I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 552


Chapter 552 Pulling the roots and hairs

Harley has a total of more than 35 million merits, and 10 million merits open the channel , Hundreds of thousands of maintenance channels, 100,000 reserved as a reserve for Heavenly Mountain’s financial management, and the rest are all used to transmit the power of Xiaoheidou.

“How do you feel?”

Harry asked, cutting off the connection with the voice of the sky and putting away the big cross.

The little black bean Avatar has arrived, and the voice of the sky is no longer needed.

“It’s a little bit worse than I thought,” Xiao Heidou was a little dissatisfied.

“Weaker than your last descent?” Harry frowned.

“It’s better than last time, but this time I don’t want me to kick anyone.” Xiao Heidou looked at her and asked, “Where do you want to place the ‘Hell King’s Seal’?”

“Are you on your body?”

“Well, you can choose a position that is convenient for you to exert force.” Xiao Heidou said.

“What power?” Harry was a little puzzled, “What exactly is the seal of the Hell King?”

“Of course it is the power of hell, the reason why you are bullied by the Demon King is because Isn’t the authority in hell not as good as theirs?

Having my Hell King Seal, I can’t turn you into a Hell Demon King.

If I really turn you into a Demon King, you will I’m completely bound to hell, and I can’t leave if I want to.”

“Yes, yes, being a Demon King is too bad, I don’t want to.” Harry said quickly.

These words, this eager expression, must be heard by other black magicians or hell demons, and they will probably vomit blood.

Xiaohedou said with a smile: “It’s called ‘Hell King Seal’, but it’s a ‘paper’.

‘Seal’ represents power and is covered by a seal The stamped ‘paper’ is just a secondment of power.

I can also give you the real and true kingship of hell, but you yourself are not happy to be bound in hell.

So, I only give you a piece of ‘paper’, so that after you enter hell, you can use some of my hell authority to bless yourself.”

Even if Court Eunuch in the Imperial Palace has no official or semi-official position, he only needs to take it. Following the emperor’s imperial decree, it can still make the Manchu civil and military bow their heads.

The Court Eunuch does not need to be confined to the Imperial Palace, nor to the court system.

“Little Black Bean, you are so smart to come up with such a good idea.”

Harry hugged Little Black Bean’s shoulder and laughed excitedly.

Xiaoheidou also laughed proudly.

After laughing for a while, Harry asked again, “How to use this king seal?”

“Two uses!” Xiao Heidou raised two fingers, “First of all, The origin of hell recognizes the authority of your king, not only does it not exclude you as a foreign creature, but also gives you authoritative blessings.

For example, if you enter hell as a human being, you cannot endure the harsh environment of hell first. , and then because the breath is incompatible with hell, with no difficulty is discovered by any demon.

With this kingship, you can breathe the scorching, sulphurous breath of hell and feel comfortable.

Your breath is also perfectly integrated with hell, and will not cause suspicion.

When a demon finds you, you stare, activate the king’s seal to gain authority, it will think that you are some ancient demon, can’t tell Will be scared to pee, hahaha ”

Speaking of pride, Little Black Bean is even more excited than Harley.

It seems that Harley uses his skills to pretend to be a Manifestation, and he gets the same, if not more, fun with it.

“The second use is that when facing higher demons, you can use the blessing of the king seal on your own strength, which can break through the oppression of the opponent’s authority.

The reason why you choose The location is also for the convenience of blessing.”

Harry hardly thought about it, “It must be easier to use the arm.”

Little Heidou shook his head, “For mortals, indeed The arm is the most convenient, but you are not an ordinary person, and fists and feet are not the strongest point.

For example, if I give the Sannomiya Hell King imprint, he will 100% choose to imprint it on the eyes.


You seem to have several miraculous powers now, which part do you like to use the most?”

Now Harry understands.

Then she began to think. At present, the yellow light energy is her strongest attack, and it is also the confidence that she has the idea of saving Rachel when she hears the Morpheus plan.

How does the yellow light energy stimulate?

The energy comes from her stomach, but it’s her head, the spirit strength that fuels it and uses it.

Harry explained her situation, pointed to her forehead and said, “How about the seal between the eyebrows? Even if the energy of the yellow light can’t keep up with my strength in the future and is abandoned, the use of magic skills will have to rely on spirit. willpower.”

Xiao Heidou hesitated, “Harry, the mark is a bit strange.”

“Can others see the Hell King mark directly?” Harry was surprised.

Little Black Bean nodded, walked around her, clapped her hands and said with a smile: “Since it is the head that exerts the power, it makes no difference whether the imprint is placed in front of or behind the head.”

“Oh, are you sure the mark is left on the back of the head, so that it can’t be seen and won’t affect the power?” Harry asked.

“Of course.”

The two chatted for a long time in the cabin again, until a group of Spiritual God and evil devil sneaked up.

Well, they followed the breath.

“Look at what, what’s so good about me and Harry chatting?!”

Xiao Heidou is a grumpy, jumping outside and roaring.

“This is the little black bean, it’s really the little black bean Ahhh”

Some gods and demons are already weak, and it is Avatar who comes over, seeing the appearance of the little black bean, especially When he collided with his sight, his eyes immediately burst out, bloodshots covered his skin, and strands of magic power like fire and smoke overflowed from the seven orifices.

They dared not look any further, their mouths howling, their bodies twisted and disappeared.

But more gods and demons have completely absorbed the magic and spirit of Xiaoheidou.

