I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 551


Chapter 551 Little Black Bean: My friend, you can hold your head high in hell

At first, to persuade Superman, ha Li is very confident.

Because Superman is a good, soft-hearted man.

And because Superman did promise her that he could help when dealing with demons if there was a legitimate reason.

Louis is pregnant by accident.

She almost gave up hope.

In fact, when Superman finally changed his mind, dialed the phone again, and promised to accompany her on a trip, Harley’s ‘soft’ heart, like a car tire, showed signs of melting in an instant.

At that moment, she felt a little regretful, and regretted finding a superman who would be her father soon.

At that time, she said: “Forget it, you should stay at home with Louise, and I will find someone else to replace you.”

She really regretted it after saying that.

Who can replace Dachao?

The cruel reality made her softened heart turn into a hard but elastic “tire” again.

Fortunately, Dachao insisted on listening to her plan. As long as the plan is reliable, he will consider going with her.

Harry said: “It doesn’t really matter if the plan to save Rachel is reliable or not.

What matters is whether the method of running after failure is reliable.


Don’t think about winning, think about losing first.

Think about how to run after a defeat, how to retreat after a victory is much easier.

Running is this On the one hand, I can assure you that I love life very much.”

All she said was that, and Superman agreed – he fully believed that Harley loved life and didn’t want to be a martyr.

Later, Louise didn’t call and yell at her, she didn’t go to Gotham to scratch her face – like the mistress who stole her husband.

Well, Halle was really nervous and guarded against Louise for days.

Because in her impression, Louise has always had a special prejudice against her.

She also asked when she called Clark later to discuss recharging him.

β€œLouise believes that I will not do bad things for you, and that you are loyal to your friends and that you will not lead me to death casually.

She also believes in you.

Cunning enough to get me out of here.” Clark sighed.

Harry was a little moved, and Louise, that woman, is not useless!

“Rest assured, I’m pretty sure I’ll get out of hell,” she promised again.

She has indeed mastered the essence of Hell’s Battle Royale – to escape from hell quickly, Spatial Teleportation’s skills, her own strength, speed of movement, etc. are all illusory, and the authority of hell is the most important.

Because her enemy is the Demon King.

Hell is like Spiritual God in his Divine Kingdom to Demon King.

This is not cheating anymore, Demon King has administrator rights in hell, and modifying the rules also has no difficulty.

Directly pull away the Space Law around Harley, how does she open the space door to escape?

Blocking all information transmission around her, how does she communicate with the voice of the sky?

To deal with administrators, technology and power are not the key, the key is to have higher authority than administrators – to deal with cheaters, you must cheat more than him!

After Harley drove the airship into Lingbo Prison, she communicated with the voice of heaven: “I miss my good friend Xiaoheidou, and build an energy channel connecting us.”

“Open the energy channel, 10 million meritorious deeds. The consumption of meritorious deeds to maintain the energy channel is determined by the maintenance time and the total amount of transmission.” The Voice of Heaven was indifferent like a machine.

Harry was so excited that she wanted to jump, “Don’t fool me, I remember clearly, last year there were 500,000 information channels and 1 million energy channels.

Maintain The energy channel does not need to consume merit.”

The information channel, equivalent to a telephone line, allows her to communicate with Xiao Heidou over the air.

The energy channel, equivalent to an “oil pipeline”, allows Xiaoheidou to drill out part of the Avatar made of energy, not only to communicate with her face to face, but also to help her fight.

The voice of the sky still had that indifferent tone, “Last time, Xiao Heidou kicked the demon of the three palaces with one foot, which deeply stimulated the Demon King of hell.

Under the leadership of Satan, The Demon King works with a common purpose, consumes a huge amount of source, and completely seals the deep well connected to the dark sea of China Unicom.

The strength of the seal is ten times that of the previous one, and the fee is also ten times that of the original.”

“Fake!” Harry cursed, and could only accept the current price.

“Can the passage be quietly opened so that the Demon King of Hell will not notice?” she asked.

“Impossible, the deep well has been sealed heavily. To open the energy channel, the seal must be touched. No matter what, it can’t be hidden.” Voice of Heaven said indifferently.

“Ai, it’s getting harder and harder to play a conspiracy now.” Harry sighed helplessly, “You try to take it easy and turn it on.”


The voice of the sky is very “take it easy”, a beam of holy skylight shoots directly from the city of silver, spanning countless distances, forming a silver white beam of light in the vast spiritual prison, like a sharp sword, piercing the shadow world , pass through the ninth layer hell, and fall on the deep well of hell.

The whole hell began to vibrate softly.

All demons and undead look up, looking towards the center of the Ninth Layer Judah ring.

The idea of “Demoness is in summon Black Bean again” appeared in the hearts of all demons.

Demon King gnashing teeth, eye socket cracked: “Demoness Harley is going to do something again, and the target is still us.”

This is they until now targeting her one of the reasons.

Now Harley is in Lingbo Hell, not the shadow world outside hell. She doesn’t feel the vibrations of hell.

But like last time, in the multiverse, elemental power is blowing a big storm, and all the powerful transcenders are faintly aware of the changes from heaven and hell.

“Ah, teacher, the magic in my body is running wild and out of control!”

Gotham, first under the heavens Martial Arts field’s ‘Magic Hero Branch’, a ten The multi-year-old pock-faced boy suddenly collapsed on the ground, his limbs twitched, and the magic glow of silver overflowed from his seven orifices.

“teacher, my head hurts, and my magic power is out of control,” the apprentice on the side cried while covering his head.

