I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 562


Chapter 562 Game-loving hell demons

“Very well, I challenge you to be harsh.” Morpheus was happy road.

No matter how weak he is, it is very easy to deal with a little duke.

Korong Rong hurriedly said: “Listen clearly, it is according to my method, and I choose the fighting method and battlefield.”

“Well, according to your method. “

“hahaha” Demon Duke laughed again, “I’m going to compete with you on Transformation Technique!”

With a “Demoness’s head”, it immediately recalled one thing : Demoness Harley has faced a similar situation – her baby is Omani, the iron giant full of N metal, and the person who persecutes her is Gabriel.

Gabriel and Morpheus. It’s hard to say who is stronger and who is weaker, but we can be 100% sure that the pressure Gabriel puts on Demoness will not be less than the pressure Morpheus gives him.

Demoness How did Harley do it?

She is his teacher!

What the Demon Duke learned from “Harry teacher” was not a game of iron-headedness, but the idea of turning the struggle into a game and choosing the game that he is best at.

Even if you lose the fight, you don’t have to worry about your life.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, he lost to a Supreme Existence, and there was only glory and no shame.

Never disgrace Beelzebub and Hell either.

If he is the same as Demoness Harley, he wins Morpheus.

Korong Rong shudders with excitement: Demoness Harley is good at ‘iron head’, if he and Mo Feisi is an iron head, and 80% of them can’t hold on for one round, and an iron head can kill people, which is too dangerous.

But he also has strengths. He is a deformer himself, and he is the most proficient in Transformation Technique!

The two Crown Princes moved in their hearts, and said to the three palaces next to them: “Father, remember? He was the one who introduced the Brother Club to the Demoness hunting platoon.

After the Demon King conference that canceled the three-shame punishment for Demoness, killing Demoness became the political correctness of the whole hell. When I was recruiting teammates, I accidentally ran into Haru Rong Rong.

He told him at the time. I will reveal a secret – there is a mage organization that has quietly developed a brand-new ancient prisoner Divine Formation.

Because of him, I went to the master Alex of the Brother Society, and there is a series of things that follow. .”

At this time, he was just an illusory shadow, transformed from the vulture who sent the message to the Sannomiya before.

Sannomiya indifferently said: “What’s the use of talking about this now? If you were more alert and found out earlier that he had obtained the Sandman’s helmet, we could still secretly murdering to seize the treasures.

Now that the secret of the helmet is made public, it has gone from a treasure to a calamity, and whoever holds it will offend Morpheus.”

“father, I mean ‘Divine Formation’! The second Crown Prince lowered his voice, “Korong Rong 80% has already obtained the Formation.”

Sannomiya said with disapproval: “When Morpheus regains his strength, he will immediately abolish it at the level of rules.” Formation.”

The second Crown Prince said: “Korong Rong is a shapeshifter, and Morpheus may not win. Even if he wins, the three Demon Kings will let him go?”

Sannomiya was silent.

Suddenly, He brows slightly wrinkle, “Who is destroying my palace?”

The second Crown Prince body of the Eighth Layer of hell, immediately borrowed the projection of the Ninth Layer of hell, and said : “father don’t be angry, it’s me and the old monster from Montenegro, his sky escape is so domineering, the palace’s array and formation mark can’t stop it.

Compared with a top cannon fodder, the trifling stone palace is also It’s nothing.”

Sannomiya was very shocked: “I designed and painted a lot of the palace Formation myself. Although my Formation technology is not top-notch, it is driven by the power of Demon King. , they shouldn’t be so useless”

The second Crown Prince said excitedly: “This just shows the power of Montenegro’s old ghost escape technique, this is just the First Layer’s ‘pacing the world’, the speed is not top-notch, But it is most suitable for breaking out of the trap of Formation.

Next is ‘regardless of the law and of natural morality’.

It is already so powerful to conquer the world, regardless of the law And of natural morality, regardless of the law and of natural morality.

