I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 531


Chapter 531 Golden Nuke

“That’s the honor she deserves, if she’s really helping Earth improve the universe Status.”

Perry said solemnly: “I can see that your position is biased towards the Justice League, then I ask you, as the first superhero group in Earth today, the reputation of the Justice League is growing everyday all, and there is no second hero. The team can be compared, do we have to suppress it? Don’t report the news of Zhenglian?

At least Harley Quinn’s puppy video, not only has never stopped reporting on Zhenglian heroes, but also deliberately gave The traffic support of the highest level of each Zhenglian member.”

“I don’t mean anything else, I just worry that Harley Quinn will have too much influence, in case” Clark struggled for a moment, said: “Although she can always Be a hero at a critical moment, but she did in Gotham. Well, what if she tried to turn America into Gotham with her incomparable reputation?”

Pete Li said with a smile: “No, the Justice League and she are two-way people, they will check and supervise each other.

If she wants to ‘not guarantee the evening festival’, the Zhenglian will definitely not sit back and watch At that time, we will go on and on and on to reveal her true face.

If a hero of the Justice League finally wants to show her ‘true face’, we don’t have to be afraid, Senator Quinn and Heavenly Eye under her leadership will, Those cloak fighters will surely be brought to justice.

As for prestige and fame, don’t worry about her being the dominant family.

No news about her normally.

Normally, you can see the news of heroes fighting for justice everywhere.

Only in the major event of the Earth crisis did she stand up as a temporary great hero and make big news that caused a sensation in the world .

The time of crisis belongs to the hero who protects the ball, and the daily time belongs to the ordinary hero.

Now that the Apocalypse crisis has just ended, it is her moment of glory, and it is not too much to promote it.

After all, after this crisis, the next time”

He reluctantly sighed then said, “Although I would like to say that the Apocalypse crisis is the last Earth crisis, but I said It’s useless, I just hope that the next crisis will come later.

Before the next crisis, there will be a window of glory for the defending hero, and the reputation will slowly fall under the background of Zhenglian.

Although Clark thinks Perry is a little taken for granted, he is just an ordinary reporter now and cannot change the boss’s decision.

After the second day Planet Daily was released, Louise’s interview with the hero of the ball was published on the front page, but it did not cause much repercussions in the public opinion circle.

It’s not that Earth people don’t care about the Green Light Legion crisis.

Reprinted from the report of Zanshi Star’s “Star River Monthly”, which first appeared in the public eye.

The entire Earth went into a frenzy when it was learned that the Green Lantern Legion had reached a settlement with the ball guard hero in a very crude, apparently compromised pact.

From afternoon to evening, countless media people commented on Saruman’s exclusive interview on Puppy Toutiao.

Waiting for the second day planet daily to publish Louise’s article, it’s a bit late to cook cold rice.

The speech of a middle-class interviewee expressed the voice of many rational Earth people: “I have been a little worried since the White House press conference before.

Press The alien reporter said that the ball-protecting hero overturned Ou Axing and killed hundreds of green lights. Not all the green lights, isn’t this leaving trouble for himself and Earth?

Legion with green lights at the hero conference The arrogance and domineering shown will definitely not give up.

Well now, the Green Lantern Legion has signed a contract of ‘severing power and humiliating the country’, the hero of protecting the ball is mighty!”

After the news came out, The Quinn Manor suddenly had hundreds of visitors, including journalists from home and abroad, social sages who paid special attention, and dignitaries from Gotham and even New York State.

“Gotham’s day is about to change again.” Some Gotham officials were worried.

They are Harley’s ‘life sentence’ in Oa for a few months, newly appointed, or under the coercion of Bateman and under various enticements, believe ‘Harley Quinn’s ‘to Gotham’. The reign is over’ the former officials.

Of course they have to worry.

“Gotham’s ‘Blue Sky’ has not changed, but left for a short while.” Those politicians who insisted on not changing the ‘Guardian Talisman’ excitedly said.

Uh, the first place on the official talisman was naturally ‘Emperor Harley’. When Harley was taken away by the little blue man, it seemed that he would never come back, and ‘Emperor Harley’ was marked Out, Mr. Wayne and several other bigwigs are juxtaposed, and all the powers are juxtaposed, which is a bit like a group of heroes competing for hegemony.

Now they don’t have to fight, Gotham’s blue sky is not only back, but also thicker, even the cosmic police can’t be shaken.

On the third day, the front page headline was still Louise’s article, but this time Planet Daily detonated public opinion, in the already popular ‘Harley Quinn overwhelmed the green light Legion, how awesome’ On the topic, another fire was filled, and the theme was also sublimated.

The paper newspapers were sold out as soon as they went on sale.

The number of readings and forwarding of “Nuclear Deterrence Theory” on the Internet is constantly breaking new records.

“It’s not surprising, if the Green Lantern Legion doesn’t have absolute strength, it can’t become a cosmic police officer and a law enforcement officer.

But the Green Lantern Legion was overturned by the ball-guarding hero with strength of oneself, and also The surrender agreement was signed, who is she not the nuclear bomb? The nuclear bomb, Harley, deserves it!”

“Hey, I should have thought of it, at the press conference that day, the alien reporter had made it clear that the hero Harley killed hundreds of high-level civilization power users, but no civilization Dare to take revenge.

