I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 510


Chapter 510 The Demoness version of Bateman

Seeing the demon take two steps back, the right hand is spread out, the expression is pious, the voice hoarsely said: “For Darkseid!”

“weng!” The white light flashed in its palm, a cube the size of a lunch box, the surface technology inscriptions revealing gold and red rays of light, gradually from virtual became real.

The demon stuffed the cube into the hole in the wall and filled it with the broken bricks dug up before before popping out the wings on its back and continuing to fly deep into the sewer.

Wait for it to go far, Bateman and Hal came to the hole in the wall and pulled out the cube with no difficulty.

“It turned out to be the mother box! I always thought the mother box was very high-end, didn’t expect trifling monsters, so I just took out one.” Bateman’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, “It’s so vicious. Tactics!”

Howl was also horrified: “The mother box is not only a personal terminal for collecting and processing information, but also a transmission channel.

If every city has a sewer hidden in one Mother box.

Hundreds of thousands of mother boxes are opened at the same time, hundreds of millions of troops enter Earth, and Earth will fall in an instant.”

He is still too ‘optimistic’ .

A city has more than one mother box.

At least the huge Gotham is far more than one.

In just one night, they followed the monster and picked up five mother boxes.

When picking up the fifth mother box, the demon finally noticed the abnormality.

Not track exposure.

Probably the mother box periodically transmits the news. After being moved, the position changes and the positioning is abnormal, so that the other party finds out that it is wrong.


After a one-sided battle, the demon-like detonated the active energy in its body when it was about to die, filling the sewers with dazzling fire.

In the center of the explosion, the green shield is as stable as Mount Tai.

In the green light shade, Bateman and Hal stood side by side, both looking complicated.

“The explosion equivalent is equivalent to two kg TNT, but it’s just a miscellaneous soldier.”

Intelligent, fire-breathing, rich in combat experience, fierce and unafraid of death, better than The overwhelming majority hero’s uniforms are all more high-tech mechanical Battle Armor, which can self-destruct when dying, formidable power equivalent to a cannonball.

Batman purse one’s lip, turning to Hal, serially said: “Justice League was founded because if the hero fights alone, no matter how strong the individual strength is, there will always be a crisis that cannot be dealt with.

For example, the crisis of Apocalypse is close at hand.


The core theory of the Justice League is to work with a common purpose to deal with the threats faced by Earth, and to jointly defend truth, justice and freedom.

Earth Green Lantern of the seaside city, you are willing to join the justice Alliance?”

“I passed the test? It seems that I haven’t passed any kind of test, or is it that my strengths are like a star in the night sky and can be seen at a glance?” Hal smiled hehe.

Betterman sighed softly: “To Earth today, even cannon fodder is very precious.”

Hall said angrily: “I’m not cannon fodder.”


“Well, no matter what the Green Lantern Legion thinks of you, the Justice League and all the people of Earth, will not use you as cannon fodder, you will be a superhero carrying hope and honor.” Bateman stared at his eyes, said sincerely.

Hal was moved, and a wave of blood rushed to his brain, “Battman, I am willing to join you and protect our common home.”

“Welcome, Green Lantern! ‘ Bateman stretched out his right hand.

“It’s an honor to be with you, to be comrades-in-arms with you.” Hal shook his hand excitedly.

Betterman withdrew his hand, and there was another ring in his palm.

He took out a small metal box from the bat belt with a natural expression, and stuffed the ring into it.

Hal lowered his head and looked at the empty fingers, his expression stiff, “Youβ€””

“Shh!” Bateman tore off the bat hood, revealing his true face (ps).

“Omg, Bruce Wayne!” Hal cried.

“Are you relieved now?” Bruce smiled kindly. “There’s something I want to say to you, but I don’t want ‘Green Lantern’ to hear.”

“You suspect Can the ring listen to my conversations? It’s impossible, it’s mine, and it’s connected to my mind.” Hal excitedly said.

“The ring is yours, but it was made by the Guardian of the Universe. I heard that most recently, the green light ring is still upgrading the system? Did you participate in the coding, or, do you know the source code of the system?”

Howl was speechless.

“Whether the ring can monitor your status depends only on the little blue race that calls itself the ‘Cosmic Guardian’, whether they are willing to do it.

Not whether the ring can do it , can you detect it?

What people on Earth can do, with Ou Axing’s technology, must be more with no difficulty, and you can’t detect it.

Me too Not sure if it’s spying on you, but I don’t want to trust those Guardians now.

All Earth people, have reason to doubt them.”

“What do you want to say?” Hal asked softly.

“Earth will suffer heavy losses even if we defeat the enemy with our strength alone. If we don’t want Earth to be devastated and lose of life, we only have three ways.” Bateman said.

“Wow, there are three ways!” Hal exclaimed in shock.

“First, before the invasion, make corresponding tactics for each commander of Apocalypse. After the invasion, the first Time Lock Darkseid, or the position of other commanders, gather the power of the Justice League, Kill it in the shortest time.”

“Well, this plan is reliable, kill the boss, and the trash fish cannon fodder will automatically disperse.” Hal nodded and said.

“Secondly, looking for foreign aid, Heavenly God demons, cosmic heroes, Green Lantern Legion, all can be the object of help.”

“This is more difficult.”

