I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 512


Chapter 512 Earth Defense

Earth 2014, late October, the day of the Apocalypse invasion.

O’A Star.

Dozens of green meteors pierced the sky and landed on Guardian’s Cliff.

The green light dissipated, and more than 20 green lights such as Sinesto and Kirovog appeared.

“Your Excellency Guardian, Hal Jordan has sent a message that the Apocalypse Invasion has officially begun, and the first batch of demonoids have appeared in downtown Gotham.” Legion commander said solemnly.

“What are you doing here?” the little blue man Apas said indifferently.

“Isn’t it the duty of Legion to green-light Legion to protect the peace of the universe? We also make a promise in front of countless Earth people – Legion will support when Apocalypse invades Earth.” Kirovog loudly said.

“Are you questioning the Guardian’s decision?” Arpas said sharply.

“I haven’t forgotten the law of the Green Light Legion and will not disobey the Guardian’s orders.” The pig-headed Kilowog hesitated for a moment, and his expression became firm again, “But Hal Jordan is asking us for help, With the green light Legion can’t refuse.”

“Legion is also in trouble now, don’t you know how many people we lost in the past few months?

In order to protect you , Legion even suspended the responsibility of guarding the universe for billions of years.

Our ban on going out is for the benefit of Legion as a whole.” Ganser said solemnly.

“Earth has billions of people calling for the green light Legion.” Kirovog used a ring to project a video in mid-air – thousands of white, black, yellow, brown Earth Children, gather together and shout in pitiful voices: “The day is bright, and the night is vast. Demons and monsters, there is nowhere to hide. The heretics are chaotic, fear me, divide light.

The green light is always on, forever and ever. rays of light!

Green light Legion, we need you, Earth needs you, justice needs you.”

The pig headed green light said loudly: “Green light Legion to Earth to fight Darkseid , it is indeed not conducive to Legion’s overall interests, but the so-called interests are the greatest than life and death.

But my companions and I, as early as when we put on the ring, have put our lives behind upholding justice and protecting the weak. .

Even if we die in Earth today, we will be happy.”

The Guardian looked at each other and sighed: “None of you have overcome the green light defect, so It’s very likely that we’ll be gone forever.”

“Legion can’t let down those who trust us,” Kirovog said firmly.

The Guardians fell silent again.

Finally, Arpas nodded and said: “In principle, members of the green light are not allowed to leave Oua until the deficiencies of the green light are resolved.

We still stand by this decision now.

But the Guardian also allows the Lantern to volunteer to Earth to help the victims in his own name.”

Kilovog saluted the Guardian and seriously said: “We will definitely pay tribute to the Earth people. , and the cosmic people who are paying attention to this matter prove that the Green Lantern Legion has not broken its oath and has not given up its responsibilities.”

“whiz whiz whiz!” One by one, more than twenty Green Lantern Legions rose into the sky, It turned into a green meteor and disappeared into the sky.

“You’re not going?” Gunther asked, looking at Sinestro.

Sinisto twitched his lips, “I’m not afraid of death, but I’m eager to succeed, I’m not interested in things that are bound to fail, and I won’t do useless work.”

“Then you What are you doing here?”

“As the Corps Head, I’m here to see off Kirovog and the others. Also, I want to ask, it’s been over a month since our last conversation. Have you found a way?

I can’t tolerate failure, let alone hiding in Oua weakly, doing nothing, being laughed at by the universe.” Sinisto excitedly said.

Ganther gently gave a green light, “Almost found the direction. If you go to Earth now, you may be able to see a lot of overcoming flaws.”

Senies froze, “You mean, Kirovog and the others? But they can’t even do anything about the yellow defect of the lowest, and they have to take off the ring to eat.”

“I want to go to Earth to see.” Gunther said to his side Little Blue is humane.

“Just watch, don’t meddle in the battle.” Appas said.

Ganther nodded agreed.

Immediately more than half of the little blue people expressed their willingness to go with him.

The Apocalypse Invasion has been mentioned, worried and guarded against by Earth people since the Heroes Conference in June, but when a sonic boom channel suddenly opened on Earth, Earth people were still blinded.

