I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 555


Chapter 555 Spit out old phlegm

Morpheus said strangely: “You said that, not afraid that I will change my mind , really only have a cup of tea with Lucifer?”

Harry sighed: “From the very beginning, I didn’t encourage you to find Lucifer, did I?

I heard that you Lucifer’s plan to ask for a helmet gave me the idea to take the opportunity to save Rachel.

Although I didn’t tell you the reason, I also made it clear at the time that if you did that, it would definitely conflict with Lucifer. , and then I can take advantage of the chaos.”

“You seem to be more candid now,” Morpheus said.

Harry said: “It is profitable to trade zero for one, and even if I pay some extra price, it is worth trying for me; to trade one for one, I have to take advantage of my own fortune, but it is too much. Lost.”

Morpheus pondered the zero and one in silence.

He’s ‘Zero’, ‘One’ is her good friend Rachel, and now he’s ‘One’?

“If I drink tea with Lucifer, will you go to hell?”

His voice was still as indifferent as clear spring water, but a little softer.

“After preparing for such a long time, of course I can’t give up completely. I will go to hell, explore the way first, and prepare for the next assault.” Harry said.

At one time, saving Rachel was an urgent and dangerous thing to do.

Now that Rachel has become a dream lord, at least she is free in her mind, and it is no longer so urgent to save her.

But one day, she has to fish her out of hell!

“Go ahead with your plan,” Morpheus said softly.

Harry frowned and continued with the previous plan, doesn’t that mean he still wants to kill Lucifer?

“I don’t understand what I’m saying? Or, are you suspicious?” she asked.

Morpheus shook his head, “You said it very clearly, and I also believe in your empathy with Lucifer.

However, you don’t seem to have considered it from my point of view. Question.

As a dream Sovereign, if I don’t even dare to take back the Divine Item that manages the dream world, will my honor and dignity still exist?

Or, you think in a different position , your treasure was snatched away by a subordinate of a foreign emperor, what would you do?”

β€”β€”I couldn’t help it for a day, I immediately called my little brother, a copycat, and rushed abroad overnight. First fear poison qi to wash the ground, the cottage Shadow Warrior clears the field, Ivy and Carlisle attract firepower, I disguised my identity, hid among the younger brothers, stabbed the emperor of the gods, and tortured myself where my treasure was

Harry thought so, but there was no more words of persuasion on his lips.

To persuade him not to provoke Lucifer is to insult Morpheus and humiliate his Supreme Existence status.

But when she thought about it, she wanted to persuade her in another way, “If my baby is taken away by a foreign emperor, I am weak, and I can’t beat him, I will recruit a lot of people and take relatives and friends. All are called here.

For example, now, I never hesitate to ask you for help.

I heard that there are seven brothers in the endless family, such good Innate conditions, do not send out in groups , what a pity.”

Morpheus shook his head again and sighed softly: “You can ask them to help with other small things, but this is not good.

I lost my Divine Item, This is a shameful thing, and it is even more shameful to use the strength of others to find my own things.

Maybe I go to them for help, but they will laugh at me and then refuse.

Besides, I went to Lucifer by myself, and he already felt insulted.

If the family pushes the door, there is almost no need to talk, and it will directly lead to a war between hell and the endless family.

The purpose of the Endless Family is to make the multiverse order work, not to disrupt it and provoke disputes.”

Harry was surprised: “Your brother sister will reject you? I think at least Second sister is not that kind of person.”

β€”β€”That’s my second sister, don’t call it so natural!

Morpheus glanced at her with starlight eyes, “Even if I am killed by Lucifer this time, the ‘Sandman’ will not disappear, there will be another me to replace me, to my brother As far as sisters are concerned, there is no difference between the two of me.

For the dream world, there is not much difference.

Perhaps the only person who cares about the difference between the two is myself.”


Harry was stunned and understood what he meant. The Endless Family is the human form of the Universe Rule. If the rules are not destroyed, they will not disappear.

But as the “Artifact Spirit” of the universe itself, each of them is a unique and unmatched life.

She said softly: “I think you are wrong, your family must only care about you at this moment, and your friends will only treat you as a friend.

The other Sandman doesn’t even have the same memories, but he’s not a friend after all.”

The one who gave her the robe and cared about her life and death was the Sandman in front of her.

If he dies, the rules of future sleep and dreams give birth to new sleep, and it has nothing to do with her.

Morpheus took a deep look at her and said softly: “It’s time for us to set off, I hope we all get what we want.”

The City of Silver is like a floating void Island Land, looks like Asgard from Marvel next door.

It seems that you can approach heaven from any direction.

Like the floating island land of the material world, it can land from all angles of up, down, left, and right.

If that were the case, Zaulie wouldn’t be able to guard the gates of heaven with strength of oneself.

The range is too wide to defend against.

The truth is that Zaulie, who only guarded a floating island outside the City of Silver, indeed guarded the gate of heaven.

Anyone who enters or leaves the City of Silver or the lower heaven can’t get around him.

Hell looks like a funnel without a “wall” ladder structure. In fact, it is similar to heaven, with only one entrance and exit – Gates of Hell.

If Gates of Hell is closed, even the Demon King will not be able to leave or return to Hell.

However, Gates of Hell is also very different from Heaven’s Gate.

