I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 541


Chapter 541 News from Duoduo

At 2:30 in the afternoon, it was still the same Conference Hall, but there were two fewer people.

The two most important people, Bateman and Tearman.

“Batman got an emergency call from Robin, and Frozen escaped from Arkham Asylum at 10:48 a.m..

Gotham needs Bateman, The people of Gotham were calling for Bateman, and Bateman went back first.

As for Superman, if you watch the news about New Orleans, you can see him saving people in the typhoon on the live broadcast silhouette.

So, I will complete the next meeting on behalf of Zhenglian.”

Facing the gloomy eyes of several military and political leaders, Colonel Steve’s expression was calm, Talk about it.

“You can call the shots for the Justice League?” Chancellor John frowned.

“I can at least be a microphone to explain the needs of Zhenglian to everyone.” Steve said.

The Speaker and Ma Gang Lord looked at each other and both had the idea of dismissing the meeting immediately.

Steve is only responsible for conveying Zhenglian’s request, which means that the U.S. government has only two options: yes or no.

This is very detrimental to their original plan of “fighting against the elite” – using language skills and familiarity with government affairs to defeat Zhenglian heroes in the details of the negotiations, so as to achieve the goal of lip service.

When it comes to prevarication, high-sounding, and inaction in political affairs, no matter how clever a hero is, he is definitely not as good as this group of ‘aged officials’ who climbed the political peak.

Who would have thought that Zhenglian did not talk about martial arts and did not give them a chance to ‘fight a fair fight’

Too much!

“Generals, members of Congress, and Mr. President, before he left, Superman said that building a watchtower is imperative, because the enemy has tested us with the ‘sun dam’ a week ago.

Ion man patrols the solar system three times a day now, which is already very high-intensity work, but still cannot guarantee that Earth is safe.

There is only a watchtower, which can monitor the solar system 24 hours a day.

Zhenglian’s application was submitted a week ago. If the result is not available today, even if they are willing to wait another week, the enemy will wait? Can Earth wait?

If during the waiting period , the aliens invaded, Earth suffered heavy losses, who will be responsible?”

Harry saw that the horse Gang Lord beside him was blushing, and he was on the verge of eruption.

“Let’s talk about Zhenglian’s requirements first.” Speaker sighed then said.

Even if you want to break out, you must first listen to the conditions of Zhenglian. What if the conditions are favorable and just within their bottom line?

Uh, thinking this way, he has already lost a hand in the negotiation.

“The first is the construction funds of the watchtower, with Superman and Ion Man to help transport, and the steel bone sonic boom Spatial Teleportation, the cost is almost compressed to the limit.”

Said, Steve opened the PPT and showed the structure diagram of the watchtower in front of everyone, “invested 30 billion US dollars in the early stage, and built the space radar system in a few days.

In addition to the funds, Zhenglian also needs The Red Room Laboratory, which specializes in the research and development of alien technology, provides certain alien technical support and finished instruments, such as the radar from the Krypton mothership, the spaceship deck, and the main brain.

In the next two years, the ‘lookout’ will be completed. The construction of the tower 1.0′ will cost about 150 billion yuan.

After the watchtower is completed, a super-power team of no less than 20 people will be stationed in it at all times. The daily maintenance cost is about 15 yuan per month. From 100 million to 3.5 billion.”

Several bosses exchanged glances, and Gang Lord Ma opened the mouth and said: β€œMr. Quinn, you are an expert, do you think the watchtower can serve as an early warning? A wave of interception functions?”

Harry swiped the watchtower information on the tablet and shook his head: “The Justice League has concealed a lot of things, and you can’t judge its specific function only by looking at the structure diagram.”


“Why hide it?” Lord Ma Gang asked Steve.

“In the face of advanced civilization, the U.S. government can hardly keep secrets. You know, they can know if they want to.”

This is true, but true It hurts so much.

Lord Ma Gang blushed again, “I don’t know the detailed data of the watchtower, how can you make sure you don’t abuse the funds?”

“The Justice League only needs supplies, and the money won’t come. They are in their hands. Government-government funds can be placed in banks designated by the government-government, and the accounts are subject to government-government supervision at all times.

Zhenglian Hero swears that every penny provided by the government-government will be Used in the defense of Earth’s cause.

All members of the Alliance are unpaid.” Colonel Steve said solemnly.

His expression was a little excited, obviously moved by the noble sentiments of Zhenglian heroes.

At least compared to the military and political leaders on the scene, Zhenglian Hero is too honest and selfless.

He even thought that if the officials of the U.S. government were so efficient, honest and dedicated, Earth would definitely be a paradise.

Ma Gang Lord hesitantly said: “150 billion in two years, it’s a bit difficult to handle”

He doesn’t think it’s expensive, an aircraft carrier floating at sea is also more than 10 billion, lookout The total volume of the tower is three times larger than that of the Ford aircraft carrier!

The technological content is hundreds of streets away from the aircraft carrier.

In addition to the watchtower itself, it also carries three cosmic spaceships that go back and forth between space and the ground, and five small space battleships that respond quickly. use?

The price is not expensive, but for the already-strapped U.S. finances, it is a bit difficult to pull out 150 billion.

“You can move a part of the military spending, for example, by withdrawing the Afghan army, easily saving hundreds of billions.” Steve said.

“The Justice League wants to interfere in the country’s affairs?” Lord Ma Gang said sternly.

Steve smiled wryly and shook his head, “Pure personal opinion, now it’s all Interstellar Era. If the government is really short of money, Zhenglian heroes can ask tycoons to sponsor them.

