I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 569


Chapter 569 Mother-in-law Yajia

“Louise, why are you here?” Superman exclaimed in surprise. Then the complexion changed slightly, alerting: “You’re not Louise, it’s black magic.”

Harley gave him an admiring look and took the initiative to walk to the wood house.

“Hey, watch out for the trap.” Superman tried to pull her, but didn’t hold back.

“Hahaha, you’re in!” When Harry stepped into the range of the fence gate, “Morpheus” immediately changed his face and turned into an old witch with goose-skinned hair and a tattered dress.

With the witch’s incantation, the skeleton on the stake spit out a rope like a tongue and a snake, tying Harry into a zongzi.

Harry stood there calmly and asked, “old woman, who are you? Where is this place?”

“Haha, look what I caught?” Instead of answering, the old witch circled around Harry excitedly, murmuring, “Is it stew, or barbecue? Blood pudding must be there. “

“Haโ€”Annie, are you all right?” Superman shouted from outside the fence.

“chi chi chi!” The two golden needles appeared out of thin air in front of Harry, trembling rapidly, and instantly pierced the witch’s knees.

“Pu Tongโ€”โ€”” The old witch fell to the ground and howled, “It hurts, it hurts!”

Harry broke the magic twine as soon as she struggled hard. , stepped forward and asked again: “Witch, tell me your name?”

“Stinky witch, don’t let me give in!” The old witch climbed up the threshold with her arms up and shouted: “The thief is powerful, run!”

Under the stunned gazes of Harry and Superman, the little wood house “ga zhi” stood up and swooped into the forest.

That’s right, not the wood house flying up, but two huge chicken feet standing up from the foundation and running like chickens.

“Hahaha, stinky witch, you should never try to catch up with me, this forest is my territory.”

“Mother Yajia!”

Harry screamed, and Superman called almost at the same time.

This old witch’s chicken feet cottage is very famous in American fairy tales.

It’s probably like Grandma Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

Mother-in-law Yajia also tricks passing children into eating.

“shit, where did we come from?” Harry was a little muggle.

“Don’t hurry up and chase? If you run into the woods, you won’t be able to find it.” Superhuman said.

“That old woman is very stupid.” Harry pointed to the sky, “Go up and see, the sky is cloudless and there is only one chimney rising in the forest with a radius of hundreds of miles. Smoke?”


After two minutes, the two came to the chicken feet hut again.

The chicken feet were still running wildly. Granny Yajia saw them from a distance and was so frightened that she crawled into the house and flew out of the window with a stone mortar.

Well, she was holding a broom in her hand, but instead of riding a broom, she squatted on a stone mortar that was thickly hugged and flew.

“Stinky witch, you’ll never chaseโ€””

“puff!” A handful of flesh and blood burst out from the sky, proving that it really existed, and hit the old witch.

“ao!” The old witch twitched and fell from the stone mortar.

As Halle walked past again this time, wisps of yellow mist that only she could see floated out of the witch and into her chest – stored in her stomach.

“There’s still money to be made.” Harry muttered with a smile.

To deal with the mother-in-law Yajia, there are three golden needles.

The power of fear provided by Granny Yajia can embody a thousand identical golden needles.

When there was a parallax before, a thousand golden needles were not enough for a ten meter giant sword.

It can now be proven that the idea of the golden nuclear bomb being transferred to the “Western Undefeated” is feasible.

Harry was even more happy when she saw the hole the size of a wine glass in Granny Yajia’s leg.

The golden needle triggered a quantum critical strike and a presence field attack, and the bones were shattered into slag.

“Mother-in-law Yajia?” Harry said indifferently.

“You can’t kill me, I’m a vassal of the Immortal Realm Queen Titania, and this forest is my Fiefdom.” The old witch hugged her right leg and howled miserably, and pale-yellow continued to float from her body. Fog of fear.

“Immortal Realm .” Harley said coldly, “I ask you to answer, and kill nonsense.”

The old witch nodded again and again.

“Are you Granny Yajia?”

The old witch nodded.

Harry pressed on the urge to ask if she was a character from a fairy tale, indifferently said: “Do you know who I am?”

“You are a witch with the power of dreams. ‘ said the old witch cowering.

After speaking, he immediately added, “It seems that there are other powers that I don’t quite understand.”

Harry looked down at the Sleeping Magic Robe, a little surprised by the witch’s knowledge .

In terms of strength, this guy can’t survive more than an archmage, but she can feel the power of dreams.

At the same time, she is also sighed in relief, “well-informed” Mother-in-law Yajia did not find out that they were intruders.

“Give me a map of Immortal Realm.”

“Are you accidental intruders?” Granny Yajia was shocked.

Harry was also surprised, “Is there no map in Immortal Realm?”

She specifically asked for a map, instead of directly asking where is this place and how to find the entrance and exit of Immortal Realm, just to avoid random entry identity exposed.

Outsiders and intruders are like foreigners with visas and Illegal immigrants.

I don’t want to expose my bottom line if I only need a map.

“How could there be no map?” Clark asked in confusion.

Mother-in-law Yajia looked fearfully at the golden needle that danced between Harry’s fingers, and said to him, “How do you read a book?”

“Just open the book, Read line by line, page by page.” Clark muttered.

Harry looked thoughtful, “so that’s how it is, Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things.”

“What do you mean?” Clark wondered.

Harry said: “We were flying in the sky just now, and you still feel that your vision and hearing are limited to a narrow range, because this forest is a Small World, a page of Immortal Realm.”

Then she said to the old witch, “Tell me the way to enter each page.”

“Just follow the only path down, as easy as reading a book. ” said Granny Yajia.

