I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 566


Chapter 566 Rescue Dogs

“Hahaha, the little blue man didn’t lie to us, it really worked.” Don’t Zebul was ecstatic.

“No, the little blue man lied to us, and the effect was ten times better than what they said, and Demonness Harley barely resisted.” Belial said in disbelief.

“Maybe the Parallax Monster didn’t want to fit in with her in the first place. Look how happy it is.” Neilong said with a smile.

“Work harder and pull out the parallax monster. Without the energy of the yellow light, Demonness is immediately beaten back to its original shape – a crappy little mage.”

“Put the parallax away. Strange, we don’t have to worry about her spitting out Superman’s strange ultimate move, everyone can swarm up and kill her like a dog!”

“Fuck, that move is too terrifying, even San Gong is instantly stunned. , although it was an unexpected sneak attack, but we are not as good as the San Gong”

“What is inferior to the San Gong? He is already dead, we are still alive, only the dead are worse than the living!”

The Demon Kings shouted and laughed excitedly, with stronger thoughts and stronger vibrations.

The little blue people have billions of years of civilization history.

Almost every little blue man is a “Master Yoda” with a powerful Divine Sense.

Even without the lamp ring, they are the first-class powerhouse in the universe.

And the means they use to deal with the lamp beasts are also developed based on their own racial abilities.

Using thought force to vibrate the lantern beast host is like separating wheat and rice through a sieve, like ultrasonic waves shaking off the calculus on the teeth. In short, they can shake the energy body light beast and the physical host by force separate.

Harry is not the host of the lamp beast at all. She is completely different from the parallax monster. There is no body fusion, and there is no water and Ru fusion in the soul. It is like a few table tennis balls mixed in broad beans. It is easier to distinguish.

However, she was only beaten completely unprepared, and the will tentacles in her stomach immediately turned into Flying Sword, pinned the rest of the parallax monster, and even started tug-of-war with Demon King.

At the same time, she also activated the Level 7 Digestion and Defense Specialty, pouring golden stomach acid mist on the grasshopper who was desperately crawling out.

“ao ao ao, Demon King hero, help!” The parallax monster howled miserably, and the strength of the struggle began to weaken.

“Harry, Lucifer has freed his hand, leave!”

Morpheus’s voice came from the sand of dreams.

She can observe his words and deeds through the sand of dreams, and he also knows the situation on her side.

But Harry couldn’t call him.

“If I leave, the lantern beast will be gone.”

“It’s better to lose the lantern beast than to lose my life.”

Harry’s expression changed. .

“Wang Wang, don’t be afraid of master, my son is coming too!”

A dog bark with a strange tone suddenly appeared in Harry’s Sea of Consciousness.

Then, with her as the center, the hell elements in a radius of hundreds of miles suddenly ran wild, from being peaceful and obedient to being driven by demons, becoming restless, chaotic, and completely out of control.

“huhuhu” Harry even formed a naked eye visible black tornado around him, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, stirring the wind and clouds, and the Demon King’s overbearing imposing manner was also stagnant.

“What happened, who created the elemental storm?”

“Damn, I am the king of the fallen, how can I even control the elements of hell?”


“Something’s wrong, it’s not the power of Demoness.”

“Damn, it’s the dog Holy Son, it’s coming!!”

Harry is an unfathomable mystery,” Boo”, a space bubble appeared in front of her, and two dogs jumped out.

A bully dog with smooth fur, full of energy, eyes with dive light, grinning and grinning, this dog is smiling.

“Duoduo?” Harry called tentatively.

It is also a circle bigger than Duoduo in his prime, and he is in high spirits, obviously with human nature, and his temperament is completely different.

If we meet somewhere else, she probably won’t recognize it.

“Master!” The bully jumped, jumped off the back of the big dog, and threw himself into her arms.

It’s voice is old and weird, like an Old Lady speaking a foreign language.

“It’s really you, you’ve become a fine?!” Harry was surprised and delighted.

“Now is not the time to reminisce, Harley Quinn, you leave immediately, and I will help you break up.” Big Dog said in a majestic and clear youthful voice.

