I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 515


Chapter 515 Harley Returns

Darkseid’s most threatening attack is undoubtedly the omega shot from both eyes Rays.

The core of Bateman’s tactics is to seize the momentary opportunity to destroy his eyes.

Why not use the chance to beheaded?

First of all, Darkseid’s physique is stronger than Superman, Superman stood there and let Diana beheaded, she at least It won’t be as easy to cut in two as it was with wasteland wolves.

Secondly, when beheading, omega rays can also stop and fight back.

Relying on Superman and The Flash to clear the ‘skill slot’ of Omega rays, Wonder Woman finds the opportunity to control the field, Green Lantern hides in the blind spot of Darkseid’s perspective, ensuring that he can’t face it head-on Woman and Aquaman.

The returning Superman and The Flash imprisoned his body again, or restrained his actions. Putting him in a ‘floating’ state, the water planet and Wonder Woman are like an assassin of one strike certain kill, even The trick is to destroy both of his eyes.

Except for the fact that Superman didn’t come back, which was an accident, Bateman’s plans were almost all completed as expected.

Darkseid’s eyes were pierced by Divine Item!

“Ouah is on top, the Justice League is going crazy. It used to be a wasteland wolf, and now even Darkseid is going to get rid of it?!” Taihu exclaimed.

“Unbelievable, Earth people are so strong, I thought Earth was trash except for Demonness.”

“I can’t imagine that Darkseid is like that too. When I was embarrassed.”

The aliens watching in the distance were shocked, and the hero of the alliance was also ecstatic when Diana’s Divine Sword pierced his eyes.

“Hahaha, Darkseid, you are finished.” Green Lantern laughed loudly, and the ring in his hand manifested an endless chain, tying Darkseid into a big dumpling.

Woman and Aquaman turned their heads, grabbed their weapons, and tried to go deep into Darkseid’s eye sockets.

“Where’s Superman?” The Flash was fast and thought fast, another hammer rammed into Darkseid’s leg, and his mind was aware of Superman’s abnormality.

“You are courting death.” Just when he and the onlookers thought that Darkseid was declining, he burst out with fiery red and fiery energy like lava, and Green Lantern’s energy chains were not comparable to The pieces of paper were stronger and shattered inch by inch. The heroine, Aquaman, and Flash were like dandruff in front of a three-speed single fan, and their bodies were blown away uncontrollably.

But they couldn’t fly far away, because Darkseid also clenched his fists in front of his chest and thumped the ground hard.


Under the square where they were, a Godzilla suddenly jumped out.

The ground with a radius of 100 meters, like five slices of scallion oil pancakes stacked on top of each other, was smashed by one foot, and the debris flew around. Several heroes were buried under the broken earth and stone bricks.

β€œchi chi!”

Only then did Darkseid calmly pull out the Trident and Divine Sword from his eye sockets.

Trident has melted the tip of the spear, and the tip of the fire Divine Sword has also been twisted and deformed. In addition to the flames in Darkseid’s eyes, a small flame of burning almost floated to the top of his head, with almost no damage.

“Hasn’t his eyes been abolished?” The aliens, the Demon God of different dimensions, and the hidden mage were all horrified, “Trident and Fire Divine Sword are both Divines forged by Divine Gold. Item!”

The eyes are not the weakness of omega rays at all, the rays are the omega effect, they have always been in Darkseid’s body, they are just fired through the eyes.

“Tzzzzzzz” Darkseid’s next move made their most feared guess come true. His eyes were like high-pressure water guns, shooting out more than the previous ones at the place where the Zhenglian hero was buried. Thicker, scarlet and more intense light.

He’s going to kill them all.

The first target was Diana, who was playing a bundle game with him.

“Boom bang bang bang bang!” The bricks and stones were evaporated, and the earth was like a red sun rising, only the scarlet energy that escaped like mist, scorched the small half of the square. .

“whiz whiz whiz β€”β€”” At the time of this crisis, Superman didn’t come, but a few bat darts, from the dark to the daytime, only the shadow, not the darkness that completely blocked the vision.

But Bateman was hiding in the shadow not far away, and Darkseid didn’t find it.

“bang bang bang!” The bat dart slammed on the head of Darkseid’s rock, and burst out yellow-green fear poison qi, silver lightning arc jumping ultra-high voltage, metal promethium fragments, and a lump of Gray hu hu’s viscous glue, corrosive liquid purchased from black magician, and various “special effects” attacks made Darkseid sneezed several times, and the omega rays in his eyes stopped. .

“Bang!” Bateman, the black matte metal Battle Armor, dared to take advantage of the danger and rushed over from Darkseid’s side (dead corner of the angle of view), and Iron Fist, the big casserole, thumped him on the chin.

