I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 570


Chapter 570 The Tomb of King Arthur

“What, I’ll give you the magic house?” Hearing that Harry intends to seize her chicken feet hut , Mother-in-law Yajia was excited, “Mother-in-law Yajia can’t live without the chicken feet hut!

It is the only property of the old woman, a symbol of my identity, status and honor, and the foundation of my existence.

But to you, it’s just a burden that can’t be taken away, smelly and dirty, like a chicken coop, like a kennel, completely useless!”

” According to Immortal Realm law, the victim is entitled to compensation from the criminal, you are a kidnapper, you are eating Human Demon, you are a robber, you have to make up for me,” Harley said.

“How do you know this law, I didn’t tell you before?” Granny Yajia asked in surprise.

Harry smiled oddly, “Any orderly society has similar laws, if not, it would be better, I can just grab your chicken feet hut.”

Yajia My mother-in-law’s face turns pale, this is a demoness regardless of the law and of natural morality and cunning!

“You entered my forest and were close to my hut, and Granny Yajia has the right to tie you up and make steaks,” she argued.

“So, you are a black shop and I am a bandit. Whoever has a big fist can be unreasonable.”

Mother-in-law Yajia was speechless.

Harry turned around and said with a smile: “It’s better than this, now the chicken feet hut belongs to me, I am missing a guide, you guide me and do the work of the guide.


In return, I will give you the magic hut before I leave Immortal Realm.”

Mother-in-law Yajia’s expression changed and she hesitated.

“Mundo, pick up the hut and let’s go.” Harry said.

Clark was stunned for a while before he realized he was calling himself.

He was puzzled, but he still flew over and held up the “chicken butt drum” with one hand – the foundation of the hut above the chicken’s paws.

“Are we going to go back? To a hero’s tomb, to drill a tree hole, the house can go into the tree hole?” Clark said.

“If you can’t get in, the house will be demolished, and only the valuable magic materials will be taken away,” Harry turned to the old witch who was speechless, “As for you, in order to avoid you going to find someone to take revenge on me, I’m going to cast the Sleeping Charm and let you sleep for ten thousand years!”

Speaking, she raised her arms, her wide sleeves fluttered like wings, and the power of dreams surged out.

“No, I’d like to be a guide!” Granny Yajia raised her hand in front of her head and moved back.

“Are you willing?” Harry asked.

“Totally voluntarily.”

“Well, sign a labor contract.”

Harry removed a piece of wood from the little wood house. , a small black tail thick with chopsticks sticks out from the hood, and quickly burns three contracts on it.

The first item is the scope of work of the wizard.

The second is the guide’s responsibility – any non-subjective mistakes made by the two travelers, Halle and Clark, are the guide’s responsibility.

The third rule is the right of the guide, complete the task and get the chicken feet hut.

“Why do you want me to take responsibility for your fault?” Granny Yajia said unhappily.

“If you explain the rules thoroughly, we knowingly commit the crime, it is not your responsibility, otherwise, you are fully responsible.” Harley said indifferently.

Mother-in-law Yajia took the wooden board, her eyes flashed, and she sneered in her heart: This stinky witch is so stupid, she actually took wood from my magic house, I don’t want to kill you!

She deliberately stained her face with blood on her fingers and wrote down her real name, but quietly left an engraving on the inside of the board.

Harry, seemingly unconscious, retracted the plank and beckoned Clark into the cabin.

“What are you talking about, didn’t you ask Immortal Realm’s rules before?” Superman asked in confusion.

Mother-in-law Yajia’s cottage is a magic house, not more than 15 square meters from the outside, but a place of charm and beauty inside. The kitchen alone is 30 square meters.

Well, there is no living room, and the entrance is a large kitchen.

In addition to the pots and pans stove, there are also several hemp ropes hanging from the roof, tied with rabbits the size of people and hedgehogs as tall as children.

Seeing Harry and Superman, they also blinked humanely, “Can you save us?”

“Wow, you can still talk.” Clark was shocked. .

“You can’t let them go, this is my dinner!” Grandma Yajia shouted from the window, grinning fiercely at the rabbit and the hedgehog.

“Harry.” Clark whispered: “They are intelligent, they are aliens, and it is too cruel to eat them.”

Gods are aliens

Harley complained in her heart, but did not release the ‘animal people’ immediately, but only asked: “What are your names, what magical race are you, and where did you come from?”

