I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 519


Chapter 519 is over, Harley’s true face is exposed

“Noβ€”” Mirna distorted her face and shouted in despair .

“Don’t be noisy!” The eyes under the cloak lit up with dazzling red light, and the huge sperm dive might pour out. The Amazon woman twitched a few times, the corners of her mouth were drooling, and she slumped on the sofa.

“mother!” Greer was surprised and angry, the red light in his eyes turned into a real red flame, “Stab!”

The scarlet rays were like sharp swords, stabbing the sofa Mysterious cloaked man behind.


Silently, without any waves, the scarlet rays that fell on the face of the mysterious person, like entering a black hole, did not cause any harm to him.

“Yes, you are very good.” In the indifferent voice of the tall cloaked man, there was more appreciation and emotion, “Among the children, only you are the most like me, and only you have inherited my Omi Gal power.”

“Who are you?” Greer’s voice trembled.

“I am your father!” The tall man lifted his cloak, revealing a rock-like hard face, gray-brown cracked skin, like the texture of granite, and eyes with red flames.

It was Darkseid.

Another Darkseid.

“Your mother used Earth’s ‘Myrna Black’ as a cover to deceive my dark elites, but she didn’t know that the dark elites were also my cover. My daughter, you are worthy of me personally Take a trip.”

“You made such a big battle just for me? If so, why did you humiliate, abandon, or even want to kill my mother?” Greer said angrily.

“It’s not all for you,” Darkseid’s mouth twitched into a smile, his right hand was flat, and strands of red glow like nematodes jumped in his palm.

A group of rays of light mixed with all kinds of depraved intentions, as if alive, followed Greer’s line of sight and madly drilled into her heart, contaminating her soul.

“Uh, noβ€”” She held her head and howled miserably, her cheek muscles twisted like ropes into a ferocious shape, and her skin was printed with purple black neural nets.

“Stab–” She struggled with all her might, and finally her eyes spurted out a fist-thick red flame.

“Very well, under the erosion of the anti-life equation, you did not yield, but further activated the power of Omega in the bloodline.” Darkseid was satisfied nodded.

“huhuhu” Greer slumped on the sofa, gasping for breath, the flames in her eyes became more intense, but she regained consciousness.

“What is this?”

The red line is extremely thin, with only three or four chopsticks long thin red lines, like the morning mist in the sun, as if the next moment is about to disappear .

“Anti-life equation, one of the ultimate forces in the multiverse” Darkseid stared at the red thread in his palm with a complicated expression, “I thought it only existed in the anti-matter universe, didn’t expect Earth to be there too. The weak formula is automatically generated in Calamity Tribulation. Well, it’s just the missing variable in the formula.

Perhaps, the anti-life formula itself is the power of robbery?

When it is complete, I can get the real answer, before that.”

He glanced at his daughter lightly, holding the right hand against the equation of life, wiping it in his eyes, “bang!”

The flames in his eyes were even stronger, like a roaring bonfire, the flames floating half a meter above his head.

The color of the flame is also more dazzling red, like a puddle of living blood plasma.

“What do you want to do?” Greer’s back shivered, and spiritual sense gave her a frantic warning.

“Child, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” After a pause, Darkseid said inexplicably: “We are the new gods, and the new gods have a rule – not to kill relatives.

You won’t be hurt, I’m looking for you because I need you to do something for me in the future.”


The omega rays with the power of anti-life equation, lasing without warning, poured straight into Grayskin Greer’s eyes.

She howled miserably in the pain of scraping bones, but Darkseid’s breath gradually weakened.

He is injecting the essence of his body into his daughter!

For a long time, the omega rays stopped, and Darkseid’s eye sockets were like dry lava pools, with only a little dim fire left.

He took a step back, his body staggered, “Greel, let’s go according to fate.”

“Demoness Harry.” He raised his head and looked towards outer space Eyes, his silhouette suddenly disappeared.

A few minutes passed, Earth outer orbit, Admiral Five Rings and Superman teamed up to force Darkseid back.

“Fearless compatriots from Earth, the war against the Apocalypse invasion is victorious!

We chased away the First Demon King Darkseid of the universe, and we win!

Long live the United States, long live Earth, long live all the heroes, soldiers, and citizens fighting on the front line!”

The Metropolitan National Mall, the general of the Fifth Ring is floating in the air, with his head held high, his left hand on his hip, right The hand stretches forward, and behind him is a golden cloak that emits endless brilliance, fluttering in the wind like a banner of victory.

“Long live the United States, long live Earth, and long live the five-ring general!” In the square, tens of thousands of military and civilian politicians cheered in unison.

“Long live the Justice League!” Louise shouted, holding an interview microphone.

The people around her were startled, and gradually shouted: “Long live the Justice League!”

“Long live the Justice League!” More and more people remembered the contribution of Zhenglian .

In the end, the slogans on the square converged into one sentence: “Long live the Admiral of the Five Rings, Long Live the Justice League, Long Live the Heroes.”

In the evening, at the White House press conference, Halle He smiled and said to the heroes of justice: “Yes, the Justice League became a hit.”

They were all on an equal footing with her.