Duoduo’s body is fairly normal, but this big dog looks like a majestic lion: curly golden hair, majestic physique, pure silver eyes, and golden like Morpheus starlight, exudes a noble and holy, compassionate and holy breath all over.

“Pa!” Duoduo broke free from Harry’s embrace, and turned back with a paw on the majestic face of the holy dog, “Second, how many times have I told you, this is the master, Call the master!!”

The look of grievance flashed across the golden retriever’s face.

“Call the master!” Duoduo said.

“I am the son of God, I am the mediator between heaven and hell, I cannot have a master.” The golden retriever said loudly.

“It’s very enlightened.” Harry exclaimed.

She was neither surprised nor surprised by the appearance of the dog Holy Son.

Seeing it now is just a prediction that came true.

However, this dog Holy Son is also unexpectedly mature. He was only born a few months ago. In terms of performance and bearing, he almost completely exploded the germination of Zha Kang’s daughter.

In addition to the dog’s appearance, imposing manner, temperament, intelligence, ability, almost meet everyone’s expectations for the Holy Son in the prophecy.

Anyway, she likes this Holy Son very much.

Especially since it has a perfect family of origin, there is no better mother than Duoduo.

Duoduo himself does not forget his origin and is loyal to his master, and he also teaches his son not to forget his origin and be loyal to his master, which is simply better than Mencius’ mother!

No, Duoduo started teaching his son again.

“You are a dog. There are only two kinds of dogs in the world, domestic dogs with owners, and wild dogs without owners. You can’t even recognize your own identity, so what are you doing as a mediator!”

The golden retriever turned his head, looked towards all around, and sighed: “While we were talking nonsense, the devil had already sealed the space here, and it would be a million times more difficult to escape than before.”

Indeed, the Dark Sky Curtain composed of a few words, rules and the authority of the Demon King quickly enveloped Heaven and Earth here.

From now on, all the laws and regulations here are decided by the Demon Kings.

“Oh, how can this be good? Second child, think of a way.” Duoduo said anxiously.

The golden retriever said, “Harryβ€””

“Call the master!” Duoduo jumped up again and slapped his son.

“It doesn’t matter, let him call him ‘Harley’ first.” Harley advised: “When we leave and it is completely safe, you can teach the child well.”

must Teach him to understand that it is necessary to be a dog to be a dog.

“I will not leave hell. From the moment I was born in hell, my destiny was bound to hell. Jesus is the apostle on earth, I am the savior of hell, hell is not empty, I am not Ascension to heaven!”

The dog Holy Son explained it quickly with his mind before saying: “You have something representing the authority of hell, and it happens that I also have the authority of hell.

You and I work together, probably can Rip a gap in the Demon King’s combined blockade, and immediately leave hell with the means you prepared in advance.”

“How do you know there is a means of escape?” Harley sound transmission.

The exchange of ideas is faster.

“You’re not stupid.”

Harry didn’t waste time on this topic, pointed at the parallax showing her half body and said, “Help me shut it back first, okay? ?”

The Parallax escaped a head and neck from her stomach and struggled on her back.

It looks like a human body, with two heads, human and beast, looking very strange.

The dog Holy Son shook his head, “My mission is to calm the elemental disorder, and the ability is also related to elemental power. Your lamp beast is an entity of emotional light waves, and does not possess elemental power at all.”

β€”β€”This dog is an ultimate weapon against mages!

Harry looked thoughtful.

“ahhhh β€”β€”” Parallax’s head suddenly elongated, like one end of a rubber model, being grabbed and pulled hard.

The Demon Kings have come up with something new.

“No, don’t push so hardβ€”” it shrieked miserably.

Harry felt a huge tug, too, and took a few steps back involuntarily.

“You have to make a decision early.” The dog Holy Son raised his paws and pressed down on Harry’s head to help her stabilize her body, “The devil has mastered the fatal weakness of the lamp beast host, and they You hate it to the extreme, and it is absolutely impossible for you to retreat.”