“My name is Mr. Rabbit, living in a forest tree hole, my ancestors probably came from the magic land. There is an animal kingdom in the magic land, and everyone is an animal person.” Big Rabbit said.

“My name is Mr. Red Fa. I live in a cave in the forest. I don’t know what race I am. Maybe, I was once a human and was turned into a hedgehog by magic? I have vague memories of humans.” Hedgehog Not sure.

“The Land of Magic.” Harry frowned, “Is it the foreign world under Shazam’s rule?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never heard of Shazam. “The two animal people shook their heads.

“Come on, eat these two candies, and I’ll put you all down.” Harry took out a small bottle from her bosom, poured out two jelly beans, and stuffed them into their mouths.

“Mmm, it’s so sweet, um.” Mr. Rabbit smacked his mouth a few times, became confused and didn’t move.

“What did you do to Mr. Rabbit?” Mr. Hongfa was shrewd, swallowing the jelly beans, and wanted to vomit it now.

Harry snapped her fingers, and a small golden hand pushed hard into the hedgehog’s mouth, sending the jelly beans into her stomach.

Mr. Hongfa also stared blankly and started snoring.

“What did you feed them?” Clark asked suspiciously.

Harry showed him the label on the small white bottle.

“Estazolam. Sleeping pills?!” Superman looked strange.

“The sleeping pill blessed by the Sandman guarantees that you will fall asleep when you eat it, and you will dream when you sleep.” Said: “I was cursed by Goddess of Destiny III. Dream escape is really dangerous, but no matter how dangerous it is, it is better than a hard anal ‘World Lord’.” Mother-in-law, take us to the ‘Tomb of the King’.”

“You can’t go backwards, you can only follow the road to the hilly hunting ground.” Mother Yajia said.

“Remember who you are, you’re just a guide.” Halle coldly said.

The first page of the book has only one door, and anyone can enter, but the last page of the book is the Immortal Palace, where Titania and Oberon live.

Harry really doesn’t want to face the two World Lords unless there’s no way out.

“I’m not responsible for the retrograde problem,” said Granny Yajia.

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up!”

Mother-in-law Yajia, whispering, didn’t know what to say, she squatted on the stone mortar and flew forward, the chicken feet hut took a step, and quickly walked in the woods walk through.

Chicken feet are bouncing, but the wood house above is extremely stable, barely perceptible vibration.

However, mother-in-law Yajia slaughtered living things in the kitchen every day, making the house full of stench. Harley and Superman didn’t stay much, just looked around and jumped on the roof.

“Why do you want her to be your guide? Didn’t we figure out the path and rules of the Immortal Realm? Or is she lying?” Clark asked, looking at the old witch who was stepping on the stone mortar in front of her.

Granny Yajia is a witch, with a big hole in her leg, she just smeared a stick of green sticky plaster, and stood up again with a live dragon and animated tiger.

“She may not lie, but there are too many details to explain clearly.”

She didn’t want to use the old witch as a guide, but I heard her tell the many things about Immortal Realm. After the rules, Harry understood that Immortal Realm’s ‘customs’ are complex and difficult to summarize in a few words.

“What is the purpose of writing on the board? I thought that according to your character, you would put a knife around her neck, tie her ankles with ropes, and drive her like a slave. .” Clark asked.

“Contracts between mages are more effective than threats.”

As he spoke, the chicken feet hut had come to an old banyan tree.

The banyan tree is indescribably thick. The root of the tree is raised high with a tumor the size of a house. The tumor is scattered and grows several trunks. It is not clear who is the main trunk.

Just below the bulge, the roots are like a curtain, blocking a three-meter-high dark tree hole.

The chicken feet hut shrinks into the Small Accomplishment chicken coop, and Harry and Clark also jump down.

“Retrograde is like reading from right to left, bottom to top, and back to front. When you read backwards, your mind is confused and you don’t know anything; when you go backwards, time and space are messy, and your consciousness is confused. Lord witch, you Think twice!” Granny Yajia stopped at the entrance of the cave, earnest and well-meant advised.

Harry opened up and spat out a piece of yellow light, ate Clark into her stomach, kicked the old witch’s chest like a ball, spinning and rolled into the depths of the hole, and the chicken feet hut quickly followed.