The seven giants of Zhenglian are not very happy, Hal Jordan said directly: “The entire Zhenglian is tied with you, but it is not a glory.”

“No way, Although I am indifferent to fame and fortune, and disdain to strive for merit, my merits are too outstanding, like shining on the sun, everyone can see it, and I can’t hide it.” Harley sighed.

“If you came back sooner, Earth would have killed a lot less people.” Bateman’s voice was low, unable to distinguish his true emotions.

“You think I’m out on an outing and come back whenever I want?”

“I’ll see how you explain it to people around the world later.”

Sure enough, when the reporters entered the venue in an orderly manner under the leadership of the press officer, the first question was “How did you get back” from Lois Lane.

β€œThe green light central energy battery is a terrifying place, anyone caught in it will immediately lose consciousness.

Because the nature of the green light energy in the battery is willpower in the emotional spectrum

The battery is using the willpower of the entire universe to suppress the prisoners in it.”

Harry first explained the nature of the green light energy and the principle of the central energy battery sealing people , I heard the heroes present, as well as reporters and dignitaries in the White House, were shocked.

“How can you escape if the power cell is holding you with the will of the entire universe?” Louise asked.

“Because of the lantern beast! The little blue man has concealed the existence of the lantern beast from everyone, including the members of the Green Lantern Legion”

Explaining the concept of the lantern beast once again caused a burst of shock Huh, Halle brows slightly wrinkle, pointing to the reporters in the front row who look indistinguishable from Earth people, but shout ‘Oumaika’ in ‘bird language’, “Aren’t you from Earth?”

“Hello, Demoness, my name is Tiga, I’m from ‘Throne World’, a reporter from the “Universe Herald”, the Throne World is an interstellar civilization in sector 2813.” The male reporter with a split head stood up and respectfully bowed.

“Demoness Pavilion”

Harry interrupted him by waving her hand, “Don’t call me ‘Demoness’, Demoness is a contempt for me by the enemy, in fact, I am a saint who believes in light and justice. Sister.”

“Okay, Your Honor, Saint Sister.” The Little Old Man with the gold-rimmed glasses said dryly: “I am Saruman, from Zansh in sector 1313, for “Star River Monthly” newspaper.”

“Holy Sister, I am from 3100 Musk Stars.”

The seven Earth-like aliens are not only surprised. Li, the other reporters in the conference hall, looked sideways, be eager to have a try, and had the urge to take out a recording pen to interview.

“You are all here for Darkseid? The battle took place in a big crowd, what else is there to interview?” Harry said.

“The materials for the invasion war have already been collected, and I’m here to attend the press conference, mainly for you!” a reporter from the Cosmic Herald newspaper excitedly said: “I received news that you picked Ou Axing, There are countless green lights for slaughter.”

“Omg!” The Earth people at the scene covered their mouths and exclaimed, their faces full of shock.

“Now many extraordinary mages in the universe say that you are insidious and cunning, and you were deliberately arrested by the little blue man in order to enter the central energy battery and steal the green light energy.

Also said that you have already It’s not the first time to do such a thing.

What do you think about this remark, and how did you grab the green light energy?” The old man of “Star River Annual” said excitedly.

“Holy shit! Isn’t Senator a martyr? Didn’t he sacrifice his life generously for Earth?

Also, what does ‘everyone in the universe say’ mean, isn’t Senator’s reputation already Spread all over the universe and beyond? Why don’t I know?”

The Earth people at the scene, and the Earth people watching the live broadcast, were boiling again.

“Holy Sister, when you fought against Darkseid before, you deliberately pulled the crowd of cosmos watching the battle into the battlefield, causing hundreds of power users violent death. Is this possible?

” p>

The evaluation of the escaped superpowers on you is very bad, and most of them are from higher civilizations, who murdered hundreds of warriors from powerful civilizations at one time, aren’t you afraid?”

β€”β€” Hundreds of superpowers and hundreds of advanced civilizations

The Earth guys opened their mouths, and before they had time to be shocked, the reporter from Lannxing’s “Centaurus Weekly” disapproved and sneered: “You do it on the first day. Reporter? Demoness Harley kills more than gods and demons.”

Haley glanced at him, and countless fearful visions instantly rose in the guy’s mind, shivering a few times, unable to continue.

But the information revealed in his words has shocked the Earth people who were shocked and numb again.

“Why let these nonsense aliens come in?” Harry asked the horse Gang Lord next to him with a blank face.

Lord Ma scolded: “They apply for an interview with a press card, which is in line with the Universal Press Freedom Act and does not violate the U.S. Press Law. We can’t refuse it, right?”

At the end, he lowered his voice and said: “We have defeated the first evil force in the universe, and our achievements far surpassed the defeat of World War II.

In such a major event, if aliens come to interview, it can also let you. And we are all famous in the universe.”

“I still need their help to be famous?”

Lord Ma Gang said embarrassedly: “This is also an opportunity, through these alien reporters, Confuse the people of the universe who slander you and misunderstand you. Cough cough, I mean, clear up the misunderstanding through sincere dialogue.”

(end of this chapter)

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