By the way, and Third Layer ”

The three Crown Princes said more and more excitedly, but at the end they said nothing. After lowering, the tone became weird: “The old ghost of Montenegro said that “Taoping the world is aimed at Formation and prohibition, ‘regardless of the law and of natural morality’ can tear up the Space Rule, but he avoids talking about the Third Layer.

I suspect that the Third Heavenly Layer escape is beyond the law.

If he is a smart man, he should agree to my request to exchange escape after the demonstration, if he is not smart enough father, It’s probably up to you to do it yourself.”

Sannomiya coldly said: “I have fought countless times in my life, and I have never escaped. In this universe, no one is qualified to let me escape.”

Two Crown Prince said: “father You are uncommon military might, of course I understand, but you can change your mind, fleeing fast also means chasing fast.

My son is not talented and needs to escape from the sky.

father unrivaled beneath the heavens , you can also hunt down slippery thieves, such as Demonness Halle, by using the Heavenly Escape Technique. “

Sannomiya’s Demon God moved slightly.

Second Crown Prince smiled slightly, knowing that the father had been persuaded.

While father and son were talking , the battle between Korongyao and Morpheus has already begun.

Be sure that you have no life worries, and you can still pretend to be a big force in front of millions of demons and Demon Kings, and Korongyao will completely let himself go. .

He put on a gorgeous tuxedo, used magic to conjure a brightly lit stage, and also brought in a group of undead musicians to play and sing to create background music.

“Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to the Hellfire Club, a fun-filled night of fun. “

Korong Rong, wearing sunglasses, looks like a singer in a concert, standing under the two beams of stage lights, holding a microphone proudly: “I am the host Kor Rong Rong, the eighth ring high school Duke, leader of the Legion of Lord Beelzebub.

Tonight is a challenge for your entertainment and entertainment.

The prize of the gambling battle is the ownership of the Supreme Divine Artifact ‘Sandman Helmet’. Now, there is the owner of the Sleeping Kingdom, the Sandman of Supreme, Mr. Morpheus! ”

Murphys had no choice but to jump onto the stage and stand side by side with him.

The β€œpa pa pa” demons applauded feebly, ridiculed and laughed loudly.


The demons with identities in front of the stage, such as the Demon King, the Demon Lord and the Demon Nobility, all turned into a big round table, a chair and drinks, and the demons with the same identity sat together and watched the big play while eating and drinking


It’s a bit like a wedding in a rural area, where relatives and friends come to eat, and the host invited a third-rate opera troupe to perform on the open-air stage.

“Mengjun, do you know the rules? If you win, the helmet will be returned with both hands. If you lose, you will be a plaything in hell for the rest of your life, as our servants. “Korong Rong said with a smile.

It’s not that he temporarily changed the bet.

That’s the way hell, the one who loses loses everythingβ€”freedom and soul.

“I understand. “

“Very well, I’m out.” “Korong Rong held the microphone and gave Morpheus a fierce expression: “I am a fierce wolf, patrolling stealth, approaching the prey. ”

While speaking, a wolf the size of a calf appeared above the head of Kaorong Rong and pounced on Morpheus.

The Sandman can smell the wolf The stench in the mouth can also be heard subtly breathing – everything seems to be real, and once it is a little unreal and is discovered by the enemy, the manifested dire wolf will collapse on itself.

Morpheus indifferently said: “I am a hunter, riding my horse and shooting wolves. “

An uncommon martial heroism hunter rode a steed “Ta Ta”, and shot through the throat with an arrow.

The steed and the hunter are also very real.

Korong Rong transforms into a horsefly, bites the horse, and falls to the hunter, Morpheus immediately transforms into a spider, which preys on the horse fly.

Rong Rong transforms A snake came out and devoured a spider; Morpheus turned into a bull and trampled the snake to death.

Laughed heartily, transformed into germs and killed the bull.

