I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 540


Chapter 540 As soon as Superman uses his brain, humans are afraid

“How did this guy become Heavenly Eye Chief-In-Charge?”

A group of ‘talking big’ White House officials turned blue.

Steve Trevor turned a blind eye to the condemning and questioning eyes of his “colleagues”, and continued to loudly said: “Fairness is the greatest truth in the world, and you should get as much as you give.

Heroes who sacrificed their lives to save Earth should be famous throughout the world and gain glory and praise.

It is the greatest shame for the country and the government to make heroes who sacrificed their lives to be unknown.”

“Didn’t the five-ring admiral say it? Each of them said their true thoughts, and then reached a compromise in the conflict. Now that we have told the truth, what are you excited about?” General Ryan frowned.

“Your truth makes heroes chill.”

“But Zhenglian’s truth also makes us worry.” Lord Ma Gang said.

Steve leaned back in his chair and said indifferently: “In this case, the Justice League withdrew its application to build the watchtower.”

Lord Ma Gang said in surprise: “Not on guard. Is there an alien crisis?”

“For Earth and for mankind, it is imperative to establish a crisis early warning and prevention mechanism. Since the government cannot cooperate with heroes, then each will do its own thing, and the Pentagon can be built. With its own space base, the Justice League has the ability to build watchtowers on its own,” Steve said.

“No way!” All the military and political officials have complexion greatly changed and denied it in unison.

“The actions of the Zhenglian must not be separated from the supervision of the government-government. This is the bottom line agreed between the government-government and the hero, and it is also your responsibility, Colonel Trevor, as the commander of the Heavenly Eye Society.” Ma Gang Lord anxiously said.

Steve reminded: “Mr. President, there is no law that clearly states that the Justice League is not allowed to build a space base outside Earth.

Just as the United States cannot stop any country in Earth or Economic organizations send satellites to outer space.

even more how Zhenglian’s actions are not aimed at Earth, but to prevent alien crises, the people will support them because they need Zhenglian to protect their home and Life.

Of course, it is also possible that the government-government can do better, and ultimately eliminate the Justice League from the people’s choice.”

If the people are allowed to choose, 80% of the people who will be eliminated will be eliminated. It’s the U.S. government that’s useless in a crisis.

Ma Gang Lord ugly complexion, suppressed his anger, and said in a soft tone: “From being open and honest to parting ways, there is still a long section of the road that can be walked, there is no need to be so extreme.”


“That’s right, we’ve just started talking. The position of Zhenglian and the government in the watchtower project can be discussed slowly.” Speaker John echoed.

Steve spread his hands and said helplessly: “The watchtower project has been denied by you from the very beginning, how can you talk about the position and role of the government in the plan?”

“This” several military and political leaders looked at each other, helpless.

Someone looked at Harley, who pretended not to see.

Although she is the director of the Heavenly Eye Society, she really can’t help the government in this matter.

A watchtower is definitely necessary.

The government and Zhenglian, fools know who to trust.

After a long time, Lord Ma Gang said in a hoarse voice: “In principle, I do not oppose the watchtower plan, because it is really beneficial to Earth’s protection.”

Several members and generals, low Sheng exchanged a few words with his colleagues quickly, and they all said the same thing.

Then, the speaker presiding over the meeting looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “It’s almost noon, I suggest to suspend the meeting temporarily. After lunch, we will continue to discuss the watchtower plan at 2:30 in the afternoon. The details.”

Everyone looked towards the wall clock, and at a quarter past ten, it was the golden time in the morning.

But no one really refuted the speaker’s words, and everyone left the venue silently.

At 10:20, Lord Ma Gang and Admiral Wuhuan had coffee in the small Conference Hall next door.

“Halle, why didn’t you talk earlier?” Lord Ma Gang blamed Harry first.

“What did I say?” Harry sighed helplessly and then said, “You all said that the hero the government is most looking forward to, has to work hard in wartime, and normally do his normal work.


The trifling ‘Junior’ Justice League has made the government so fearful when it sets foot in the military field.

If I, the ‘Earth’s greatest hero’, do something beyond my own identityβ€” -Whether you oppose the Zhenglian, or speak for the Zhenglian, you will be more afraid.

If you oppose the Zhenglian, you will think–doesn’t the ball-protecting hero want to suppress the Zhenglian, a family that dominates?

If you support Zhenglian, you will also thinkβ€”does the ball-protecting hero want to join forces with Zhenglian, who will check and balance them?”

Lord Ma Gang looked embarrassed, β€œIt’s not that, It’s not that you are the hero of protecting the ball, we all trust you.”

“Of course I believe in you, so I trust you. I have always believed that the greater the ability, the heavier the responsibility, the greater the responsibility, The more careful what I do and what I say.

I have divided myself into two now. The ‘golden nuclear bomb’ is locked in the depths of the underground silo. Only when the battle horn to protect human beings is sounded, the nuclear bomb will jump out first. , the charge is at the forefront.

And Congressman Hallie, is only a New York State Congressman and a director of the Heavenly Eye Association.

Admiral of the Fifth Ring has no authority or position.

Trifling state legislator, obviously not qualified to speak at this kind of meeting.

Heavenly Eye Council director, only responsible for overseeing lawlessness within the Heavenly Eye Council.

Only Supervisory power, no power to manage the internal affairs of Heavenly Eye Club.”

