I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 543


Chapter 543 Dreamworld

second day In the morning, Harry personally went to the mall to buy more than ten sets of the latest styles of children’s clothing , and dozens of sets of toddler toys.

After lunch, she took Ivy and clothes and toys, and took the Archimedes airship to the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

“Harry, you’ve done a lot of things during this time!” Swamp monster sighed with emotion.

“My affairs are all trivial matters. Today I mainly come to see your daughter’s germination, look at these clothes and toys.”

Harry motioned to Ivy to move things out of the cabin , staring at the child in Abidal’s arms.

I was pregnant on December 25th last year, and now at the end of November, the baby has only been born for two months, and the pink toot is very cute. Why does these blue eyes look like Constantine?

β€”β€”Alas, there is a successor in the Constance Ding Family, he can die and rest his eyes!

Harry murmured something strange in her heart, and then she returned to the unity of all thoughts, and began to carefully sense the elemental aura around the baby girl, as if a sea of green of all things enveloped her.

Magic innate talent is no weaker than Zatanna.

But that’s all there is to it, no other natural phenomenon.

Placing a music box beside the little baby, playing a simple piece of music ding ding dong dong, Harry pulled the swamp monster aside and asked directly, “The budding ‘Holy Son’ innate talent. What is it? I don’t seem to sense anything special.”

The swamp monster wrinkled her vegetable salad face and said angrily: “We are also wondering, except for Life Power, she doesn’t seem to show any way to calm down the disorder of the elements. innate talent.”

“Have you asked Fate Academician?” Harry asked.

The swamp monster voted

“Fate Academician determined that the sprout is Holy Son? I always feel that Holy Son should not be so peaceful.” When the words came to her lips, she changed her mouth again, “It shouldn’t be so peaceful.”

She prefers to say “ordinary”.

Compared to Zatanna’s innate talent, it is very powerful and rare, but it is far from the unique and unmatched “Holy Son”, a “trait” that can be seen at a glance.

Harry doesn’t know what the trait is, but if there’s nothing special about Holy Son, why is it Holy Son?

The swamp monster said with displeasure: “The sprout is not Holy Son, who is? From the beginning of the winter solstice to the end of the arrival of the Holy Son, Fate Academician closely monitors the entire Earth, and there will be no second combination of the natural and the supernatural. .

There is no combination, so how can Holy Son come?

But Holy Son came and appeared on the hell stone tablet early, as the only one combination of nature and supernatural, germination is inevitable It is Holy Son.

Even if her ability in the future cannot reach the level of ‘pacifying the global elemental disorder’ that we expect, she is actually occupying the position of Holy Son and no one can replace her.”


His tone was a bit aggressive, and Harry could understand it, after all, it was his daughter.

“Why did the stone tablet that Holy Son descended on came out of hell and not somewhere else?” she asked.

“This is a little trick from the City of Silver. If they want, they can bury it in Quinn Manor.” The swamp monster disagreed.

Harry stared, “What do you mean, someone in the City of Silver used a pen to engrave a stone tablet, then closed his eyes, where would he throw it?”

Swamp monster frowned: “You didn’t come to see Sprout today, what do you want to say?”

“Of course I came to see Sprout, aren’t we talking about her now?”

Harley thought for a while, but still didn’t tell her guess about Duoduo.

She is not worried that the Council of Life and the Academician of Fate are not good for Duoduo.

As the swamp monster just said, once the position of Holy Son is occupied, no one can replace it.

It’s just that the publicity of the matter may affect her to secretly “save” Duoduo.

Well, she wasn’t sure if Duoduo needed rescue.

According to the elder sister in the middle of the night, Duoduo was very leisurely at the time, and was not caught and tortured.

However, it does not rule out that Duoduo is being hunted by demons and has not been caught at that time.

There are too many uncertainties.

After chatting with the swamp monster for a while, Hallie said goodbye and left.

That night, she went to the top of Indian Mountain and dug up the small grave of Duoduo.

On the edge of the tomb, Harry used the black magic of summon hell undead on the withered bones in the black stone box.

“ghost [email protected] of hell, in the name of Little Black Bean’s friend and the Duke of Paradise Mountain, I call to you to bring this corpse undead before me!”

Ordinary dogs definitely can’t have Soul Evocation, because their souls rarely enter heaven and hell, and their spirituality is insufficient.

Unlike Ke Duo Duo, it is definitely already in hell.

The wisps of black smoke, like live nematodes, burrowed out of the ground and circled around the dead bones, the faint space fluctuations flickered and closed like blinking eyes, the breath of depravity and evil spread out.

Harry was overjoyed, and the source of hell responded to her and found Duoduo.

“ε•΅β€”β€”” In the next instant, the indefinite fluctuations, together with the elemental power of hell that circled into a fog, exploded together.

It’s as if soap bubbles fell into a fire, disappeared in an instant, leaving nothing behind.

“summon stopped by someone” Harry frowned.

Then, she tried a few more times, and when the space fluctuation appeared, she still shouted at the side: “Duoduo, Duoduo, it’s me, come back, come back, Duoduo, Duo Duo, it’s me”

It’s like a mother who has a demented child, holding a child little cotton jacket and circling the dirt road in the village and shouting.

Unfortunately, Duoduo still didn’t respond to her.

After returning to the meditation room to ponder for a long time, Harley thought about the people she could ask for help one by one.

