I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 554


Chapter 554 The Sandman’s Robe

Three days later, midnight.

Wearing a blue black robe, Morpheus, like an ethereal cloud, flew silently from the moonlight and landed in front of Harry.

“Have you really decided?” Morpheus frowned: “I reiterate that even if I am in peak state, I am still no match for the Lord of Hell.

Except for the one who created him The creator, Lucifer Morningstar is the most powerful existence in the entire universe.

If someone else sneaks into hell, even if they are discovered, I can protect him with face.

But you are different. Your relationship with the demons of hell and with Lucifer, I don’t need to say more, you know better.

If you are identified by any demon, you will immediately fall into desperation.”

“Did you notice the difference in me?” Harry opened his arms and circled in front of him with a smile.

Murphys carefully observed that the clothes were very ordinary, a black slim fit thick cotton skirt like a nun’s dress, and the appearance was indeed different. It was as dark as night, the teeth were bright dark red, like a mouthful of blood, the eyes were shining, purple light, or ink?

The hair is also dyed black, and the ends of the hair are wriggling ‘greedily’, like piranha in the wet swamp of hell.

“What does this mean?” He wondered. .

Harry stopped circling in disappointment, “You really don’t know what’s going on outside the window.”

Morpheus’s heart moved, “A few days ago, you summed up for nothing. Gwanghae’s hell ominous beast? Is this what she looks like?”

“Can you scare the devil who sees my ‘real face’?” Harley said with a laugh.

“This kind of disguise can’t deceive the devil. Appearance is second, and the most important thing isβ€””

Morpheus got stuck, and his indifferent expression was replaced by surprise.

“The most important thing is breath,” Harry said for him.

At this moment, her breath changed instantly, her life and activity were disappeared, and the extreme depravity and darkness caused the nearby flowers and plants to wither.

“It seems that you don’t need my help very much.” Morpheus said slowly.

“Of course, it’s always good to have more insurance.” Harry said quickly.

In return for finding the sandbag of dreams for him, Morpheus had promised to do two things for her before the last parting, one of which was to help her disguise her identity.

“This is the cloak of dreams.” Morpheus pulled the hem of his seven- or eight-meter-long robe dragged on the ground with his left hand, and his index fingernails on his right hand flickered with starlight, and stroked lightly, “Thorn!”

A large piece of blue-black fabric fell from the robe.

There are jagged broken marks on the other side of the mopping floor, and because it is dragged on the ground, it is inevitable that it will be stained with some dirt.

“This is a rag,” said Harry.

Morpheus handed her the rag, “Try it on your body.”

Harley took the rag, pinched one side of her hand, and shook it a few times. Throwing away the dust and grass clippings above, it was draped over your shoulders.

The robe on Morpheus is long and wide, and only cutting off a section of the hem at this time is enough to become Harley’s cloak.

He’s about 1.7 meters tall, and he’s half palm long on the ground.

But the fabric is very irregular, it is a triangle, it covers the body, it is long on one side and short on that side.

Harry subconsciously wanted it neater, better if cut into a cape.

The next moment, she let out a low cry, because the robe really turned into a cloak of neat and tidy according to her idea.

She exclaimed, but it was not a rag that turned into a cloak. She herself also had a colorful cloud gauze made by Hephaestus with the morning mist on the top of the Alps, which could also change shape.

But this robe showed even more bizarre characteristics after she touched her spirit: it turned into a dark night, and the characteristics of the cloth could not be seen, and the shadow of the robe jumped with dark blue or dark red. flame.

Covered over her, like Morpheus, the hem is like a long skirt that drags the floor and the wide sleeves spread like wings. Halle has a feeling that she can jump gently into a wonderful place. world .

She shared her feelings.

Murphys said: “Its essence is a dream about clothing, which can hide its traces and breath, or become clothes of any style and texture, satisfying everyone’s ultimate dream of clothing.

But its greatest use is to help you instantly enter the kingdom of dreams.

Almost all living beings dream.

As humans dream, so do demons , all dreams are connected to the kingdom of dreams.

If you are in danger, you can find a sleeping demon and let the cloak turn into an invisible and imperceptible dream, wrapping you into the demon’s dream , and through its dreams find the Horn Gate or the Ivory Gate.

Not even the Demon King can stop the process.

Only one thing, you have to find the sleeping hell Creatures, even a dog.”

Harry stroked the robe cherishly, and was very moved.

She didn’t tell Morpheus at all about her trump card at the time, only that she wanted a prop to help conceal her identity.

With Morpheus’s abilities, he can definitely find a cloak that only hides his identity.

He didn’t, he paid more.

In addition to fulfilling his promise, he also put himself in her shoes to consider the biggest trouble of the trip – how to retreat.

Successfully rescuing Rachel will alarm the Sannomiya and need to retreat quickly; if it fails, it needs to run away immediately.

He thought about it.

The Demon King’s authority in hell, he also took into account.

If he is not a bad guy. Then, only friends can think so well for friends.

“Thank you,” said Harry sincerely.

Morpheus only nodded lightly, and asked again: “Do you understand the Gate of Horn and the Gate of Ivory?”

“The Gate of Horn is the true omens of dreams, ivory The door is full of absurdities,” Harry said.

