I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 539


Chapter 539 The Watchtower Plan and Military Power

A few people walked out of the living room, and sure enough, the sky was black and the earth was dark. The streets of Manhattan were cluttered with headlights and a commotion.

“Who is Mungo?” Bruce facial expression grave.

“The earth bully in the universe, there is a planet-sized space fortress that acts as a cosmic battle arena, coming to Earth–” Haley paused, browsing slightly wrinkle, she didn’t sense the gravitational pull from outer space Variety.

Without gravitational changes, naturally it is not Mungo’s “war world” blocking the sun’s rays.

“You mean, the space fortress blocks the sun?” Bruce frowned.

Suddenly, Harry’s face changed and became extremely embarrassed, “Hal, the Ion Man is here, first light up the world, then go to outer space to see, fly in the direction of the sun, break through the shadow area , and see what’s there.”

Hal didn’t know why, but he still turned into a green light and flew into the sky.

After only three seconds, the bright green light dispelled the darkness and reflected half of the Earth green.

But soon, the green gradually fades away, except that there is no sun, it is not much different from a cloudy day.

“He’s a natural Green Lantern.” Harry said with a complicated expression.

Selena Nodded, sighed: “It is true that innate talent is extraordinary to master the power just acquired so quickly.

But this is not surprising, when the green light ring fell on Earth, he was the first to pick him.”

Bruce frowned: “You didn’t follow him, you don’t seem to worry about him encountering Mungo?”

“Dignified Ion, If he is killed by a cosmic bully for a second, then he cannot wipe out the crimes.” Harry unperturbed, said seriously.

“Mongo, a arena owner, what are you doing in Earth?”

“Catch the Justice League and go to the ‘war world’ to be a slave gladiator and make money for him by playing games.”


Bruce and Selena’s expressions were slightly distorted. This bizarre reason was completely beyond their expectations.

“Isn’t he afraid of the ‘gold nuke’?” Selena asked.

“sou!” A beam of green light fell straight from the sky, interrupting the communication of several people.

“No aliens have been found in the solar system. It seems that someone has built a dam on the edge of the sun to block the light. When the water is full, it will be released at one time, so Earth only appeared for a period of time Dark Sky Curtain .” Hal Jordan was uncertain.

“You mean, there is a wave of ‘flood of light’ in the back?” Bruce complexion greatly changed, “Like vicious means! Only with ten million times the burst of solar radiation, you can do one trick Destroy half of Earth.”

“The flood does exist, but that intensity does no real damage to Earth, and it only lasted for a short moment. I use a ‘mirror’ to reflect the ‘flood’ with no difficulty. went elsewhere.” Hal said.

“Is it a temptation?” Bruce asked immediately.

“Possibly” Hal still wasn’t quite sure.

The sun is out again.

Selena looked at her phone and said, “About 3 minutes before and after.”

“These 3 minutes are enough to give Earth a blow.” Bruce looked towards the sky solemnly, ” Halle, Hal, the two of you have the strongest space combat ability. In the next few days, it is best to go to outer space regularly.

In addition, the detailed information of the war world and Mungo, It’s up to you too.”

“I’m a ‘nuclear bomb’, I can’t run around, let Ion Man take more responsibility.” Harry said with a sullen face.

“I can handle it alone.” Hal assured himself.

“Okay, be careful, now you’re Ion Man, not Green Lantern. You don’t have a light ring, so you can’t call for help.” With a word, he was about to leave.

“It’s almost noon, why don’t we have a meal together?” Selena advised.

“Seeing that the crisis is coming to Earth again, I don’t have time and mood to have dinner together.” Bruce said with a serious expression.

Before leaving, he turned to Harry and said, “Tomorrow the Justice League will submit an application to Congress. For Earth, for the sake of the United States, you’d better not stop it.”

The application was submitted on the second day, and it was not until a week later that a formal inquiry meeting on the “Watchtower Project” was officially held in the Washington Congress.

This is a semi-closed internal meeting.

The number of participants was very small, no more than fifty people. There were five members of parliament including the speaker, three military representatives, Lord Ma Gang and his staff, Commander History of Heavenly Eye Club Steve Trevor, the two giants Superman and Bateman.

This was not a secret meeting, and there were several prominent journalists who were not allowed to bring cameras and recorders, as well as several government-government officials.

“The application documents submitted by the Zhenglian to Congress contain a detailed introduction to the watchtower plan, including the preliminary design plan.” Bateman took the document and spoke first: “It is located in the Earth synchronous orbit. It is the space base of the Justice League.

The purpose of its existence is to monitor the information of the solar system and even the deep space of the universe, and to guard against alien enemies.

It is necessary Sex, no need for me to repeat, we’ve all experienced the Krypton crisis, the Green Lantern crisis, the ‘spectator dispute’ during Darkseid’s invasion, and the ‘White Nights 3 minutes’ of Mungo, a suspected cosmic overlord a week ago.

Earth needs early warning, the first interception network needs to be set up, the war needs to be kept out of Earth city, and we need watchtowers.”

Betterman finished his speech and sat back in his seat.