Batterman’s voice said solemnly: “If you’re smart enough, you might be able to convince Legion to green light with your mouth.”

“I’m just a new recruit.” Hal embarrassed.

After a long silence, Bateman asked: “Green Lantern Legion Host. The Book of Oua, which records all the knowledge and information of the universe, should have a detailed analysis of ‘Demoness’, have you read it? ?”

“Which Demoness?”

“Demoness Harry, you don’t know?”

“Oh, Admiral Five Rings. I was earlier I’ve always regarded her as a great hero, and ‘Demoness’ doesn’t seem to be commensurate with her.”

“It seems that you haven’t checked her information yet” Bateman looked down at the metal box containing the ring, He sighed lightly: “If you put her in your position and pull the entire green light Legion into the water, it will also with no difficulty.

According to her character, 80% will still use the guise of ‘green light Legion representative’, Swagger around the whole universe and recruit a large number of free cosmic heroes.”

“Impossible, right? I don’t even know a few of the Green Lantern Legion colleagues, and I have never heard of cosmic heroes. Yes.” Hal doubted.

Betterman said: “You will read the file of ‘Demoness Harley’ in its entirety later, and if you don’t understand anything, you can ask me.

Then, try Simulate her thinking pattern in your mind to solve the current dilemma.”

“You know her, tell me, what will she do?” Hal said curiously.

Batterman turned on the ‘Harry’ mode, and the clear and sincere eyes became obviously cunning.

“The green light ring should be able to communicate with other lanterns, right? If it is Demoness As Halle becomes Green Lantern, she will upload pictures and videos of Earth’s warm and peaceful.

And even add warm and warm tones to the video.

Then, she will get apocalypse The tragic video of the planet after the invasion.

Of course, demons are active in Earth, and there must be news that people were alarmed and horrified.

No way, she will organize a Thousands of children’s teams, from all countries and nationalities, sang an anti-war song with pitiful expressions and childish voices, and finally sent out the most touching pleas and calls for help to the Green Lantern Legion.”

Howl was stunned.

Bettman said at the end, he couldn’t help but look disappointed, muttered: “If it was Demoness Harley, she must have understood this truth – Guardian is not the same as Green Light Legion, Guardian represents a race, the priority of race. The goal is to survive.

Legion members come from all civilizations in the universe. They are selected according to the standards of justice, bravery, and fearless sacrifice. They also teach and train with the concept of protecting justice.

They are not afraid Die.

So, Guardian untrustworthy, individual Green Lanterns, are heroes.

The Guardian won’t help us, we can wrap the Green Lantern Legion with justice.”

Hal was shocked at first, but after thinking about it for a moment, he said in surprise: “It seems that I can try it. The colleagues I met at the Legion station are full of enthusiasm and high belief.

And, The conditions for the use of the green light ring are firm will and bravery.”

Bateman continued: β€œThe green light ring is connected to the Book of Oua, which is known as the encyclopedia of the universe.

Using it to find information about the major forces of justice in the universe is easier than searching for videos of heroes, ghosts and animals in the puppy hero forum.

You can pull the banner of the Green Lantern Legion to punish In the name of promoting evil and upholding justice, a pan-universe anti-Apocalypse atrocity alliance will be formed.

If they hesitate to resign, they will spread the news of “Apocalypse slaughtering innocent planets and cosmic heroes sitting on the sidelines”, Create public opinion through the information network covering the entire universe through the green light Legion.

Let the heroes of the universe restless, discredited, and forced to end.”

Betterman thought of Harley The means to deal with Earth heroes.

Hall stared at his face and said in horror: “didn’t expect you to be so cunning, I thought bats only represented darkness and fear.”

“I said, I’m simulating the mind of Demoness Harley.” Bateman said solemnly: “She said this remark through my mouth.”

Hal’s expression twisted, “didn’t expect anything but cunning, You are still hypocritical.”

Betterman no longer defended, indifferently said: “The third way to solve the crisis is Demonness Halle.

You are the Green Lantern, you can get close Central energy battery, find a chance to send her a letter – don’t mess around, meet Earth soon, Darkseid is coming.”

“I don’t understand, she is being suppressed and locked up. In the most terrifying prison in the universe. Life imprisonment, almost equivalent to a martyr.

Two months ago, I took a few nephews to Evergreen Park in the seaside city to participate in the ‘Hero Harley’ monument The inauguration ceremony.

Do you understand what the monument means? The official has recognized her as a martyr.

Let’s not say whether she can receive the information, even if she does, she will go out If you are anxious, what else can you do?” Hal said.

“If you do as I say, even if there is no effect, there will be no loss.” Bateman said.

After another warning, he opened the metal box and let the green light ring fly back to Hal.

“What kind of box is this, why can it block my sense of the ring?” Hal asked in surprise.

“A bauble I just made.” Bateman put on the bat hood first, looked at the map on his watch, and started walking back.

“Your box seems to be specifically for the green light ring,” Hal said sharply. “You must have researched the ring, or even held it, otherwise it’s impossible to invent the box.”

100 Terman was silent.

Hal grabbed his cloak and said solemnly, “Do you really take me as a teammate?”

Betterman sighed and opened a small bag in the all-purpose bat belt , another metal box, another green ring locked inside.

“This is the Green Lantern Ring, you killed a Green Lantern?” Hal pupil shrink, said astringently.

(end of this chapter)

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