For example , Bruce Wayne, who is eager to improve the social environment of Gotham and has always given strong support to Bateman.”

Lord Ma immediately shook his head, “If Bruce Wayne wants to support national construction, he can buy government bonds and burn them in public. Absolutely not.”

“Oh, the government is going to issue the ‘Watchtower Project’ national debt?” Steve said curiously.

β€œYou can try it.” Ma Gang Lord said.

Harry said impatiently: “It’s only 150 billion. Wouldn’t it be enough to make the money printing machine run a few more turns next year? Many things about the watchtower are more worth discussing than the cost.”

“Alright, let the money printing machine move more.” Lord Ma Gang resigned and moved on to the next topic.

Under Steve’s “compulsion”, Congress passed the “Watchtower Project” bill that afternoon.

At 7:30 p.m., the president also held a press conference to announce the incident to reporters.

“Harry, are you saying that the ‘Sun Dike’ was created by the Justice League to force us to agree to their watchtower plan by faking a crisis?”

Dinner buffet, Holding two baked potatoes and a beef rib, Ma Gang Lord said gloomily: “What a coincidence! During the negotiation process, the Justice League’s performance was too rigorous schemes and deep foresight, not like a sincere hero.

Since they can use subterfuge in the negotiation, it is also possible to artificially create a crisis for the sake of the negotiation.

If that is the case, Justice League.”

He didn’t go on, but the deep fear in his eyes had already explained everything.

“That’s not true. At the time, I was investigating Ion Man, and Bateman was also nearby. When the mutation appeared, they were also shocked and worried.” Harry said with a natural look.

“Could Superman do it without them?” Lord Gang was still worried.

“How can you doubt Superman? He’s almost as pure as Saint.” Harry said strangely.

“How do you think Zhenglian’s performance in today’s meeting?”

Harry said strangely: “You suspect that Superman is in control of this behind the scenes?”

Ma Gang Lord was nodded, “He has a super brain and is the smartest.”

“It’s true that he has a super brain, but his brain is almost a decoration and never used.”

The banquet hall was full of celebrities, and the famous writer Clark, who was talking with his old father-in-law, raised his glasses and glanced here.

β€œWho else could it be if he wasn’t?” Ma Gang Lord asked.

“It must be Bateman!” said Harry.

“So, Batman’s position in Zhenglian is really a think tank?” Lord Ma Gang’s expression became more relaxed.

“The last battle plan against Darkseid was made by him,” Harry said.

Ma Gang Lord took a bite of the baked potato and sighed: “Harry, do you think the government will be replaced by the Super League of Legends in the future?”

Harry thought After thinking about it, he said: “It shouldn’t be, every high civilization in the universe has a super team, but their government is not a puppet.

With the continuous development of technology, one day Ordinary soldiers can use technological weapons to shorten the distance between them and transcender infinitely.”

“With Earth’s current technological level, how long does it take for ordinary soldiers to check and balance Superman?” Ma Gang Lord expected.

“Probably. The unit is ten thousand years.”

The horse Gang Lord had half a potato stuck in his throat, and his face turned black and red.

Three days later, the Watchtower Space Base ascended into Earth synchronous orbit.

At NASA headquarters, Superman and The Flash let the world see a rare spectacle.

They moved quickly between the containers loaded with parts and equipment, incarnated as strips of golden and red rays of light, with the assembly table as the center, a huge group of rays circled around.

Many spectators standing on the periphery saw a five-hundred-meter-high metal spacecraft rising from the ground at a speed visible to naked eyes and forming a combination.

The final form of the watchtower: in the center is a 500-meter-long flying shuttle, and a “doughnut” with a diameter of 500 meters surrounds the middle of the shuttle.

Ion Man descends, lifts it into the sky with a green light curtain, and finally enters Earth’s synchronous orbit.

“Long live the Justice League, long live the watchtower!”

When the watchtower was activated in space and functioning normally, Earth people in front of the TV cheered excitedly.

“pa pa pa pa .” NASA headquarters, the same thunderous applause, the Flash and Superman waved to all around, smiling.

“Such a fast speed, such a high efficiency. If Superman helps the United States build infrastructure, can it be done?” Lord Ma Gang asked Harry next to him.

“I have long admired the high-speed rail of the Chinese people, but it is a pity that the cost of repairing the high-speed rail is too high.

If you replace it with Superman, you can complete Gotham to the Metropolis in about a day. The cost will be reduced by 70%.

No matter how fast China is, it can’t be faster than the American Superman, hahaha.”

β€œYou can let him try.”

Having seen the ‘true light speed assembly’ of the watchtower, Harley returned to Gotham on the second day, and once again stayed behind closed doors and disappeared from the public eye.

But she didn’t rest for two days either.

A week later, at midnight, an unexpected person arrives at Quinn Manor and wakes Harley from her sleep.

“Harry, there’s a black man at the gate, looking so vicious, he calls himself ‘Midnight’, he’s from the Midnight Bar in Brudhaven, he says it’s your old acquaintance, there’s a secret major event I want to tell you,” Angela in the front yard said over the phone.

“Let him see me tomorrow.” Harry was a little angry when he was awakened in his sleep.

“He said he came here secretly. In order to avoid the eyes and ears of the gods, he can only see you at this time.”

Harry sighed then said, “Give him the phone.”

“Miss Quinn, I’m Astral Projection, I don’t have time to delay, please allow me to tell you about your dog in person, you will never regret it after listening, I swear.”

“Blossoming?” Harley’s unfathomable mystery.

(end of this chapter)

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