I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 525


Chapter 525 The Little Blue Man’s Peace Agreement

“Harry, Bateman is also worried about you.” The Stranger said.

“Tell me, what do I need to worry about? If I hadn’t rushed back to save Earth that day, I would have flattened the group of sanctimonious little blue men.” Halle said with a sneer.

The Stranger took out a watch with a silver metal case, pressed it a few times, and said to the watch cover: “Battman, Harry doesn’t appreciate it, she thinks she can overturn the universe with strength of oneself. .”

Harry’s pretty face darkened.

“Harry, justice doesn’t die, and green lights don’t stop. According to the selection system and training methods of Green Lantern Legion, you can never kill all Green Lanterns.” Bateman’s serious square-faced, appeared on the small screen middle.

The external speaker is very good, the small watch can be heard by several people in the living room and can hear clearly.

“The more green lights you kill, the stronger the remaining green lights. One day, you won’t be able to hold it.”

“How did this theory come about?” Harley ask.

Betterman said: “The strength of the Green Lantern has nothing to do with the total amount of energy in the ring, but is mainly determined by the quality of the Lantern.

In other words, the Green Lantern The host of the lantern beast may not be able to defeat ordinary lanterns who are more determined.

The more lanterns you kill, because of the special nature of green light energy, the beliefs of the rest of the lanterns will only become stronger and fight. Also more brave and fearless.

If there is a Lantern to be afraid of, he will lose his qualification as a Lantern, and the ring will pick another brave person from the universe.”

“You’re right Green Lantern seems to understand, who told me? Or, Green Lantern Legion asked you to be a lobbyist, to make peace with me?” Harley frowned.

Betterman sighed: “It wasn’t the green light Legion contacted me, but the Justice League contacted them.

Harry, don’t blame us for being meddlesome, the purpose of Zhenglian’s existence is to Resolve the big Earth crisis.

Since the last demonoid was found and destroyed by The Flash, Earth’s next biggest crisis is your conflict with the Green Lantern Legion.

We want to help you, and we hope Earth will not be affected by the war.

You know that?

The Green Lantern Legion is ready to give up Ou Axing and fight you for a long time.

The Guardians quietly left Oua with the technology to build a central energy cell and scattered across the universe.

If necessary, they were always ready to restart and build another Green Lantern Legion. “

“Oh, is the little blue man so treacherous? But I’m not afraid, I’ve seen two of the ‘greatest Green Lanterns of all time’, and Abinsu is like that, dead unfathomable mystery.

Senistor fought me and nearly peed my pants under my divine majesty, hahaha.”

The divine majesty is bullshit.

But the Legion commander with four eyebrows was indeed frightened by Harley’s “aura of fear”.

Well, Harry got a lot of fear from him.

Only those who tremble in her fearful breath give her the power of fear.

“There is no greatest, only greater. All the Demon Kings who were defeated, before they were defeated, thought they were invincible and the enemy was weak and incompetent.” Bateman said.

“I agree with this, but the reality is that only a few Demon Kings have been defeated. Most Demon Kings consider themselves invincible and look down on their enemies. It turns out hehe, they are often right.” Shrugged, proudly said with a smile: “For example, the Demon King in hell has existed for 10 billion years, and I am the only one who successfully defeated the first fallen Demon King.”

“There is only one Harley in the world!” Ai Wei clapped and said with a smile.

Betterman squinted the two women with the corner of his eyes, and said, “The Green Light Legion doesn’t have anything you like anymore, right?

Harry, what you want , already obtained.

Since this is the case, it is pointless to waste time and energy on the green light Legion.

It is better to listen to the other party’s negotiation conditions. If it is successful, at least it can I’ll save you a lot of trouble.”

“Battman, you seem to be eating inside and out, talking to the Green Lantern Legion?” Ivy squinted.

Betterman was silent for a moment, then said: “When the Apocalypse invaded, twenty-four green lights came to Earth by the Guardian’s default. They lost more than 50%, but they died without regrets

The Justice League didn’t want them to die worthless at Harley’s hands, or Harley to be killed by them.

It’s the saddest thing that both sides kill each other.

The Justice League is also worried that without the Green Light Legion, the cosmic order will collapse.

Just like without Superman, the super criminals at Blackgate Prison will destroy Metropolis.

Losing With the green light Legion suppressed, the super criminals in the universe will be unscrupulous, and countless weak planets will therefore lose of life.”

“If you don’t use Superman as an example, you still have 80 points of persuasion, right now.” Harley shook her head, “Everyone, tell me, without Bateman, the super criminal in Arkham Asylum, can you destroy Gotham?”

“Gotham will return to peace.” Ivy smiled hehe.

Selena touched her stomach and persuaded: “Let’s first listen to the green light Legion’s terms of peace talks. If the green light Legion comes to besiege Earth every once in a while, our life will not be stable.”

Harry looked towards The Stranger, and Bateman turned to him.

The Stranger took off his watch and put it on the coffee table in front of the sofa, raised two fingers, and said, “Ganther put forward two conditions, first, hand over the lamp beast, and second, Harley will never be near the Origin Wall in the future.”

“he he he” Harley sneered.

Bateman frowned: “This condition is a bit harsh, if Harley refuses, what can they do?”

“If Harley refuses, just modify the content, only one condition , and will no longer be close to the Origin Wall in the future.” The Stranger said calmly.

Harry’s face froze with a sneer.

The sarcasm on Ivy’s face and the worry on Selena’s face also froze.

The solemnity and hesitation on Bateman’s face solidified, cracked, fell off, and turned into surprise, “What if Harry refuses again?”