“puff!” The golden needle galloped, sticking to the old witch’s neck, blasting a pothole the size of a washbasin on the ground.

“One last time, what do I ask, what do you answer. Tell me how to get into each page, if not honest”

If the old witch is not honest, she I don’t know the second method other than torture.

Is it useful for characters in fairy tales to use black magic to extract souls?

She wasn’t sure and could only hum.

The effect is very good. Granny Yajia explained the method of entering the Immortal Realm, and even the trick to enter the next scene, one after another, there are more than 20 copies in total, all the way to the ‘Forest of Granny Yajia’. End of chapter.

The old witch said: “I didn’t lie at first, this is the forest, you can enter the back mountain road along the forest path, and the hills are the next page, where you may encounter the hunting queen Titania, she Will decide the story behind you.”

“I haven’t lied yet? I don’t know the level ahead, how do I leave Immortal Realm?” Harry coldly said.

Who knew this would reveal her “ignorance” again.

Mother-in-law Yajia gave her a strange look, “Do you read from the back to the front?”

“puff!” A needle pierced her palm.

“ao wu โ€”โ€”” The old witch’s left palm was dripping with blood, and another finger-sized hole was broken.

“Haney, there’s no need for this.” Superman advised.

Harry glanced at him. If he hadn’t been here, she would have pinned the old witch to the ground with dozens of needles.

“The book can only be read along the way, not backward. If you leave Immortal Realm, you can only finish the book. After seeing Titania, it’s the end. Unless you are in the first place Page prologue, that is, leaving at the Fairy Bazaar.”

Harry frowned in thought, she believed in the witch’s words, and seeing the fairy queen is the most orthodox way to leave.

But she also remembered one thing, just “hours” ago: when entering the gates of hell and crossing the River of Resentment, ten Immortal Realm fairies occupied the second layer deck of the Charon ferry.

That’s tithing!

The Immortal Realm is a vassal of hell! !

Have you offended the United States, dare to go to Canada?

If it is a fair duel outside Immortal Realm, Harley and Superman will definitely be able to beat the Immortal King fairy queen.

But now she’s in the Immortal Realm.

Whether she can tear this world apart, she knows for sure.

She can’t.

Superman can’t even do that.

Then, the King of Immortal Realm, who controls the absolute authority of this world, can suppress them.

Because Immortal King Immortal Queen is equal to this day and this earth.

“Is there any taboo in Immortal Realm? I can read minds, don’t tell lies.”

Harry pointed her finger between the eyebrows of Granny Yajia, instead of touching it directly, A thin golden thread goes through the flesh and bone and into the inside of the head.

Green Lantern can connect the cerebral cortex of the deceased with green filaments and ask some questions to the deceased.

That kind of skill is too delicate and requires the intelligent cooperation of the ring. Harry can’t do it, and can only use the thread of fear to sense the emotional fluctuations of mother-in-law Yajia.

You may be lying if you jerk a few times.

If Granny Yajia is as wily old fox as she is, this method won’t work.

“The first taboo, Immortal Realm does not welcome iron products, because cold iron makes the goblins in Immortal Realm very uncomfortable.” Granny Yajia rolled her eyes, staring at the “golden needle” on her forehead, quickly Said: “The horseshoes on the door can block the demon spirit, the iron fence can bind the demon spirit, and the iron dagger is buried under the door, so witches like me can’t enter the house.”

“Well, you didn’t lie. .” Halle nodded.

Neither she nor Superman wear iron.

Granny Yajia sighed in relief and continued: “The second taboo is time, Immortal Realm is also called ‘Summer Twilight Land’, it can only be entered at dusk, and it must be before the sun comes out on the second day Leave.

Outsiders cannot sleep in the Immortal Realm, a sleep means one night has passed, and one day in the Immortal Realm is equal to a hundred years in the world.

Sleep once, then return to the world, It’s been a hundred years.”

“Ahโ€”” Clark exclaimed, “Did we wake up from sleep?”

Harry said, “Don’t worry, it’s alright. .”

Superman is indeed sleeping, from the dream dimension to the Immortal Realm, but she is always awake and the flow of time is clearly perceived.

She has the Level 10 Bonding Power Defense feat, immunity from any kind of time threat!

Whether a dream for a hundred years is considered a threat is up to her.

If it really happened, she would definitely feel it and resist.

“How did you guys jump straight to my chapter?” Granny Yajia said curiously.

“I asked you.” Harry poked her again, causing her to growl.

“The third taboo, do not ask questions or ask for help from anyone you meet on the road, and do not accept any gifts, food or assistance.

In the land of goblins, any There is a price to pay, and the price is determined by the goblin.

The fourth taboo, etiquette!

A little verbal faux pas may make you grow donkey ears or suffer worse

Finally, never stray from the road, hear, see, or feel anythingโ€”โ€

โ€œYou have veered off the road before, donโ€™t pretend you are The voices of acquaintances shouted, and you came by yourself.

That’s why I shot you, I didn’t violate the Immortal Realm law.” Granny Yajia excitedly said.

โ€œAmong the taboos you mentioned, donโ€™t take action against evil goblins.โ€ Harry said.

Mother-in-law Yajia was dumbfounded.

Harry kicked her, “Give me the chicken feet hut and you’ll be free.”

ps: Bonding Power Defense Specialty, Level 10: 1. Save quantum energy damage, save any form of time threat, save origin judgment, normal power attack immunity 50% – 70%;

2. Immune to the restart of the great universe level;

3. Force Field of Linking: Fully exempt from the fatal attack effect of the multi-universe level, partially exempt from the fatal attack of the omnipotent universe, and its own intrinsic field is difficult to destroy (universal universe level).

(end of this chapter)

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