I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 567


Chapter 567 The Disappearing Metropolis

“Is this the devil’s dream?”

The parallax monster got a belly of yellow light energy, and Harley entered a gray world.

This is a low-resolution world, everything is blurry like a mosaic, and she can’t even see some details.

It’s like coming to a hell world created by novice players in “My World”.

Harry is like a gray flame, floating in the air, and below is a four-meter-high, muscular and knotted demon covered with dark red dragon scales armor, which is crawling around her body. A puffy “bride” full of maggots and flies, drinking in the palace.

dragon scales The armored demon sits high on the throne, with hundreds of little devils below. It is really majestic.

“huhuhu” Harry was watching carefully when a gust of wind suddenly swept across the area. world, the earth began to disintegrate from the edge of the world, turned into gray fog, and merged into the deeper darkness outside the world.

β€”β€”The dream collapsed, and the little devil is about to wake up!

Harry had a clear comprehension in her heart, and hurried to fly fast against the wind.

The Sandman’s Robe is very powerful and can cross over into the dream world.

But it also has a very fatal flaw: you must pass other people’s dreams to enter the dream kingdom.

If Harley was a nocturnal thief, this robe would be very convenient to use, but it would be very difficult to meet a sleeping person during the day when the battle was fierce.

For example, Harley faced off against the Demon Kings before, the atmosphere was tragic, the elemental power was rampant, who could sleep nearby?

For this reason, Harry entered the gate of hell early, and deliberately found a few dozing little demons in the shadow world of the ‘front yard of hell’.

Yes, not one, but several.

The chance of one waking up suddenly is one percent, two is one percent of one percent, one in ten thousand, three are 1 in 1 million, four. Insurance The more, the less chance of error.

Considering that she might have a fierce battle with the Demon King, and that the intense activity might wake up the little demons in the stomach dimension, she also asked Morpheus to put a Sleeping Charm on them.

In this way, as long as she wants, as long as the Demon King does not use the power of hell to block the space around her, she can leave hell at any time through the little devil’s dreamland.

Even if Demon King blocks time and space, even if Duoduo’s son doesn’t come, Harry can escape, but at that time she not only has to throw away the lamp beast, but also consumes the little black bean hair on the back of her head.

That would be too expensive.

Now that she has no merit, she wants to find Xiaoheidou again, but I don’t know what year and month I want.

According to Morpheus’s instructions, after entering the demon’s dream, you must first judge whether it is dreaming a real dream or an absurd dream.

If it is a real dream, it runs with the wind and cannot feel the air blowing; an absurd dream, running against the wind, can sense the existence of the wind.

It can be understood like this: The dream kingdom is a big room, and the big house is connected to a small house on each side. Outside the small house is a wilderness. All the absurd dreams of creatures in the world are in the left room, connecting the two rooms. The door is called the “Ivory Door”; if the dream of the living beings is an omen or rehearsal of reality, all of them are in the room on the right, and the door between the two houses is called the “Angle Door”.

Harry has to pass the “Hell – Hell Demon’s Dream – Horn Gate or Ivory Gate – Dream Kingdom – Morpheus’s King City – Dream Gate – Real World” Path out of hell.

In other words, now she has to find the Horn Gate or Ivory Gate first, and Morpheus will send her away when she enters the Dream Kingdom.

If she takes the wrong direction, she will run from the small room into the wilderness – the boundary of the dream kingdom, and one can get lost forever.

At this point, Harry chose to run against the wind.

The little devil is obviously daydreaming. It’s less than one meter tall, and it still wants to be a four-meter giant wearing dragon scales? Still living in the palace, sitting on a “beautiful and alluring” girl, leading thousands of demon heroes?

Isn’t this a daydream?

So Harley was running fast against the wind.

β€œ.However, its authority is not much higher than yours.”

At the same time, on the Eighth Layer of hell, above the ruins of the Demon Palace of Sangong, Lucifer said slowly.

“The dog Holy Son’s performance is more than ‘a little bit higher’. We have so many Demon Kings teaming up to seal the town, and they are still torn apart by it.” Belial said.

“Demon King will block you together, you can also tear open a hole, the defense is always passive.” Lucifer said indifferently.

“I’m different, I’m the new Satan!”

Lucifer was silent for a moment before sighing: “In the kingdom of mortals, with the same authority, some Princes are incompetent, even The servants and guards in the castle can’t manage it.

Some Princes are wise and promising. They not only keep the interior of the kingdom in good order, but also expand the territory and establish a long-term achievement.”

Thousands of faces of the King of Lies showed shame and anger.

The Demon King whispered around, and it became strange to see his expression.

“Believe, I didn’t mean to humiliate you,” Lucifer said with a flat expression and a gentle voice, “You are already the most innate talent among the first fallen, that’s why I put Satan’s The authority is assigned to you.”

The surrounding Demon Kings were all ashamed and angry.

The King of Lies has hundreds of faces, all with weird expressions.

“Boss Lucifer, what you said is too much. You didn’t humiliate Belial, you are humiliating everyone including him, all the first fallen.” Neilong said angrily.

“That’s the truth. You group of Demon Kings joined forces and failed to suppress the Son of Hell and Demoness Halle. Do you want me to praise you against my will?” Lucifer said helplessly with a spread of his hands.

The demons were even more ashamed and angry.

“Boss Lu, you went around and around again, is the authority of the dog Holy Son really only a little higher than mine?” Beelzebub questioned.

Lucifer shook his head, “Its authority is far worse than yours, you are the new Satan.

I’m not talking much higher than other ordinary Demon Kings.”