The Spiritual God body can face the little black bean, and now this little black bean is just Avatar.

“Really the same appearance as Demonness Harley.” They tsk tsk amazed.

Last year, when Little Black Bean kicked the demon in the three palaces, some Demon Kings and Demon Kings could see his appearance clearly.

Later the news came out, and it caused a lot of discussion in the magic circle.

Now they finally meet the daoist.

“Don’t be impulsive!” Harry hurriedly stopped the little black bean who was about to go crazy, and when he entered the airship, he flew at a high speed.

“You’re just an Avatar now, the more power you consume, the weaker the Hell King Seal will be later.”

“Ai, it’s too embarrassing to run like this, I’m going back. .” Xiao Heidou said sullenly.

Harry comforted him: “After several decades, when I grow up to be the overlord of the universe, even if you are only a paper man Avatar, all Heavenly God demons must bow their heads and bow to you.”


“wu” Xiaoheidou simulated such a scene in his mind, and his face climbed up with a smile again, “I’m looking forward to that day.”

After finishing speaking, He slapped Harry with a slap in the face On the back of his head, “I’m going to start branding the Hell King’s Seal. Remember, it’s only the King’s Seal, and its authority is limited.

If you meet the first-grade Demon King and fight them recklessly, you will It will be very disadvantageous.”

“I understand, I will run away when I encounter Demon King.” Harry said.

Xiao Heidou said in a complicated tone, “Try not to meet Lucifer, my king seal may not be of much use to him”

“Can’t you hide your breath?” Harry startled.

“If He is serious, he will not be able to hide it. If He uses his authority to suppress you, you will be even worse. Except for the destruction of the mark, there is no chance to fight to the death.” Xiao Heidou said solemnly.

“Oh, there is still a chance to fight to the death.” Harry was relieved.

“It’s not to fight for his life, it’s to fight for your chance to escape from hell. It’s only once, the mark will be consumed immediately, you can take it easy.” Xiao Heidou warned.

Harry hesitated: “What is your relationship with Lucifer?”

Xiaoheidou shook his head in confusion, “I’m not sure, before waking up, I vaguely felt that I had a very close relationship with him. Close, I got a lot from him, something that made me grow.

The connection was suddenly cut off later, and he seemed to be cutting off my connection on purpose.

I I have a feeling that the more independent my will is, the happier He will be.”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it, I’ll give you the mark.”

Xiaoheidou patted her on the head. A few times, let her get ready, and in the next moment, the whole person turned into a black glow, piercing the back of Harry’s head.

“Ouch!” Harley felt a stab at the sword, leaned forward, and subconsciously touched the back of her head.


She screamed sternly, β€œLittle black bean, what’s going on, why is there a tail?”

She felt something long, springy, smooth, thick chopsticks.

“This is not a tail, it is the thinnest hair on my body, it has been shrunk as much as possible, you can control it”

Before finishing a sentence, Xiao Heidou’s consciousness froze. disappeared .

Harry pulled the ‘tail’ in front of her and looked closely. It was dark and shiny, not like hair at all.

But she didn’t doubt Xiaoheidou’s words.

On that day, the spiritual power was pulling up the mountain, holding the “body” of the little black bean and pulling it out, but only one black hair that was thicker than the mountain was pulled out

“Also. The chopsticks are thick.” Harry thought, and two small golden hands appeared behind his head, and quickly wrapped her blond hair around her little tail, braiding it into a braid.

After putting away the little tail, Harley jumped out of the spaceship and returned to Earth Quinn Manor before trying to study its function.

The Ninth Layer of Hell, the Ring of Judah, the Throne of Satan.

“Demoness Harley summon black beans again, what do you think?” Lucifer said indifferently.

“Certainly not boring, want to chat with Little Black Bean.” Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies said solemnly.

“Could it be for her dog? I received a message from the City of Silver the day before yesterday. Five days ago, Demoness Harley was going to communicate with Dodo, and finally found it disappeared in heaven through Zaulie. .

After that, she also asked the voice of the sky to make sure it was in hell.” Belial, the king of lies, said slowly.

“Are you sure about the news?” San Gong Mo was slightly surprised, “She contacted Zaulie five days ago, and you received the news the day before yesterday?”

Well, today is with The Demon King meeting related to Demoness Harley, and the other dimension Demon King also participated.

“Don’t think of the First Fallen as an alien demon like you.” Belial said in a low voice, with a smile: “Every angel in power in heaven today was once our brother and comrade-in-arms.

So, leave the task of inquiring about the news of heaven to us, you just need to listen,”

The ‘bird people’ of heaven and hell were scolded secretly, He said sarcastically: “Demoness’s dog is also the task of your first-time fallers, and you haven’t found it yet?”

“If Lucifer wanted to, he should have caught it long ago.”

Belial looked at Boss Lu with resentment in his words.

Well, now both Belial and Beelzebub are directly calling Lucifer by name.

Because in legal terms, the three have the same status and authorityβ€”they were still called ‘boss’ a few years ago, but after getting used to the existing authority, the title gradually changed.

Lucifer also accepted it calmly, and never showed any strange expression because of it.

However, the authority seemed to be divided equally among the three kings, but Belial and Beelzebub gradually discovered that their control over hell was far inferior to that of Lucifer.

Especially in the case of ‘Demoness’ dog’, it is most evident.

Beelzebub and Belzebub both personally hunted and could not find them.

This is clearly not the identity of ‘Satan’.

(end of this chapter)

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