Morpheus indifferently said: “When you enter the devil’s dreamland, first judge whether it is dreaming a real dream or an absurd dream.

The basis for the judgment is also simple, a small An inferior demon dreams of being in a state of power, and yells at Satan, must be a daydream.

If a dream is about a daily life that fits its identity, it may be a real omen.

A real dream is a tailwind.

If you run, you will not feel the wind blowing across your face; in absurd dreams, if you run against the wind, you can sense the presence of the wind.

If you run in the wrong direction, you may sink into a dream forever, not even me I’ll find it.”

“You’re a dream Sovereign, and you can’t manage all the dream territories?” Harry asked in surprise.

Morpheus was silent for a moment before saying: “This time is different from the past, the first vortex of dreams in this era has appeared.

The vortex of dreams is literally, a swallowing The vortex of dreams is like the black hole of the material universe.

It can grow itself in devouring, and if left alone, it can eventually swallow the entire dream king and destroy the multiverse.

You If you run around and run out of the border of the dream, at most you will get lost in the endless dream, and one day I will be able to find you.

But if you crash into the dream vortex, no one can save you.”


Harry opened her mouth slightly, not very scared, but rather embarrassed, “Why is there a crisis of extinction everywhere?”

Morpheus’s eyes are like cold stars reflecting in the dark pool water, appearing a little indifferent, “If there is no dream, what will the world be like?”

“Sometimes if you don’t dream, the quality of sleep will be better.” Harry speaks frankly.

Morpheus said: “Only the dead don’t dream. Mortals think that high-quality sleep without dreams is actually approaching or entering the ‘idler’s green space’ in dreams.

It is a peaceful and beautiful place for recuperation and relaxation, a paradise in the kingdom of dreams.”

Harry’s heart moved, thinking of an “ancient” past, “Nine years ago, a Gotham philanthropist Died at the hands of thugs.

She sold her property during her lifetime to support her dream in Africa, and after her death she seemed to go to dream paradise, but was stuck.”

“You You mean Emily?” Morpheus hardly thought.

“It seems so.”

“She’s not the only one stuck because ‘Idlers’ Green Grass’ ran away.” Morpheus sighed.

“What does it mean to run?” Harley’s unfathomable mystery.

“The green grass is a conscious dream, and one of my top four ministers.” After a pause, he changed his tune: “Now with Rachel, it’s the top five ministers.


While I was away and left unchecked, the green grass turned into a human figure and sneaked into the world.”

Harry had a trance looking at Journey to the West, but a piece of land , ‘Dream Paradise’, can also go down to earth as a demon?

“The idler’s green space is so important to the dream, why didn’t the other vassals stop him, or get him back?”

Morpheus was silent for a while, “The other three The great families were several decades earlier than him and sneaked into the world.”

Harry’s expression was slightly distorted, “What’s so good in the world?”

“When I find them, I will definitely Asked.” Morpheus said.

“Not only to ask, but also to punish severely.” Harry rolled his eyes and laughed, “My friend Rachel won’t be so dishonest, maybe she can take more responsibility. “

“You’re teaching me to do things?” Morpheus said indifferently.

“No, I’m sharing my experience with you about being the boss.” Harry said solemnly.

Morpheus took out a small cloth bag from his arms – the sandbag of dreams, untied the rope, and a grain of golden-bright and dazzling sand floated from the mouth of the bag, “Take it, at least hell. Inside, you can instantly hear what I hear, see what I see, and lead you to Rachel.”

This is Halle’s second request: listen to Murphy instantly Negotiations with Lucifer in order to find out the timing of the shot.

This is a disrespectful request.

Although it is an established fact that Morpheus has negotiated with Lucifer, Harley has actually made him a target.

“You really decided to go to Lucifer for a helmet?” She hesitated.

Saving Rachel was a long-cherished wish that she wanted to do but could not achieve.

But now Morpheus seems to be a good friend too, in case

“Last time I said you and Lucifer must have a conflict, but I didn’t tell you why” Harley seriously said: “Now I confess to you that your actions are tantamount to humiliating Lucifer.

According to the laws of hell, any humiliated demon noble must take revenge and make the other party suffer ten times the pain.

If you fail three times, the demon nobles will take the punishment for their enemies.

This is what hell is often called ‘Three Shame Punishments’.

If you live Take back his helmet, and Lucifer’s humiliation will become a fact.

He is so proud that he will never allow humiliation to become a reality.

Therefore, you have a high chance of getting If you don’t return the helmet, it’s more likely that no one will come back.”

Morpheus frowned, β€œI sent a messenger, and now I’m going to personally come to the door to explain the reason. As Supreme Existence, I have nothing to do with etiquette. Being picky, there is no ill will towards him.”

β€œYour etiquette and gratitude are justified in front of the proud Lucifer.

Just like a foreign tycoon Come to Gotham and visit Quinn Manor with a gift.

I can’t thank him enough for that, he only gets a basic 60 for his behavior.

60 , it’s only enough to have a cup of tea with me, but also when I’m in a good mood and have free time.

60 points wants me to lose face and force my little brother to hand over the treasure, there is no door!”

(end of this chapter)

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