I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 549


Chapter 549 Sandman Lucifer and Harry

Morpheus walked to the center of the meat fungus passage, right hand opened , frowning and shouting: “Come back!”

“Forgive your life, master forgives us.”

“Run, master is going to destroy us.”

Meng Yao responded very Intense, the flesh mud close to Morpheus turned into gray black smoke, which was inhaled into the body along the palm of the hand. A little farther away, in the force of sucking and pulling, he pulled out tentacles like roundworms, struggling and wailing.

There were also meat fungi that were farther away, which simply turned into black smoke, fled outside, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After tossing for two minutes, the magic cave-like flesh fungus channel once again restored the snow-white walls, wooden floors, and sticker ceilings of the material world.

As if the previous fleshy bacteria were just shadows, the shadows left without causing any damage to the house.

“Running a lot, you are the king of dreams and can’t subdue them?” Chas muttered.

Morpheus said: “I wanted to get the sandbags, restore some of my strength, and then go back and clean them up

You don’t have to worry, the free dream is not harmful, other evil things They can’t run.”

Halle strangely said: “Are they simply conscious dreams, or are they dream creatures that create dreams?”

“The dreams themselves.”

Morpheus pushed open a door and came to a woman’s bedroom.

The interior is fairly tidy, women’s underwear hangs on the chair by the bed, watches, mobile phones and a cloth bag scattered with golden sand are placed on the bedside table

“Rachel, Omaika, you. How did it become like this!” Chas exclaimed in shock, drawing Harry’s eyes from the sandbag of dreams to the bed.

On the bed lies a red-fruited woman in a terrifying state.

Her skin was red and inflamed, peeling off in flakes, and bedsores spread all over her back and thighs.

But she didn’t die. Hearing Chas’s cry, she turned over, from lying on the bed to lying on her back.

Her head was stiff and black, like a coin falling into the mud, only a small piece shrank on your room, the once plumpness has become an empty pocket.

The act of turning over also crushed the bedsores on his back, and the yellow abscesses wet the blackened and crusted sheets.

As she moves, tufts of hair break free from her head, revealing a pale, wrinkled scalp.

The hair falls out, but it also makes people see the face under the messy hair, with a sweet smile of satisfaction and intoxication.

Rachel’s appearance is similar to zombie. Of course, her face is impossible and sweet, and her flesh is eroded and even bones are born, but her smile gives people a terrifying sweetness.

Her soul seems to be indulged in a certain emotion, even if her face is terrifying, the smile that gives people is very contagious.

“Meng Mengmeng can be anytime, anywhere, as I want” she hummed softly, her expression more intoxicated, and her right hand couldn’t help reaching out to the table to touch the golden sand spilled in the bag.

“Enough, go back to me!” Morpheus sighed.

Nothing happened.

He walked to the table in two steps and held his pocket – the moment he got it, he changed, from a weak mortal to a tall Spiritual God that was hard to look up to – he would He opened his pocket and drank again: “Give it back to me!”

“Sususu” the golden sand on the desktop began to jump, turning into golden light and flying into the pocket.

Accompanied by countless voices: The master is back. Our leisurely days are over. Don’t think about the leisurely days, the master is very angry that the master wants to destroy us, don’t.

“bō bō bō” Rachel’s already festered, blackened, and hardened skin blisters golden blisters again, the blisters explode, and the pus splashes, one after another golden sand is thrown into the cloth bag.

They are also screaming.

In addition to shouting, Harry could create images in his mind as he looked towards them intently.

The screen flickers too fast, and you can barely see all kinds of extravagant and depraved scenes of a red-haired woman.

Harry looked sideways at the bedside table, where there was a picture of a woman with red hair

In the end, even the dream of running away had turned into a grain. Sands back in the pocket.

Murphys held the cloth bag and tied the rope, expressionless, and squeezed hard.

The dream demon inside screamed.

Like milking a cow, drops of dirty, smelly liquid drop from the bottom of the bag.

Before the droplets hit the ground, they turned into black smoke and disappeared.

The screams disappeared.

β€œWhat is this doing?” Harry asked.

“Erased the ‘impurities’ from the sands of dreams.”

“Those sands, every grain is a dream?”

Murphys Putting the pocket in his arms, “I spent tens of billions of years searching for the most interesting dreams from the dreams of living beings, collecting them, and giving them my consciousness.

You can understand that my one Thoughts and dreams merge.

They become the sand of dreams.

This little bag is actually my Sea of Consciousness, and it holds my thoughts and dreams.


Every grain of sand is managing the dreams of the same type and the same attribute from the universe.

A few intruders downstairs are pulled into the spring dream of desire, power The dream of the emperor, the ultimate emotion of the joyful childhood dream, drained their energy and soul.”

“Uh.” Rachel on the bed groaned and woke up slowly, “I Where? Where is my dream?”

“Can you help her, she’s not dead yet?” Chas looked towards Harley and Morpheus.

“Healing is useless.” Harry shook his head.

“Her life is already exhausted, and I can’t do anything about it, but I can make her go more peacefully.”

Murphys gave Rachel A sweet dream.

Watching Chas’s taxi disappear around the corner, Harry asked, “What’s your plan next?”

“I’m going to hell.”


“But you don’t know which demon took your helmet.”

“It’s too much trouble to find an unknown demon in the vast sea of people, I will go directly to the king of demons. , Lucifer Morningstar.”

