I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 520


Chapter 520 The Harley show familiar to Earth people is back

Harley picked up the water glass, moistened her throat, and refreshed herself , said solemnly: “First of all, I have to say that the cosmic people are too arrogant and used to look at the heroes of lower civilizations with prejudice.

Yes, our Earth civilization is still very young, only two or three thousand years old. History, Earth’s civilization is not high, but this is not the reason why you look down on us!”

Several alien reporters couldn’t keep up with her thoughts at all, and looked at a loss: When do we look down on Earth civilization already? You even drove Darkseid away, who doesn’t look down on you now?

Although Earth people are a little confused, but seeing her serious face and hearing her righteous words, they feel a little unfathomable mystery in their hearts.

“The green light Legion taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, to judge me with a law that is not established, not advertised, and only exists in their own imagination, as you think you should.

I heard that Earth was invaded by Apocalypse, and my people and my hometown were ravaged and ravaged by monsters. Can I not be anxious?

I overturned the central energy battery, and only wanted to get back as soon as possible Earth, saving more Earth compatriots, how can it become a heinous crime?” Harry said angrily.

The Earth man stared at her, pursing his lips.

“The little blue man on Ouar promised me to protect Earth from the poison of Apocalypse, but what happened?

The Guardian of the Universe actually ordered that only sector 2814 be allowed. The Green Lantern supports Earth, and the others stay in Oua and can’t go anywhere.

Because Earth is a low-level civilization and can’t express its own voice to the universe, they dare to fool us?!

I want to personally rescue my home planet and protect my compatriots. I escaped from the energy cell. They were indifferent and attacked me without saying a word. Shouldn’t I be justified in defense?


Shouldn’t I kill those who stand in my way and return to Earth immediately?

I defended myself and fought back.

I said to the cosmic Guardian ‘Get out of the way, stop me’ Save Earth’s death’, I’m mad, I’m mad, because I want to come back soon, because Earth is groaning under the ravages of the Apocalypse army.

I am waiting for me in my hometown, my people Summon me!

If there is no prejudice, you will turn black and white and criticize me for murdering me indiscriminately and committing a heinous crime?” Halle loudly said.

β€œpa pa pa pa .”

So ‘reasonable’, all the Earth people in the audience were emotional and empathized, their eyes were slightly red, and they slapped hard.

“Congressman, you are a real hero and a symbol of Earth’s spirit!” The reporter of Puppy Headlines choked and shouted.

The sound is a little dry.

“The alien villain, the hero of Earth, the Admiral of the Fifth Ring is not wrong.” Several reporters followed.

“Membersman, Earth people will always support you.”

“Aliens are indeed biased! This time Harley Quinn made the most correct and greatest choice, then If the group of little blue people suffered heavy casualties in her hands, it would only make Earth people happy.”

Even Louise sighed then said, looking at Harry with more eyes that were rare before. Respect.

Wonder Woman covered her mouth with her hands, put her hand close to Superman’s ear, and whispered, “I admire her a little bit, obviously killing people and setting fires, just a few words will turn the tide and let the press conference become her. Her solo show.”

“Well, if the green light Legion really prevents her from going back to Earth, she can understand that she is more aggressive.” Da Chao said.

The heroine asked in doubt: “I thought you were firmly opposed to killing people, or did you say that aliens are not human?”

Dachao smiled wryly and shook his head, “Of course I don’t want people to die, but The reality is, the sooner she comes back, the less Earth will die.”

Harry lowered her hands to silence the venue before continuing to say to the alien reporters, “There is a universe. The power user said that I moved the battlefield and deliberately dragged them into the water.

The problem is, I did not bring Darkseid to the power user’s home planet, but moved the battlefield to the outer orbit of Earth , isn’t the outer orbit the territory of the Earth people?

According to the thoughts of the superpowers of the advanced civilization, we should fight on the ground, let the Spiritual God-like force smash the metropolis, and call the defense of the metropolis. The officers and soldiers, policemen, militiamen, and brave citizens of the city all died in the aftermath of the battle?

Are they very happy watching Earth people die in large numbers, and watching Earth’s most prosperous city turn into ruins? Do you feel superior as a higher civilization?

They are not happy when they see me moving the battlefield to avoid the loss of personnel and buildings?”

The alien reporter looked embarrassed, Earth Everyone was outraged.

“God-killing alien devils, with such a high level of technology and such strong superpowers, would not give any assistance at all. Instead, a group of people gathered together and watched the big show on the side.


I also think that the hero Harley moved the battlefield and affected them to watch the play.

Fake, what did they take Earth and us Earth people?”

In front of the TV, the Earth people watching the live broadcast had no scruples and shouted curses.

Saruman of Zanshi held up a metal block the size of a chocolate bar and asked, “Your Honor, Holy Sister, can I open a video about you killing the cosmic superpower?”

Harley nodded, “I’m Harley Quinn, I’m sitting upright, and I can tell people everything.”

That thing is probably similar to a mobile phone, it can be in the air projection Video from seven inches to 100 inches.

Saruman zoomed in with his fingers, directly up to 100 inches.

Then, the video of Harley “grinning” and pushing Darkseid to rush into the crowd, frantically “manslaughtering” the crowd.

“Hey, didn’t expect Congressman to be so bad, I like it so bad.”

Some reporters couldn’t help laughing excitedly at the scene.

The TV viewers who were not at the scene were even more laughed heartily, “I’m so relieved, I’m worthy of being an admiral of the Five Rings, an expert in dealing with aliens!”

There are also rational people , I sighed in my heart, “Oops, someone took a video, I can’t argue.

Although these lively alien devils are bastards, they are from higher civilizations, in case there is a diplomatic dispute”

Ma Gang Lord looked solemn and sweaty palms: Harry is definitely not afraid of diplomatic disputes, at worst, she can hide in Paradise Mountain.