The Iron Fist’s surface flashed arcs, and Bateman’s elbows sprayed blue-white tail flames to accelerate his fists.

So Darkseid jumped with blue arcs on his body, and his body also involuntarily lifted off the ground, not completely off the ground, but only staggered back two steps.

Betterman’s expression was solemn, and out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the nearby earth and stone ruins. Steel bones, a reserve team member, were moving bricks to save people.

Wonder Woman, already covered in blood, staggered to her feet.

The green light is protected by an energy shield and struggles to climb out.

The Flash and Aquaman are gone.

Superman isn’t here yet.

–he’s gotta give his teammates some time!

The thought turned in an instant, gritted his teeth, and Bateman rushed up again.

“That’s Bateman, right? He’s just an ordinary person without superpowers, and he dares to challenge Darkseid, too.” Taihu wanted to say stupid, but Bateman didn’t. After a second move, it was changed to, “It’s crazy.”

“He has already smothered Darkseid and punched him fiercely, more than countless people. “The hero on the side looked complicated.

“He is a warrior, even if he is killed immediately.” Tamaran II Princess Starfire said with admiration.

“Guardian and Sinisto disappeared?” Taihu looked around and asked, “Did they decide to help Zhenglian deal with Darkseid, and are they gone now?”

His companion said uncertainly: “Senisto seems to say that something happened to Oua, so go back first.”

“The class spokesperson is on top!” A Klu star warrior suddenly opened his eyes. Big eyes, lost self-control screamed.

“Oumai!” Mage Earth, who was hiding beside him, shouted.

“Demoness’s head!” Demons and black mages were also shocked.

“My God, am I dazzled, or is there an illusion below?”

“This is impossible!”

So those who pay attention to the Darkseid battlefield , were shocked beyond recognition.

Just now, Bateman was like a nimble monkey again, punching Darkseid a few fists from the side, the Dark Emperor was finally furious, and the scarlet fiery energy erupted again, sending him flying several meters.

Batterman seemed to be well-prepared, and the backflip landed smoothly.

But the next moment, the “thorn la la” omega rays rushed over.

Betterman just “stupefied” there, until the omega ray walked in front of him with a “zigzag”, just jumped over his head, landed on the ground behind, and shattered. The earth shoots out a bottomless pit the size of a human head.

“Can omega rays be missed? Still so close?!”

Not to mention the onlookers from all over the universe, even Darkseid himself was stunned. .

“God bless, Asal teacher bless, the improved occult pattern works! As long as 100% occult breath, disappear from Darkseid’s mental lock, good at ‘zigzag’ tracking target The omega rays will bypass me instead!”

Betterman’s heart was ecstatic, but his expression remained unchanged, and his movements did not stop at all. He threw a few bat darts at random and continued to pursue Darkseid’s Dead-end running.

“Batman?” Darkseid tilted his head to look at him, but didn’t see it.

“I’m a little bit interested in you now.”

He sneered at the corners of his mouth, stomping his feet, “bang!”

The sky was falling. , the real thoughts of everyone around Darkside.

The ground was cracked, and the large gravel of the door panel splashed all directions.

The wind was raging, like a hole in the sky.

Centered on Darkseid, a space of 100 meters in a radius seems to fall into a meat grinder, being madly stirred by a powerful force.

Betterman couldn’t control his figure any longer. He fell tens of meters away and was half-buried by gravel.

Darkseid stood there, not speaking or moving.

When the rage caused by his stomping subsided, his eyes lit up and he shot Bateman again with omega rays.


Everyone’s expressions were shocked and distorted. The scarlet ray seemed to be alive and shot directly at Bateman, but after approaching Jump out of a “zigzag” shape, go around him again, and shoot a big hole in the ground.

“How did you do it?” Darkseid asked in surprise.

Betterman glanced all around, struggled to stand up, and stepped back slowly.

He knew that he couldn’t kill Darkseid, and the task of delaying time to save his teammates had been completed, and it was time to retire.

“sou!” Darkseid moved no slower than Superman. Almost instantly, he came to him with furious anger, and pinched Bateman’s head with his big palm.

“Uh–” The alloy helmet was twisted and deformed under the tremendous force, and Bateman’s face was also twisted in pain.

Darkside coldly said: “You really think you are very flexible, I can’t catch up?”

“Let him go!” Seid only tilted his head, “Stab–“

The scarlet ray threw the sword into the air and continued to shoot at the heroine.

The heroine looked firm, without fear or retreat, crossed her hands, and placed a guarding silver bracelet on her chest to resist the rays.

“bang bang bang!” The ray pushed her back, and the fluid-like scarlet energy centered on the silver bracelet sputtered in all directions, making the heroine’s face flush red.

