I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 524


Chapter 524 Wu Alliance Leader Lin Bateman

Harry didn’t kill many people, only five or six little blue men, two Hundreds of green lights.

It may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the total.

There are three reasons: First, the fat-headed shark has been chattering in her stomach, persuading her to be a good person and not to hurt a good person.

Secondly, Harley couldn’t take them for a while, but Gunther and the others came back with a green light named Mogo.

Then Mogo should be called a bug. He is obviously a planet of life, bigger than Earth, but he also gave birth to consciousness and became Green Lantern.

Mogo’s body is too large, and he only uses an ordinary energy ray, but he plays the effect of the Death Star in “Planet War”, a powerful physical impact, pushing Harry in the void of the universe and rubbing more than 100,000 kilometers.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Green Lantern Defense Specialty was Level 9 and immune to non-physical higher energy attacks in the energy ray, it was doubtful whether she would survive.

In the end, the Earth people couldn’t hold on any longer, and an urgent message came from Richie – Dachao disappeared unexpectedly, and the Zhenglian Express Group was destroyed.

Apocalypse prepared for the invasion for several days, but it was terminated on the day of the invasion. After more than a week, Harley was stranded in Washington, participating in various issues related to reconstruction and preventing the next invasion. The meeting, as well as the burial ceremony of the dead citizens, military and police.

Oh, in this war, even seven or eighty heroes died. Harley received invitations and had to go back and forth for them to mourn, deliver condolences, and most importantly, issue ‘heroes’ to them. certificate’, thereby distinguishing them from the ordinary person who died in battle.

This ‘certificate’ is very troublesome.

Because more than half of the dead heroes are lower than C-Rank, there is no special section in the hero forum of Puppy Video.

Many heroes haven’t even debuted, or are just about to debut, or have debuted soon enough that even people in the neighborhood aren’t sure if they exist.

But without exception, most of them are superpowers, and they also wear heroic uniforms that hide their identities, reveal their personality and ideas, and are still slaughter all sides in the war against the Apocalypse invasion, and they are protecting Earth’s The Great War made great efforts.

If they don’t wear hero uniforms, local police officers directly treat them as ‘civilians with guns’, but once they wear uniforms, at least they want to be heroes.

“Heroes Harley” is responsible for fulfilling their last wishes.

Well, if she doesn’t, the Justice League will ‘buy people’.

Zhenglian also bought a cemetery, named “Valhalla” (Hall of Martyrs), dedicated to burying heroes who died in battle.

Zhenglian is busier than her during this time.

She only participated in the final war against Darkseid, and the battle was also made into a video by the aliens, which made all Earth people addicted to watch – the aliens were affected by Chiyu while eating melons when.

After that night’s White House press briefing, she barely gave any more interviews to the media.

The positive link is different.

First of all, the Justice League is a very eye-catching hero team. There are handsome men and beautiful women, Earth heroes and alien policemen, sea, land and air heroes, and heroes with their own personalities and various ‘styles’.

There’s so much to pay attention to, and even the team’s name is so exciting that people love their news.

Secondly, during Harley’s green light crackdown, it was the Justice League who presided over the defense plan against the Apocalypse invaders from start to finish.

More news from them at the ‘Apocalypse Invasion’ major event.

Finally, the Justice League was an instant hit, and many heroes aspired to be a part of it.

Harley returned to Gotham a week later, when Bateman was still hosting visiting heroes in the Justice League lobby at Metropolis.

“You don’t seem to be as popular with heroes this time as the last Kryptonian War.” Kitten watched the lively scene of heroes gathering in the Zhenglian Hall on TV, and then turned to look at Quinn, who was deserted and quiet. The manor, puzzled, said: “When the Krypton War ended, Jessica often brought heroes to Gotham to visit you.

Now you’ve been home for several days, and Gotham politicians have been visiting you in a series of times. Come here to give gifts and blessings, there is no hero.”

“Maybe I am too prestige and make them feel unattainable, so they are discouraged.” Harry said casually.

“No.” Ivy turned sideways, looked at Harley and said solemnly: “You are no longer a superhero in the eyes of a superhero.”

“I Not a hero, what is it?” Halle strangely said.

“They think you are a conspirator, a formidable person, not a hero.” Ivy shook her head and sighed: “At the hero meeting, your true face was revealed by Bateman, and then you were given the green light again. The Legion arrest is just the beginning, not the end, of your drop in fame.”

“Wait.” Harley interrupted her with a raised hand, frowned: “Have my reputation dropped? I’ve appeared in public a few times recently. On occasions, the people all cheered and applauded for me.”

β€œYou have puppy videos, puppy headlines today, and even Planet Daily sends you several tweets from time to time, and the public opinion is on your side.

The key point is that the U.S. officials represented by Mr. President have been speaking for you all the time, setting you up as a model of morality and a hero to fight against those who are so powerful that they are afraid The Justice League, which is not under their control.

