I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 571


Chapter 571 With the way of the other, and the body of the other

King Arthur has Two Swords, which represent power and make him a king in the stone The sword, and the broken steel sword that Merlin helped him borrow from the fairy in the lake.

At this time, the scabbard on King Arthur’s chest was brightly written: Only the King of Britain can draw the sword.

So, what kind of sword is this, the answer is self-evident.

“Isn’t the sword in the stone broken?” Clark asked suspiciously.

“You’ll know if you pull it out and see.” Harry looked towards the tomb guard poet with an inquiring look.

“This is King Arthur’s funeral and cannot be moved.” Thomas said solemnly.

Harry thought for a while, stretched out the right hand hidden in the wide sleeve robe, and opened a small notebook to the poet, “See? FBI high level spy.”

turned over the palm, the small notebook disappeared, and a palm-sized work card replaced it, “I am still the chief director of the Advanced Superhuman Joint Research Group (the official name of the Heavenly Eye Association).”

Harley Shrink He turned his hand back, looked at the bewildered poet, and said sternly: “I am now investigating an inter-generational criminal case of misappropriating national treasures for personal use.

Your master, King Arthur, is the greatest Suspect.

Now that the national treasure is here, and the people are here, it can be said that it is stolen and captured. You can keep silent, but your silence cannot stop me from examining the evidence.

Do you agree with this?”

β€”β€”If you don’t agree, then forget it, when I didn’t say anything.

“You are the British Advanced” poet Thomas struggles, but still can’t repeat the name of the Heavenly Eye Society.

“You are the envoy of the King of Britain?” He changed his name.

“I am the envoy of the ‘term king’ of the father of Britain.” Harry said.

Clark’s expression contorted.

“What father country?” The poet became more and more at a loss.

“People have a father, and a country has a father. Britain now has a good father, called ‘the United States’.”

The poet was confused and said vaguely: “This sword has passed through The Fairy of the Lake is recast, and no one can use it, you can’t even touch it.

However, the king once said that anyone who pulls it out is its owner – like the inscription on the blade As stipulated.”

“Hey, don’t you tell me sooner, it won’t take time for me to take out the documents and make up the reasons?”

Harry gently took the sword out of the corpse’s hand. Take it off, hold the hilt, completely motionless.

God Field, open!

“Thorn–” A white light flashed across the cave stone wall and everyone’s faces.

The blade is as bright as new, and after the God’s field is revoked, it blooms with a hazy silver glow.

Harry felt for a moment, and there was a strange power similar to the seal of the Hell King blessing on her.

“It’s really the sword of kingship!”

“Qiangβ€”β€”” The sword returned to its sheath, and Harry waved to the stunned poet, “The dead are gone, the national treasure Returning to your place, it is inconvenient for us to disturb the heroic spirits, and we will say goodbye.”

As she spoke, she walked quickly to the passage at the other end of the tomb, stepping out a few steps, activating the “quantum shift”, leaving a residue on the spot. Shadow, people have disappeared without a trace.

Originally, she didn’t want to take away the relics of the dead. No matter how strong the sword was, it was not as strong as Gabriel’s blood and tears. She took out her credentials and started talking nonsense.

But since the master has said that whoever pulls out is who, she will not return it hypocritically.

Now the Level 7 food defense specialty, you can eat Divine Item to increase the specialty experience!

How much experience can a sword in a stone gain?

Clark and Granny Yajia quickly followed.

“Heyβ€”” The poet stretched out his hand to stop him, but his eyes were empty, and he was the only one left.

“It was actually pulled out, I have to inform Fairy Vivian.”

Outside the tomb at the foot of the mountain, there was a giant with a sharp axe.

According to mother-in-law Yajia’s introduction, the six-meter-tall giant will use riddles to block those who enter the cave. Only by answering the puzzle correctly can they enter.

However, at this time, Harry was walking from the inside out, not from the outside.

