I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 547


Chapter 547 Cries in the Wall

“John, John?!” Outside the Origin Wall, Halle shouted: “John, cheer up Ah, it’s only been a few months, how come you’ve lost your consciousness and your soul?”

The Origin Wall is not a freezer, whatever you put it in, it will always remain like this.

All the life hanging on the wall will gradually fuse with the wall, from the body to the consciousness, and eventually become a stone sculpture on the wall.

The powerful Divine King can maintain consciousness for billions of years, and his strength is as weak as Andy’s radar.

Zhakang is finally a Magical Grandmaster. He has been hanging on the wall for less than a year. He should have “sound mind”, but Harley shouted in front of his statue for a long time and got no response.

“John Constantine.”

Haley called out again, but didn’t respond.

“Is it really ‘melted’?”

Bowing her head, she saw the golden brilliance on her bodyโ€”the tight-fitting short skirt manifested by the power of fear.

“The little blue man once attacked me with green light energy. At that time, I was on the edge of the origin wall. The green light energy fell on the wall and was not absorbed.

Fat Head also said , The power of the emotional spectrum comes from the wall of origin. Try it, death is a living horse doctor!”

Harry clenched the teeth, and the palm of the palm spurted a golden beam with the thickness of the mouth of the bowl, aiming at Zhakang’s head.

โ€œTzzzzzzzโ€ is like holding a faucet at a personโ€™s face, but there is no water in it, itโ€™s all yellow light energy that triggers fear.

If Zhakang was still conscious, these fearful forces would stimulate his soul violently like a powerful electric current pouring into his heart.


Sure enough, after 3 minutes, Zhakangโ€™s full of fearful mourning came out.

Harry put away the yellow light energy, and he slowly recovered.

“Harry? How did you become a golden man? And what’s going on with this golden energy? I’ve fallen on the wall of origin, why can I still be affected?”

“Your consciousness isn’t glued to the wall of origin, so you can think freely?” she asked.

“Could it be that hundreds of years have passed?” Zha Kang’s voice trembled.

“No, it’s still 2014, and it’s almost December.” Harry was even more strange, “What are you doing, you have the illusion that the world has been around for a hundred years?”

“Shh, I was shocked, I thought the blue sea had turned into mulberry fields outside.” Zha Kang sighed in relief, the lightness and liveliness in his tone made Harry feel that he seemed to have had a good time during this time. very nice.

“In less than a year, why do you think I have lost consciousness?” Zha Kang wondered.

Harry said: “I called you for a long time before, but you didn’t respond. Now it seems that you are focusing on another thing.”

Zha Kang hesitantly said: ” I don’t understand the previous state either.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing?”

“If you’re hanging on the wall of origin, nobody talks, you’re all alone A. What would you do as a mage with a strong thirst for knowledge and an insatiable thirst for new powers?” Constantine said faintly.

Harry pupil shrink, suddenly realized one thing: Zha Kang fell right in the middle of a round pit with a cracked surface.

This pit is where she first hung on the wall to absorb the “Power of Origin Magistrate”.

For the first time, I had no experience, and I didn’t know the severity. I inhaled recklessly, causing the walls to decay and fall off layer by layer. Finally, in the cracked wall, Papetua’s cry for help came out


Any wizard with a strong desire for knowledge wants to know what secrets are hidden inside and behind the wall, if Zha Kang drills down the cracks

“You were just studying the origin wall? What results? ?”

“From the second day I fell to the wall, I tried to understand the reason why the Origin Wall was sticky, and then I found an interesting thing – there is a force within the Origin Wall, inside me In and out, it was as if I had become an organ of the wall of origin, and there was a common energy channel between the wall and the body.

In the beginning, I tried my best to stop the power of the wall of origin.

In and out of me.

Because I suspect that’s why the Wall of Origin is sticking.”

“No doubt, that’s why.” Harry reiterated how she felt .

โ€œYou should have told me the secret sooner,โ€ Constantine complained.

“At that time, there was a green light Legion guarding the side. I didn’t have time to delay. After I got out of the wall, I had to leave immediately.”

Here, Harry said again in doubt: ” You are dozens of kilometers away from the ‘Pan Shenkeng’, when did you know that I broke away from the wall?”

“The day you ran away, Legion came to interrogate me at the green light, I am your ‘accomplice’

It was also at that time that I came to know that you were wily old fox, sinister and vicious, deliberately killing Demon God with the wall of origin.

You were a great success and won a game destined to be condemned by the world. Remembering the countless years of Epic Grade battles, I was forgotten in the corner of the universe and no one cares.”

Constantine’s tone was filled with deep resentment.

“I won’t come to see you now.” Reassuring him, Harry quickly returned to the previous topic, “You discovered the secret of the Origin Wall’s stickiness, and then what?”

“I wanted to resist the inflow and outflow of that power, but I couldn’t do it at all. Later, when my heart moved, and I couldn’t resist, I ‘go down the river’.

Next, I did the opposite. Instead, let your consciousness enter the “energy channel”, and follow the power of origin to its source.”

