I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 529


Chapter 529 New Political Correctness

“Mr. Saruman, I have really benefited a lot from walking with you today, in In you, I see the professionalism from higher civilizations.

Compared with you, my professionalism and emotional control are too poor.โ€

Ending the interview, When leaving the half-mountain castle, Louise sincerely saluted the meticulous old reporter beside her.

The old reporter, nodded, said calmly: “You are also very good. After seeing the lamp beast, you can continue to complete the next interview task.”

Hearing the lamp Beast, Louise’s eyes flickered slightly, and she said in a low voice, “Can you tell me, how do you plan to report the news about the lamp beast?”

“Of course it’s a truthful report. The reason why we are reporters is not that Just to pursue the truth?” Saruman said solemnly.

Louis is in awe. Oh, no, she’s already respected him, and now she’s two floors up and adoring.

โ€”โ€”This is the quality of the universe, even if you are scared to pee your pants with just one look, but your courage can be broken, and your faith will never be lost!

Indian Mountain is also more than a hundred meters high. The two of them were talking, and they had come from the villa halfway up the mountain to the front yard down the mountain.

The plump Angela stood at the gate of the courtyard and greeted them with a smile.

“The two reporters have worked hard, do you need to rest in the guest room for a while, take a bath, and leave after dinner?”

Hearing the bath, Louise immediately understood each other The hint in the words made his face blushed again, the legs under the professional skirt gently rubbed, the silk, socks and panties had dried up and scabbed, hard to pieces

“No, I ordered it at the Manhattan Hotel. The suite.” Saruman said softly and looked calm.

Louise looked sideways at his face that seemed to be able to keep calm and calm at work forever, and began to admire again in her heart: only those who have experienced more winds and waves can exercise such an outstanding performance. Mental quality!

– It is also a good thing that alien reporters come to Earth, at least to provide Earth reporters with an ‘evolutionary’ benchmark.

Thinking like this, she also learned from Zan Shixing reporter, indifferently said: “Just call a taxi for me.”

“A special car has been arranged.” Anji La smiled.

Saruman nodded, walked slowly towards the gate, suddenly stopped at the gate, extended the hand to Angela who was doing nothing in a low voice, rubbed his two fingers, ” You don’t reimburse reporters for room, board and travel?”

Louise looked at him blankly in surprise.

Angela was also stunned, and asked in a low voice, “How much?”

“Don’t you know better than me?” Saruman remained calm and indifferent.

Angela nodded, “Got it.”

Before sending the two into the car, a middle-aged man in a tuxedo came over and handed two bulging envelopes to the car. Angela.

Angela handed Saruman the richest of them all, not as much as the first half of the richest was about to be handed to Louise, and after seeing her face, she withdrew her hand as if nothing had happened, “You two, Goodbye.”

Saruman put away the envelope with a smile, and said gently: “After the news comes out, I will send the electronic version of the newspaper to the manor.”

Wait for the car to start and leave In Quinn’s front yard, Louise asked in dismay: “Why?”

“I also want to ask why, Angela steward why not send you money?” Saruman said curiously.

“Because she knows I don’t accept money, even if she gives me a small gift, I won’t brag about Harley Quinn in the report.” Louise looked sideways at him, still calm and calm “How would you report the news of the beast?”

“without omission and in detail.”

“how without omission and in detail?”

“The Yellow Lantern beast is cunning and ferocious. It deceives the Earthman through lies, and wants to use her body to escape from the Green Lantern’s central energy battery, causing harm to the world.

In the end, the Earthman uses his wisdom to see through the trick and its tricks, And suppress it with sheer courage and strength.

In a way, Earthman not only saved herself and the Green Lantern Legion, but also saved a universe level catastrophe!” Saruman Road slowly.

Louis’s faith collapsed, her dreams disillusioned, and her expression was distorted with disappointment.

She was so excited that she became irrational, took the envelope from Saruman’s hand sideways, and tore it open with all her might.

“US dollars? I thought it was Star River coin,” Louise sneered. “How much is this? About 20,000 dollars, do you care about this money?”

“Of course I don’t care,” Saruman still looked calm, “My basic salary at Star River Monthly, converted into US dollars, is probably worth two million.

Including the manuscript fee, Work allowance, overseas allowance and year-end bonus, one year salary is more than basketball star James.

The problem is, no matter how much money I earn, I only have one life!

Receiving money represents an attitude, it doesn’t matter how much.”

Louis was stunned, “Are you worried about Harley Quinn’s murder?”

“With Demoness Harley’s Reputation, aren’t you worried?” Saruman glanced at her and saw that she was really not worried, and said curiously: “I’m curious, what family background do you have? Your father, your husbandโ€””

Louis said quickly: “They are all ordinary people, ordinary American soldiers, ordinary journalists.

You think too much, Harley Quinn won’t be so crazy.

As long as we don’t slander her out of thin air, she won’t care that we reveal the truth.”

“The problem is, I think I really reported the truth.” Saruman sighed.

“You believe her nonsense?” Louise’s eyes widened, and she began to doubt her earlier inference: I’m afraid this alien reporter was assigned to Earth because of his incompetence, right? Respected, rational, wise, and professional are all illusions.