Even if the other apprentices didn’t lose control, their faces turned pale, and their hearts were unspeakably uncomfortable.

archmage Ivy looked up at the sky and said casually: “This is a magical tide. The magical element is like water in the sea. When it encounters a strong wind, it will set off a big wave.”

“Yes How to resist?”

“Use spirit strength to control the magic in the body, so that they don’t surging with the tides in the universe.”

“I can’t do it!”


“So you are just apprentices. You will work hard in the future, and you will get used to it.”

“Elemental tides often appear? Is magician so dangerous?” An apprentice shouted.

“Theoretically, any powerful magical creature can cause elemental tides of different ranges, such as me.” Ivy pointed to herself, her eyes flickered with green glow, and invisible particles were scraped around her body. qualitative storm.

“Ah, it really has an impact. The magic in my body has calmed down a bit.” Some apprentices were pleasantly surprised.

Some apprentices were also horrified, “Ivy teacher is so powerful that it causes such weak elemental fluctuations, then now”

Amazon rainforest, on the edge of the swamp.

The swamp monster held her daughter with a puzzled expression, “Harry is summoning the little black beans again, what does she want to do? Why doesn’t Germination respond to the elemental storm?”

” Germination is still Xiao, you won’t even talk about it, how can you stabilize the elements and calm down the disorder?” Abby said angrily.

“But the life element in her own body is also shaking slightly.” Swamp monster said blankly.

“Harry?” A darkness from the bottom of the abyss, dialed out from pure and holy radiance, and condensed into a human form in the cabin of Archimedes.

Black long hair, pale skin, black lips, scarlet teeth, purple eyes shining with stars. The little black bean, which is based on the shape of Halle, has a completely different from Halle. Physical characteristics.

The temperament of the two is even more different.

Little black beans seem to absorb light.

Even if his skin is snow-white and snow-white, looking towards his face is like staring into the abyss, only to see endless darkness and depravity.

Ordinary person is not qualified to stare at Him at all.

Even if the mage faces him, it will be like the wizards of the past, the soul will burn, and the magic will be assimilated into either the slave of the little black bean, or directly into energy, becoming part of the magic of the little black bean.

It’s still the same sentence, ordinary people are not qualified to be friends with Xiaoheidou.

Harry is unaffected because she has a Level 10 God Field.

“Xiaoheidou, how have you been recently?”

Xiaoheidou frowned: “We just separated and met immediately, what can we do? It’s still the same, the main body sleeps, part of it Consciousness has seen all the prosperity of hell.”

Harry sighed deeply: “Xiaoheidou, we have been separated for more than a thousand years.”

Xiaoheidou was surprised, “It’s been so long? Am I sleepy?”

Harry said seriously: “In terms of time flow, we just met last year, and you even helped me beat the three palace demons, but in mental time, my good friend once Every day is like three autumns, one day is equal to three years, isn’t it more than a thousand years?”

This must be an exaggeration, but so many things have happened in the past year, she really feels that she hasn’t seen it in more than ten years Little black beans.

Xiaoheidou smiled with two crescents in his eyes, “Listening to you, it seems like I haven’t seen each other for over a thousand years. What have you been doing recently? Until the demon soul curses you.”

“Oh, the demon who died in my hands still has a chance to return to the origin of hell?” Harry was a little surprised.

β€œIf I don’t return to the origin of hell, where else can I go?”

β€œIf I sacrifice demon souls to God, can they return to the origin of hell?” Harry asked.

At this time, the little black bean did not answer immediately, his eyes were purple, and after thinking for a long time, he slowly said: “It should be possible, heaven will squeeze them dry like chewing sugar cane, and then throw the residue into the The sea of no light has become the nourishment of new demons.”

Harry “looked at” the merit consumption value of fast running seconds, no longer nonsense, in the most concise words, put her own situation and the predicament she faced. Say it again.

Well, the energy channel is still maintained, because Harry doesn’t know how much “Little Black Bean Power” is needed this time to achieve his goal.

“This is simple. You can use up the meritorious deeds and transmit as much energy as you can. I will help you condense a ‘Hell King Seal’.”

Xiaoheidouyi He waved his hand and said proudly: “As my good friend, you can be suffocated anywhere, but you can’t be terrified and over-cautious in hell!”

Harry looked at him, as if Seeing herself – she said to her friends, you can suffocate anywhere, but when you come to Gotham, you are the king!

She was not pretentious, and started the energy transmission again, strands of black smoke seeped out of the holy light and gathered in Xiaoheidou’s body.

About half a minute later, there were only 100,000 of the original 35 million meritorious deeds – reserved as a reserve.

She also has a paradise mountain financial management.

The Apocalypse invaded, and more than 70 heroes were damaged, which was extremely tragic.

But there are also very few heroes who are ‘out of their minds and deceived by the halo of the congressman’s hero’ who managed the finances in Paradise Mountain during the hero meeting, and then survived – during the Apocalypse War, the loan merits, Buy healing or teleportation.

When the news came out, many heroes were moved.

In the past month or so, more than 50 heroes have started this service on their mobile phones one after another.

Afterwards, they did indeed deposit a credit into their account by hunting hell creatures.

Well, that adds up to nearly 20,000 points.

Harry couldn’t learn from certain banks. She said that an employee of Paradise Hill Financial Management stole the client’s money. It happened that the employee was still a temporary worker, and Paradise Hill Financial Management did not know about it and was completely innocent.

She can’t say that an employee used a fake official seal to take the client’s money as a mortgage for another ‘big hero’.

She can’t do shit that deserves hell.

(end of this chapter)

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