Having said this, Constantine’s voice became excited and high, not the same as before. “grief”.

“It is not easy to get consciousness into the energy channel, so I also created a new Meditation Method, which makes the spirit strength have a special mutation.

In the beginning, the spirit strength even Energy conduits into the Wall of Origination are also of little use, as energy flows only in a small area.

Like a fish confined to a small lake, it can never go downstream into the Atlantic Ocean.

Fortunately, I found some energy ‘cracks’.

I’m not sure if there are cracks, but my feeling is that there are little hidden ditches between the two lakes.


I followed the ditch into another lake, the next lake. It got deeper and deeper, so when you called me, I didn’t respond.

My consciousness was like a long Line, through lake after lake, into the deepest part of the wall, can’t sense the outside situation.”

Harry swallowed and asked, “Did you hear any strange sound, Or Spiritual Fluctuation?”

“Hey, I was about to say that, how did you know?” Constantine exclaimed in shock.

“Ai, if I said that for you and the world, I told you to give up exploring the mystery of the origin, but didn’t tell you the reason, you must be more curious and study harder, right?” Harley sighed. road.

“So, you have to tell me why.” Constantine said excitedly.

“Last time, like you, I kept going deep into the wall of origin.”

Harry didn’t hide the slightest bit, and for the first time recounted the experience of encountering Papetua .

“Mother of Creation.” Constantine murmured in shock, “didn’t expect the Origin Wall to be a prison.”

“Know why I’m hiding this? and It’s a reason why you suppressed the dark criminal activities of the wizard group back then.

Believe is power.

The more people understand the darkness, the stronger the source of darkness.

The more people know of Papetua’s existence, the better chance he has of breaking free from the Wall of Origin.” Harry asked.

“Perhaps he was a good man who was murdered by an adulterer,” Constantine said.

“After the traitor harmed him, will the multiverse usher in tens of billions of years of peace?”

“Two giants fight, no matter who is right and who is wrong, the winner will not care about the ground The ‘peace’ of ants.” Constantine said.

Harry said: “That’s not necessarily the case. The giant may not care about the life of the ants, but if something the giant is about to do can affect the ants on the ground, the righteous giant will listen to the ants’ request, Evil giants only laugh happily amid the wailing of ants.”

“I know it,” Constantine said.

Harry was silent.

For a while, Constantine asked, “What else do you have to do?”

Harry talked about the dream sandbag.

Constantine recalled for a long time, before he was not sure: “It seems that there is really a bag, the power is terrifying, and it also impressed me.

That was five years ago. , I bought it at a garage sale in San Francisco for $15.”

“Since you noticed its power, why didn’t you use it?” Harry asked curiously.

“The stronger the power, the harder it is to control. Using power beyond your control is equivalent to suicide. In fact, I haven’t even opened the rope that tied the bag.”

“Where is it now?”

“Either in the Chass’ secret warehouse, or in my London flat and I don’t know if Mrs Dalglish has taken the house away after a year of unpaid rent. .”

Harry was ready to leave when she got the answer, and finally warned: “Don’t try to go deep into the Origin Wall, and when I find a way, I will definitely save you.”

“OK, I understand.”

Halle left less than two hours ago, and within the origin wall, a faint soul fluctuation echoed repeatedly: “Papetua Goddess, is that you? Papetua, the creation of the world. Mother, please accept my most devout beliefs.”

Constantine felt the phantom voice in his ears, which was like a hallucination, and was closer to him.

Perhaps before long, he will be able to hear what he is saying.

Harry hesitated again and again, but still did not “report” Constantine to the little blue man.

Well, yes, she’s going to tell the little blue man about Constantine’s destruction of the Origin Wall.

Because there is someone behind the little blue man.

Reporting is not the purpose. She hopes that Constantine will really abide by his promise and will no longer drill his consciousness into the wall; The origin wall is repaired and strengthened again.

In the end, she gave up.

She really didn’t want to deal with the little blue man.

“Just pretend to believe that Constantine understands the seriousness of the matter.”

Harry smiled bitterly and comforted herself, returning to Earth.

“Have you met John?” Chas was surprised and delighted, “Is he okay now?”

“It’s definitely not good to hang on the origin wall, but he’s in good spirits. The head is very good, I’ll take you to take a look some other day.”

“It will never come down on the wall?” He looked at her expectantly.

“I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee the time,” Harley sighed.

“I understand John, if he hadn’t despaired of coming back and killed him, he wouldn’t have handed over his treasure trove to another person.” Chas sighed.

“I’m getting more and more curious when you say that.”

“Don’t rush to the warehouse.” Chas laughed, “My daughter doesn’t believe me and the ‘Golden Nuke’ My friend, can you come to my house as a special guest and let me show off one’s military strength in front of Tracey?”

Harry was hearing this, apologetic in her heart, Chas He is also an old friend with her. His daughter is almost six years old, but she has not met his family yet.

“Of course, I’ve long wanted to meet your precious daughter.” She said with a smile.

(end of this chapter)

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