolen, making a new ring is no harder for Guardian than making a burger.

It’s an industrialized assembly line.

For example, yesterday the greatest lantern Abinsu died in Earth, and today Jordan Hall wears his ring to report to Ou Axing.

The source of the Green Lantern Legion is the entire universe!

The ability to blast troops is not strong, and the total limit of 3600 is there.

But in terms of battery life, Green Lantern is absolutely the first in the universe, and they can withstand high battle losses until the universe is destroyed.

Because Green Lantern is cheap and easy to get, in the end the Guardians decided not to close the targeted seal on Harley.

They only reminded the Lantern to be careful to guard against the mage and activate the safety protocol of the ring – after the ring is stolen and robbed, immediately turn off the energy interface so that it cannot be used by others.

In addition, they also set up a ‘Perfect Lantern Training Course’ in Oua to help Lanterns overcome their shortcomings and improve their battle skills.

A mid-October night.

Gotham New Town, a low-rent housing community.

On the rooftop of a 32-story residential building, Bateman squatted on the edge of the hood ball, almost fuse with the darkness.

The noise on the street seems to come from another world, so hazy and illusory.

Suddenly, Bateman’s head was slightly deflected at an angle, and there seemed to be a touch of heat and rage in the sound of the wind blowing through his ears.

“chi chi. Chi. Chi, chi chi!” The sound of heavy objects running and jumping quickly, from far to near.

“si si hiss” He even heard its heavy breathing.

“hu huβ€”β€”” It didn’t notice anyone here, and jumped directly over his head.

Betterman pupil shrink, that’s it!

Two meters tall and muscular, with grayish-brown rock skin, eyes with flaming red light, and a mouth full of dense and sharp teeth, one mouth occupying half of the face.

It was wrapped in a tattered overcoat, often seen on homeless people, and a hood to hide its appearance.

But as it moved quickly, the underside of the flying suit was turned over, revealing a metal armor full of technology.

Betterman’s eyes were sharp, and he quickly identified the shoulder pads, armor, shin pads, gauntlets, and the energy weapon loaded on the armguards.

It wasn’t the first time he saw it.

Half a month ago, there were rumors of them appearing in Earth’s cities, and Superman even caught one himself.

However, they knew them earlier.

More than four months ago, at the ‘First Hero Conference’ which the Earth people will never forget, ‘Heroic Harley’ issued a warning to the superheroes, Apocalypse stared at Earth, and put Dak All the information on Seid’s Legion and others will be made public.

Including the ordinary soldiers of the Apocalypse Legion, the demons!

“Whoosh-” The demon leaped over Bateman’s head, and before landing, the bat gun shot a steel nail.

“puff!” The nails pierced through the devil’s thighs, and the nails bounced off the cross barbs.

The demonoid didn’t feel any pain, and fell to the ground and slanted, turning around and pounced on the human who attacked him, but Bateman moved faster and faster, using the pulling force of the bat gun’s steel rope,” Sou”, his left shoulder like a hammer, slammed into the demon’s arms.

“Pa!” The monster’s body was knocked flying and fell heavily to the ground, Bateman put his hands on its neck, “Say, what are you jumping around in the cities of Earth for? ?”

The “si si sizzle” monster’s mouth opened, and a red light quickly lit up in his throat, “bang!”

The bright red energy wave centered on the monster, towards the monster. All directions explode, the formidable power of the shock wave is not weaker than that of the grenade.

Batterman didn’t notice for a while, and was thrown several somersaults, smashing the typhoon on the rooftop.

“Battman, do you need Robin’s assistance?” A boy’s voice sounded from the bat’s hood.

“No, Iβ€””

Batterman was about to refuse when a harsh green light flashed overhead, followed by truck whistle and rumbling Mercedes.

He looked up in surprise, and saw a full-scale fire truck made of green energy, galloping through the air, eventually over his head, and fiercely collided with the demonoid that was pounced on him.

“Bang!!” The fire truck landed on the roof, the entire building shook a few times, and the residents screamed from downstairs.

Betterman squinted and looked towards the direction where the energy car was flying, a man wrapped in green light was suspended in the air.

“No thanks, it’s just no effort at all for me.” The man in the green light uniform both hands crossed near chest, hehe said with a smile.

“You are not Abinsu.” Bateman frowned: “Turn off the green light, so bright, it will arouse the idea of street cultivation.”

The green light on Green Lantern Converging, the big green truck also turned into a few chains, binding the monster lying on the ground and struggling.

“Abinsu passed away, I am the new Sector 2814 Guardian.” Green Lantern approached Bateman, looked him up and down, and said strangely: “You are bleeding.”

Betterman didn’t understand his surprise, but still explained: “I was hit by an energy wave and suffered a little injury.”

“You don’t have a super physique, super strength?” Green light.


“You can’t fly?”


“You don’t have superpowers?”

“What are you trying to say?” Bateman frowned.

“Are you really an ordinary person in a bat costume?” The green light approached, tilted his head to look at him, and said contemptuously, “I thought you had at least one superpower, otherwise, where would you get the confidence? Form the Justice League and leave a message for me to come to Gotham to meet you.”

Batterman walked past him quietly, then stopped, turning around and holding up the green light in his hand. the ring, and asked innocently: “What does this thing do?”

“This is.” Green Lantern was stunned for a moment, and then he sensed the familiar ability fluctuations from the ring, surprised and angry “This is my ring!”

(end of this chapter)

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