I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 538


Chapter 538 Sudden crisis?

The Level 7 Food Defense feat is completely useless, unable to digest the “little sun”.

This is “Pristine Sunshine” unfiltered by the atmosphere and Earth’s magnetic field.

The radiation intensity is too high, like a small hydrogen bomb exploding.

The energy of the yellow light can of course compress it into a mass – in order to materialize the light energy and facilitate digestion – when it is digestible, the light mass must be in contact with the stomach, spatially or physically It will be all right.

How is it digested without contact with the stomach?

Of course, Harry knew it couldn’t be digested, and in fact he couldn’t digest it, but Fat Head was watching.

At the moment of contact, radiation and heat hit the stomach wall.

Stomach acid had no effect on the light mass, but her stomach wall was starting to scorch.

“You saw it, it’s useless!” Harry hurriedly used the energy of the yellow light to separate the light group and the stomach bag again.

“The energy level of the lantern beast is much higher than that of the starlight. You can even digest the lantern beast, but there’s no reason why you can’t digest the starlight!” Fattou murmured there.

Harry thoughts move, ready to throw the light ball into the intestines and pull it out.

But the next moment, the embarrassing image of “Rocket Harley” with a fire-breathing butt drum, appeared in her mind.

She quickly changed from down to up, and wanted to squirt out of her mouth.

Thinking about it for a while, it seems embarrassing too.

At the same time as embarrassing, Harry suddenly had an idea, and she opened her mouth and covered her lips and throat with the energy of the yellow light.

β€œTailed Beast Cannon or Atomic Breath?”

Harry chose the continuous spray of Atomic Breath instead of a one-shot tailed Beast Cannon, because compressed sunlight couldn’t explode.

“ε‘²ε‘²ε‘²” A beam of bright light with the thickness of an arm spewed out of Harry’s mouth, she gave up control of her body, like a cannon, revolving in a circle in the universe.

“Oh, that’s fun!”

She was happy, and kept fine-tuning the shape of her mouth spout.

The shape of the spout changes, and so does the beam emitted from the mouth.

The light beam expands and shrinks for a while. Before all the light energy is exhausted, it is shaped into a golden ray with the thickness of a finger, and it starts to diverge after a few kilometers.

“Ouch, my throat is so dry!” Harry opened his mouth, her voice a little hoarse.

“What were you doing just now?” Fattou asked in confusion.

“Using waste to develop a human laser weapon.” Harley said with a smile: “In the future, I can also learn to tear apart and shoot heat rays.”

“Have you considered the cost-effectiveness?” The fat head reminded: “How many times the power of fear you use to collect, bind, and spray light energy is the energy of ‘human flesh heat rays’?”

Ha Li understood what the fat head meant.

If you have the energy to toss the heat rays, it is better to directly use the power of fear to convert the energy of the yellow light into a ray attack.

“Looking at it now, the efficiency is indeed low, but”

Involving her core secret, she stopped.

In the future, if the Radiation and Thermonuclear Defense Specialties can be enabled, and the Food Defense Specialties can also be upgraded to Level 8, or even Level 9β€”to the extent that even energy can be digested, it will be very cost-effective to spray heat rays.

I can’t say, one day she can swallow a few suns, hide the sun in her stomach, and spit supernova directly, if a Person blocks, then kill the Person, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, the universe Invincible!

“Now you believe it?” Harry asked.

“Hey, why are you such a picky eater?”

“When you follow Hal on the Star River, you can also let him take you around looking for meteorites, Then come back to Earth and find me. Hal is from Earth anyway, we will only separate, not separate.” Harry said.

“Also.” Fattou has new expectations for the future.

When a man and a beast returned to Quinn Manor, Bruce and Hal were already waiting in the living room.

“Sorry, there was an accident. When I was foraging for food with the fat head, I was attacked by the alien smuggling ship, which delayed some time.” Harry took the initiative to explain.

Then without waiting for the two of them to ask questions, she put her finger on Hal’s eyebrows, and a bunch of green light flashed away.

Hal Jordan is already beaming, covered in a green uniform.

He is habitually sporting a green light uniform.

Seeing his reaction, Harry frowned, “How do you feel?”

“Awesome!” Hal Jordan clenched his fists, and the surging green glow illuminated the living room green Wang Wang, “It feels stronger than with the ring, weird.”

“How much stronger?” Bruce asked.

“I don’t know, I feel omnipotent right now,” Hal said.

Bruce wondered: “I thought the Lantern Beast just increased the green light energy, not the Lantern’s strength.”

Harry said strangely: “You’re right, in general I’m curious, you’ve never seen a lamp beast, why do you think this way?

I was holding Earth’s that day.

It’s a great feat that should let you, and everyone else, misjudge the beast.”

“I’m the Green Lantern, and I don’t know that the beast is not helpful for improving strength.” Hal again He clenched his fist, felt the real power, and said in surprise: “But what is going on with me now?”

Bruce said: “I have studied the green light ring and know that there is a large amount of green light energy stored in it.

Bruce said: p>

The same ring, Lantern strength the difference between Heaven and Earth, why?

The same Lantern, no matter how much energy is consumed in the ring, the strength is constant, why?

Obviously, the strength of the Lantern has nothing to do with the ring or the total amount of energy in their hands, but only how much energy they can control and their fighting skills.

In other words, the strength of Green Lantern , which is mainly determined by his own willpower.

If the lamp beast can improve the strength of the lamp man, it must be to strengthen his willpower.