There are too many enemies.

“mother Fake, has the end of mankind come?”

Looking at the yellow red clouds flying from the direction of Haikou – mouths and weapons spewing red flames, yellow’s High-tech Battle Armor and Wings – Rifle-armed Superintendent Gordon is cold and desperate.

It is noon now, sun shone brightly, blue sky and white clouds, high autumn air.

But the sky is darkening, the clouds are blocking the sun, and the monsters crowded together one by one, one by one, form the clouds hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Don’t say thousands.

There are definitely more than a million monsters who want to cover Gotham’s sky.

The Gotham Police, State Guard, and Gotham People’s Volunteers who have been trained in recent months and bring their own weapons, add up to less than half a million. This

“Superintendent, a monster is found in the direction of Seventh Avenue.” The GCPD next to him cried out heartily.

Gordon turned his head to look at Seventh Avenue, his body trembled uncontrollably. In the steel jungle metropolis, a yellow red smoke column stood abnormally and suddenly, which was larger than the cross-sectional area of the Empire State Building. Thick and taller than the Empire State Building, the so-called smoke is all demon-like, and the demon-like army rushed out from the ground.

β€”β€”Battman and the others failed to find all the mother boxes. There are mother boxes in the sea, and there are also mother boxes hidden in the underground tunnel or in a certain building on the ground.

“Oumai, the old city, there are!” Another GCPD screamed in horror.

Gordon’s heart skipped a beat, he was numb.

One after another demon-like ‘smoke pillar’, like the fingers of Death God, stretched out from the sky, to suck away the entire life force of Gotham.

“On the City of Silver, King Michael, listen to my prayers and grant Divine Forceβ€”holy light surges!”

Suddenly, a thunderous majesty shouted in brother The sky above Tan Cathedral exploded, and in the next instant, a golden sun ignited the cloud layer composed of demons, and the fiery holy rays of light, like waves, spread out from around the central silhouette.

The fiends showed no resistance, and the corpses fell like a downpour and crash-bang.

“Ah, it’s Father Carlisle.” Gordon was shocked, Gotham hasn’t fallen yet, Gotham has heroes!

“Kill!” The black warrior held the energy blade giant axe and stirred up a tornado storm. In just one wave, it took away tens of thousands of demons.

“Sting, sting–” Hundreds of drones the size of pot lids flew out of Quinn Manor, shooting invisible beams of energy into the sky.

“Boom–” The sky seemed to be torn apart, sending out continuous sonic booms, a faint blue line, dividing the Gotham sky into two, tearing a trench in the demon-like cloud layer. .

The blue light faded, revealing a silver airship.

“It’s Archimedes, it’s the watchman! Senator Quinn passed away, but her legacy has been passed down through the ages!” Chief Harvey shouted excitedly. The militiamen with guns to the sky, pa pa pa, are also screaming.

“Shit, it’s so fierce, I hit it directly.” Gordon’s cheeks flushed with excitement, “It’s really cool!”

In the past, Archimedes certainly wouldn’t Dare to be so reckless, but now its shell is N metal alloy, which is stronger than most Divine Items.

“ε‘²ε‘²β€”β€”” A beam of scarlet rays came from outside the sky, like a red-hot blade, cutting back and forth on the demon-like cloud covering the sky. After a while, the people on the ground once again. See the sun in the sky.

“Long live Tear Man!” The people cheered excitedly.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” The green propeller, which is bigger than Times Square, stirred a bloody wind in the sky, and the corpse of the devil rustled down.

Here comes the Green Lantern.

“Boom–stab–” The lightning arc jumped in the swarm of demons, Wonder Woman’s left shield and right hand great sword, like a killing machine, facing the unparalleled army of demons.

“whiz whiz whiz β€”β€”” On the ground street, there is also a golden red lightning, almost filling all the blocks with red afterimages.

The demons close to the ground, before they had time to attack, were pierced by lightning, their limbs shattered, and the people who were killed suddenly disappeared, and suddenly ‘teleported’ to a safe area.

