I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 514


Chapter 514 Siege of Darkseid

Gotham Neighborhood.

The pig-headed lantern holds a giant hammer that embodies green light energy in each hand, and wears a light bulb-like green light shield, just like Li Yuanba’s reincarnation, charging to the left and dash to the right in the demon hunters, invincible. .

Intensive energy beams fell on him, like autumn rain falling on the lake surface, except for a little ripple, it was completely unable to break the defense.

“Why is this? He has completely overcome the defect of will.” Above Gotham, the hidden figure of Sinestro was difficult to understand, and it was difficult to accept that he was overtaken by the recruit trainer who had always looked down on him.

Well, he’s Corps Head, and the pig-headed Kilowog is just a recruit Instructor, and their status in Legion is very different.

“Our guess is right.” A group of little blue people beside Corps Head also looked slightly shocked, obviously shocked.

However, compared with Sinesto’s unacceptable, they showed more joy in the surprise.

“What guess? How to overcome the defect of will?” Sinesto asked quickly.

“Just like Kirovog and the others, they sublime their spirits with a belief that is so firm that they disregard life and death.” Ganser said indifferently.

“Armed yourself with the belief of green light Legion to protect the good and punish the evil, and overcome the defect of will.” Sinesto was stunned, “Faith can strengthen the will, it seems to make sense.

But why didn’t you say it earlier, and even prevent us from sticking to the belief in the green light?”

Ganser was silent.

In their hearts, the Guardian actually hopes that the Green Lantern Legion will support Earth.

Because the cost of Green Lantern is too low, too cheap.

And other things, such as the Green Lantern honor, the Guardian’s own philosophy, the way to overcome the deficiencies of will, are far more valuable than the life of the Green Lantern.

But the Guardian did not dare to violate the peace agreement with Darkseid.

Green Light Legion No matter how much sacrifice, the little blue man is still heartbroken.

But it would be very sad if Ou Axing exploded and Apocalypse killed the Guardian family.

“You’ve been watching here, why don’t you go down and help?” At this moment, seven or eight alien power users who looked no different from Earth people came over.

“Team Omega, how did you guys come to Earth?” Sinestro asked in surprise.

Team Omega is a very famous ‘freedom fighter’ team in the galaxy.

Also known as the interstellar Super League of Legends.

“You don’t know?” Taihu, who looks like a Vajra wolf, wondered: “Green Lantern Hal Jordan, in the name of Green Lantern Legion, invited us to help the Earth people.”

“Damn, that rookieβ€”” Sinesto was about to scold, but immediately thought of the identity of Taihu and the others as galactic heroes, and the responsibility of the Green Lantern Legion.

β€œdidn’t expect you guys to come,” he said dryly.

“We didn’t know much about Earth, nor were we interested, but recently.” Taihu said strangely: “Demoness Harley is famous in the universe, and Apocalypse is notorious in the universe.”

“In addition to us, Tamaran Black Fire Star Fire Two Princess, Comet Captain, Krue Law Enforcement Team, Dominican Star River Guard I have seen many alien teams, without exception, all have good reputations .”

“A good reputation is not necessarily a good person.” Sinisto said indifferently.

Taihu shrugged, “Faced with the Apocalypse invasion that could destroy the civilization of the parent star, Earth Lanterns can understand trying to find anyone or anything in a crisis.”

β€œ The name of the hero of the Omega team, at least not just in name only, but also in reality, why isn’t it out now?” Sinesto asked.

“What about you?” Taihu asked rhetorically.

Sinestro raised his chin in the direction of Kirovog, “Legion warriors are fighting for justice.”

“The wasteland wolf is dead.” Ganther said suddenly.

“What? He’s a war lord.” The crowd exclaimed in disbelief.

The ring in the little blue man’s hand projects a huge screen in front of him, as clear as a drone broadcast live 20 meters above his head.

“It doesn’t seem to be Avatar.” Taihu said abruptly.

“It hasn’t been more than five minutes from the start of the invasion to the death of the commander. Are the Earth people so strong?” Brut, who was black, said in disbelief.

Taihu muttered: “Superman is the last Kryptonian.”


A zig-zag scarlet ray appeared out of Thin air, across the sky and blasting in the big super head.

“Omega rays!” The little blue man’s lost self-control exclaimed, “It can actually cross dimensions and die.”

“Ahhhβ€”β€”” Superman was wrapped and wrapped by scarlet omega radiation, and the Iron Body was almost dissolved. Through the red light energy on the outside, he could even see the white skeleton bones inside.

Superman let out a shrill howl that he had never seen before, and his body was rubbed a hundred meters away by the impact of the ray.

Zhenglian’s other heroes were caught off guard, and when he reacted, Superman had tattered battle clothes, and was paralyzed in the earth and stone potholes, emitting blue smoke.

Well, it’s like a roasted turkey.

“Superman, are you all right?” The Flash was the fastest and rushed over to support him.

“Uh” Superman shook his head and said in a daze: “What is that? Who is attacking me? It hurts me.”

“Fake, why didn’t you? Die.” The many aliens who were monitoring the situation over there from a distance looked dazed, as if in a dream, “This is neither scientific nor magical!”

“Run, Darkseid is here. It’s over.”

Ganser suddenly complexion greatly changed, wrapped in green light energy, and flew towards outer space quickly.