I don’t know about the lamp beast, but I understand Harry, if the ion shark can greatly increase your spirit strength and willpower, you won’t send it out at all.

You are willing to let it go free, just because of its function, which is repeated with the parallax monster , won’t be of much use to you.”

Hal looked at him, then at Harry, in disbelief.

“pa pa pa!” Selena smiled and applauded, “You have analyzed Harley thoroughly.”

Harley glared at Bruce with a blank face, “This time you But I guessed wrong, the fat head helps me far more than enhancing the spirit attribute.”

Bruce’s eyes flickered, and he asked with a flat expression: “Oh, what’s its specialty?”


“You go and ask Ion.” Harley raised her chin to Hal.

“I don’t know.” Hal said blankly.

“The thought sinks into the Sea of Consciousness, communicates the fat head.”

Hal closed his eyes and complied.

A moment later, he opened his eyes suddenly and said in horror: “Its will is too huge. When I face it, even my thinking is frozen, unable to speak, unable to communicate.”

Bruce squinted and looked towards Harley: She was ‘fighting’ with the two lantern beasts.

Harry thought for a while, and suggested: “Let Bruce teach you a few Meditation Methods. If you have time, use the Meditation Method to condense your thinking and try to communicate with the fat man.”

She can Facing the lantern beast is because of his defensive expertise, Hal’s words.

As long as the fat head is correct in his judgment, the incarnation of the will will definitely be able to face his “brother”.

Hal turned to Bruce, said with a smile: “Teach me your omega ray dodging skills, in the universe, your reputation is not much lower than Harley, because you dodge twice in a row. The omega rays that you must hit.”

“I don’t mind teaching you about it, but it was the exclusive skill I learned from the Spiritual God spell during Martial Arts Realm Second Transformation. You’re hard to learn.” Bruce hesitantly said.

He relied on Asar to teach him to master the Concealment Spell, and under his guidance, he carried out a second evolution similar to the death of a mage. In the end, he was lucky enough to turn the Concealment into a life-threatening transformation. His own concealment – the perfect concealment of breath, Spiritual Fluctuation and form.

“It’s not a loss to try, maybe it’s a success?” Hal’s smile faded and he sighed: “Darkseid is not dead, there will definitely be a time to meet him in the future. .”

He nearly died heroically last time, but the Flash came to the rescue in time, carrying him to deplete the energy of the omega rays.

“Bruce, have you heard of the ‘Singularity Curse’?” Harry asked.

Bruce looked serious and nodded gently, “Shortly after the Apocalypse Invasion ended, Zattan warned me that there were mages eyeing me, they thought I had mastered the ‘Multiverse Universe level’. The Singularity Spell.”

“What is the Singularity Spell? Why is it being targeted?” Selena asked in surprise.

Harry sighed: “Computer games have bugs, the universe is like a sophisticated instrument, but it is not perfect and without blemish, and there may be loopholes in the rules.

For that The loopholes, the magic skills created, are the singularity spells.

The singularity spells are often very powerful, because it is a bug.

And the singularity spells are almost It is equivalent to a Divine Spark.

If the magic Grandmaster becomes the sole controller of the singularity spell, it can be promoted to Spiritual God 100%.”

“Ah, what can I do?” selena worriedly said.

Bruce said oddly, “As long as Bateman doesn’t leave Gotham, it’s not a problem, Zatanna said.”


Bruce raised his chin to Harry, “Powerful Grandmasters, gods and demons are more taboo in Gotham. Ordinary mages are not afraid of being stared at by her, but I am not afraid of them.”

Selena also began to express her expression. eccentric.

“You take it easy, even I am often ambushed, what’s the use of fame?

As long as you prove that your singularity spell is true, outlaws will inevitably flow. ‘ said Harry.

“Are you saying my occult pattern is a singularity spell?” Bruce said curiously.

“It’s a bit like, Asar teacher’s level is a dozen streets worse than Darkseid. No matter how mutated his spell is, it’s impossible to block Omega rays.”

Bruce muttered: “It doesn’t make sense, my principle of avoiding omega rays is very scientific, and there are no loopholes in the rules.

After the missile locks on a fighter, it will chase that target closely, ignoring the others nearby. Fighter aircraft.

This is almost the same as the attack method of omega rays, isn’t it?

The Flash’s evasion method is like a fighter plane releasing infrared decoys to consume the missiles that come from it.

I completely concealed my breath just before the missile started to lock on, and let it lock on to a wrong target.”

“The question is, why do you think you can Avoid Darkseid’s lock?” Harry asked.

“But I did it.”

“Yes, you did it, but you shouldn’t have been able to do it, so either you are special or your skills are special .” Harry said.

“It’s useless to talk about it. How to prevent those crazy mages is the key.” Selena said excitedly.

Harry glanced at Bruce, “You taught me the occult pattern, and then let Zatanna reveal the news?

No one dared to take the chance to become a god with me. , offended me, and I can’t survive being a Spiritual God.”

Bruce looked at her for a while, nodded and said: “Yes.”

Selena He looked back and forth in the world, with a complicated expression, sighed then said.


Silently, the living room was dark.

A few people looked towards the window in surprise, it was pitch black.

“ahhhh, the sun is gone!” From a distance, Ivy could still be heard shouting in the garden.

“A devil invaded Earth?” Harry moved in his heart, said with a sneer: “80% is that Mungo.”

(end of this chapter)


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