I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 528


Chapter 528 Earth Man

“Wow, it’s so big!”

The dazzling golden light dissipated, revealing Yi Si came to an infinite space glowing with pink rays of light. In front of her were two three-story ‘monsters’, one gold and one green, squatting side by side.

A fat-headed shark with long fins like wings, a mighty grasshopper with a long tail.

“Is this the lamp beast? What a beautiful and great life.” Saruman was dazzled.

“How come there are two?” Louise asked dumbly.

Harry didn’t really want to answer her stupid question.

“Ms. Quinn uses the yellow energy. Although it is the first time it has appeared in front of the world, it is obviously another force that is different from the green light.

The green energy has a Lantern, Amber Energy has another Lantern.

didn’t expect Guardian to hide such a secret in the central energy cell.” Saruman muttered.

“Fattou, Xiaoshi, these are two reporters who are coming to interview you and ask if you will follow me voluntarily.” Harley said directly.

“Fat head, small eyes?” Louise looked strange, “What’s this name.”

“Harry, can I tell the truth?” Fat head asked.

Halle nodded, “Of course, you can speak frankly.”

“I did enter Halle’s body voluntarily, and I wanted to leave the central energy battery a long time ago, but haha Li promised me that she would bring me back to the universe in a while.”

“Well, yes, Chubby is my good friend, I didn’t think about restraining him.”

“Can I tell the truth too?” the Parallax asked.

Harry squinted at it, “What do you say?”

The parallax opened its jagged grasshopper mouth, and let out a heart-wrenching, mournful howl of Danger Land, “Help, Demoness Harley is a demon, she is swindle, cruel, and forced to slave.

I didn’t voluntarily follow her, please two reporters to do justice for me and take my grievances over. To Ohah Ahhhh β€”β€”β€”β€””

The dense fog of golden-bright and dazzling gushed from all directions, like a torrential rain entrapped by a gust of wind, and the speed was extremely fast, covering the parallax monster in the blink of an eye.

It seems that concentrated sulfuric acid falls on the iron ingot.

The golden-bright and dazzling mist corrodes the surface of the golden-bright and dazzling grasshopper with a thicker golden mist.

In the past, Harley’s gastric juice was a drop of white liquid, which could digest and absorb the source of a large number of parallax monsters, her stomach bag, intestines and stomach acid became translucent golden, exactly the same as the energy of the yellow light texture.

It’s like her stomach has become a peculiarly shaped yellow light central energy battery.

The fog of stomach acid and the power of fear are all golden, a small but dense golden light that blocked the sight of the two reporters.

But they didn’t have the energy to watch the parallax.

Few people can face the lantern beast, especially the yellow lantern beast that represents the source of fear.

Looking directly at the lantern beast, or being watched by the lantern beast, the mind will be filled with the emotional power represented by the lantern beast.

The reason why Louise and Saruman were able to ‘interview’ the two lantern beasts directly is not that their minds are strong enough, nor that the two lantern beasts are abolished, but that both of them are in Halle In the stomach, she also controls the Level 9 Emotional Spectrum Defense Specialty (at this time, both green and yellow are Level 9).

She shielded them from the emotional infestation of the lamp beast.

The visual messenger stubbornly refused to cooperate with Harley’s perfunctory reporters, and when he said those words, Harley slightly revoked the protection of their expertise.

Well, not completely canceled, otherwise the two of them will probably die of soul exhaustion in the fear gushing out from the heart.

“Hohohoho” Louise’s body convulsed into a ball, the corners of her mouth were salivating, the meridians near the eyeballs protruded, and her lower body dress was also wet as it should be by rights.

Before the water dripped into her stomach, Harry frowned and waved the two out.

“huhuhu” for a long time, Louise panted and sat up from the sofa with difficulty, “Just… ah!”

She cried out with her wet and cold thighs , flushed and panicked.

“Don’t worry, your performance is already very good.” Harry raised his chin to the old reporter on the ground, his dark gray trousers were also wet, and he was still dizzy.

β€œYou deliberately harassed us?” Louise said angrily.

“Did I take the initiative to invite you to visit the lantern beast? Or, do you think the lantern beast is the same as the wild beast in the zoo?” Harry said indifferently.

Louis excitedly said: “Why was it okay before? Once the yellow beast starts to expose your lies, we will,”

“Well, I stopped for you before. When the grasshopper was full of nonsense, turned black and white, and slandered me, when I was excited, when I tortured it, I revealed a little bit of fear.”

Harry was very excited. He shrugged insincerely, “I’m sorry, I thought that since you came to interview and dared to take the initiative to meet the lantern beast, you must have understood the risks of facing the lantern beast in advance.” Staring at her, his eyes became even more angry.

“Don’t look at me like that, the grasshopper represents the sum of the fears of all beings in the universe. Even if your husband comes to interview it, without my protection, it will probably end like this.”

Not her boyfriend, but her husband.

When Harry was squatting in the central energy battery, Clark Kent, a newcomer who had just joined the company for less than a year, successfully won the newspaper office flower.

The two have met their parents and officially got their certificates.

It is no wonder that they are all over 30 years old, and it is time to settle down.

“No matter how high-sounding your explanation seems, it can’t hide your fly into a rage out of humiliation that you were exposed by the lamp beast. You deliberately interrupted the interview.” Louise gritted her teeth.

“You didn’t hear what I said?” Harry raised his eyebrows, “The grasshopper is full of lies and slandering me.”

“Harry, do you think I How stupid do you have to be to believe in you instead of a simple lamp beast?” Louise sneered.

