I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 532


Chapter 532 Attribution of Lamp Beast

“As for? The terrifying starfleet, more than 30 cruisers, the smallest is longer than the USS Ford, almost 400 meters?

The interstellar civilization with such a powerful force needs such a cautiously ?” Louise asked in disbelief.

Haer Qiao Pill God said complexly: “Who do you think is more powerful than a Green Lantern?”

“I don’t believe that a Lantern can fight against the entire civilization. , The reason why they acquiesce to your identity as a cosmic policeman is because there will never be more than one Green Lantern, and if you hit one, you will attract a Legion.” Louise said.

Hal Jordan nodded, shook his head again, “You are right, they are afraid of the entire Green Lantern Legion, but the lantern who overturns the interstellar coalition of multiple higher civilizations with strength of oneself is not No.

Even if you hold the same lamp ring, the energy stored in the lamp ring is the same, and the gap between Lantern and Lantern can be as big as Batman and Tearman fighting naked.

For example, my predecessor ‘The Greatest Lantern in History’ Abinsu, and now the ‘Greatest Lantern in History’ Sinestro, both are powerful existences who can easily split the battleship.”

Louise said strangely: “But I heard Harley Quinn say that Sinestro was scared by her.”

She blushed, her expression became awkward and embarrassed, and she remembered the thing about urinating her skirt. .

“So, you know why Klustar is so serious about your arrival?” Hal Jordan sighed.

Louis was silent.

“Hi, I’m Mayor Savi, and I welcome two friends from Earth to visit Tanta City.”

At this moment, a small translucent fiberglass The airship quietly landed in front of the two of them, and walked down an alien with a teardrop-shaped chin.

He actually spoke English.

But Louise wasn’t surprised. Green Lantern put a green bubble on her head, which not only had the effect of a space suit, but also helped her translate English into the local language.

The air composition, gravity and radiation environment of Kelu star are all different from Earth.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor Savey.”

Louis was a little flattered by the mayor’s personal greeting.

However, it didn’t take long for her to become numb.

Mayor, Councillor, Secretary of Defense.

At noon, she was personally received by the Supreme Leader who had previously appeared on the big screen news.

Five days later, countless Earth people turn on Puppy Headlines or Metropolis.

“.How do you evaluate Earth? There is no doubt that Earth is a great civilization with great potential and many heroes. We Klustar are happy to establish friendly and peaceful diplomatic relations with you. Harley Quinn”

The expression of the alien ‘President’ on the screen became obviously more serious, and the tone was more serious, “I personally respect her heroic performance in the Darkseid War, her power makes the universe Civilization marvels.

We never thought that someone could hardwire omega rays so many times.

Over fifty times, it’s just appalling.

I Think, as long as she is still guarding Earth for a day, any rational civilization will not provoke Earth

Indeed, a group of super-power warriors in our Kelu star were affected by the war and died in the outer space of Earth.


Here is the problem, Earth is a sovereign civilization, our warrior violated the universal territorial law, and approached the War Zone rashly without the consent of the Earth government

They are all They are martyrs, but it’s really no one’s fault for their deaths.”

“Ogmaika, the Alien President has just softened!” In the White House, the President of the United States widened his eyes and looked shocked.

“It seems that Saruman, the name of the universe, didn’t exaggerate before. The nuclear bomb Harley really scared the aliens.” Grandma Xi said with a complicated expression.

“The supreme leader of Klustar, his speech is really good, and every pore of me is sour!” Perry, the editor-in-chief, looked at the video wall in the office hall of Planet Daily, laughed heartily.

“Louise, you have become the first Legendary reporter in the press, the only cosmic name! Not only did you interview aliens, but you also received high-level treatment from the alien government, even the president. Let’s have lunch with you. By the way, what did you eat? Is it delicious? Did you bring any souvenirs back?”

Under the admiration and admiration of her colleagues, Louise’s cheeks flushed with excitement. .

“Barbecue steak, from the space star beast, tastes really great, tastier than any meat on Earth, worthy of an advanced civilization with thirty-five star systems.” She hit it Smash your mouth and say with aftertaste.

Then she added: “However, I didn’t buy local specialties, it was too expensive and I didn’t have enough funds, so I only bought some materials on a USB flash drive.”

“Lu Yi Si, you have really become the number one media person.” Her sidekick Jimmy said enviously.

“Louise, what did you pay so quickly to convince Green Lantern to let him take you to the outer planet?” Kate said sourly.

While speaking, he glanced at Clark, “Kent, do you know about this?”

“I know.” Clark said solemnly: “Green Lantern A warm-hearted hero of justice, after Louise analyzed the positive significance of the alien interview to the people of Earth, she immediately agreed to this matter.”

“Is Green Lantern so easy to persuade?” Kate was even more concerned. Unwilling, “Louise, didn’t you resist this topic very much earlier? What changed your mind?”

Louise’s chin was slightly raised and she squinted, “I didn’t resist, just Think about the balance between the reporter’s responsibility to pursue the truth of the matter and the reporter’s responsibility to guide the healthy development of society.”