Harry could feel the power of the Demon Kings changing their attack methods again, like a chain, locking the parallax’s head and pulling it out hard Pull it out of her body. She seems to be Obito, the parallax monster is ten tails, and the Demon Kings are ninjas like Naruto.

She wanted to run, but she was connected to the Parallax and couldn’t jump into the dream dimension alone.

“You impossible to keep the lamp beast.” The dog Holy Son said again: “Once they separate the lamp beast from you, once they rush over, I will leave immediately, I am not theirs It’s impossible for your opponent to work hard for you.”

Harry let out a helpless sigh and used her food defense expertise with all her might.

“Noβ€”” The grasshopper vanished into the sky with a bald little head, howling miserably.

It only had half of its head and was pulled away.

“I am the son of hell, the heart of hell, the laws of hell, the elements of hell, all listen to my orders!”

The dog Holy Son’s eyes are shining brightly, and the voice in his mouth is getting louder and louder Loud, and gradually the entire piece of Heaven and Earth began to vibrate. The elemental power, the laws of hell, and the rules that formed the barrier of hell were all vibrating.

Like Heaven and Earth is going to collapse.

“Damn, what kind of power is this?!”

“Not good, can’t control it.”

“It’s just a dog Ahhhβ€””

The Demon Kings were both shocked and angry, still dazed.

“ka-chaβ€”β€”” Like a pot lid covering the pure black sky, a tiny golden crack appeared.

“That’s right. Now hurry up!”

The dog Holy Son seemed to be under great pressure, his body was shaking slightly, and it was difficult to sound transmission to Harry.

“Hell King Seal!”

Harry fully mobilized the little tail behind her head, pressing the authority to the sky and cracking open.

“ka ka!” It becomes a crack.

“Second, I will summon again, remember my breath, don’t refuse it next time.”

Leaving this sentence, the sandman robe on her body The robe fluttered like a black flame, soaring three feet high, covering her silhouette.

The robes blurred, like a cloud of black smoke, collapsed toward the center, and suddenly disappeared.

The man in the robe also disappeared.

A small inferior demon who was over a meter appeared out of thin air in the center of the collapse, and “pu Tong” fell to the ground.

Holy Son looked thoughtful .

β€œDemoness Harley!”

Beelzebub roared furiously when he realized that Harley and the dog Holy Son had disappeared.

“This made her run away?!!!” All the Demon Kings were unwilling.

“gu lu gu lu .” The Demon King’s breath ran rampant in the ruins, and the inferior demon struggled a few times with a frightened expression, turned over, and woke up from his sleep.

“gu lu gu lu .” It shrank between the two rocks, shivering, and wetting his crotch.

“It’s really gone, it seems to be the power of dreams.”

The inner dragon’s voice sounded beside it, but it didn’t look at it.

“As I said earlier, Morpheus’ bastard and Demonness are accomplices.” Belial scolded.

“Demoness was able to escape, the dog Holy Son helped a lot” Neilong wondered: “Why is its authority so high?”

All Demon Kings looked towards Belial and Peer Zebub, they are the “new Satan”.

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, looked towards the deepest part of hell, “Lucifer, why?”

He was also shocked.

Many demons have encountered the dog Holy Son before, and everyone knows that it has a certain authority in hell, but the Demon Kings saw it for the first time today and confirmed its power for the first time.

Powerful, beyond their estimates.

All the Demon Kings blinked, and Lucifer was already standing above the ruins, as if he had always been there.

“Because it’s Holy Son!”

“Holy Son is a fart!” Belial excitedly said.

Lucifer’s expression was light, “Recall, why did we come from heaven to hell?”

Because the Lord declared that the Holy Son had higher authority in heaven than them, and let him They knelt down and declared themselves courtiers to Holy Son. They were not convinced and raised the flag to rebel.

“This is hell, the Lord said it doesn’t count!” Beelzebub loudly said.

Lucifer said: “Prince of a country has the authority of the kingdom from birth, which cannot be recognized or not, because their authority comes from the bloodline and from their father.

However, , its authority is not much stronger than ordinary Demon King”

(end of this chapter)

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