I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 548


Chapter 548 The Dream Fairy

Chas Chandler’s daughter is named Tracy, same as mother Harley name.

Little Tracey nearly faints with excitement at Harley’s unexpected visit.

After Harley herself admitted that she had fought alongside her father Chas and dealt with an enemy stronger than the Kryptonians, little Tracy’s eyes on her father also changed.

Become adored.

Chase’s wife Renee had met Harley long ago, when Chase married her.

Harry was the mayor of Gotham at that time, and now her status is so many times higher, and facing her again, Renee looks a little restrained.

“Chase, maybe you should move, to Gotham.”

After dinner, on the way to the warehouse, Harry suggested.

Dinner at Chase’s house, and Spatial Teleportation was not turned on afterward. Harry was sitting in the front row of Chase’s taxi, chatting with him.

Chase has been working as a taxi driver in London for almost eight years.

“I like the life in London very much, and I’m used to the current social circle. There are people and streets I know here, but Gotham is too unfamiliar.” Chas shook his head.

The exorcism squid back then meant that he really gave up the extraordinary and settled for the ordinary, married and had a daughter, had a happy family, and lived the happiest of lives.

“Tracy worships heroes, and her ideal is to be a hero. Gotham has the most perfect hero training environment.

Well, I practiced in the Martial Arts field, practiced in the Manhattan neighborhood, a hero The industry is a chain.” Harry said.

β€œIt’s okay to worship a hero, but absolutely not to be a superhero, I won’t agree.” Chas shook his head repeatedly.

Harry understandably nodded, “Parents of serious people don’t want their children to live such an unpredictable life.

Before today, I wouldn’t give it to you at all. This bad idea.”

“What’s different now?”

Harry said with a smile: “Now Tracy knows that her father is a big hero.

Father is the best role model for a child, and you don’t even have the position to dissuade her.”

Chase was stunned and lamented: “I’m so stupid, why should I brag about this!”


Harry said: “It’s not a bragging. You dealt with Norfossen and Nigal, and joined the Constantine Squad to save countless civilians from the wizard group. You are definitely a hero.”

“Back then.” Chas glanced sideways at her. She grew up, and there were a few wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. Only the two of them in the car thought of those days. They were numerous and lively. The car can’t fit, and now even John has passed away, so desolate

“Squeakβ€”β€”” The car stopped in front of an old warehouse door and arrived at the station.

“Wow, I didn’t expect John’s collection to be so rich!”

The warehouse is not large, only about 100 square meters, but it is actually full of “debris” , there are animal skulls, there are ancient metal utensils, there are magic swords and books, there are bottles and jars containing magical biological materials, and there are wooden platforms for god ceremony

A foot in the warehouse, or even A coffin containing a mummy was placed, and as the living person approached, there was a sound of knocking on the coffin board.

“clang dang.” Harry walked over to the box containing the sundries and kicked it with his foot, making a messy sound from the small bits and pieces inside.

“So many things, I don’t know when to find it.”

“What’s that bag like? I’ll help you find it.” Chas asked.

“palm-size, brown fabric with a string attached to itβ€””

“Don’t look for it, it’s not here.” Morpheus appeared beside her without warning.

The surface of the black robe flashed a face and flames, very mysterious.

Haley explained Morpheus’s identity to Chas before asking, “How long have you been here? Are you sure?”

“I just came, but I’m pretty sure. “

“Then go to Constantine’s apartment.” Halle looked towards Chase, “Has John’s apartment been taken away by the landlord?”

“I’ll call Ask”

Luckily, the house is still there.

John Constantine likes to run around the world in the past ten years, and often defaults on rent. Mrs. Dalglish has become accustomed to the situation that the tenant has not seen for a long time.

The more important reason is that the old lady did not find a new tenant.

“Don’t go in, there’s nothing inside.” Morpheus said indifferently when the old lady went to get the spare key.

“This is the last place.” Harry frowned: “Constantine doesn’t have to lie, is it possible that you are weak and feel wrong?”

At this time, She used the energy of the yellow light to slightly disguise her appearance, so as not to be recognized. Don’t blame her for being affectionate. When she entered the door, the old lady was watching the replay of ‘Golden Bomb vs Darkseid’ at home.

Morpheus shook his head, “Within 100 meters, my senses will never go wrong.”

Chas moved in his heart and shouted: “Mrs Dalglish, you can move John’s stuff?”

“Chase, don’t smear your innocence. I’ve rented a house for more than half a century, and I’ve never had dirty hands or feet.” The old lady said excitedly.

“I mean have you ever moved John’s stuff somewhere else to vacate the room and find the next tenant?” Chas explained.

“If someone signs a rental contract, I will ask someone to move out Constantine’s things and seal them up.”

The old lady’s expression softened, and she said , while opening the door.

Two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, with a total area of about 60 square meters.

There is a musty smell in the room, and the sundries on the ground have not been sorted out. When I touch the coffee table, there is a thick layer of ash.

“No, I remember John had a 32-inch Sony TV that I gave him for his birthday. Oh, and a pair of Bauer speakers that John spent Β£2,000 on.”