Isn’t this the formidable power of a nuclear bomb?

Hero Harley is a ‘golden nuclear bomb’!” Some reporters lamented repeatedly, regretting not discovering this big news earlier.

Ordinary Earth people are even more excited, and various social software is full of news about ‘Golden Nuclear Bomb Harley’.

“Long live the hero Harley, my father finally stopped worrying about aliens coming to Earth to colonize him and digging like crazy. Because we have a nuclear bomb Harley!”

“Gold Long live the nuclear bomb!”

“Why do you call her the golden nuclear bomb?”

“It doesn’t matter, Green Lantern Green Tuo Tuo, the hero Harley controls the Yellow Lantern Beast, golden -bright and dazzling, like a golden saint, with the deterrent of a nuclear bomb, isn’t it a golden nuclear bomb Harley!”

“The name of the universe is very appropriate for her ‘Human Race hero’, Superman , The Flash, Batman, they are one city, every day all doing good deeds; the hero Harley’s ‘city’ is the whole Earth. However, the golden nuclear bomb Harley is more vivid and moving.”

, with the golden nuke, we don’t have to look at the faces of aliens anymore.”

“I really want to meet a few aliens now and ask them what they think about us Earth people.”

“It would be great if there was a video interview. It would be even more refreshing to see and hear Alien Mingji’s evaluation of the golden nuclear bomb.”

“Hahaha, this The second “Planet Daily” is famous all over the world!” Editor-in-chief Perry held the tablet and laughed until his teeth were out of sight. “Louise, the total number of reader comments under your article has exceeded 50 million! It’s appalling.

It is conservatively estimated that for this article alone, you will get more than one million dollars in royalties on Puppy Toutiao, congratulations!

However, you have to make persistent efforts.

The netizens are like me. They are very happy, but they are a little empty and lack satisfaction.

You have to continue to do this topic and find more alien celebrities, from their mouths I got an exact evaluation of Earth and the Golden Nuke.”

He was excited for a long time, but Louise next to him didn’t give him a response.

“What are you doing in a daze?” He looked towards the ‘number one confidant’ staring at the laptop screen with brows.

“Perry, the reaction from the people of Earth has been so overwhelming, beyond my imagination, is it really necessary to add fuel to the fire?” Louise hesitantly said.

“Perry, she doesn’t want to do it, just leave this topic to me.” A beautiful blonde woman immediately said excitedly.

Perry was about to refuse without the slightest hesitation, but turned his head to look at the “not very obedient confidant”, then changed his mind and said, “Louise, are you sure you want to give up?


Let me make it clear first, Earth is not just a newspaper, Planet Daily, they all have the sense of smell and literacy as reporters, and some people must think of Green Lantern at this moment.

And then Think about your earlier interview with the Golden Nuke.

It went from ‘global hot’ to junk news instantly because it was posted a day late.

I wouldn’t allow the same Happening again!

So, I can no longer hand you a sole responsibility for this topic, Kate will be one of the double insurance.”

Having said this, he is cheering excitedly The blonde woman said: “Kate, from now on, you will also join the ‘Golden Nuclear Bomb Harley’ topic.”

“Boss, don’t worry, no matter how much you pay, I will get the green light. Man, let him take me on a tour of Universe Starry Sky.” Kate Trant licked her red lips and said expectantly.

Perry’s face twitched a few times, and said in a muffled voice: “Very good!”

When she got home, Louise couldn’t help but said, “Clark, help me contact the Green Lantern Line. No?”

“Didn’t you plan to give up before?” Clark asked strangely in the kitchen, who was stewing pork knuckles with heat rays.

“It’s useless for me to give up alone,” she Barabara, telling Kate’s story again.

“Clark, I can’t give up the honor of interviewing an alien celebrity for the first time!” she said decisively.

“Well, I’ll arrange it for you”

Two days later, Louise, who was placed on the Klue star by Hal Jordan from the ring, was shocked.

Not because of this very sci-fi silver metal city.

Before she came, she knew that she was about to reach a high-level civilization, and she was prepared for everything she was about to see.

She was shocked because she saw Harley Quinn’s video as soon as she landed.

A news is playing on the facade of an all-metal skyscraper: The Supreme Leader has announced that, after careful and careful consideration, Congress has decided to drop its responsibility for Demoness Halle in the slaughter of the interstellar team. be held accountable.

Hal Jordan explained on the side: “The supreme leader is equivalent to our president, the interstellar team was harmed by Harley Quinn and Darkseid during the apocalypse invasion. Star River warrior, all died.

In terms of honor and power, Star River warrior is not inferior to the major and lieutenant generals of the US military.”

Louis swallowed, muttered: “Then do we still have an interview?”

Hal Jordan said oddly: “The Apocalypse invasion has been half a month, do you know why there is this news today?”

“Could it have something to do with me?”

Hal nodded, “Yesterday I sent a message to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Klustar, asking if Earth reporters could be brought in for an interview. They mistakenly thought that Demoness was watching When you arrive on this planet, you are her spy, and you need to see if they have any revenge, and then it’s better to strike first, so hurriedly close the case.”

Louis’s expression twisted.

(end of this chapter)

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