I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 526


Chapter 526 Proud Earth People (Add more updates to Alliance Leader “Missing Phoenix”)

Two days later, ha Li and the little blue man reach a settlement agreement.

The two sides did not invite many guests with great fanfare, so the Stranger acted as a guarantor and traveled back and forth twice to spread the information. Gunther and Harley met at the border of the solar system, and the two decided face-to-face to negotiate the terms of the peace.

In fact, there is nothing to be sure, the indifferent face is opposite, nodded, and it is over.


Harry doesn’t insist on other virtues, only integrity, which she always values.

Because of the good reputation of integrity, it is easier to deceive people.

Halle’s credibility is probably no problem, and will abide by the agreement that she will no longer shoot the green light Legion – no profit .

The credibility of the little blue people is probably fine, but it’s not that Harry trusts their credibility.

She is confident in her Level 9 Green Light Energy Defense feat.

As long as the little blue man can’t find a way to break it, he won’t risk breaking his oath to sneak attack her.

She’s confident they’ll never find a way out.

So, the peace talks went well.

Of course, neither side deliberately concealed the idea of a settlement.

In fact, on the second day after Halle and Gunther met, Lois Lane of Earth’s Daily Journal and Saruman of Zansh’s Star River Monthly found Quinn at the same time. Yin Manor, I want to conduct an exclusive interview with her.

The lower front yard of Quinn Manor.

“Why haven’t you returned to your hometown yet? Zansh, right?” Louise said curiously.

<> The old man with golden glasses nodded, “I have obtained permission from the U.S. government to open an office for “Star River Monthly” in Earth Washington. I will be stationed in Earth for at least the next ten years.”

Louis frowned: “You only got permission from the US government?”

old man said with a bitter smile: “I understand what you mean, but Earth is clearly a planet , but there are nearly 200 countries, and the League of Nations has no agency dealing with extraterrestrial affairs, so I can only find the country with the most say.

Anyway, your country is tyrannical and often uses national laws to override international laws. Go on.

Even if there is a diplomatic dispute in the future, it will be a lawsuit between the U.S. government and the League of Nations, and 80% will not lose and donโ€™t be afraid, the U.S. government will not take it seriously.โ€

It’s full of flaws, and Louise is embarrassed.

She hurriedly changed the subject: “Mr. Saruman, why did you think of opening an office in the United States? Several other reporters have already left.”

“Well , maybe it has something to do with the purpose of my newspaper, “Star River Monthly” is a bit like Puppy News, it is a serious news newspaper that focuses on superheroes and criminals.

And you Earth have There are many superpowers who can attract audiences.

Not to mention Harley Quinn, she is popular in half the universe.

Superman also has the title of ‘Last Son of Krypton’ , Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, etc., are very attractive, and coupled with the continuous crisis, news related to Earth can steadily attract many readers.”

“Uh , the puppy news is” Louise began to be embarrassed again, do you want to remind the other party of the small mistake?

After thinking about it, she still decided to speak frankly, “Puppy News is a gossip newspaper, not serious, and has a relatively low evaluation in the press.”

“Oh, our two The development of civilization is different, and the positioning of serious news is different.

But from the perspective of realistic standards, puppy news is indeed serious news on Zanshi Star.” Saruman said.

Louis’s expression was slightly distorted, “Even puppy news is serious, what about not serious?”

Saruman said: “There are always articles about puppy news. It is told in plain text, which requires brains to read and understand.

Our Zanshixing fast food news, without text, are all short videos. .

The content of the video is short and concise, only catches the hot and cool points, and if necessary, it can be deceived, made up, and biased – deceived with false content, fabricated imaginary content that has not been verified, and extreme views. All kinds of opposition and attention.

Readers donโ€™t need to use their brains at all during the reading process. It is very refreshing and exciting to watch. What a deep impression, because I can’t use my brain when I see it.”

“Wow, it sounds so terrifying.” Louise said in horror.

“It’s okay, everything is entertainment first, traffic is king, you Earth already have this sign.” Saruman said.

Louis’s eyes flickered and she asked, “Mr. Saruman, I have benefited a lot from talking with you today.

I was wondering if I could smoke it. Let me give you an exclusive interview?”

“I’m a reporter, so I’m not suitable to be interviewed.” Saruman smiled and shook his head, “If you want to know the news about alien civilizations, I can Here’s a set of Star River Monthly Centennial Collection.”

Louise was overjoyed at first, “I really need Star River Monthly Centennial Collection, thank you!”

Then she And seriously said: “There are some problems that will be better if you tell them in person.”

“What problem?” Saruman asked.

โ€œFor example, Earth celebritiesโ€™ fame and status in the universe are more convincing if you tell them on TV in person,โ€ Louise looked forward to.

Saruman sighed: “This question has been asked many times at the post-war press conference on the day of the Apocalypse invasion?

We aliens Reporters all have the same answer – Earth’s most famous person is Harley Quinn.

Forget Earth, the entire galaxy, the entire universe, she can also be ranked in the ‘Most Influential of the Year’ ranking. List competition first.