“Louise, this is a series of special topics, Kelu star is the beginning, not the end, we at least interview again. Three to five higher civilizations can completely dispel the doubts of the people of Earth about ‘whether the golden nuclear bomb is not just in name only, but also in reality’.”

The black editor-in-chief is eagerly watching his ‘confidant love’ Will’, “Are you having a problem?”

Louis looked towards Clark.

Clark brows slightly wrinkle.

“I try my best.” Louise said cautiously.

“It’s not about trying, it has to be done! Louise, when the first interview was broadcast, the people of the world knew that this was a series, and their expectations for the next episode even exceeded the husband’s expectations for his wife’s belly. The expectations of my son.” Perry excitedly said.

“Editor-in-chief, I would like to be one of the double insurances.” Kate said immediately.

Perry looked at Louise, who was hesitant, and then at the blond reporter, who was fighting spirit, “Well, you can.”

β€”β€”You can be a catfish, thorn -Louis who motivated “Gong Gao Gaizhu”.

A week later, Louise, wearing a green light energy bubble, reappeared on the outer planet

The people of Earth were waiting for that interview with the enthusiasm of Christmas.

Even at Quinn Manor.

Harry was heartbroken when she saw the Alien leader talk about herself in a respectful and cautious tone on TV.

She was laughed on her face, but she sighed repeatedly, “Ai, it’s too much, it’s too much, although the content is real and credible, but this way of occupying global traffic is just to brag about me. Too much!”

Ivy and Selena are next to her.

Hearing her say this, Ivy said with a smile: “Ha Li, you just sacrifice a little bit, the people of Earth need you to improve their national self-confidence.”

“Ha Li , did you give Lois Lane some kind of baby? She came up with this embarrassing scalp-tingling, goosebump-sweeping show of holding your stinky feet?” Selena frowned.

Harry pulled her feet out of the cotton slippers and rubbed lightly on her bulging belly, “You are the smelly feet.”

“pa!” Selena slapped her feet away and said with a sneer: “Isn’t this holding stinky feet? What kind of person are you, others don’t know, doesn’t she know?”

“You only said if this is real news.” Ivy asked.

“Earth really encounters an irreversible crisis. Do you think Harley will explode on the spot like a nuclear bomb and coexist with the world? Or, drive a small airship and take us quietly to the Refuge in Paradise Mountain?” Selena said.

This is the truth, Ivy and Selena know what Halle is like.

“You also said that it is an irreversible crisis. It is irreversible. What would you do to let the golden nuclear bomb explode in vain?” Ivy said.

“Hey, don’t mention the ‘golden nuke’,” Harry said, wrinkling his pretty face, “that’s my most hated nickname, bar none.

I see through. With Louise, the little splash man endured his disgust and praised me, while looking for opportunities to disgust me.

The name of the universe, Saruman, clearly gave me a more appropriate and majestic titleβ€” β€”Human Race hero, why are everyone obsessed with the ‘golden nuclear bomb’? It’s too ugly.”

“The mayor is also going to build a ‘nuclear bomb square’ for you in Central Park.” Ivy laughed hehe road.

“Well, the square can have it, but it can’t be called a nuclear bomb, otherwise I’ll tell him to get out.”

Selena pointed to the screen and sat with Louise and Speaker Kelu. Green Lantern, who was eating, asked: “He is so ostentatious, isn’t he afraid of being punished by the little blue man?

I remember the sixth rule of the Ten Laws of Green Lantern, the equipment, resources and status of the Green Lantern Legion shall not be used for personal use. Interests, did he foul?”

The kitten is really a crow’s mouth, just after the second phase of the ‘Nuclear Deterrence Alien Interview’ ended, Earth people received a piece of bad news: Earth Green Lantern’s private use of public tools , was suspended.

This news was informed by Jordan Hall to Zhenglian, and Zhenglian told Planet Daily, and then the world knew it.

“Did you see it? I said it long ago, the Cosmic Police can’t be Earth’s reliance at all!” the black editor excitedly said

He said this, but he was actually a green light in his heart Xia felt regret and guilt.

He looked at Louise, who was also remorseful, and suggested: “Or, give a portion of the royalties earned by the ‘Nuclear Deterrence’ show to whoever, and he will count as us. The newspaper has paid everything.”

“He’s a hero, he doesn’t need money.” Louise shook her head.

“I also know that he wants to return to Legion, but we can’t help him, not even the nuclear bomb Harley.” The black editor sighed: “The ring can be given to you or taken back.


Only if you control a Lantern like a golden nuclear bomb can you be considered a true Green Lantern!

A Lantern wearing a ring is just a big boss.”

“Wait, what did you just say?” Louise’s eyes shined, excitedly said: “The lamp beast, yes it is the lamp beast! The golden nuclear bomb has two lamp beasts, the yellow lamp beast she uses as a minion, and there is a green lamp beast. Beast, she is going to release it to the universe in a while!”

“Oh!” The black editor-in-chief immediately understood what she was thinking, “You want her to give the Green Lantern Beast to the Lantern who lost the ring? But will she agree?”

“Ask for the golden nuclear bomb, there is no loss.” Louise began to probe for Clark again.

(end of this chapter)

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