The giant stared at the bull’s eyes and stabbed the giant axe, not knowing what to do, “This is the entrance, how did it come out from here, do you want to block it? However, I only block those who enter, but, They passed in front of me.”

Leaving the catacombs was a misty field.

Harry also encountered “a dozen pages” of stories later.

The whole Immortal Realm is really a storybook, a trail connects each copy of the story together, a story, a Small World.

Almost every story is owned and household name.

For example, they met a hotel on the roadside of wasteland. The Boss was very enthusiastic and invited a few people to go in and rest.

The hotel has two beds, one long and one short. The big man sleeps on the small bed, and the extra legs are cut off with an axe.

This story is also very famous in Earth.

Harry gradually discovers the difference between the Immortal Realm story and the Dream Tales.

The legend in the dream is to create something from nothing, and the characters are born from the legend; the Immortal Realm story collection is that there are real people and things first, and as the characters and events spread, they evolve into Absurd and fantastic story.

Immortal Realm’s stories are based on true events.

β€œOnce Earth was full of miraculous powers and magical creatures. I was a hybrid of a human wizard and a goblin who lived in the northern forests of Poland for more than five hundred and seventy years!

Until the last millennium , Earth human beings are more and more prosperous, but the magical environment is getting worse and worse, many Fairy Maiden Hua, elves, Tree Demons even died of power exhaustion.

It was also at that time, Immortal King Oberon and Fairy Queen Titan Nia opened the door of Immortal Realm and invited us to settle here.” Granny Yajia sighed.

The final scene at the front door of the Immortal Realm is a river of blood tinged with sea salt.

The sea of blood has almost no boundaries, and the water flows rapidly in one direction. You can see the bones of the giant beast in the sea. I don’t know if the short humans are directly submerged underwater.

There is a legend of this bloody sea in “The Ballad of Childe”, a very “remote” story that Harley has never heard of.

It was Clark, worthy of being a liberal arts journalist, who actually recited a few poems from the ballads on the spot.

“This sea of blood symbolizes the womb of mother, and the process of crossing the river is like being reborn.”

He was very excited to see the legendary landscape here.

“What is the method of rebirth?”

Harley looked towards Granny Yajia, she is a local aboriginal and must know more than Clark.

The old witch said in a complicated tone: “Crossing the sea is crossing one’s own body, flowing through the water and blowing through the wind is like examining one’s own heart.

It is difficult to understand others, and it is even more difficult to understand yourself.

It is even more difficult to go deep into one’s own heart and recognize one’s own essence.

This river of blood is a gift from Immortal Realm to every guest, and everyone gets The harvest is also different.

There are many mages who have been stuck in the cultivation gate for a long time, and they dream of coming to Immortal Realm to traverse the river.

There are also strange creatures who awaken the innate talent in the depths of the bloodline.

There are also monks who have crossed the river halfway, and the whole body is full of wisdom rays of light, the physical body and mortal flesh dissolve in the river, leaving only the bones, and the soul ascends to the Buddha Country, the god they believe in.”


Harry didn’t quite believe what the old witch said.

She swallowed Clark again and jumped into the river to experience it for herself.

Seems like it works?

It’s just that the special effects are blocked by the god skin.

She tried to revoke her body’s magic resistance to the sea of blood.

“It really makes my mind clearer.”

Harry was a little surprised and regretful , opened his mouth and spat out Clark.

“The effect is very weak, and it doesn’t help me much, what do you think?”

Clark soaked in the neck-deep sea, carefully sensed it for a long time, and shook his head: “Except for the sticky I don’t seem to have any other feelings.”

“You have to move, just like life is not stagnant, it is always moving forward.” Granny Yajia floated on the stone mortar and did not go down.

Each person can only experience “Blood Introspection” once, just like everyone has only one life.

There is no chance to do it all over again.

β€œHow wide is the river?” Harry asked.

“Not sure, the Thomas I met earlier in the King’s Tomb, he traveled in the sea of blood for forty days, and then with the help of the fairy queen, awakened the tongue of truth – a tongue that will never lie tongue,” said the old witch enviously.

