I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 568


Chapter 568 The Strange World

The Kingdom of Dreams.

On the desolate plain, the wind howled, and the gray fog was as thick as rain, flying sideways in the wind.

Harry closed her hood, covering herself more tightly, trudging hard against the wind, each step like stepping deep into the mud.

She seemed to have fallen into evil and didn’t mean to stop at all. It seemed that she had her ultimate dream ahead.

Until a huge column of wind pierces Heaven and Earth ahead.

With just one glance, her shivered spirit shivered, fear passed from the caudal vertebrae to her brain, her gray and confused eyes instantly became clear.

Harry paused, examining herself.

“What’s the matter? I seem to have fallen asleep just now, and my whole body is dazed.”

Recalling her previous memory, she broke out in a cold sweat.

In the dream of the villain, she saw it grow strong, married Ms Perfect, built a big castle, and had hundreds of servants. The memory came to an abrupt end from here, and after that, she seemed to have fallen asleep, or the kind of nightmare that she slept unsteadily, and the spirits of those who woke up were more exhausted.

Then, she thought about the evil, and has been until now.

“Clark, Clark?” Harry called out to the super in the stomach dimension.

He frowned, too, floating in a cloud of golden light.

Well, unused sunlight.

β€œhuhuhu” He was still snoring.

“Damn, I went in the wrong direction. That little devil doesn’t care about silver, but has a dream omens! The evil kingdom of dreams.”

Harry hurriedly turned around , run downwind.

But while running, she found a terrifying thing: she was indeed running downwind and could not feel the wind blowing, but there was still a wind column running through Heaven and Earth in front of her, not far from it. , but approaching.

So, Harry ran against the wind again, but when she turned her head, she saw the wind column again.

Afterwards, no matter which direction she ran, she always faced the wind column.

Harry touched the sand of dreams between her brows and shouted with spirit strength: “Murphys, Morpheus, help!”

There was no response.

She immediately held the big cross with her other hand, “Voice of the sky, what’s my situation now?”

“Your merit is zero.”

The voice of Sky Voice is also vague, like a poor signal, but communication is still possible.

“It’s made in heaven, it’s really good!” Harry first praised, and then said angrily: “I dignified the Duke of Silver City, don’t you have any authority from heaven?”

“You It’s a duke who doesn’t listen to propaganda, heaven can’t restrain you at all, and you naturally won’t have any authority in heaven other than a ‘third-class soldier’.” The voice of heaven.

Harry looked at the tornado that was getting closer and closer, and said quickly: “I’m also a big customer of yours. I’ll borrow some merits to help first, and I’ll pay you back later.”

I thought the Voice of Heaven would indifferently refuse, but I didn’t want it to stop for a moment, and said: “Two million merits, your current state, the annual interest rate is 20%.”

Harry held back her curse. The impulse, harmony and air: “You said.”

The voice of the sky said quickly: “You are at the border of the kingdom of dreams, and in front of you is the vortex of dreams that devours dreams. The reason why you came here, It’s because you lost your way and got pulled by the gravitational force of the vortex of dreams.

And the reason why you lost your way is because you were unlucky enough to encounter absurd and uninhibited real dreams.

The reason why you are unlucky seems to be the ‘curse of bad luck’ imposed on you by Goddess. I’m not sure about the secrets of the higher Spiritual God outside of heaven.”

“The Law K, it turned out to be those three stinky bitches!” Harry immediately identified the three.

Four golden chains shot out of her body and were nailed to the ground.

The power of fear in her body was consumed a lot, but the distance between her and the tornado was still close – the entire dream land was moving towards it and being swallowed by it.

“You’re lucky, the curse of bad luck doesn’t affect you much.

If you don’t take risks yourself, the curse has almost no effect.” The voice of the sky.

– That’s God’s skin blocking 99% of the curses.

Harry shivered with a shiver. Without the skin of God, the curse of bad luck will hit 100%.

“How much merit does it take to get me out of here?”

“This is the Kingdom of Dreams. Unless the rules here are broken, the power of heaven cannot start teleportation.

However, you can let Zaulie go to the Kingdom of Dreams and help you give Morpheus the Dream Lord. For the communication, 100,000 meritorious deeds are enough.” The voice of the sky.

“Call Morpheus now!”

“Harry Harley”

The “Dreamland” at her feet is only one away from vortex At the third distance, Morpheus’s voice entered her ears.

β€œMurphys big brother, you are finally here!” Halle excitedly said.

“I’m not your big brother.” Morpheus corrected a sentence dryly, without blaming her for choosing the wrong direction, and said directly and quickly: “Look carefully at vortex, wherever it passes, dreams are all over it. It was swallowed, did you see the area after it was swallowed? Is it a white patch?”

Harry rubbed his eyes and observed it carefully.

vortex is as black as a pillar of cooking smoke in a mountain village in the evening on a rainy day.

It’s not black, but a hazy gray-black, ethereal.

Behind the vortex.

Harry can no longer believe the sense of direction in the dream kingdom, but in general, near the vortex, there is indeed a gray and white with a width of 30 degrees. – Whiter, whiter, greyer than anywhere else.

She shared her feelings.

Murphys said: “It’s there, you accelerate towards the vortex, just like a meteor is fast enough to escape the star’s gravity.

