I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 550


Chapter 550 Harley’s Neck

For the next few days, Harley stayed at the manor, preparing for her trip to hell.

Be prepared in every possible way, save your life first!

This time I went to hell for two purposes: to go to the palace of the Sannomiya, to see if Rachel could be fished out; secondly, to find Duoduo and the possible ‘son of Duoduo’.

Duoduo is of course important, but not the top priority of this operation.

The plot of Sandman VS Satan is rare once every tens of billions of years. It is impossible to say that the Three House Devils will also come to watch.

The chance to save Rachel is lost.

He helped find Duoduo, but Sandman returned her favor, and he would be responsible for finding Duoduo in his dreams.

As long as she can contact Duoduo, let it or her son not struggle and resist, even if he doesn’t go to hell, Harry can bring Duoduo to his side in the world.

Saving Rachel is the focus of the hell trip.

To complete this task, Harley must complete at least three preparations.

First, determine Rachel’s location.

It would be stupid to save people without even knowing where they are.

Halle began to inquire about the Sannomiya many years ago, knowing that he lives in the most fertile burning plains of the Eighth Layer of hell.

She doesn’t know where Rachel is being held, but Rachel has recently become the “Dream Lord”, communicated with Morpheus several times, and left her mark on the dream dimension .

The task of locking Rachel was completed perfectly by Morpheus.

The second preparation can be simply summed up as “attack”.

Without strong power, how to break through the defense, how to deal with the Sangong Demon that may appear at any time?

Harry now probably has the strength of “Yellow Lantern Corps Head”, and the use of emotional spectrum energy is not as good as that of the little blue man.

Obviously, the little blue man can’t beat the Sannomiya.

She may be able to fight back and forth with the Sangong Demon with the God Force Field, but she definitely can’t get the Sangong in one move – if you don’t get the Sangong quickly, other Demon Kings will definitely come around.

Therefore, Harley not only needs to be able to resist the power of the third house, but this power also needs to be overwhelming.

The power to overwhelm the third house?

Unfortunately, in the entire dc multiverse, there are not more than ten people with strength exceeding the third house.

However, Harley has never been relying on hard power to make a living. Tactics can make up for the lack of strength to a certain extent.

She thought of a “fish sausage sword plan”.

“Superman, it’s time for you to keep your promise!” Harry said solemnly.

Superman is her sword.

Clark on the other end of the phone was a little stunned. He covered the handset and looked left and right. This is the Conference Hall. His colleagues were listening intently to the impassioned “Alien” from “The Book of the Universe” Louise on stage. Seeing and News Program Program”.

Well, as the first Earth reporter to interview multiple alien leaders, Lois Lane has become Earth’s recognized cosmic name.

After all, it is extremely difficult to interview the president of a higher civilization even if it is an alien celebrity.

And Planet Daily, which has enjoyed the bonus of “exclusive interview with aliens”, is also reluctant to give up the great “honor” that creates the focus of global public opinion.

At the request of the black editor-in-chief, Louise opened a new series of topics: Open Eyes to the Galaxy.

Louis has received “Star River Monthly Centennial Roundup” from Saruman.

When she was interviewing on a foreign planet, she also ordered several sets of basic textbooks for understanding the ‘modern history’ of the universe, as well as various news compilations.

“Extraterrestrial” is her role as the protagonist, facing the camera to tell her experience on the outer planet, as well as her feelings about alien uniforms and culture.

An interesting science program.

Even the three daughters of Quinn Manor also regularly watch the TV in front of the TV every Friday to listen to the nonsense of the universe.

Well, every episode of “Alien” will play a video: Louise wearing a green bubble, walking in an exotic sci-fi city, chatting with the citizens of the city, talking about Earth and Golden Nuclear Bomb

Clark quietly left the Conference Hall, hid in the uninhabited storage room, and asked, “What did I promise?”

“Ok you Clark, I promised The one who helped me fight the Sannomiya and save Rachel, now wants to renege on a debt?” Harley cried.

Clark thought for a while, then said, “Harry, I’ve never made such a specific promise.”

Then he added: “Of course, if the Sannomiya Come to Earth, or other demons are looking for trouble for you, as long as you have time, I will be there.”

“There are demons that come to Earth to trouble me, you will never be free. A few times before, you never Showed up on time.” Harry couldn’t help complaining.

Clark was a little embarrassed, “This is different from the past. Now is the era of the Justice League. If anyone uses that method against me again, he will definitely suffer a big loss.”

said By the end, there was confidence in his tone.

“It’s just a little bit more effort to ignite wars in cities where the Flash and Wonder Woman are fast-moving heroes.” Harry said disapprovingly.

“Hahaha, you underestimated the wisdom of the Justice League, Bateman has already thought of the corresponding countermeasures!” Clark said with a smile.

Harry was a little interested, “What countermeasures?”

“Relying on the watchtower’s ‘justice from the sky’ tactic!” Clark said excitedly.

“Justice from heaven?” Harry was a little embarrassed.

Clark explained: “The watchtower is not only for external defense, but the super-powered square stationed in it can also pass through the sonic channel to support cities in need in time.

There are people who make this kind of noise. , Use artificial disasters to delay the hero’s tactics, they are not facing a hero, but a group of heroic fearless Justice League squads!”

“The plan is good, but it seems to be illegal, right?” Ha Li frowned: “According to the agreement signed between the Justice League and the U.S. government, first of all, the Justice League’s Big Seven status will last at least three years.

You cannot expand within three years.

Second, watchtowers can only be used to protect against threats from Universe Starry Sky.”