Harry spread his hands, “So, what do you want me to say?”

Lord Ma Gang said gently : “Then you supervise Steve Trevor, he seems to be sitting crooked.”

Harry speechless saying: “Isn’t Steve yours?”

“I appointed the man, but it really wasn’t me who chose him,” exclaimed the Ma Gang Lord.

“Then you go to the person who chose him. He is now doing things according to the rules. I, the director of the Heavenly Eye Association, can’t fault him at all,” said Harley.

11:15 AM in the Speaker’s Office.

Speaker John, Ma Gang Lord and several generals sat together smoking cigars, the room was filled with smoke.

“. That’s what she said.”

Lord Ma Gang softly repeated the conversation with Harry just now.

“Huh” The rest of the bigwigs let out a breath of smoke and their expressions relaxed a lot.

“Harley Quinn is a hero!” General Ryan praised.

General Minos gently voted, “A hero is not a hero, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is, as long as she still abides by the current rules of the game, then she must be a hero, the greatest of ‘Earth’ A hero’!”

Congressman John sighed: “She doesn’t express any opinion, she is a ‘golden nuclear bomb’ who has no position and only helps Earth deter the aliens, of course, it is what we most hope to see.

But without her to help us suppress the Justice League, we can’t seem to be the heroes!

The Justice League is too arrogant and too smart, and the political means are brilliant, not at all like a hero Hero.”

Lord Ma Gang rolled his eyes at him, “Superman can learn the laws, languages, dialects and customs of dozens of countries in a few hours, that kind of super intelligence, whoever thinks he is stupid, is the truth. How stupid.

And Bateman, who has no superpowers, if he is mentally retarded, why is he one of the seven giants of the Justice League?”

“It has always been Steve. Trevor is speaking, he is the brilliant man of political wisdom, he is a traitor!” General Minos said solemnly.

β€œSteve was chosen by you.” Ma Gang Lord looked towards the Speaker reproachfully.

Speaker John smiled lightly, “His performance is actually quite in line with my expectations. What do you fear most when dealing with superheroes?

Is it the ideal of justice they adhere to?

Is it because they violated laws and disciplines and affected the social order when they insisted on their ideals?

Or did they decide to seize part of the power belonging to the government, the government and the army for the sake of their ideals?”

He shook his head, “Neither. What we are most afraid of is that the hero who masters the power will not disobey us and completely ignore the current rules of the game.

They have the ability to do it, but we do not. There is no ability to stop it.

For example, this time, Zhenglian secretly built the watchtower, and it was lifted by Tearman and flew into the sky. What can we do other than stare blankly?”

Everyone was speechless.

The Speaker sighed; “Therefore, Heavenly Eye will serve as a link between the hero and the government, and it is necessary to exist.

I choose Colonel Steve because he His character is also very superhero, and he has a Wonder Woman girlfriend.

He also won the hero’s trust as I hoped.

Steve is another hero A soldier with super power is completely within the system, and he is destined to pull the Zhenglian closer to the system, not away from it.

Because the Zhenglian is far away from the system, it is equivalent to staying away from him.

For the sake of his heroic dream and his lover, he will subconsciously resist that situation.

In this way, his existence will always only benefit us.”

Ma Gang Lord He agreed with the Speaker’s statement in his heart, but still said: “But what he is doing now is only harmful to us.” Steve opened a bottle of red wine.

He clearly told me that all the key points in his words were all from inside Zhenglian.

He was just a ‘stand on the stage’ ”.

I believe his words because I know him, he has been in the military before, he has no political experience, and he is not a mutant who has suddenly become a political veteran.”

“This is unscientific and unreasonable!” General Minos exclaimed, “In the movie and in the story, superheroes are all about justice, and their political IQ is almost negative, even a third-rate politician can make them Playing with applause.

Why do we face a real hero, whose superpower is more exaggerated than the movie, and whose political skills are cunning enough to run for president?”

Mr. Offended, Fiercely glared at the lieutenant general, “In the movie, the soldiers are all righteous, and their political IQ is negative, but I think General Minos can also run for president!”

“Uh” Mi North embarrassed: “I don’t mean to offend Mr. President, I just think that Zhenglian’s tricks and tactics are unreasonable.”

“Common sense in the movie?” Speaker John disagreed, “In the movie, Especially a movie with a civilian hero as the protagonist, which time the U.S. government-government has not behaved like a pig?

In terms of the movie plot, we are not sitting here drinking tea and smoking Cigar, we had a small meeting to discuss how to compromise with the Justice League, but with a neck and red eyes, the summon American soldiers surrounded the scene and won all of them.”

Lord Ma Gang was elected and said: ” Most American audiences are stupid and just want to eat popcorn, so Hollywood directors make stupid movies to feed them.

Just think about it, superheroes are evolvers , the body has evolved, the brain must think faster.

Just like Superman, if he uses the speed of learning foreign languages and law to learn, intrigue, even if he only watches American dramas like “House of Cards”, he can hang me and so on. “

Everyone shivered and shivered, “I’d rather Superman don’t think about anything, those means all come from Bateman.” “

The Speaker looked thoughtful, “Maybe we should try our best to create momentum and define Bateman as the brain of the Justice League, so that everyone, including members of the Justice League, think that Bateman’s wisdom is the most reliable, lest he Other superheroes are ‘overbrained’. ”

(end of this chapter)

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