Father Louise said first: “Battman, you are right, Earth does need a watchtower, but its function is very militarized and even needs the support of the national defense military.

Can I doubt that the Justice League wants to seize a part of the military power that should only belong to the Pentagon?”

The two leaders of Zhenglian were silent, and Steve Trey, who was sitting beside them Freplied: “General Ryan, whether we admit it or not, the Justice League has actually interfered with the military’s power from the moment it was formed.

Superman can defeat the entire Earth’s army. Whoever treats him as a pure civilian is deceiving himself.

The Justice League has the martial power, the determination to fight, and the responsibility of guarding the home and defending the country. They are the army, a super team. The capable team.

Since they have a military attribute, it is reasonable to build an ‘Earth defense outpost’ with a military attribute.”

General Ryan frowned: “Trevor Colonel, at the Heroes Convention, the agreement between the White House and the heroes only includes the right to do good, which is limited by regulations.

Their actions are limited to the judicial system and do not involve the administration or the military.”

Steve said without hesitation: “Then expand the power of Zhenglian in light of today’s realities – note, I’m talking about Zhenglian only, not superheroes – to make them ethical and used today. The military actions required by the Earth are incorporated into the legal system of the United States.

Not because of the restrictions of the old laws, preventing them from doing things that are beneficial to human civilization.”

Several politicians- The faces of the representatives of the government were not very good-looking.

General Minos said solemnly: “Colonel Trevor, you are a soldier, can you go out and catch thieves like a policeman?”

“If I were a pure soldier , catching thieves is beyond the right of the military. Now I am the Chief-In-Charge of the Heavenly Eye Association. Let alone catching thieves, I can detect drugs, investigate smuggling, and patrol the border. I can do a lot of things that I think can maintain the security of the United States.

And all my actions are legal.

My authority to do these things comes from Congress, because the United States in today’s special circumstances requires Heavenly Eye to do it.”

Steve said loudly: “Generals, congressmen, and Mr. President, it is not the Zhenglian that is seeking power, but the reality of the growing alien threat, forcing us to hand over part of the responsibility. To them.

Another word for responsibility is power.

Another word for power is responsibility.

We should be thankful, at least Earth There are also heroes who can take this responsibility.”

General Minos frowned: “Colonel, what is your position?”

He also deliberately said “Colonel” The accent is accented on the name.

Steve didn’t hesitate: “The purpose of my existence and Heavenly Eye is to serve the Justice League and other heroes wholeheartedly.” Said it in public.

It is indeed the responsibilities of the department announced by Heavenly Eye.

But well.

Several generals looked at him resentfully: Your responsibility is to fly the beautiful banner of serving heroes and quietly serve the government and the military. How did you become the Chief-In-Charge of the Heavenly Eye Association without even this awareness?

Thinking of this, they began to scan the several members presiding over the meeting — Trevor’s appointment, from Congress.

Speaker John responded calmly to the generals, “Heavenly Eye will be a bridge between superheroes and government-government, and Colonel Trevor can express the will of the heroes for the heroes, which is very good, It means that there is no problem in the communication between the two sides.”

“Mr. President, what do you think?” Minos turned his eyes to the horse Gang Lord.

Lord Ma Gang turned his gaze to Harley, “Men Quinn, do you think Earth must need the Justice League to take this responsibility?”

Harley said with a smile: “Justice The alliance expounded its identity and positioning in the current Earth, and also asked the general and Mr. President to express your best expectations for the position of Zhenglian in the current country.

The two sides first state their positions, and then from the contradiction Seeking a compromise.”

After hesitating for a moment, Lord Ma Gang sighed: “Personally, I really hope that the hero will be an ordinary person, obediently and honestly, not to appear on the streets and not to occupy the media. A lot of traffic.

When the aliens invaded, they put on their shirts, under the leadership of the government, they cooperated sincerely, banned them, and gave up their lives; when the aliens retreated, they would take off again. Cloak down and return to order and ordinary.”

Everyone’s expressions were weird.

Harry said dryly with a smile: “Mr. President is an honest person.”

Ma Gang Lord raised his chin towards the hero seat, “They have been so candid, they are starting to directly Why should I hide my thoughts after asking for military expenses?”

β€œThe hero in the mouth of Mr. President is the most perfect hero in the hearts of our soldiers.” Several generals sighed.

Speaker John also sighed: “It is also the hero that Congress is most looking forward to.”

Steve turned his head and whispered to Bateman, loudly said: “Mr. President, Generals, and members of Congress, please think carefully, is such a hero mode really perfect?

I will give the simplest example, why the Pentagon does not cancel all the establishment of the US military and wait until the war comes. , and then recruit troops all over the country?

Why does the United States obviously have no internal and external wars, but its national defense spending far exceeds the sum of other countries, why not wait for the war to come and rebuild aircraft and aircraft carriers?

You may To say, normally heroes do not need to prepare for the Earth crisis, the Pentagon will do the preparation work. When it comes to national defense, it means disbanding the army, normally prepared by officials in the White House who can only talk big, and when wartime comes, they will be recruited across the country. , the militia led by officials to resist foreign humiliation?

Do you think this is absurd?”

(End of this chapter)

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