I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 561


Chapter 561 Challenge Supreme Existence

“My father just went out, but in my father’s palace, there are many Demon King-level Magic Forbidden, Brother Heishan wants to try it?” Two Crown Prince laughed.

“That’s not good,” Harry hesitated. “Breaking the ban on the palace of Your Majesty in the third house is a piece of cake for me.

That’s the problem, too. If I roam freely in the palace, come and go freely, will it make Your Majesty angry?”

The second Crown Prince was shocked, “Walk freely, come and go freely? Are you kidding?”

Harry said solemnly: “Without this ability, I dare to step on the head of Demonness Halle and make a name for it?

Today I will put my words here, my heavenly escape Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens, unstoppable, surpassing the rules of hell, reaching the Peak of multiverse escape.”

“Peak escape” II Crown Prince’s eyes lit up, he visited the escape master everywhere, wasn’t it To learn the escape art of first under the heavens?

If there is one big lesson he has learned in dealing with Demoness Harley in the past few years, it is that “good fists are worse than good legs”.

As long as the legs are nimble and run fast, the Demonness can’t catch up.

Demoness can’t catch up, and naturally can’t hurt him.

The harder the fist, the stronger the strength, but the more dangerous it is. Because the fist is hard, you have to rush forward, rush up to meet Demonness meet force with force The reality proves that, and Demonness meet force with force, both no good ending.

“Don’t worry, Brother Montenegro, I’m by your side. If my father is disturbed, or my father is to blame, I will take full responsibility.”

Two Crown Prince anxious Unbearable, I want to see “first under the heavens escapism” immediately.

“Really try?” Harry confirmed again.

“bang bang bang!” The second Crown Prince patted his chest a few times, loudly said: “My father’s palace, isn’t it mine? Mine is also my brother’s, I practice Divine Ability in my own home, What’s the problem?”

“Montenegro old monster” was still not at ease, and said: “How about, His Highness the Crown Prince will send a letter to Your Majesty Sannomiya, let me know first?”

“It’s easy!” The two Crown Princes squeezed their right hands and spread them out, until the magic vulture took off from their palms, turned into a black line, and went to the bottom of hell.

“This is my Avatar, who will explain everything to the father.”

“Montenegro’s old monster” no longer refused, and said solemnly: “My escapism has a third realm, First Layer, to conquer the world, Second Layer, regardless of the law and of natural morality, Third Layer.”

Harry deliberately hesitated and said vaguely: β€œLet’s try the first two layers today.”


Although the second Crown Prince really wanted to know what the Third Layer was, but now he wanted to see the dive might of the “Sky Escape Technique” immediately, so he didn’t ask, just urged: “Brother Heishan, try it now. By the way, can you escape with others? I want to feel it intuitively.”

“You can bring people, but the effect will be less.”

“The worse is worse. Some.”

Harry walked up to the second Crown Prince, “I’m going to start, don’t struggle, Your Highness.”

“I understand.”

“Ah hey!” Harry slammed his arms up, “Three Parts Return to Essence Qi!”

A layer of golden yellow – the energy of the yellow light, a layer of deep darkness – the seal of the hell king, A layer of transparency – God’s force field, three layers of energy film spread from the hooded Harry.

Before all the demons reacted, the three forces merged into one and turned into a palm-thick layer of black shield.

The black smoke billows from the magic hood, like a big lit dung ball, exuding a strong smell of corruption, darkness, decay, fear, and chaos.

“Uh, it hurts”

“hehe hee”

“wu wu wu”

There is still a picture or pain Various kinds of “Resentful Soul” with happy or crying or dull faces appear on the surface of the “Dung Ball”.

– It’s actually an illusion of the Sandman’s robe projected on it.

“Hey, what a terrifying imposing manner, just looking at it makes me terrified and the magic power is confused. The old monster in Montenegro must be the Unparalleled Ominous Demon that is no weaker than the Demon Lord.” Even the Crown Prince showed a shocked look on his face.

“Heaven’s Escape Technique – Stepping down the world!”

Halle loudly shouts, the “three-in-one” hood wraps herself and the two Crown Princes like a flaming meteor, A hundred times the speed of sound rushed to the Sangong Palace.

“Rumble–” The black meteor dragged a long black tail and made a thunderous roar in mid-air, even the demons in the distant square were alarmed.

“The speed is average.” The second Crown Prince commented.

“I haven’t started to ‘pacify the world’ yet.”

Harry replied casually, and then smashed through the palace wall with a huge force, pushing it horizontally all the way, without reducing the speed.

“crackle — bang ka-cha –” The mountain-like thick wall was like tofu, the rune and Formation on the wall were triggered, and the multi-colored magic light hit the black “dung ball cover” ”, with little to no adverse effect on it except for more and more intense black smoke.

The “dung ball cover” not only did not slow down, but kept accelerating under the stimulation and stimulation of the ban.

“Hey, it’s so terrifying!” The demons onlookers outside were shocked, “You can really ignore the Demon King-level ban.”

A short distance from where Rachel is’ The pocket dimension’ was only 500 meters away, and it was difficult to get close by ordinary physical shock methods. Harry stopped and asked the second Crown Prince, “How about this trick to ‘level the world’?”

Second Crown Prince’s face red light with excitement, yelled: “Okay, very good, this is the most domineering escape technique I’ve ever seen.”

“Ai, it’s really domineering, take Sannomiya Your Majesty’s There’s a big hole in the palace, and if Your Majesty comes back, you’re to blame.” There was a hint of apology and sadness in the gritty rock-rubbing voice.