“Fake!” The Demon Kings felt that they had been humiliated by their boss again.

“I don’t believe it!” The King of Lies felt that Boss Lu was lying.

“Can a three-meter-high house accommodate people four or five meters high? The so-called Demon King is the ceiling of the power of hell, and the upper limit is placed there, so all of you Demons King, the authority is similar.

Only Satan has broken through the ceiling and reached the higher realm.” Lucifer said.

The demons are silent, this is the truth that they all know and can directly feel.

“Could it be that the dog Holy Son is the legendary ‘Peerless King’? But it’s just a dog.” Neilong muttered.

“Jesus is still just a ‘mortal man’!” Lucifer said indifferently: “It is Holy Son, with destiny, destined to be extraordinary.”

“Boss Lu, you will definitely be able to Stop it, right?”

“I’ve already answered this question, Satan is hell, hell is Satan, he was born in hell, the son of hell, why does Satan want to control it? Control your cheap son?” Lucifer said impatiently.

“Where’s Demoness? You at least stop her!” Belial said.

“You take my oath to ‘not take the initiative’ to her as a joke?” Lucifer coldly said.

β€”β€”A shitty oath, you’ve been tricked by Demoness. Everyone knows that “Satan’s Punishment Array” didn’t punish her at all!

The demons complained in their hearts, but did not dare to speak out in person.

“Boss Lucifer, do you know where the parallax monster escaped to? When we pulled it out of the Demoness together, we saw it screaming, but when we pulled it to the front, it disappeared. Trace.” Belial changed the question.

“It should be dead, but it doesn’t seem to be dead.” Lucifer said.

“Even you’re not sure?” Belial cracked open, wanting to laugh – aren’t you laughing at me, the new Satan, for being incompetent, you old Satan, don’t you still think about what happened in hell and in front of you? Can’t know everything?

“Hehe.” Beelzebub laughed directly, looking very happy.

Lucifer could see through their thoughts at a glance, indifferently said: “I’m just not sure what it will be like after it leaves hell.”

“How can it be possible to leave hell? It is extremely difficult, the movement is huge, it has lost ninety-nine percent of its life, and it is absolutely impossible to hide from us.” The Demon Kings became excited again.

“None of you ever doubted that there was something wrong with the technique the little blue man taught Rascoff to separate the lamp beast?” Lucifer sneered.

“Uh” Beelzebub was stunned.

“Fake!” Neilong’s face became very ugly, “I remembered, when Demonness escaped, my psychic power went violent for a moment.

I didn’t care, I thought the time and space were shaken by the dogs Holy Son and Demonness.

Now that I think about it, it was the parallax that borrowed our power to escape from hell.”

“Listen to you, I I remember too,” murmured Belial.

“Fuck, the little blue man dare to fight with me, I want to wash Ouah with blood!” All the Demon Kings gnashed their teeth.

Lucifer was speechless, “The little blue man lied to Rascoff, and there’s no reason why they couldn’t lie.”

“Where is Rascoff? I want Tear him up, anyway, his father is dead.”

The demons searched around and sensed a lot of demons who lost one’s head out of fear in the ruins of the castle, but they didn’t find the second Crown Prince.

“He ran away early, and after San Gong was decapitated, he immediately escaped from hell.” Lucifer said indifferently.

“Sannomiya didn’t die even after his head fell off, and was still struggling. Rascoff didn’t go to rescue, but instead ran away?

Sannomiya really gave birth to a good son, I cheated my brother, I cheated my teammates, and now I finally won a grand slam, and I cheated my father to death.” Beelzebub sneered.

“You guys continue to chat, I’ll go back first.” Lucifer took a step forward, disappeared.

“It’s not that I didn’t gain anything this time, at least the lamp beast of Demoness Halle was taken away.”

Beelzebub sighed then said, and his body was in a blur.

“Killing a thousand enemies, humiliating 80,000 people, bad luck.” Belial followed and left.

“It’s not too bad. Looking at the ten-year history of the struggle between Hell and Demoness, today’s victory is humiliating, but it still achieves the greatest result in history.” Neilong comforted everyone.


“Anyway, Sannomiya was killed, and the multiverse was about to shake.”

After a while, the Demon King walked cleanly, A skinny, inferior demon with a height of less than one meter, quietly ran out of the crack of the stone, and ran and crawled to a scarlet, wet and greasy land – the place where the Sangong Demon was beheaded.

“gu lu gu lu .” It opened its mouth wide, greedily and eagerly devoured the mud on the ground, the “blood swamp” soaked by the blood of the Sangong Demon.

“crack crack .” Its back spine made a firecracker-like sound, penetrating the flesh and growing sharp barbs, its skin was hot and red like a fire, and its fine scales Grows fast on it.

Three days later at noon, Louise called Quinn Manor for the nth time.

“Hey, Ivy, it’s me, Louise. I just got a message at the Pentagon saying that Harley lost the parallax and that she and Superman died in hell. This must be fake. News, right?”

Ivy’s voice was exhausted, but her tone was gentle: “Harry and Superman are definitely not dead, they managed to escape hell, I can guarantee this 100%.


I also asked Demon Prince in hell to know the details.”

“Where did they go?”

“I’m looking for it.” Wei Road.

“Are you looking for a mage to predict?” Louise asked.

“I thought about it too, but no one dared to take this list. They dared not predict Harley.”

“Then the prediction is super – ε‘²ε‘²ε‘²”


The phone signal suddenly disappeared.

Two minutes later, Ivy saw urgent news: Washington was poached by a skull-shaped alien spaceship

(end of this chapter)

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