Of course, this is a dream vortex, as long as You are in the dream realm, and you are always moving closer to the vortex, no matter how fast you are.

I hope you can rush into the ‘white and vast’ outer realm.

Dreamland is surrounded by Devour, and the void left behind becomes territory outside the kingdom.

If you leave the kingdom of dreams, the vortex of dreams won’t hurt you.”

Harry asked : “Can you just fish me out? You are Meng Jun, and you got the helmet.”

“I explained to you that the vortex of dreams represents a multiverse catastrophe, and I did not directly deny it. Its power.” Morpheus sighed.

Harry looked towards the vast white outer domain, her eyes became firm, and finally asked: “Where will I go after rushing into the outer domain?”

“Not sure, may fall in Lingbo prison, may be involved in the dimensional storm, may rush into the foreign world, may directly hit the wall of origin. In any case, it is better than being swallowed by vortex.”

“Ahhhβ€”β€”” Harry is like the Flash Possessed, the golden energy flickered between the arms swinging.

The power of the yellow light is running to the limit!

“Whooshβ€”” She turned into a golden thread and approached vortex.

Fuck, the pulling force is really strong!

Harry is struggling.

God Field is on!

Works, but not very well.

Harry immediately changed to high-frequency running in small steps – “Whoosh, whoosh, sou!”

The quantum shift trigger, the effect is super!

She left afterimages in the same place, jumped three times in a row, and directly entered the vast white area.

The world was spinning and the light and darkness were unclear, and Harry almost lost consciousness.

“bang!” She fell heavily to the ground.

The ground was wet and soft, smelled of twigs and moss, and it was difficult to breathe. Well, it was with open limbs and face on the ground.

Harry snorted, pulled her head out of the dirt, looked left and right, and saw a quiet forest around her.

“Phew, it’s safe.”

She struggled to get up and looked at the huge “big” character on the ground with a slightly embarrassed expression.

The uniform of the yellow light energy wrapped her body and head. She didn’t get any mud on her body. She stood up and flew into the sky and jumped over the forest.

Fortunately, she immediately saw a chimney of smoke peeking through the branches of the woods.

“Harry, what’s the situation now?” She was about to go over to ask for directions when the superman in her belly also woke up.

“I just left the Dream Kingdom, and my current location is unknown”

“Can I go out and have a look? It’s too boring here.” Superhuman said.

Harry thought for a while and spat out Clark.

“This is not Earth, gravity, magnetic field, space, horizon, sound” Superman brows tightly knit, “It’s strange, my super hearing and vision are disturbed, and some areas are completely undetectable.”

Harry said: “Judging from the activity of elemental power, this place should be a fantasy world of magic and Knight.”

Superman looked towards the direction of the smoke and said: “Go now. That wood house? It’s a bit weird, there are a lot of skull stakes in the door.”

Harry said to herself: “Except for the eight Divine Domains and other different dimensions, it’s easy for you and me to join forces to save lives.”

Superman glanced at her belly and said worriedly: “There is no parallax, is your yellow light energy enough?”

“It’s definitely enough now, but it won’t be possible from now on. Energy is drawn from the emotional spectrum.”

Only from those who fear her.

“I have to change to a more frugal battle method.”

Harry put away the yellow light uniform on her body and levitated in mid-air with the power of connection. The golden embroidery needle was suspended above the palm of the hand, vibrating at high frequency, and occasionally making a “bobo” sound that pierced the air-triggering the presence field attack.

“Then the nuclear deterrence is gone?” Superman was in a complicated mood, not knowing whether to breathe a sigh of relief or worry about Earth.

Harry looked at the platinum energy stripes that still existed on his skin, “I’m retired, and now you are a second-generation nuclear bomb.

The fear effect of killing Sannomiya is stronger than a nuclear bomb. terrifying ten times, a hundred times.”

The golden nuclear bomb is at best the strength of the green light Corps Head.

The strong return to the strong, but not shocking.

Killing Sannomiya is too terrifying.

Harry couldn’t imagine how crazy the magic world would be because of this news.

“I can’t do it.” Superman waved his hands again and again.

“You’re very good.”

Harry’s heart moved, and the sleeves and hem of the Sandman’s robe became longer and wider, completely obscuring her appearance.

“You put this on.” She handed Superman a ball of colorful gauze, “Your clothes are too conspicuous now, you are not sure where this place is, whether there are enemies, or hiding Identity is better.”

Then, she told the usage of Caiyunsha again.

Soon, Superman becomes a man with a cape like Medivh.

“It’s amazing.”

Harry looked at him, dropped back into the forest, and with the amber energy knife, took a shield from the thick trunk of the old oak.

“I’m Annie the Black Mage, and you’re the shield warrior Mundo.”

Clark did not refuse, but instead tried to swing the shield in high spirits.

In front of you is a wood house of more than ten square meters, the chimney is smoking, and a fence wall is inserted with dozens of wooden stakes in the open space.

It’s just that there are skulls hanging from every stake, not a good place.

Harry was looking out into the woods outside the house when suddenly saw a flash, the door of the wood house was half open, and a familiar silhouette appeared at the door.

A floor-length robe, long and messy black hair, covering most of his face is Morpheus.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, come here.”

Harry pupil shrink, “Mundo, who do you think he is?”

Superman blinked and said happily, “Louise, why are you here?”

(end of this chapter)

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