Chas turned to the old lady and frowned, “Mrs Dalglish, has anyone else come in besides you?”

“His girlfriend Rachel came six months ago. Yes, I did move some electrical appliances. I asked her and she told me not to meddle in my own business.” the old lady said.

“Which Rachel? Don’t you get scammed?” Chas frowned.

The old lady glared, her eyes were quite sharp, “Do I look like an old fool? Rachel from the Brambles, she lived here with little John for half a year in the early years, and at the beginning of this year , and was brought back by John a few times.”

“Bramble. It’s her!” Chas suddenly turned his head and said to Harry: “Rachel is John’s old friend, and she is also her friend. Zed only met John after we broke up.

Her father’s house is in the suburbs, forty minutes away.

She’s the best there, if not, at least we too I can ask old Bramble about her situation.”

“You are John’s friends, right? Where is he? The rent has been in arrears for almost a year.” The old lady looked at them expectantly.

Harry resists the urge to emulate Bruce’s thinkingβ€”pull out his checkbook and buy an entire apartment building or the street.

She just asked for the old lady’s phone number and promised to let someone talk to her about the rent.

“Rachel is an ‘old’ friend, why did she take her ex-boyfriend’s stuff?” Harry said curiously after getting into Chase’s taxi.

“Perhaps a relapse? Or a temporary runner?” Chas was uncertain.

“I mean, why did she move the TV and stereo.”

“It must be a lack of money! John, me, and she were both addicts back in the day. Then John and I quit, and she kept going.”

The Brambles’ house was a villa with a garden, and it was dark with no lights before midnight.

The car “squeaked” to a stop in front of the gate, Harry looked at the building in the dark, brows slightly wrinkle, “Something’s wrong, the time and space there seems to be merged with another dimension”

“Found it, my bag is in there.” Morpheus said indifferently.

“Oh, damn it,” Chas looked at the clutter of weeds in the yard, “no one here, no one has lived here for a long time.”

Harry sighed: “It’s alright if no one is there.”

The door lock couldn’t stop the three of them, but when they entered the living room, there was a stench of carrion, like a sea tide, assaults the senses.

Harry illuminated the front with the energy of the yellow light, and saw five corpses lying on the side near the sofa in the living room, and the corpse stench emanated from them.

The thing that sends cold shivers down one’s spine is that each of them has a lively expression, as if reaching the limit of a certain emotion.

For example, in one of the black corpses, his expression remained in a state of intoxication, contentment, obsession and agitation.

For example, leaning on the sofa, his face is arrogant and arrogant, as if an emperor on the throne compares with the reality of the dead, his expression is a bit funny.

“What’s the situation?” Chas swallowed.

“On the second floor, my sandbag.” Morpheus didn’t even look at the dead body, and went straight upstairs.

On the first floor there were only a few corpses, but the second floor was completely alienated into a demon cave.

The four walls, the ceiling above the head, and the floor below the feet, were all covered with a layer of wriggling yellow-brown flesh fungus,

“Tick-tock.” The thick, cloudy yellow liquid dripped above.

“Gudong.” Chas swallowed hard, “Hell has come to the world, and this place has become part of the shadow world?”

Harry shook his head, “There is no hell element atmosphere. .”

“You stay here, I’ll go get the sandbags.” Morpheus said.

“Chase, you stay here, I want to see the formidable power of a nightmare.” Harry said.

Chas looked towards Morpheus, “Aren’t you Meng Jun, you can definitely protect us, right?”

“Of course, by my side, you will never be The power of dreams hurts.” Morpheus said flatly.

“I’ll go in and have a look too. Ah!!!”

He stepped into the muddy flesh fungus aisle one step at a time, then hunched over his body, his expression twisted with fear, and his mouth was howling Terrible.

It wasn’t until Morpheus put his hand on his shoulder that he woke up and said in horror: “I seem to be falling into hell, and many dead people are pulling me”

” It was a nightmare.” Morpheus said briefly, and looked towards Harry.

Harry took a deep breath, wrapped in the power of the yellow light and floated into the passage.

Next moment, a strange force entered her Sea of Consciousness, like a swarm of mosquitoes, buzzing around her soul, causing her thoughts to scatter in a twisted and depraved direction thinking.

“Thousands of thoughts are united.”

She moved in her heart, and all thoughts belonged to the same frequency, the strange power did not disappear, but changed from buzzing to whispering: Get out of here, don’t mix in. Leave this woman, she is ours. I’m hungry, I really want to eat. Stupid human, the person who dares to enter our territory, some familiar, no, it can’t be him, he is missing It’s been a long time since I disappeared completely, Master, is that you?

Not one voice, dozens or hundreds, or even more, so many that Harry couldn’t tell them apart.

“You have violated the laws of the kingdom that I made.” Morpheus said indifferently.

“Ah, it’s really him, Master!”

“Forgive your life, spare your life!”

“We thought you were long gone.”

“Run, get out of here.”

The flesh fungus channel boiled, and grotesquely shaped faces emerged from the surface, all facing Morpheus and making a cry of pleading.

“They’re dreams?” Harry murmured, “Dreams come true.”

(end of chapter)

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