Three years for other superhero teams.

If there is no three-year limit, the Justice League can absorb more than 90% of the heroes in the United States in an instant, and then monopolize Earth’s ‘superhero business’.

No way, the Zhenglian seven giants are either too strong, or very charismatic, or both.

Who wouldn’t want to have teammates like them?

Clark said: “We did not expand, those heroes are members of the ‘Earth Guard’ who volunteered to be on duty at the watchtower, from various cities in Earth, and also provide services for the whole of Earth.

They are exercising the heroic right to do good.

If they violate the ‘Watchtower Use Regulations’, they are right.

Wrong is the ‘Ordinance’.

This is what you said, the right to do good is above all laws.”

Harry’s face twitched a few times, “Superman, listen to my advice, don’t play with Washington such a small trick commonly used by politicians. , because the essence of ‘politician means’ is shameless.

As superheroes, you are never as shameless as real politicians.”

Clark sighed then said, “What do you think If we don’t play small tricks, Washington won’t use the shameless tactics of politicians to deal with the Justice League?”

Haley was stunned, said with a bitter smile: “Definitely”

Zhenglian His approach is not very smart, but his mind is very clear and he understands the inevitability of conflict with the government.

This kind of uncompromising and proactive attitude is far better than passive response and compromise.

“Okay, Clark, you know that you deliberately changed the subject, and you really learned the way of a politician.” Harry changed the subject decisively.

“What topic am I diverting, isn’t it always you who ask me to answer?” Clark’s unfathomable mystery.

“I don’t care about the open strife and veiled struggle between you and Washington, I’m looking for you to ask you to fight the devil.”

Not waiting for Clark’s answer, Harry continued Said: “Don’t try to deny that when you took my Krypton captives, you promised that the devil would come to Earth to find me, and you would immediately rush to Gotham to protect me.

If I trouble the devil, As long as you don’t deliberately pick things up, you’ll help me too.”

Clark asked hesitantly, “You want me to accompany you to hell to save Rachel?”

“This is Reasonable request?” Halle said with a smile.

“Go to hell Halle, I’m about to be a father.”

There was a heart-wrenching silence.

“When did you find out?” Harry asked softly.

“Last night, I suddenly heard a second heartbeat on Louise. It’s been a month and a half.” The sweetness of Clark’s words almost overflowed the microphone.

“Congratulations.” Harry said helplessly.

After speaking, she hung up the phone.

After a while, Clark called back, “You can talk to me about the plan first.”

After half an hour, Louise came out of the Conference Hall and found a seat Clark, who was in a daze outside, frowned: “Don’t you like this episode of Alien News?”

Clark was stunned for a while, but for a while he didn’t remember the content of this week’s Alien News.

“Because there are too many compliments of Harley Quinn in the content?” Louise thought he had acquiesced, and said with a bitter smile: “I don’t want to compliment her in any other way, but the audience We like it.

More than 500,000 fans have left messages on the official website of the newspaper, hoping to increase the content of alien citizens’ views on the ‘golden nuclear bomb’.”

Clark also really expressed his opinion on “The Alien News” “The series didn’t like it very much, so he followed her words and said: “The alien citizens don’t think very well about her.”

He felt that with the current level of Earth’s civilization, he was too deeply involved in alien culture. And system, it is easy to appear cultural clone, lose its own charm and potential.

At the same time, I also feel that the worship of the ‘golden nuclear bomb’ by Earth people is distorted.

Louis sighed: “Yes, the alien leader is very restrained, but ordinary citizens express their feelings, saying she is vicious and cunning, and has very negative comments.

Earlier Production During the ‘Golden Nuclear Bomb’ feature, this kind of material was cut by Perry and did not appear in the news.

In the current ‘Alien News’ program, I was going to talk about ‘discordant’ ‘ content, let Earth people know Harley Quinn more comprehensively, and let them not engage in personality cult.

Who knows that the audience and readers are more excited.

The more aliens Fearing her and speaking ill of her, some Earth people regard her as an ‘Earth hero’.

And then for the sake of ratings, Perry forced me to add more of that.

Live to see Satan, and he was the one who let go of those contents before.”

Clark shook his head and said, “This is not good, the worship of Harley by those Earth people is based on prejudice and hatred of aliens. .

Like white racists worshipping ‘colonial heroes’ who slaughtered people of color and invaded alien territories.

Now America has a red neck, and it may evolve in the future. Starman’s ‘Harry Neck’?

Don’t mention the future, just say the present, this phenomenon will also affect the formation of the values of the other heroes of Earth-normally not virtuous, do as one pleases, encounter If you kill more aliens, you can become an Earth hero recognized by the people.

How many extraterrestrial crises can happen?

More often, heroes face It’s Earth people, Earth affairs.

A hero without virtue and persistence is more harmful than a super criminal.”

Louis looked at him for a while, “You just This matter, leave the venue early, and are still in a daze?”

“No, I received a call from Harry, and I will do her a favor in a few days,” Clark said slowly.

“Very dangerous?” Louise’s face sank.

Clark nodded, shaking her head again, “What to do sounds dangerous, but according to her plan, It shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

“What to do?”

Clark continued to shake his head, “I’ll tell you without omission and in detail when I’m done. The more people know now, the more dangerous me and her will be.”

Louis believes He didn’t ask anymore.

She believed he wouldn’t do bad things for Harry.

She also believed that although Harley was not a good person, she would never deliberately trick her husband to death.

“Promise me, must come back alive.” Louise leaned in his arms and whispered.

<>Clark gently nods p.

(end of this chapter)

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