Looking at his age, 80% came to Earth to retire.

“Why do you have no doubt that the lantern beast is lying? Just a thread of aura, let us pee our pants, which shows how evil the lantern lantern beast is.” Saruman wondered.

“Powerful and not directly related to good or evil. Some people have the ability to spread super terror, but are as kind as an angel.

Trust me, I’m better than you in this regard Learn more.” Louise said with a hint of pride.

Saruman shrugged, “Different reporters will make different judgments about the same thing, even if they have the same information.

I’m not forcing you to change your mind, but Please respect my professionalism.

I have been a reporter for over fifty years, interviewing countless planetary overlords, superheroes and criminals, and I trust my experience and intuition.โ€

โ€”โ€”What a major, your career of more than 50 years is considered a waste, oh, it is not in vain, you must have accumulated a very rich family fortune in the past 50 years, right?

Louise looked at the old reporter again, and the old and frosty face of the past has also become the old and wicked now, and her indifference has become a deep thought.

The holy light ring is gone.

Also because of her disappointment with the Old Xing reporter, after returning to the Metropolis, she hesitated whether to put “Earth People Who Don’t Have to Be Slaves to Alien Civilizations – Nuclear Deterrence, Harley Quinn’s Cosmic Status” This topic is sent out.

Well, it took her three days to complete the manuscript, and she wrote it heartily and vividly, but because the text quoted too many comments from ‘Saruman, a veteran of the universe’. Make her doubt the veracity of her article.

“pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng ” Planet Daily editor-in-chief White Perry, banging on the door outside his office.

Louise, Louise! “

Louise, who was propping her head up and staring at the screen of Paradise Mountain’s laptop, was taken aback, opened the door and complained, “I’m revising the manuscript, you can’t be gentle, or Make a call first? “

“You do need to revise!” The black editor-in-chief threw the Paradise Mountain tablet on the table and said angrily, “Look at what you wrote?

I knew you were so useless, I asked Kate Grant to do the previous interview. “

Louis looked down at the tablet screen, and it was the “Harley Quinn and the two lamp beasts” she just submitted.

That is, a few days ago in Quinn Manor, an exclusive interview on Harley Quinn and the Green Lantern Legion reconciliation.

โ€œWhatโ€™s the problem? I almost discarded all rhetoric and modifiers, and from the most impartial perspective, I told the whole thing in an impartial manner. What else do you want? “Louis is puzzled.

“There’s something wrong with your brain!” “

The black editor wanted to stab her in the forehead with a finger, but Louise avoided it alertly.

“What is the purpose of the interview, do you remember?” “He reminded loudly: “It is to appease the hearts of the people!” Let the people of Earth understand that Harley Quinn and the Green Lantern Legion have reconciled, the two sides will not break out again, and Earth will not be reduced to a battlefield and will not be affected.

The whole world at peace, everyone can relieve their worries and continue to work, go to school, and party, and the society will return to stability!

But look, what did you write? “

He squeezed his throat and followed Louise’s voice, “The Green Lantern Beast is not very specific, it seems that there is no secret; Legion saves himself from Harley Quinn’s clutches”

“I’m not lying, the lamp beast is really in a bad situation, tortured by Harley Quinn as a beast, she directly calls the yellow lamp beast ‘dog’ minion’ and whipped him, I swear. “Louis said solemnly.

The black editor was stunned and said in surprise: “In your manuscript, the description of this paragraph is too brief, and now you explain the situation in detail. “

Louis didn’t hide anything, she told what she saw, heard and thought, without omission and in detail.

“very good!” The black editor clapped his fist excitedly, said with a big smile: “I’m relieved to hear you say that. “

“Is my manuscript all right?” “Louis relaxes.

“No, there’s a problem, you made a big mistake!” “The black editor scolded with a stern face.

“What’s wrong? “

“Politically correct and wrong!” The black editor-in-chief said solemnly: “Is it difficult to understand what I just said? The exclusive interview of Senator Quinn should have been good news.

In order to stabilize the situation, let everyone put aside their worries about the ‘green light crisis’.

So when the news of her talks with Xiao Lanren came, we were all excited and wanted to share this good news with people around the world.

But if you write this, doesn’t the green light Legion find an excuse to tear up the agreement?

What if they encircle Earth again in the name of saving the lantern beasts, or even fight a planetary war in the solar system? โ€

โ€œBut those beastsโ€”โ€

The black editor-in-chief interrupted her by waving her hand, loudly said: โ€œI donโ€™t even care about the plight of black Africans, and I donโ€™t care about other things.โ€ Star guy, or an alien wild beast? ! Louise, we are journalists with a basic national and national stance! “

Louis reminded: “You are black too”

Fiercely, the black editor-in-chief, glared at her, “Don’t insult me, I’m American.” “

“Shouldn’t we journalists pursue the truth? Louise clenched her neck and said, “As for the threat of the Green Light Legion, you didn’t think too much, but you didn’t think too much.

I have a companion piece to my interview dedicated to introducing Earth’s ‘Universe level nuclear deterrence’ to people around the world. โ€

(end of this chapter)

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