I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 557


Chapter 557 Netherworld River Ferry

The soul that has just died, still retains the memory and part of the wisdom.

Hearing the shouts of the three witches of the carry, many undead leaned over.

The fatty in the handmade suit took out a Silver Coin, and the undead next to him also tried to take out the money, and then a silver waterfall attracted everyone’s attention.

The old man in the old work clothes knew from the poor family just by looking at his face, but Silver Coins half the height of a man were already piled up under him.

Silver Coins piled up into a hill, and buried half of his body in it.

“This” the old man was dumbfounded.

The fatty eyes of the handmade suit are straight.

Beads near the dead spiritual eyes jumped out halfway.

Even Halle was surprised.

On the contrary, it was the three witches of carry, who seemed to have seen such scenes a lot, and their reaction was very dull.

“Yes, your children and grandchildren are very filial, and your friends miss you very much.” The big witch said.

“Don’t rob anyone, and don’t worry about it. This money belongs to you, and no one else can take it away.” The two witches shouted.

“Open your pockets and think about putting the money back,” the three witches taught.

The “crash-bang” Silver Coin really flowed back, looking at his pocket, still shriveled.

“Come on, just one Silver Coin.” The big witch began to shout again.

“Safe and comfortable, you can still listen to the radio.”

The two witches twisted the radio switch, and sure enough, there was a news broadcast with heavy noise and serious out-of-tune – welcome to listen to Gotham Midnight News, Replaying for you the second issue of “The Earthman with the Head Started – The Golden Nuclear Bomb”.

The three witches continued to shout: “Don’t you all know the Netherworld River? The air is still light.

Because the water is too light and the buoyancy is weak, the wooden boat is slightly top-heavy and top-heavy, and it may tip over.

Charon’s boat often has accidents and falls off The undead of the river will not be able to live.

The river of resentment will slowly dissolve the soul, and even the monarch of hell will not dare to touch it easily.”

The spirit general of the dead is doubtful , even those souls that were poured into the big wooden boat like an oil pipeline stopped in fear, and whispered timidly: “Does Charon really capsize often?”

The undead with some spare money in their pockets are all Start crowding the rusted bus.

Even Harry looked suspiciously at the big ferry and turned to the bus.

Looking at it, the face hidden under the hood wrinkled.

Like the hell taxis of yesteryear, it was filthy, with the holey seats covered in yellow, brown sticky filth.

Charon also noticed a drop in traffic.

It is not the image of a punter standing on the bow, but a huge bow image, which is integrated with the 100-meter-long ferry, its head stands on the bow, and the cabin seems to be its drive. .

“Witch, I don’t mind if you eat the leftovers I leave out. But if you dare insult my ferry and my boating skills, I swear to Satan and Hades, I’ll eat you raw!”

It opened its mouth and roared at the opposite carriage, the huge air current blowing hundreds of undead on the ground, making it fly like leaves.

“Put through, puff through.” The water splashed all over the river, and some unlucky ones fell into it.

Nether-River Water, sure enough, the flying feathers can’t be crossed, and the souls of the dead are only left, how light should it be?

As soon as he fell, he was disappeared and didn’t struggle at all.

“ahhhh, dead people!”

“Charon kills, Charon kills.”

“Omg, Charon does this, Didn’t the Demon King come to punish it?”

The dead people who just died were greatly stimulated and screamed in horror.

“Fools, shout again, and I will throw you all into the Netherworld River!” Charon was confident, not afraid of the punishment after committing the crime, and continued to roar: “Don’t doubt my power, Satan Your Majesty gave me the amount of ‘Turning Consumption’.”

“What is Transiting Consumption?” asked a demonic wizard from another world who looked like a goblin.

It stands on the second layer deck of the ferry and seems to be a high-profile VIP customer.

Charon said confidently: “The government collects taxes. If you collect food, there will be consumption in the transportation process. If you collect money, there will be fire consumption.