Eventually, Halle thought of someone who would definitely help her.

Back in the bedroom, she wiped her body with a mixture of geranium and fennel essential oils, took out a jar of scarlet ointment from the drawer, and drew a key-shaped rune between her eyebrowsβ€” Sandman Morpheus’ mark.

Putting on mulberry silk pajamas, she lay on the bed in the most stretched position.

“Merpheus, the monarch of dreams, please allow me to enter your kingdom.”

Like counting sheep, she muttered these words and fell into a deep sleep.

Well, Harley can’t bring the Sandman to the world like summon swamp monster or death of the second sister, because Morpheus swore not long ago – will never respond to any form of summon from now on.

Having been imprisoned naked for nearly a hundred years, that guy has a psychological shadow.

Harry fell asleep, but she was fully awake, even more awake than before she slept.

The rune on her forehead was flickering mysteriously.

She is clearly aware of the entire process of consciousness entering the realm of dreams – as if the soul had escaped from its flesh and was lifted up by a multi-colored soft light. The sky is neither a roof nor darkness. The starry sky, but the clouds of various colors of purple, black, gray and red, each color gives her a different feeling.

For example, when she passed by a pink cloud, she felt a sense of desire to release.

“This is someone else’s dream, a spring dream!”

Harry suddenly realized, looking around at the large and small clouds, “These are all human dreams.”

She fluttered, fluttered, and continued to rise.

She began to hear voices.

“hehe hee” echoed in the empty hall with a silver bell-like laughter.

“wu wu wu” had a mournful cry, as if lying in her arms and crying.

“wu wu wu “This time, it’s not the sound of crying, but the whistle of the train.

Harry blinked, and a train had really hit her: the locomotive was a pig’s head, the legs of the centipede were not the wheels under the train floor, and the entire carriage of the train was occupied by a bald old lady.

As it approached her, the train quickly twisted into a bizarre castle running on two legs, and there were faces on the castle.

Before she could be surprised, a mountain of garbage fell from the top of her head. Down, there are broken violins, rusted scalpels, half pieces of chalk.

There are also sofas, rice cookers, dolls without heads, a chipped kitchen knife, and an induction letter stained with vegetable soup Books, a piece of moldy bread, an empty wine bottle

And a rusty Lamborghini, LV bags, unopened condoms, the latest Paradise Hills phone with a flashing puppy video on the screen.


“Fake, what the hell is this?”

Harley couldn’t dodge, and countless rubbish fell from her side, hitting her head and shoulders, causing pain and pain.

β€œI want to.”

β€œI want to”

β€œI want to”

Every time she encounters a piece of garbage, she A muffled sound could be heard.

“These are all dreams!” Harry suddenly realized, and then looked strange, “How come dreams have become garbage?”

The garbage mountain comes and goes quickly, just Like a gust of wind, it blew past Harry.

Finally, she came to a spiral staircase that hovered in the void.

Harry knew that she had come to the entrance to the kingdom of dreams.

Without hesitation, she ran quickly along the stairs.

After running for an unknown time, a heavy shadow was cast in front of me.

Looking up, a western-style stone castle blocks the way.

“ao wu!” At the gate of the castle, there is also a chubby green-skinned dinosaur, roaring at Harry and flapping his wings

“Uh, not a dinosaur, but a giant dragon.” Harry was startled.

It looks exactly like a thunder lizard, with a pair of two-meter-long fleshy wings just above the front legs.

Harry wondered if this guy could fly.

“Ahhh!” Green Dragon saw the rune on her forehead, the fierce light in his eyes disappeared, and turned his head to hit the door with his head.

“Who is it?” A middle age person shouted from the door, “Gregory?”

“Ahhh!” Green Dragon Gregory continued Bang bang bang!”

Finally, the heavy iron-wrapped oak door opened a gap, and a strange-looking yellow-haired goatee stuck his head out.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Harley Quinn, your king’s good friend.”

“Omg, you are the legendary Demoness Harley!” The goatee with small glasses , jumped out of the door, staring at Harry with a surprised face, “No Three Heads Six Arms, ferocious-looking, the gap is too big.”

“What gap?” Glad to be famous, but didn’t understand the goatee’s reaction.

“I’ve seen you, but you’re not as pretty and fresh as you are now.”

“Where did you meet me?” Harry asked in confusion.

“It’s so terrifying in other people’s dreams!”

Harry sighed, “How can the things in the dream come true?”

“We are now In a dream.” Goatee said.

“Stop talking nonsense here, take me to see your king!” Harry was in no mood to chat with a guard.

Seemingly aware of her attitude, the goatee raised his chest and his expression became arrogant, “This is my territory, I am the first lord of the dreamland.

You can pass through my territory, But I’m not someone’s servant, and I won’t lead you.”

“Oh, so it’s the fief lord, what do you call it?” Harry said curiously.

“You don’t even know the owner of the mysterious house?” Goatee frowned.

“The house of mysterious? I know the house of mysterious and the house of secrets. The house of secrets is in the hands of the sages of Orchi. The owner of the house of mysterious seems to be an old monster.” Harry looked up. The castle in front, “What does your mysterious house have to do with the moving castle in the magic world? The name is exactly the same.”

“It seems that you really don’t know much about dreams.” The goatee opened the door, He stretched out his hand to make an invitation, “I am Cain, Abel’s brother in the world’s first legend.”

(end of this chapter)

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