“Forty days and nights is too long. Let’s fly.” Clark said.

“Everyone is different. The longer you go, the better the effect.” Granny Yajia said.

“Getting a mantra in forty days, is it really good? For some people, this skill is simply torture.” Harley groaned.

Like herself.

To keep her from lying, she’d rather cut her tongue.

“Torture?” Granny Yajia called out, “You don’t understand the power of the tongue of mantra. It’s very painful to use your tongue to talk about the past and not be able to lie, but what about the future?”

Harry was stunned, she couldn’t tell a lie, it must be the truth.

“The words follow the law?”

“The highest realm of the mantra should be the words follow the law. But Thomas is only a mortal who can predict with 100% accuracy, but he cannot Distort fate and rules.” said the old witch.

“Ah, I saw the other side.” Harry was so embarrassed that she only walked for two minutes.

Clark was right next to her, but said: “There is a vast sea of blood in front of you, and you can’t see the edge at all. If it wasn’t for the obvious direction of the river’s flow, I almost couldn’t figure out the direction.”

Harry Watching him paddling from the side, he didn’t go ashore.

But she doesn’t move, just like soaking in ordinary sea water, without any magical special effects.

“Seawater seems to be magical water.” She was bored, and put a little blood in her mouth, not sweet, just as salty as seawater, “It reacts with stomach acid, it’s really magic material Ya.”

She lowered her head and took a few sips, the effect was more obvious, and there was a strange energy in her stomach.

After absorbing, Harry was in a trance for a moment. From the first meditation to now, the cultivation process of ten years, such as a slideshow, is quickly replayed in Sea of Consciousness.

She remembered her cultivation planβ€”to match her defense expertise, develop defense-type cost magic, until she found a new power.

Harry suddenly realized that she hadn’t delved into the Life Source magic – anti-damage shield for a long time.

In recent years, what has she been up to.

The sober mind was confused again, and she broke away from “introspection”.

“This is exploring the inside” Harry turned back and looked thoughtful at the vast sea of blood.

“Gudonggudong.” She squatted down, opened her mouth, closed her eyes, and let the sea water pour into her stomach. Her thoughts sank deeper into her heart and into the deepest part of the bloodline


“Gudonggudong.” Food defense feat, start slow “+0.01%”.

However, Harry didn’t notice the increase in Food Defense Specialty at the moment.

In the depths of her mind, she clearly saw the evolution of each rune of the anti-damage shield.

And even see countless possible evolutionary paths for Life Source magic.

Deep in the bloodline, she vaguely touches the “untouchable, uncontrollable” experience jar for the first time in her life!

Harry remembered her expectations for archmage’s exclusive magic spell: the shield technique of price magic as the foundation, first integrate anti-damage magic, and then “embed” the emptied expertise experience jar into it.

At this moment, all her potential, innate talent and magical knowledge, like building materials, are perfectly clear before her, she can build a house according to her ideal.

“Harry, I saw the shore,” Clark looked hazy after a long time, “I seem to have awakened a new skill.”

“Really? Then go ashore, so do I. “

Harry stood up, and in the depths of her blue eyes, there was a flash of ink-black vortex.

apprentice magician Awaken the magic and learn the magic of others.

The official mage chooses the way of the future, and regards the learned magic as the spell of Life Source.

archmage has developed its own way, and will learn from other people’s spells and evolve into its own exclusive magic.

The Grandmaster sublimates his own way, and the exclusive magic represents a kind of Universe Rule.

Spiritual God has entered his own rules into the universe’s ‘book of laws’, making his own Tao a rule that everyone in the world must abide by.

Today, Harley finally condensed her own exclusive magic – Black Vortex Thorns Shield!

A jar of experience emptied from the defense feat, like black vortex, fused into the anti-damage shield, making her an archmage not just in name only, but also in reality.

Murong Fu in magician?

(end of this chapter)

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