Over the metropolis, a dark red sonic boom channel opened, and a giant man in iron armor with a height of more than 2.5 meters walked out.

The skin resembles a taupe cracked rock.

Fire eyes.

Grim face without a hint of emotion, wearing blue high-tech Battle Armor.

“Long live Darkseid!”

“For Darkseid!”

At this moment, all the demons on Earth stopped and were The action performed, looking in the direction of the metropolis, frantically calling a name.

“Darkseid is coming to Earth?!”

Hearing the screams of the monsters around him, the Justice League facial expression grave.

“Where is he?” asked Superman.

“In Metropolis!” Cyborg shook uncontrollably.

Not excited, not scared.

The mother box molecule in his body began to boil because of Darkseid’s appearance.

Another way of saying that the molecule of the fusion mother box is actually polluted by the higher energy of Apocalypse, and the body has mutated.

Superman pushed the Flash away and staggered to his feet, with a determined expression, “Open the sonic boom channel, let’s go to the Metropolis.”

“Omβ€”” The space rippling like water, A passage connects Bernocelli with the Metropolitano.

Superman was the first to enter, Wonder Woman and Aquaman followed closely from behind, Bateman looked back at the transformation tower, “Flash, you and Green Lantern first take the citizens of the tower– “

“Ouch!” Hal Jordan, who was floating in the air before he finished speaking, was about to drill into the sonic boom channel. The ground flickered, and he struggled and fell to the ground.

“Are you alright? I’ll come alone.” The Flash greeted and turned into lightning and began to save people.

“What’s the matter?” Bateman’s eyes flickered, and he walked quickly to Hal, “Is the ring short of energy?”

“Not short, it seems to be Oua’s side.” Hal stared at the ring, brows frowned.

“Is there something wrong with the central energy battery?” Bateman asked excitedly, lowering his voice.

“How do you know?” Hal was startled.

The expression on Bateman’s face quickly disappeared, he helped Hal up, and said indifferently: “Can you still fight?”

Hal clenched his fist, and the green light energy covered his body again , “No problem, just ‘short-circuited’ just now, the energy in the ring didn’t disappear.”

Entering the sonic boom channel, and on the avenue one street away from Darkseid, Bateman once again Pulling on Tearman who was ready to charge, “You seem to be able to resist omega rays. If you feel that it is still within the range, help Wonder Woman and the others to block.”

“I understand.” Superman Nodding, with a look of hesitation, “Battman, you stay here and provide remote support.”

“I know.” Bateman turned to the woman and the others, “Also Remember the ‘Darkseid Hunting Tactic’ I prepared for you earlier?

The Flash harassed, Superman pinned down, and Green Lantern was responsible for disrupting his attack rhythm.

In short , others attract Darkseid’s attention and omega rays, creating conditions for the woman and Aquaman, they are the ultimate move.”

After the hero meeting, Bateman decided to The information provided by Harley prepared a battle plan for each Dark Elite and Darkseid.

He also had several discussions with his teammates before today.

If you want to object, or modify the plan, it has already been done.

Therefore, at this time, the heroes did not raise any objections.

When Zhenglian arrived at the National Mall, it happened to see three lanterns who came to support them, reduced to ashes in the scarlet omega beam.

Dakseid stood on a plate-shaped aircraft, with his hands on his back, his expression indifferent, and he flew slowly. The only action was to deflect his head and “see to death” anyone or anything that came close to him.

“Boom – stab!” Another F22 fighter jet exploded in a ‘zigzag’ ray. Gunslinger and Mrs. Rose led the superheroes who belonged to the White House die without a whole corpse.

“Darkseid, stop!” When Darkseid turned to Atomic Captain, two red lights dragged a long afterimage and came to him.

“Thorn–stab–” Even though Superman and Flash charged at sublight speed, Darkseid still clearly captured their movements, shooting two omega rays from his eyes.

Superman and The Flash ran away from Darkseid side by side, moving around the street at extreme speed, with scarlet rays chasing after him.

“shua –” While Darkseid fired omega rays at Superman and The Flash, Wonder Woman threw away the mantra lasso from behind and strangled him.

He wants to turn his head.

“Hey bastard, take my fist!” A huge green fist slammed into his cheek.

Darkseid’s “Watch Death” Wonder Woman move fails.

“sou!” The Flash is back.

He vibrated through the ultra-high frequency, and his body was blurred, like a shadow, and he went directly through the street to murder the demon.

Omega rays cannot be blurred, and when they hit the demon, they melt it to ashes.

The energy of the omega rays is reduced by one point.

Using the same method to pass through two hundred demonoids, the ray chasing behind The Flash finally disappeared.

He circled around and came back with a sledgehammer.

At the moment Darkseid was caught by a noose and his head was smashed by the giant green light fist, he came to him and struck him with a hammer on his knee.

“Bang!” The knee didn’t break, but Darkseid was unsteady and staggered.

“Go to hell!” At the moment when his body was unbalanced, Aquaman jumped out from the side, and Trident inserted lightning into his flaming left eye.

“ao wu β€”β€”” Darkseid howled miserably.

The howling didn’t stop, Wonder Woman sprang from behind, flipped over his head, and the fire Divine Sword stabbed into his right eye.

(end of this chapter)

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