The inside of the cave is dark and there is no light, but I don’t worry about taking a fork in the road, just one road.

The old witch is in front, and Harry and the chicken feet hut are side by side.

Harry’s expression was weird. It wasn’t her and her mother-in-law Yajia who were panting, but the chicken feet hut. It was panting violently, and the small chimney was full of smoke.

“Ah, I’m melting, noβ€”” Suddenly, Granny Yajia in front of her covered her face and let out a miserable howl. The space around her was like a mosaic, as if it was wrapped in a ball of boiling water.

Her people are also like briquettes falling into the water, rippling shadows one after another blurry and illusory Granny Yajia, draining from Granny Yajia into the “boiling water of time and space”, as if to Break her down into “elementary particles”.

Harry quickly took a step back, Level 10 Fifth Defense Specialty, the position of linking force was activated, and the Mosaic Chaos Time and Space immediately bounced.

They seem to be opening a two-meter-diameter air bubble in a heating pipe that boils water.

Seeing that the Defense Specialty is effective, Harley stepped into the “time and space boiling water”.

Well, if it doesn’t work, she’ll turn around and run away, leaving Granny Yajia to fend for itself there.

“What kind of witchcraft is this?” Granny Yajia said in shock.

The chicken feet hut is no longer out of breath.

Harry kicked the old witch again and said, “Come on!”

Walking around for about five minutes, climbing up and down, a distance of 300 meters , chaotic candlelight appeared in front, the opening of the hole became open, and the surrounding “boiling water time and space” also came to an end.

Harry spit out Clark before moving on.

After a while, they heard a melodious heroic song.

“King Arthur sleeps at the foot of the mountain, the sword in the stone is tied with cobwebs, buried deep at the foot of the mountain, if darkness covers Britain, he will wake up and appear in the world, slay the wicked, shovel the tyrant, and eliminate the violence and peace in a single thought”


Out of the tunnel, it is a huge cave, or a tomb.

Under the yellow light of the burning candles, a handsome young man in ancient clothes was sitting beside the coffin, holding a harp in his arms. Unable to stop the faint sadness and feelings overflowing from the singing voice.

They stood there watching him sing three songs in a row.

After King Arthur, there are Frederick the Redbeard and Catherine.

“Praise the Lord, I have two listeners!” The singer lifts the head, looking at Harry and Clark in amazement, “Aiya, you are real humans, not goblins or Immortal Spirit.”

It’s not surprising that Halle, the hood covers their appearance, but the breath of the body is clearly different from the goblin and Immortal Spirit.

Well, Harley can cover it, but Superman can’t, so she doesn’t cover one’s ears whilst stealing a bell.

“It’s weird, how did you guys come from behind?”

“Thanks to Granny Yajia’s magical powers, her methods are amazing.” Harry said.

Mother-in-law Yajia smiled dryly.

The singer didn’t bother about this “trivial matter”, just introduced himself and asked the identities of the two human guests.

“When the king slept, a wizard must slumber, and his bard, in a sleepless slumber, sitting here and singing the king’s song over and over.” Singer Thomas sighed.

This guy can talk very well. In addition to King Arthur’s heroic deeds and court trivia, he even said that he had done the fairy queen’s face in one night.

Looking at Granny Yajia’s unsurprised appearance, it seems that the fairy queen messing around is not a big secret.

Harry, however, was pressed for time and wasn’t interested in bad things about bards and fairy queens.

“Is he King Arthur?” she asked, pointing to the open coffin next to her.

On the stone platform made of red bricks, a beard brawny man is lying on it holding a sword. Thousands of years have passed, and the corpse seems to have become a fossil.

“That’s him, my master.”

“I thought he was in Avalon.”

“Avalon is in Immortal Realm.”

“Avalon is obviously a lake.” Harry suddenly raised his head, “Is there a lake above the cave?”

“The lake of Immortal Realm is at the entrance of Immortal Realm. Where did you come from? Didn’t you see it when you came?” The poet wondered.

Harry glared at mother-in-law Yajia, old woman, very bad, hiding this.

The witch looked innocent, “The lake of the Immortal Realm is in front of the gate, not in the Immortal Realm.”

Harry pointed to the sword on King Arthur’s chest, “This is the stone in the stone. Sword? Can I try it?”

(end of chapter)

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