But she really got in the way.

“shit, what the hell is going on today???”

The aliens began to moan and groan in shock again, “why not blockable, absolutely lethal omega rays, Broken one after another? Hard-connected by Superman, carried by The Flash to run out of energy, and taken by Bateman. Who can tell me why the ray is avoiding him? And Wonder Woman, her bracelet—”

“Stop shouting, on the surface it is a bracelet, but in essence it is the Aegis of Zeus, can’t Divine King Zeus still block the omega rays?” A Spiritual God in the heavens could not see them make a fuss about nothing, indifferently said.

“Where’s Bateman?”

“Batterman” the Spiritual God frowned, “Omega rays are definitely fine, he doesn’t seem too surprised, it’s not a coincidence. I guess he has mastered a technique to avoid ray lock.”

“Impossible, omega rays can’t dodge.”

“Maybe it involves a Universe Rule loophole.” Spiritual God murmured, and looked solemnly towards the battlefield below, “The connection is over, so Earth will see if the Stranger Gabriel intervenes directly.”

Darkseid is still single Holding Bateman’s head in his hand, he stepped on Wonder Woman on the ground with one foot. The steel body was broken in two, and Aquaman was like a broken blood bag, staining the ground below him red.

The Flash is running on a bloody Green Lantern when an omega ray bites the green light.

Darkseid brought Bateman to him like an ordinary person brought a dead fish to him.

“Perhaps, you can be a good servant, just like the Kryptonians.” He smiled wickedly.

Betterman’s face was full of pain as his head was pinched so hard that he couldn’t say a word.

“Stab la la!” Darkseid thought about it and did it, his palms sprayed dazzling red energy, like liquid, covering Bateman’s body.

Similar to Demonoid Transformation, it uses Apocalypse’s fallen energy to distort life essence.

It’s just that the energy this time comes from Darkseid himself, and the transformation will be higher level.

“Ahhh!” Dark red lines appeared on Bateman’s skin, his expression was distorted to the extreme, and his wailing was unbearable.

“Let goβ€”” The Stranger and Destiny Academician just flickered to the side of Dakseid, and halfway through speaking, another voice suddenly resounded across the world, “Apocalypse bastards, you are courting death!”

The dazzling golden light flew from the sky, more dazzling than the sun.

The golden light is like a boundless curtain, spreading out in the sky, covering the entire Earth in all directions, and finally turning into a giant palm with clear lines.

It was like a giant hand reaching out from the deep space of the universe to hold Earth.

“It’s Harley, she’s finally back on time!” Gotham, the bloody Ivy looked up to the sky in surprise.

“I chose to play at this time.” Selena wanted to complain, but her face was more joyful.

“Ah, the ball guard hero is back, Gotham is at peace, and Earth is saved!” Harry, who was cleaning up the monsters in Gotham, started cheering excitedly, with high fighting spirit.

“I knew she would come back.” Cobert hid in the basement and laughed.

“Oops, I didn’t go to Quinn Manor to report for work in recent months.” Gotham politicians were inwardly grumbled and full of anticipation.

“This seems to be the voice of Demoness Halle?”

“Oops, it’s Demoness Halle, Demoness Halle is back, everyone run!!!!”


The Earth people are cheering, the demons, Darkseid, Stranger and the others are still in a daze, and the aliens in the melon-eating crowd are also in shock, but the demon God and magic transcender of different dimensions are complexion greatly changed , turned on Spatial Teleportation madly, wanted to run away.

(ps: For the continuity of the plot, the plot of Halle breaking away from the central energy battery will be put behind in the form of memory.

How strong is Halle now?

Well, seeing the yellow energy, you can probably guess that she has “fused” the parallax monster, there is a parallax monster in her body, and the total amount of fear power is almost unlimited, that is, infinite energy (in fact, the power of the emotional spectrum is not only limited, but also There is a huge price, Harley does not know at this time), but her energy output power has a limit.

The strength of the Lantern is compared to the energy output power, the efficiency of energy conversion into attack, and the attack power. Ingenious.

If the Green Lanterns are divided into levels, they are probably recruits (Level 1 ), full-fledged Lanterns who have completed training (Level 2 ), veterans who have experienced war (Level 3 ), and Lanterns with military rank ( Level 4), Legion Commander (Level 5), Lantern (Level 6) who won the title of ‘The Greatest Lantern in History’ (Level 6), Top Guardian (Level 7) like Gunther, Peak Human Howl (Level 7) 8), Parallax Magic Hall (Level 9 +?).

With Harley’s control of fear, it is probably more than the level 5 Legion command, slightly lower than the level 6 “The Greatest Lantern”.



(end of this chapter)

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