You did indeed save Earth from the Kryptonians, and with impassioned words, you subtly turned the green light Legion’s personal trial into aliens. Earth’s oppression, your arrest turned into your sacrificing yourself for the people of Earth

In short, you have a high reputation among the common people.

But the heroes are even more.”

Ivy looked tangled, “During your days in Oa, the discussions between heroes about you never stopped.

When it comes to your questions, Bateman almost always answers. .

That guy knows you too well.

You kicked people into hell with black magic in Gotham, you cleaned up black and white, and finally mastered Gotham, you were in the wizarding world swindle . I never think you are doing anything wrong, but your killing people like scything flax and vicious tactics are very inconsistent with the hypocritical values of heroes.”

“Where are they talking about? It sounds like a Chat group.” Harry raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just a chat group. After you were taken away by Legion, the hero meeting didn’t end. Bateman asked Superman to take your seat. He threw away Mazza, sat in Superman’s seat, and continued the meeting. .

According to the process you set at the beginning, after the crisis is finished, the hero speaks and tells their own hero ideas.

Battman and Superman are very successful. This one gets the most applause.”

Ivy hooked her fingers while saying that, the morning glory vines in the corner were growing rapidly, she rolled up a tablet in the next room, and handed it to the sofa in the living room.

She opened the tablet and showed Harry the video.

Every time Superman speaks in public, he looks like he has a beautiful face, and his face is exuding holy light. His sincerity has won everyone’s recognition, and Harry is no exception.

didn’t expect Bateman

That guy started with why he put on a cape and became a hero, how his father influenced him, how Gotham made him Dissatisfied, saying how he loves the city and what he wants his hometown to be like

β€œHe must have prepared a speech in advance.” Halle affirmed.

“But he didn’t lie, he was very honest,” Selena said.

Harry glanced at her bulging belly, “Ivy also joined the hero group?”

“After the hero meeting, Bateman gave each hero a piece The bat watch is connected to an independent communication satellite and will not be monitored by anyone.

He also advises everyone to use the Paradise Mountain mobile phone as little as possible unless there is a global crisis, especially if you give it away for free The hero’s guard dog.

In the bat watch, there is a whole set of software for chatting and publishing simple information.”

“Those heroes are crazy, even Bateman’s Dare to ask for a watch?” Harry asked curiously.

“They are not crazy. When Bateman distributed the watch, it disclosed the source code of the program, the watch structure, satellite and processor information to the hero.

He admitted that he was not sure whether the watch would be hacked and monitored, so he asked everyone to help supervise. They communicate privately in a non-real-name way.

I have been following for a few months, and the content of the overwhelming majority is related to the hero’s daily tasks, such as the experience of patrolling the streets at night, fighting skills, technological weapons Research and development, information about an enemy.”

After a pause, Ivy frowned: “I suspect that Bateman wants to use the watch to establish his own prestige in addition to reducing your prestige among heroes.

Compared to him, other heroes are too amateur.

Almost every hero has asked him how to be a hero.

Harry, can you imagine that?

The illiterate Bateman who didn’t graduate from high school actually instructed the Atom, who had obtained more than a dozen Academician degrees, to teach him to modify some small problems of Atomic battle clothes. “

“Ivy, don’t be so mean, Bruce is not illiterate. At the end of June, he got two degrees of Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Mechanical Engineering.” Selena said.

Harry took another look at her belly and couldn’t help but ask: “When will you marry him?”

“Wait two years, the recent crisis has been incessant, Earth is a little bit… Chaos. When the situation stabilizes, the whole world at peace, and when Bateman is no longer busy like a top every day.”

“It seems that you will never be able to marry in this life.” Harry spit out. .

“The Apocalypse crisis is over, and if we survive the Pharaoh crisis, Gotham should be able to recover.” Selena was stunned, and said in a trance, “Now that I think about it, Gotham two years ago was simply It’s like a dream.

If the city can be restored to the state it was at that time, maybe Bateman will be able to take off the cloak and live the life of an ordinary person with me.”

Harley complained: “Isn’t that two years ago before Bateman debuted? Could it be that the goal of his hard work was to change Gotham back to what it was before he worked hard?”

“Dong Dong. “The heavy wooden door of the living room was slammed from the outside, and Harry only glanced sideways, but did not see anyone, but sensed a familiar aura.

Is a stranger.

She also learned from Ivy, hooking her fingers, yellow energy formed a small hand, and opened the door.

The Stranger had endured the hardships of a long journey, and looked very tired. After entering the door, he said directly: “Harry, I just came back from Ou Axing, and I have persuaded Ganther, if you agree with Guardian Green Lantern Legion is willing to sign a peace agreement with you.”

Harry raised her eyebrows, “I gave you a hint that I need to negotiate with Green Lantern?”

“Because you didn’t, Bateman was worried that you would fight a ‘planet war’ with the Green Lantern Legion, so he asked me to go to Oua.” The Stranger sighed.

β€œWhy is Bateman again? is it possible that a hero meeting, instead of calling a pony to become Wu Alliance Leader Lin?”

(end of this chapter)

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