This Netherworld The wind is high and the waves are rough, and the flying feathers are difficult to cross. If you are not careful, you will encounter an accident, and the undead will suffer a little loss, and then there will be a loss.”

“Occasionally buy Karon, Charon admits it himself. , its ships often have accidents?!” A wise undead said in horror.

“bang!” A thick-column oar spit out from Charon’s mouth, like the tongue of a big snake ball, smashing the undead into a lump of flesh, and then retracting it back into its mouth, smash it, smash it After a few moments, he recalled, “This is also a waste of time.”

The undead keep quiet out of fear, and they will never dare to stab.

They couldn’t even hesitate, because there was an endless stream of undead coming from behind, and the demons who maintained order drove them away like animals, either boarding a boat, riding a car, or jumping into the river by themselves.

Harry didn’t plan to make trouble, so she was going to buy a VIP on the Charon ship right now – the second layer deck is relatively empty, and there is no need to crowd people like sardines.

She came prepared, knowing she was going to cross the Netherworld River, of course she wouldn’t be out of money for a boat.

She doesn’t mind taking care of the “old friend”‘s business if the bus is cleaner.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way, the Immortal Realm messenger is here!” At this moment, several big and loud demons strode over from behind, “Idiot, don’t get out of the way. ”

Some undead could not react in time, and were pinched by the troll with the palm of the door, grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth.

β€œka-cha β€”β€”ahhhh β€”β€”crack crack ——”

The undead that should be a spirit body was chewed up blood splashed and stumps jumped around.

Other undead saw the troll so ferocious, screamed and squeezed out, making way for the team behind.

Surrounded by a group of grotesquely shaped demons, eleven Fairy with golden hair and gorgeous classical dresses walked over, each of them had the appearance of covering moon, shaming flowers, and different expressions. Atmosphere varies.

Plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum are on the side, and each is good at winning the game.

They are not dead, nor any of the demons, but pure Immortal Realm elves, which are incompatible with this hell, the scenery and people in hell.

Like a white swan in the pig house.

But they didn’t hold their necks high like swans, looking forward to the flying of the gods and proud and complacent among the black pigs.

All of them bowed their heads, with sad expressions and empty eyes.

After a while, the demons of the second layer deck were also driven down, and the Fairy took up the entire space.

“Why did these Fairy come to hell?” the evil mage wondered.

“You came to hell on your first day, or you just became a mage, and you don’t even know the rules of tithing?” Sneered on the side.

“In the material Universe Starry Sky, Apocalypse and Darkseid count this,” a corpse gave a thumbs up, “but in the Divine Domain and foreign world, hell and Lucifer Your Majesty are “The first natural disaster”.”

“In my impression, Lucifer has always been quiet as if it doesn’t exist.” The evil mage said puzzled.

The corpse demonic path: “That’s now, in Ancient Times, the Legion of Eternal Punishment has almost conquered the Divine Domain world.

The countless different dimensions and foreign worlds in the Lingbo Prison have all gone to the road. Sifa Your Majesty acknowledge allegiance.

The Immortal Realm, inhabited by elves, goblins, and Fairy, is one of them.

Every seven years, the Immortal Realm queen Titania and the Immortal Realm King Oberon, we must choose 10 most intelligent and beautiful elves to dedicate to hell.”

After finishing speaking, he greeted his companions, “Let’s go, let’s take the bus, the three witches are still very reliable. Yes.”

“Pu tong.” The water splashed by the river and quickly subsided.

The three witches said while staring: “Which ghost jumped into the river? After the Netherworld River, there are still a lot of hardships waiting for you, why can’t you think about it!”

The two witches said : “It’s hard to persuade a damn ghost. Eighty percent of them were frightened by Charon and the trolls, thinking that jumping into the river would die ends all one’s troubles.”

The great witch said: “Childish! It is the most painful punishment to slowly dissolve inside.”