But as President of the United States, he seems to be the number one target under Harley.

If there is a higher civilization and the same way of doing things in the United States, he will be caught on a foreign planet and put on trial publicly, just like the foolish Damu did in those days. Alas, the president of the United States is already one of the high-risk occupations in the world. It seems that these two years more dangerous.

After the video was finished, Zanshi Old Xing reporter said to Harry: “Obviously, you are not only shifting the battlefield, you are deliberately brought trouble to others.”

“I Ask you, have these people entered Earth territory?”

“According to the universal laws of the universe, as long as you can go out, the entire solar system belongs to you.”

Harry continued to ask: “Did they register at the immigration when they entered Earth territory?”

“Does Earth have this agency?”

Neither of these reporters was registered.

“Whether there is or not, at least ask the official agency first.” Halle concluded with her fingers crossed: “First of all, I am moving on my home planet; secondly, those people are unidentified and their positions are uncertain. The intruder.

The video is also perfectly clear and recorded. I told them to attack Darkseid to prove that I was not Darkseid’s undercover agent. They didn’t listen and attacked me, so I chased them

On the basis of these two points, tell me, which universal law of the universe did I violate?”

“No power user was killed in our Zanshi star.”


Saruman, a reporter for the “Star River Annual”, first stated a completely harmless position before saying cautiously: “Many higher civilizations do not teach the universe law to lower civilizations.

The Green Lantern Legion, which maintains the law of the universe, seems to be dealing with you again. How are you going to deal with it?”

Harry pointed to Hal Jordan on the side, “This is the Green Lantern in sector 2814, who dares to come to Earth to be wild. , he’ll let them know the majesty of the green light law.”

They looked at Hal, then at Harry, with odd expressions.

“This Lantern, what do you think of Miss Quinn’s killing in Ou Axing?” Lan Enxing’s reporter, harboring malicious intentions.

Hal picks his head, not knowing what to do.

Not long after he joined the Green Lantern Legion, the members of the Legion were not fully recognized, and he did not like those Lanterns who broke their promises and refused to help Earth.

But if he said it directly, how could he still hang out with Legion in the future?

Harry glanced at him and said, “He is a recruit of the Green Lantern Legion, how can he have any say? Naturally, he follows the arrangements of the Guardian Array and Corps Head.”

This He was supposed to help Hal out of the siege, but somehow it irritated him, he exclaimed excitedly: “That’s not necessarily, my will and actions are free, I will only do what I think is right.”

β€”β€”Well, freedom. Very American guy, but 80% of the time this guy won’t last long, and he will be fired from Legion’s green light and go home.

Harry muttered to himself.

β€œI do legal and compliant things on my own site. If some advanced civilization thinks that they are stronger than the Green Lantern Legion and overbearing than the Apocalypse, they can come to Earth and try the edge of the Justice League.

And myself, I am fearless and never compromise!

Earth civilization is young, but Earth people have hard backbones and Iron Fist heads, and they are not the bullying lambs in the universe.


Me and our heroes, our people, have the determination and ability to repel every intruder and swear to guard the legitimate rights and interests of every legitimate citizen of Earth.”

She is confident High-spirited, loud, simple words, but let all the Earth people present deeply infected.

“Earth people are not weak lambs to be bullied. We have five-ring generals, countless heroes, and brave fearless people.” The reporter of Puppy Toutiao burst into tears again, choked and shouted.

Harry brows slightly wrinkle, her voice dry and emotional, and she turned back to deduct his half a month bonus.

“Earth people have a hard backbone and Iron Fist heads, and are not afraid of any provocation.”

“The Fifth Ring Admiral has the right to open up a battlefield anywhere in Earth, and the aliens have no right to interfere. .”

The first one to take the lead, like a drop of water in a boiling oil, made the reporters and the police officers who maintained the order boil.

Well, they didn’t mind the dry voice of the puppy headline reporter at all.

Harry raised her brows. Although the guy’s voice was dry, he was able to seize opportunities. Every time he stirred up emotions at key points, the bonus at the end of the month increased tenfold.

The old reporter of Zanshixing sighed to Tiga, who was around the “Throne World”: “After this Earth defense battle against Apocalypse, the national enthusiasm and self-confidence of the Earth people have become stronger. Coming up, the future is limitless!”

Diga gently nods, “A powerful and numerous power user is the best means of low-level civilized cornering car.”

When the Earth was excited and the feelings faded away, the Musk star’s reporter raised his hand and asked, “Your Excellency Saint Sister, you just explained the lamp beast before, and you haven’t said how to escape from the green light central energy battery.”

“Oh, I was interrupted by you, I almost forgot.” Harry coughed lightly, and said solemnly: “Actually, it’s very simple, the lamp beast has wisdom, and can judge a person’s morality through the contact between thinking and breath.

Like the Green Lantern Ring to select Green Lanterns, there is a set of selection criteria that has been implemented for many years.

I think you will not doubt the noble quality of the selected Lantern?

The lamp beast is the ultimate version of the ring, its selection standard is higher, and the host must have fearless courage, sacrifice spirit, excellent innate talent, devout faith, noble sentiment, and pure character”


Having said too much in one breath, Harry had a dry mouth, picked up the water glass and took a sip, and finally said: “It picked me up and gave me a sigh of relief.” Love it and say I’m the hero it’s been waiting for three billion years.

Alas, it’s too much to say I’m stealing green light energy with crafty plots and machinations.

Who was earlier Do you know that there are lamp beasts in the battery?

Actually, I don’t really want to destroy the energy battery, but the lamp beasts are too enthusiastic for me to refuse!”

(end of this chapter)


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