The stranger remained calm and indifferent, “Then Just modify it again, next time you approach the Origin Wall, notify the Legion of the green light in advance, and let the Green Lantern from the nearby sector accompany you there.”

Harry rolled her eyes flexibly, smiled and said, “It’s too inconvenient. I refuse.”

The Stranger nodded, “You can still modify it, you must swear that you will never break the origin wall.”

“In ancient times, True Lord Erlang split the mountain to save his mother. , today there is Divine Lord Quinn splitting the wall to save the teacher, this oath cannot be made.” Harry said proudly.

“It can still be changed, and I swear not to destroy the Origin Wall for no reason.”

“hahahaha.” Harry raised his head and laughed, “Look, this is the cosmic marshal, the marshal Ahh!!”

“hahahaha.” Ivy hugged her shoulders, equally proud and proud.

“I thought the Green Lantern Legion was a ruthless character, didn’t expect.”

Selena’s face was more relaxed than disappointed.

Betterman looked complicated and was speechless for a long time.

The Stranger just sat there, watching them laugh arrogantly.

When the laughter subsided, he said indifferently: “There is also an additional clause not recorded in the peace treaty – whether you destroy the Origin for any reason, or attempt to destroy the Origin Wall, the Guardian will promptly report to the universe. The monitor reports and prepares the ‘Cosmic Demonstration Alliance’ in advance, just waiting for the monitor’s order, the green light Legion will call on all interstellar power users in the whole universe to strangle you.”

“Uh” Harry smiled stiffly.

The Stranger continued: “According to my observation, the Guardian actually expects you to ‘split the wall to save the teacher’, then they can justifiably organize the cosmic hero to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.


No doubt, as long as the universe monitor orders, no civilization will refuse.”

“That group of blue-skinned bastards are really cunning.” Ivy gnashing teeth said.

Harry was silent for a moment, then smiled again, “Actually it’s nothing, when I have the ability and confidence to cut through the wall to save the teacher, the trifling cosmic transcender can only add to my Legendary story. Mythical color.”

β€”β€”when the time comes her defense of at least 90+, and may also tap into the ‘new power’ of the omnipotent universe, the more transcenders, the more EXP she harvests.

Thinking of this, a strange smile appeared on the corner of her mouth: When it comes to the critical moment to level up, she may be able to release fake news, let the Cosmic Alliance take shape in advance, and harvest a wave of EXP crazily. If they can’t bear it, they hang it on the origin wall. What can they do to her?


β€œWhat bad idea are you making, why are you laughing so wildly?” The stranger entered the door, lost his indifference for the first time, and looked a little horrified.

“What kind of rape?”

“Both rape and spam,” said the Stranger.

“You’re the one who cheats, and the traitor sees it.” Harry glared at him.

Bateman said slowly: “No matter what plot against Guardian is behind it, only ‘swearing not to destroy the wall of origin for no reason’ will erase Harley’s guilt and almost equivalent to unconditional surrender. .”

“What is a serious sin, where do you sit?” Ivy said angrily.

“No matter which side I sit on, my sanity will never sit on the side of ‘blind favoritism’.” Bateman sighed then said, “destroying the wall of origin is the first Waiting for a big crime.

Resisting arrest outside the Origin Wall, killing a Guardian and dozens of Green Lanterns, is also a big crime.

Kick over the central energy battery, steal the Lantern, Slaughtering hundreds of green lights again

Isn’t that a heinous crime for the Green Lantern Legion?”

Harry said with a sneer: “It really doesn’t count, tearing the energy battery into pieces Debris, turning off the green light Legion, and pushing Ouar into the star is the real heinous crime.”

The Stranger glanced at her, “Actually, I also want to know, why do you say such a thing? , why is the Green Lantern Legion so afraid.”

“Your little blue man friend didn’t say why?” Harry asked.

Stranger nodded and said: “Ganser and the others are very frightened, the green light energy is almost ineffective for you.

Even if you use willpower to turn the green light energy into a physical sword, it will be after you approach you. , becomes extremely unstable.

Like rotten wood.

Attack you with rotten wood, no matter how majestic the imposing manner is, it does no real damage.

But your energy attack, even if your skills are clumsy, and the energy of the embodied weapon is uneven and flickering, you can split Green Lantern’s energy shield with no difficulty.

Why is it so strong?”

The Green Lantern against the Level 9 Emotional Spectral Defense is indeed worse than the Transcender against the Level 9 God Power Defense.

God Field is immune to 99% normal magic, with 1% damage remaining.

Powerful Magic The Grandmaster uses powerful magic that can always hurt her.

Even if the demons and angels whose magical power is completely abolished by the power of God have an Iron Body with an attribute of 70+, 80+, or even 90+, they can use the fleshy body to resist attacks and give Harley a fatal threat .

Green Lantern is just an ordinary spaceman without his ring.

Once the energy shield is unstable, how can I attack with a single-digit body attribute and hard-cap Harley’s power of fear?

It can only be said that all defense feats up to Level 9 are bugs.

Facing the inquiring gazes of the stranger and Bruce, Harry looked solemn, his head was looking at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, and the starlight of piety and admiration flashed in his eyes, “The Lord is with me, Amen!”

She drew a cross on her chest, and her movements were standard and smooth.

β€”β€”Oh, it turns out that God’s jerk is doing the trick again!

If the little blue man was here, he would definitely realize this.

Well, don’t realize it, they were in Ouarxing, and they asked the stranger like this: “God must have intervened, and no one has such a great power except Him.

But we and the City of Silver have always had everyone minds their own business, why does God help Demoness Harley?!”

(End of this chapter)

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