Eighth hell Layer, the pretty face under Harley’s hood has become serious, the previous battle was still a game, almost a reproduction of the battle of changes between Erlang Shen and Sun Wukong, but now

Morpheus did not hesitate , there is no way to hesitate in this kind of battle. If the germs completely kill the cow, he will lose.

“I am the world, suspended in the void, nourishing life. “

The cow disappeared, and a different dimension appeared on the top of the Sandman’s head.

The demons in the audience exclaimed, and even Lucifer looked solemn and put down the wine glass.

In the Transformation Technique competition, everything is fake, and everything is real.

The other dimension of the Sandman gear did not collapse, indicating that no one at the scene picked out the “falseness”.

“I am a supernova, detonating everything.”

Korong Rong’s forehead is sweating, and his expression is no longer as relaxed as before.

The bright golden light makes Morpheus The foreign world flooded.

The demons in the audience burst into exclamations.

They thought the supernova was a bit fake, but it didn’t go away.

Murphys was deep Taking a deep look at the Demon Duke, he has already lost, but he cheated by relying on the innate talent of the shapeshifter.

He didn’t expose him, the devil’s deceit is by nature and the right way.

“I am the universe, which embraces all things and nurtures all things. ”

The grim supernova becomes a blip in the deep Universe Starry Sky.

“clang when.” Belial and Beelzebub’s wine glasses fell to the ground, two Demon King’s face is shocked.

Desperate for cheating, Morpheus embodies a real universe.

“This is Supreme Existence” Sannomiya murmurs.

He can Destruction Universe, but cannot create the world.

This is the distance between Him and the Supreme.

β€œI am the little black bean, the darkness that ends all things. ! ”

Korong Rong was shameless directly, projecting the impression of the little black bean in his heart into reality, and the darkness drowned the universe.

At this time, all the demons understood that he lost, They also cheated.

Because this little black bean is too fake, they looked straight at him and were not scared to pee.

Morpheus sighed, “I am hope, just hope Still, everything will not end. “

Next moment, “Little Black Bean” was dispelled, the stage was clear and clear, leaving only Kerong Rong, not knowing what to do.

“Hope” is not Morpheus’s mouthpiece, he is a dream, a dream, a hope.

Hope means “everything is not over”, and naturally breaks the darkness of “ending everything”.

Lucifer coldly said: “Where are the twins? “

“Your Majesty! “Pain and joy suddenly appeared in front of the boss.

“Oh, Noβ€”β€”” Korong Rong yelled in horror.

“Drag. “Lucifer turned his head and didn’t bother to look at him.

Cheating can win, and Satan will reward him.

The cheating can be exposed, and he lost the game, which is equivalent to hell” Glory “smears, and must be punished.”

“As you bid!” The spiked barbed wire on joy and pain flew out, tying the harshness tightly.

” No, don’t be like this, Beelzebub, my lord, please protect me! “Korong Rong wailed in pain.

β€”β€”Hidden Supreme Divine Artifact for several decades, also didn’t expect to dedicate it to Lao Tzu, but also wanted shelter, go to hell!

Beelzebub didn’t say a word, and handed a helmet like a weevil head to the Sandman, “Mengjun, this is your helmet, you won the battle fairly. “

Morpheus held the helmet, very happy, “Thank you, lord of hell, you are so honorable, and I will always remember your favor.” “

“Respectable? “Lucifer both hands crossed near chest, mocking said with a smile: “What are you kidding, look around, millions of demons are lining up!”

Did you think they were lining up to see you off with their fangs and weapons? “

“Why? “Murphys muttered.

“You should ask, why are we letting you go, it’s hell!” ” Belial sneered .

“And you just don’t have the power, and you’re making us feel bad.” Beelzebub said.

At the same time, the old monster of Montenegro was finally persuaded by the second Crown Prince.

“Since the second Crown Prince is with Your Majesty in Sannomiya, he explained things clearly. Well, then ‘regardless of the law and of natural morality’! β€œ

(end of this chapter)

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