Two Crown Prince laughed heartily, waved his hand boldly, “trifling is just a palace, my father is broad-minded, generous and generous, and I will definitely not blame you for this trivial matter.”

“Are you sure? I’m a little worried”

The second Crown Prince patted his chest and assured him, “Don’t worry, big brother of Montenegro, I released my mental projection before, and now I am with my father, explaining the reason to him. “

The summit of the Lonely Peak.

Lucifer, Belize, and Beelzebub are at the top, side by side, with Morpheus the Sandman just a few steps away.

On the vast wilderness below the mountain, several millions of demons crowded together like an ocean of monsters.

Lucifer both hands crossed near chest, his eyes are playful, and he asks with a smile: “Morpheus, now they are all here, tell us, which demon took your helmet?”

Believe, the king of lies, is made up of a thousand faces. At this time, a thousand mouths clack together in a weird smile: “The king of dreams, that’s all we can help you.”

“The Divine Item is down there, right in front of your eyes, as a dream Sovereign, you must be able to find it, right?” Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies said with a smile.

Morpheus’s expression was indifferent, and his flat voice spread throughout wasteland: “A certain of you is holding my helmet. It is one of the props I use to manage the kingdom of dreams. It is very important.”

The demons below laughed, yelled, and remained silent. No one took the initiative to surrender.

Morpheus sighed then said, took out the dream sandbag from his bosom, and said again: “It was forged by my own hands, using a bone of the Spiritual God of death, carved into a helmet of pure dreams.

Only I can make it work, and I can find it.”

The demons laughed harder and made obscene gestures at him.

Several millions of demons sneered together in waves of laughter.

Morpheus pursed his lips, untied the sandbag, grabbed a handful of golden sand, and threw it out to the sea of demons below.

“Shashasha” Jinsha was still in the air, and it turned into a long river of twinkling starlight.

The golden river is hundreds of kilometers long, reflecting the sky with a touch of golden yellow, floating back and forth above the sea of devils.

In just two breaths, the golden river suddenly shrank and turned into A streamer fell on top of a demon’s head, circling and refusing to leave.

It was a ‘double-mouthed devil’ with a big mouth on his chin, golden streamers hanging on his head, and his body became like gold, golden-bright and dazzling, shiny.

It lost one’s head out of fear, and the other demons quickly retreated, forming a large clearing in the plain.

“That’s it,” Murphy said.

Lucifer gently voted, “It’s called Korong Rong, a duke under Beelzebub.”

The voice fell, and the demon duke with a long face and two mouths was already Come across to several Demon Kings.

“Korong Rong, what Mengjun said is true, you took away his helmet to manage the Kingdom of Dreams?” Lucifer asked.

“What if I took it? I didn’t break the law, no matter who owned the helmet before, it belongs to me now, no one can take the property of a hell nobleman for nothing.” Junkerzon excitedly said .

Lucifer glanced at it.

“Pu pass!” Demon Duke seemed to be pressed by Mount Tai on his shoulders, and knelt on the ground all of a sudden, his knees smashed the stone floor.

“Don’t speak to us in this tone,” Lucifer said mildly, his voice flat, “Rongrong, where’s the helmet?”

“Yes, Your Majesty .”

This time, the two-mouthed demon only answered questions obediently and honestly, and no longer vented his emotions.

“Give it back to me, immediately,” Morpheus said eagerly.

The harsh face looked towards Lucifer, Lucifer said nothing.

It looks towards its own monarch, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

Beelzebub said: “I grant you the right to speak your mind freely.”

Then the two-mouthed demon began to talk: “Yes, the helmet is with me. , but it came in a perfectly legitimate way.

It came from a fair deal, a mortal man gave me in exchange for help!

Although the price I paid was insignificant, the helmet was precious, Exchange is exchange, and according to the laws of hell, non-equivalent exchange is completely legal.”

Beelzebub said: “Mengjun, it’s right.”

Mo Feith looked at the Demon Duke, “I want to get it back, what are your conditions?”

Without waiting for it to answer, he quickly added: “Your name is Korong Rong, I remember it .”

β€”β€”Fuck, his real name and face are exposed, but the other party is still supreme.

The Demon Duke’s face turned pale, looking towards his own boss.

Beelzebub was silent.

What can He say?

“Remembering” is a thought activity.

Even if he is as domineering as Harley, he can’t stop other big guys from thinking about his little brother.

As for what he will do after thinking about it, he has to wait for what he does!

At this moment, countless thoughts flashed in Kaorong Rong’s heart: First, mother Fake, if you don’t call me over, we won’t be exposed anyway; secondly, the helmet will definitely not be able to be preserved, even today Resisting the past, the Sandman’s “remember” tomorrow, and even the thoughts of other evil Demon God spirits, can’t bear it at all; in the end, who should the helmet be handed over?

Korong Rong had the urge to offer his helmet to Lucifer or Beelzebub on the spot.

But soon, he suppressed the urge again.

He’s a smart guy, and his boss and Lucifer will only get smarter.

Even if he didn’t think about brought trouble to others, they would think he was brought trouble to others.

Because of sending helmets, it has actually brought trouble to others.

Give the helmet directly to Morpheus?

No, he wants face, his boss Beelzebub needs face even more, Lucifer and the whole hell need face.

– Damn, what a dilemma! Demoness’s head, what should I do. Hey, Demoness

“Mengjun, if you want to get your baby back, just follow my way and fight with me, you win, I Give the helmet back to you, if you lose, hehehe.” Demon Duke laughed smugly.

(end of this chapter)

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