“Uh” Harley was a little ashamed, and her posture was still lower.

“Are you going now?”

“According to the etiquette between Supreme Existence, I will first send a messenger to tell Lucifer my intentions for my upcoming visit.” Fess Road.

“Are you on good terms with Lucifer?” Harry said curiously.

“The relationship is average. As a representative of the dream world, I have been to hell several times. Lucifer is very rude and suggested that I also go to hell to be a Demon King, and then turn my kingdom – dream world. and nightmares, included in his rule.” Morpheus said.

“Has he treated you as a different-dimensional Demon God like Sannomiya?” Harry said with a smile.

Morpheus said: “With Lucifer’s knowledge, he must understand the difference between me and the Sannomiya, but he is too proud and too arrogant.”

“Since the relationship Not so good, you took the initiative to send it to the door when you were still weak? Or, do you think that you are enough to deal with Satan now?”

Morpheus shook his head and sighed: “Even the most flourishing period, I will May be killed by Him. Martial power is always not the first option to solve the problem, I understand this, and Lucifer definitely understands.”

Harry’s mind changed sharply, maybe she can achieve it in this event Your own purpose.

“Who will you send to hell to deliver the letter? Steward Lucien?”

Morpheus said: “The hell demon cunning is vicious and unpredictable, Lucien Likely to lose his life before I meet Lucifer.

As my messenger and steward, if he doesn’t know how to die in hell, I can only fight hell.

That’s not What I want, so, I will let someone who has no demons dare to murder to deliver the news.”

“Uh, it can’t be Cain, right? Legendary spirits also have seven times the return?” Harry was surprised road.

The starlight flashed in Morpheus’s eyes, and he said meaningfully: “In the legend, Cain has the God mark of sevenfold retribution.

His mark comes from ‘the legendary God’, what’s the difference between you say ‘the God of legend’ and the God of Silver City?”

“The God of legend, is a part of God?”

According to Harley Knowledge of God, speculated.


Morpheus’s tone was also uncertain.

Next, he looked at the sky, midnight had passed, and morning had come, “I’m leaving, do you have anything to do?”

Harry hesitated for a moment, then simply said frankly: ” I think you go to hell to get a helmet, it will be a major event in the supernatural world.

Even if you don’t fight, it will attract the attention of countless demons, at least it can shackle Lucifer and other Demon Kings.


This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for me.

I want to save Rachel from the clutches of the Sannomiya, and I want to find Duoduo.

If You can cooperate with me. Even if you don’t cooperate with me, as long as you know all your plans, the seemingly slim chance may become a reality.”

Morpheus frowned: “I can’t cooperate with you, nor There is no plan. My idea is very simple, go meet Lucifer and tell him directly that my helmet was stolen and is now in the hands of a demon, I hope he can help me get it back.”

Not only was Harry not disappointed, she was even more excited and almost couldn’t help laughing.

“It will be in my best interest if you really think and do it.”

“What do you mean?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Harry still told the truth, “You will have a big conflict with Lucifer!”

If Morpheus sneaks to hell, finds the helmet, and sneaks away, Lucifer will turn even if he sees it. a blind eye.

But he made a big fanfare and asked Lucifer directly

Of course, Morpheus, with sincerity and verbal gratitude, can be very grateful to Lucifer, who ‘delusionally brings dreams into the realm of hell’. This behavior is definitely provocative.

The reason is very simple, she is also a boss herself.

Harry has a group of younger brothers who are now the most prominent figures in Gotham.

If one day, Brother Mo’s Brother Xi came to the door, and White Fang asked her to hand over the goods that an unknown younger brother got by “regular means”, how would Harry react?

Harry promises that the guy will definitely make it out of Quinn Manor alive, but not Arkham Island.

If she listens to Brother Mo’s words, she will call all the younger brothers over, ask them one by one, and finally return the goods, and send Brother Mo’s brother Xi out of the country with a gentle gift.

Even if Brother Xi promises to remember her kindness, Harley will definitely be suffocated to death. Her younger brothers are 80% eccentric, and the Daoist will take her as a joke.

In fact, if this kind of thing happened, not only would Harley not help Brother Xi to ask for goods, but instead would call her younger brother to her, give him a few compliments, and give him a few copies of Martial Arts. Secret Book, a few alien pistols, and finally told him to “be careful recently, practice hard, don’t go out, don’t be quietly killed by Brother Xi”.

Of course, Harley is now whitewashed too.

There are rules about what can be sold and what can’t be touched. If the little brother touches something that shouldn’t be touched, Harry will call all the little brothers over to serve them at home first – using black magic, Send that guy to hell in public.

Then she will gather a group of younger brothers to “recover face” on Brother Xi.

Obviously, the devil must not violate the rules laid down by Lucifer by accepting human sacrifices in order to obtain the Sandman helmet.

“Why is there a conflict? Instead of provoking Lucifer, I will be grateful for his help.” Morpheus said.

Haley looked weird, “After I tell you why, what do you do if you change your plan?

I really hope you fight Lucifer and smash hell.


I secretly ‘entered the village’, and after I achieved my goal, I ran away quietly.”

Morpheus indifferently said: “You can try, I won’t change my plan.”

Harry nodded hard, “I really plan to give it a try, but I need your help, do me two small favors.”

Then she told what she needed him to do come out.

Morpheus stared at her for a while, “You’re shameless!”

(end of chapter)

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