Harry didn’t say anything, a finger pointed, a golden bubble wrapped Louise, and then the bubble quickly shrank and disappeared.

Next moment, Louise came to that strange space again, and two huge lamp beasts lay in front of her side by side.

The green shark is still the same, and the yellow grasshopper is bruised and bruised like a golden model, which has been drenched in aqua regia for half an hour.

“The dog slave is not waking up soon!” Harry waved his empty hand, and while the palm was still waving down, a golden long whip appeared in the palm of his hand, “pa!”

The whip The sound was loud, and the grasshopper had a finger-width and two-finger-deep scar on his body.

“wu wu .” The grasshopper trembled, screaming weakly, and a golden mist emerged from his body, flying into Harry’s body.

Seeing the golden mist again, Louise looked terrified and subconsciously covered her face with her hands.

As a result, nothing happened.

“Don’t be afraid, that’s not the power of fear escaping from it.” Harry smiled and comforted her.

“It looks exactly the same as before.” Louise wondered.

“Well, I am now the master of fear, and all beings that fear me will provide me with the power of fear.

I whipped it, and it feared in its heart, Provided me with a wave of power.

In the previous accident, it was the body that collapsed and the source of fear leaked.

Although both represent the power of fear, the nature of the two is completely different .” Harry explained carefully.

Speaking of this, she also glanced at the female reporter curiously.

She’s pissing her skirt, but she hasn’t given her the power of fear.

Louise’s eyes widened, “The lantern beast is the representative of fear, why does it still provide you with the power of fear?”

“I said that you may not believe it, so let the fat head Explain to you?” Harry looked towards Fat Head, “Fat Head?”

Fat Head sighed, “It’s really nonsense, the God of Fear, who should have absorbed the fear of all spirits, actually provides mortals with it. The power of fear.

But there is no way, our lamp beasts are also creatures, conscious and intelligent, and naturally also afraid, there will be fear.

The lamp beast of fear, the fear of Harry Atrocity.”

Louis was stunned.

“Pa!” Harley whipped the grasshopper again and scolded: “Don’t pretend to be dead, tell the reporter the truth, when I was in the central energy battery, you found me first, Or did I find you first?”

“It was me who made the splash, and I found you first.” The parallax said weakly.

“Have you heard?” Harry glanced at Louise with a smile, then turned back and asked, “Are you scrambling to fuse with me?”

“That’s right,” the Parallax said ruefully.

Harry snapped her fingers, and the scene in front of Louise changed before returning to the living room sofa.

“You think I’ll believe the poor lanterns under whip and torture can tell the ‘truth’? Harry, don’t insult my IQ, okay?” Louise sneered.

Harry waved her hand and said casually: “Okay, you are very smart, I can’t deceive you.

You have also seen the lamp beasts, is there any problem?


If not, today’s interview is over.”

“And.” A trembling silhouette climbed up from the carpet.

Saruman’s face was pale, but his tone was as calm as possible, “The last question, do you have greater ambitions for the use of lantern beasts?

For example, with lantern beasts For the energy source, build a new green light Legion, a yellow light Legion?”

Louis looked at the old reporter in shock, so professional!

It’s all this time, and she can still speak in a gentle tone, think clearly, without any personal emotions, and ask such stubborn questions. Compared with him, her anger and shame, Even the face-to-face ridicule of the interviewee is too emotional and too amateur.

Is this the difference between Earth reporters and Cosmographers?

Louis’s expression was restrained, and she also learned from his heart that he eliminated distractions and focused on his career.

“Well, I didn’t really think about this issue before, now.” Harry propped his chin and thought for a while, “Leave Legion the green light, I signed a peace agreement with the little blue man, honestly. Keeping promises is my basic principle, and I will not deliberately provoke the green light Legion.

The yellow light can be considered.

Saruman, you “Star River Monthly” do not sell advertisements. ?

I want to use your monthly magazine to recruit engineers who know lamp ring casting technology in the universe.”

Louis was a little dazed, and the advertisements went to the universe, Why does it feel like running into the Interstellar Era?

β€œAdvertising is a bit expensive and must be settled in the currency of a higher civilization. Like Earth International Trade, there is no Earth Coins, but it can be replaced with the national currency of the First Army, an economic powerhouse, the United States.” Saruman road.

“Is there a gold line?”

“Yes, but the amount will be very large.”

Halle frowned: “Is there a special charge for small charges in the universe? The organization of civilization protection funds?”

Louis’s eyes widened, do you want to expand Gotham’s business to the galaxy?

“There is” Saruman dry say.

“Ai, I always have a righteous heart that can’t be peaceful. When I see injustice, I want to roar. Tell me, what bullies are in the universe, and where are they hiding? I decided Spread the brilliance of ‘Earth Man’ throughout the universe!”

Harry’s face began to light up again.

She wasn’t joking, and she wasn’t simply interested in the wealth of the ‘Cosmic Bully’.

Earth could no longer meet her need for experience.

Before entering the green light central battery, she was Level 68, was attacked by the beasts, was attacked by the little blue man and more than 3,500 green lights, she was more than half of level 70, and returned to Earth Hardtop Darkseid He was attacked by hundreds of alien superpowers while shifting the battlefield, and quickly jumped to 7Level 4!

The oil and water of the aliens are too rich, which makes Harry greedy.

“Who is Earthman?” Saruman was stunned.

Harry pointed to herself and said sternly: “My heroic philosophy is ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

Now I have a universe level The power of the lamp beast naturally has to put a burden on its shoulders and take on greater and wider responsibilities.”

(end of this chapter)

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