“Ah, the Flash is here too.”

Batterman in black armor landed next to Gordon with a “boom”, “Don’t stay in a daze, all The police are all going to evacuate the people.”

This time Fat Harvey didn’t insist on asking Congressman Quinn for instructions.

Can’t ask for instructions.

Now Bateman is Gotham’s boss.

“We can win, we have the Justice League and countless brave fearless heroes!” Gordon was suddenly full of passion, full of hope for the next Earth defense.

β€œOf course.” Bateman complied bitterly.

Gordon doesn’t know, but he has been paying attention to the global situation. Just now, at least 50 cities in the world suffered the same raid as Gotham.

“Battman, the Flash and I are going to Neon, their Self-Defense Forces collapsed on the first encounter, the demons have already rushed into Tokyo and started to plunder the population on a large scale.” Superman’s voice , the earbuds rang.

“Plundering the population?” Bateman heart shivered with cold, remembering the “internal information” that Harley sent to each hero at the hero meeting – for demons, killing is a waste, can They don’t kill if they don’t kill, they bring organic life into the transformation chamber and transform it into a whole new kind of monster.

That is to say, if Earth people obediently surrender, without resistance, a person will not die, but Apocalypse will increase the army of demons by billions.

In the universe, there are countless superhuman teams similar to the Justice League, and their technological level is dozens of streets behind Earth, but they still can’t withstand the invasion of a dark elite trifling.

Because of the extremely exaggerated ‘reproduction’ method of the demonoid.

It is more domineering than the Kryptonian life system and the ring of the Green Lantern Legion.

“Steel, connect to international channels and tell leaders of various countries to immediately send a distress letter to Zhenglian once a densely populated city falls.

In Darkside or Before any other Apocalypse Commander is locked, Superman and The Flash will rush to support within a second.” Bateman said solemnly to the microphone at his chin.


But in the past few breaths, Cyborg hummed: “Battman, Mr. President is looking for you. Well, he is looking for Zhenglian Chief -In-Charge, it’s probably you?”

“Pick in.” Bateman has the demeanor of the Big Three, without shirking the blame or making a false statement.

“Battman, are you still American? The U.S. first is a national policy, you don’t understand? The domestic demons haven’t been cleaned up yet. Want to treason?!” Ma Gang Lord flustered and exasperated.

Batterman said solemnly: “Mr. President, Apocalypse’s tactics are not a wave of lateral pushes and grabbing the city, but people-oriented, to eliminate all Earth people as a way to achieve the ultimate victory.


What tactics the enemy uses, as a defender, of course, use targeted strategies.

That is, put people first, not limited to cities and countries.

Make sure that the number of Earth people that are kidnapped is far away from whispering the slain monsters.”

After discussing with the staff around him for a while, Ma Gang Lord could not find any errors or omissions in Bateman’s words.

“It’s been like this all the time, I’m afraid we can’t hold on first!” Mr. President sighed: “Also, I don’t know what the Apocalypse people are thinking. Earth is so big, why is it specifically targeting the United States?

There are now 64 invasion points in the world, and 42 of them are in the United States.”

Betterman glanced at the world map on the screen of his watch.

Invaded cities, flashing red dots.

“Every city that’s invaded has a transcender.” He mused while shooting the approaching demons with his bat dart: “I guess Apocalypse gives priority to those with heroes. The city starts.

Probably want the heroes to be unable to unite?

In addition to the demons, there is also the commander of the Apocalypse army. If the heroes are scattered, they will not be able to pose a threat to the commander. .”

“Batman, discover the dark elite, the ‘best expected’ warlord wasteland wolf!” Cyborg excitedly said.

“Notify the Flash and Superman that the Justice League is assembled.” Bateman said happily.

“It turns out that the commander of the Apocalypse army is the wasteland wolf who was killed by Harley in one move. God bless Milliken, Earth is saved!”

Lord Ma Gang and his staff looked at each other At a glance, they all showed a relaxed smile, completely relieved.

(end of this chapter)

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