“It doesn’t seem to be an undead.” A fallen mage hesitantly said.

“I saw it too, it’s a man with a cloak,” his companion said.

The river jumping ghost was just a small episode, and soon the bus was filled with dead ghosts and demons, staggered into the air, and rumbled towards the opposite bank where no edge could be seen.

At the same time, Charon also swept away from the estuary with a giant paddle on his “waist side”.

“Dude, you are so rich, why do you still take a boat?” asked the old man in a handmade suit, who was almost half-body pushed out of the boat’s side on the wooden boat.

The old man with his pockets full of money sighed: “You see, the devil is so ferocious. Crossing the Netherworld River is just the beginning, I don’t know what’s waiting for me next, save it now if you can. After all, the ticket is ten times more expensive than the ferry ticket.”

“Old Brother, what did you do to go to hell?” the old man in the suit asked.

The old man looked at the dark river and said blankly: “I thought and thought, maybe it’s a lie, I often lie.”

“Really? Hell.” The old man in the suit suspected that the other party was lying.

The old man was about to speak when suddenly his eyes widened and he pointed at the river to cry out in surprise: “Look, there is a mermaid in the river!”

The old man in the suit twisted his neck a hundred times Eighty degrees, looking in the direction of the old man’s arm, the river is dim, with a little gray foam, nothing can be seen in the river, and it is completely unclear in the depths.

Facing the suspicious eyes of the old man in the suit, the old man said anxiously: “I’m not lying, just now there was a very beautiful woman lying on her back and playing in the river, and a group of firefly circled around her. “

“Old Brother, I believe it.” The old man in the suit sighed.

“I believe it?” The old man doubted, “How can there be a mermaid in the Netherworld River?”

The old man in the suit gave a thumbs up, “No wonder you can go to hell with a lie, Lies come as soon as he opens his mouth, and his expression and demeanor are completely fake.”

“I didn’t lie.” The old man became anxious.

He didn’t lie, it was Harry who jumped into the river.

I don’t know if it’s the reason for the recent death. Although those undead are souls, their bodies exude the stench of corpses when they were buried.

In addition to the odor of corpses, there are also the characteristics of corpses such as corpse oil, brain pulp, and rotting viscera.

The second floor of the VIP of the Charon Ferry was occupied. She didn’t want to go to the bus that looked like a rotting coffin, and she didn’t want to be like a sardine, crowded with countless dead ghosts, so she could only jump into the river.

Just as Harley wanted to know, what was in the Netherworld River?

As soon as she thought of it, she did it. She wrapped a yellow light shield on her body, and a Meng Zhazi jumped in.

What are the hazards such as falling feathers that can sink and eroding the soul and resentment river, how could it hurt her in the power field of God?

Jumping into the river, her body was like a weight, sinking rapidly, and the bottom of the river seemed to be ten thousand zhang deep. Carrion.

“Hey, strange, the little tail seems to feel a little bit.” Harry dumbfounded who was about to run back.

The little black bean’s hair hanging on the back of her head vaguely sensed something, the source was deeper at the bottom of the river.

And aware of her arrival, the carrion suddenly opened its eyes, like a little Ghost Fire, with rays of light showing extreme greed and malice, send cold shivers down one’s spine.

Harry endured nausea and bypassed them, and at a faster speed, took the initiative to dive, carrion and mutilated undead like a swarm of bees, following behind her.

The dark bottom of the river, like a group of firefly.

After diving for another distance, there was a strong crisis in spiritual sense. Harry was shivered, stopped, and looked down. It was still dark, and the sense of hair was stronger. It seemed that if she continued to go down, she could Enter the sea of no light, and see the body of the little black bean.

“The Demon Kings have sealed the deep well that leads to the sea of darkness, how could they leave such a loophole.” Harry felt a move, and said strangely, “I shouldn’t have come to the deep well. Are you up? Further down, it’s the Demon King’s seal, so it’s dangerous.”

(end of this chapter)

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