First of all, behind the gates of heaven are the bottom heaven and the city of silver, but the Gates of Hell is between the shadow world and hell.

That is to say, to go to the lower heaven, one must pass through the gate of heaven and Zaulie.

There are no restrictions to go to the shadow world of the outer hell. Black mages can approach by spiritual or physical means through black magic. For example, Harley only relied on the devil’s horns to enter. Shadow Realm.

Entering the real ninth layer hell from the shadow world, but you need to cross a gate, Gates of Hell.

Secondly, in terms of strict access control, hell is far inferior to heaven.

At this point, Harley turned into a fallen man with a black tattered robe, like a laborer who left the city to go to his hometown during the Mid-Autumn Festival, lined up in a long queue and slowly moved to hell.

Across the shadow world is a bleak, cold void.

Stand there, you can see the hell on the opposite side.

The undead who have fallen into hell, the aliens who are going to be naturalized in hell, the mages who try to go to hell to find power or other things, the souls of psychic mediums who are channeling, the ghouls in the shadow world. Almost all Evil creatures can be seen at the entrance of hell.

In that scene, a giant wormhole appeared in the vast and dark Universe Starry Sky, countless spaceships lined up, and grandiose drilled into the hole.

Harry obediently and honestly follows a Gotham bastard who’s missing half his head, drifting in with the team.

Don’t ask her why she knows he’s from Gotham, the guy is still repeating the machine, muttering: “Mother Fake Bateman”

Harry couldn’t figure out why. To Fake Martha Wayne, the total impossible is Bateman blasting his head.

“Satan is above, it’s the dream Sovereign!” There was a commotion in front of him, and Morpheus was like a big bird, his robes flying, falling from the sky and landing directly at the gate.

“Fuck off!” Harry was looking around, a force came from behind, followed by a burst of drinking.

She ducked sideways and saw an eight-meter-tall demon with a two-meter-wide, sharp-toothed mouth.

It just wanted to kick her with its big, scaly feet.

“What are you looking at, be careful I ate you!” The demon roared with three mouths.

There was a commotion in front and in the vicinity. The mages and demons jumped out of the team and ran straight ahead, and no demons came out to maintain order.

Harry with the tattered hood can’t see her face, only the dark eyes like the bottom of the pool, twinkling purple black cross stars, imitating the Sandman.

Nipple shivered, and was about to say a few words of kindness when Harry the Hood spoke, her voice hoarse like two rocks rubbing against each other.

“You want to eat me? Drink?”

She spat at it.

It’s like an old smoker who has an uncomfortable throat, sucks hard, and then vomits hard.

A powerful bubble of “thick phlegm”, it seems that even the phlegm on the gastrointestinal mucosa is sucked into the mouth.

Sure enough, she spit out a mouthful of greasy yellow phlegm.

Only listening to the sound and looking at the appearance, I subconsciously guessed that the phlegm was extremely foul-smelling.

The Nipple Demon wanted to hide, but didn’t, the thick phlegm was not fast, but it seemed to have predicted its predicted action, and it was just “Pa”, and it stuck in the middle of the forehead.

It doesn’t stink, but smells fragrantβ€”β€”

“Thorn lalaβ€”β€”” The tragic sound of flesh and bones melting, and the thick smoke like lighting horse dung, in the nipple. The magic brain happens.

It only had time to growl before losing its head, thumping to the ground, and disappeared in a few breaths, leaving only a pool of filth on the spot.

“Trash, even an old man can’t eat a mouthful of phlegm, and wants to gnaw on his old bones.”

Under the shocked and fearful gazes of all the demons, Harris Shiran Cross the line and start jumping forward.

Wherever she goes, demons are easy to dispel.

They won’t dare to discuss spiritedly until she’s far away.

“It’s so terrifying, a Viscount troll was killed by a mouthful of thick phlegm, and the bones are gone.”

“Don’t think about it, this must be a conspiracy Year Old Demon.”

“Why is this old monster still lining up? Isn’t it a pit demon?”

“You also said that it is an old monster, a battle of words, Just spitting and killing people shows how twisted and perverted psychology is, and it’s not surprising to do anything.”

Harry was unperturbed, but she was very proud.

Killing a little devil is nothing, but this skill of spitting to kill is too pretentious, and it suits her too much.

And she came up with this skill temporarily.

The devil wanted to eat her, and she was so angry that she could not wait to swallow the yellow light.

But then, she returned rationally: First of all, the ‘Ring World’ skill has a prerequisite, the opponent can’t resist, not even at all.

Obviously, that demon is not her opponent, at least she can beat her to death.

Secondly, eating demons is so disgusting that she vomits just thinking about it.

She swears she will never eat any humanoid or humanoid, dead or alive, clean or not.

It’s just pure heartbreak.

Then Harry had an idea and thought of the acid-spraying Poison Dragon: The food defense expertise relies on the stomach bag and stomach acid. If it is not digested internally, can it be digested externally?

Do what you think of, use the divine force field that eliminates the resistance of the devil’s body as sugar, wrap a bubble of compressed stomach acid, and supplement it with a yellow light energy ‘missile’ that changes direction and speed at will.

Can’t dodge, can’t hold it, the effect is better than expected.

(end of this chapter)

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