She is the first person to come down from the origin wall, she fights Darkseid, she overturns Ou Axing with strength of oneself, she counts her in magic She is the ‘cosmic myth’.”

Unfathomable mystery, Louise felt an indescribable sense of pride and satisfaction.

In fact, as the old reporter said, Earth reporters have asked the alien reporters hundreds of times.

It’s all the same answer.

But every time I listen to it, I feel very refreshed, and even the self-confidence of Human Race has improved a lot.

Louis knows that almost all Earth people like to hear aliens raving about Earth peopleโ€”even if that Earth person is Harley Quinn, whom she doesn’t really like.

“Compared to other superheroes in the universe, where does Harley Quinn rank? Is there a chance to enter the ‘Hall of Fame’? Or, a textbook for alien civilizations?” Louie Silk asked expectantly.

“Well, it’s a bit hard to say.” Saruman wondered.

Louis sighed in her heart, “Isn’t she even ranked?”

Saruman shook his head, “She is a cosmic myth, how could she not be ranked? No? It’s just that Harley Quinn isn’t a hero.”

“Could it be a cosmic criminal?” Louise’s face was a little reluctant, “but she saved Earth several times.”

Saruman continued to shake his head, “She’s not a pure cosmic criminal either.”

“Then what is she?” Louise wondered.

“Probably a ‘racial hero’. Within the race, she is not necessarily a virtuous person.” Saruman looked around and lowered his voice: “I heard that her methods are vicious and control both black and white. , who often uses black magic to pull disobedient people into hell, and also put enemies who dare to offend her into the toilet?”

“Even you know?” Louise was embarrassed.

โ€”โ€”It’s over, shame on the planet.

Saruman rolled up his sleeves, holding a silver-cased watch on his wrist.

It’s exactly the same as the one the Stranger took out earlier.

Louis was startled, “Bat watch? How could you have this?”

“Batterman gave it to me, he learned that I was going to stay in Earth, Writing news specifically for Earth heroes, let me use my watch to get to know the truest heroes and say ‘heroes act magnanimously and speak to others’.

However, my watch seems to be cut off These contents can only be viewed in public information.”

“oh!” Louise sighed then said, complaining in her heart: Why is Bateman so unreliable?

At the same time, in the Batcave, Ah Fu stared at the video for a while, and said into the microphone: “Master, the alien devil reporter went to Quinn Manor and triggered the need several times during the conversation. Harmony sensitive words, do you want to listen to the recording of his conversation?”

“Who is he talking to?”

“With Lois Lane.”

“Then don’t need it. The Ryan reporter is highly alert and trustworthy, and will definitely not sell Earth’s information and interests.”

“. Within the universe, Harley Quinn murdering to seize the treasures , there are also major moral problems, but for Earth Human Race, she is a hero, and this kind of person should be regarded as a relatively narrow Human Race hero, which is different from a superhero who loves selflessly, is fair and just.โ€ Saru Mandau.

“Oh, this division makes sense.” Louise nodded, and then asked: “What about her cosmic fame?”

“Just in terms of fame, it is very high, almost every A civilization capable of interstellar travel has included her in the defense file as a first-tier guard.”

“Prevention?” Although Louise browsed slightly wrinkle, she was still a little excitedโ€” โ€”Can be guarded against by all higher civilizations, it can be regarded as a great character with a great reputation!

Saruman glanced at her and simply picked what the Earth people liked to hear, “If she visits any civilization, or if the Earth government conducts diplomacy with higher alien civilizations in her name, it will Can be received at the highest level.”

“Wow, is that so?” Louise laughed happily.

At the same time, she also decided in her heart to write a news article on “Constable Quinn’s Cosmic Status”, first to introduce Harley Quinn’s influence in the universe with ‘objective facts’, and at the end of the article. To sublimate the content of the mind again – to abandon the self-humiliation and face the Earth people of the advanced alien civilization with a high head.

Well, it can increase the ‘civilized self-confidence’ of all the people of Earth.

Recently aliens appear frequently, with no difficulty you can travel across interstellar, and the level of civilization is so high that Earth people always feel inferior when facing them or talking about them, and feel that Earth civilization is inferior .

Now you don’t have to be ashamed.

Even the most powerful civilizations will be in awe of us because of Harley Quinn.

Seeing Earth’s colleagues beaming with joy, even his eyebrows were laughing, Saruman felt a touch of contempt in his heart, but he still complimented: “Harley Quinn is the nuclear weapon of Earth civilization in the universe, as long as With her sitting in Earth, your Earth people’s status in the universe is equivalent to a ‘nuclear power’.”

“Is that really such an exaggeration?” This time, Louise’s eyebrows did not smile, but her expression changed. very serious.

Saruman wondered about her abnormal reaction, but still nodded and said: “Nuclear deterrence is just a metaphor, referring to the power to destroy civilization.

Harley Quinn mastered the yellow The lantern beast, once single thought, used the power of fear to kill most of Earth’s demons.

If she completely let go of her hands and feet, even if she didn’t attack, but only spread the power of fear, Earth would be finished. .

This ability to destroy most of the interstellar civilization is naturally as good as the ‘cosmic nuclear bomb’.”

(end of this chapter)

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